Mapping The Dark Enlightenment

I’m a sucker for classification graphs, so I was delighted to see that “Another Reactionary Blog” had compiled a “map” of the neo-reactionary / “Dark Enlightenment” thinkers. It’s reproduced below:


I’m not disappointed not to see myself there, as I blog about a lot of different things making classification quite hard.

If I had to try to place myself there, I’d probably be somewhere east of the Derb, west of Steve Hsu, and north of Taki. If I had to pick just one school, I probably best fit into the HBD community, but I’m interested in Techno-Futurism (incidentally, I met up with Mike Anissimov last week) and “Masculine Reaction” – or at least its “game” component, I don’t much care for the MRM – as well.

EDIT: The original map has been replaced with an updated one, with me included! My position there is about right.

See also A History of Reactionary Taxonomy at the Radish Mag for the most comprehensive “meta” analysis of reaction.

  • Scowspi

    Fascinating map. I notice that R. Lindsay is not represented, presumably because he self-identifies as left-wing. Also, the War Nerd should probably be on there, but I’m not sure where: maybe as a Neo-Reactionary, with an element of Secular Traditionalism and maybe even a touch of Masculine Reaction.

    • AK

      Yeah, Robert Lindsay should definitely be there. Though I don’t know where exactly. Maybe the HBDsphere could be broken up into different parts (e.g. “ethnic particularists,” – Steve Sailer, Amren, etc; “cognitive elitists,” – Charles Murray (WHERE IS CHARLES MURRAY BTW??); the wonks – Razib, Cochrane/Harpending; and liberals/leftists – JayMan, Lindsay).

  • It would be cool if the sizes of the circles reflected the popularity of the blogs. I guess Sitemeter stats aren’t available for every blog, but there’s Alexa. Or one could count the number of comments per month on each blog.

  • Laura F

    RIP Lawrence Auster. He is out of the picture now but I get the feeling he said everything he had to say.

  • AM

    Great resource, thanks. Through “Masculine reaction” I found an interesting blogger Dalrock (missing from this map).