Bambi eats Bird

One of the best possible arguments against vegetarianism in just 1:24 minutes.

They like steak too.

Most herbivores are herbivores because their teeth can’t chew through fur and tough skin, not because they are humanitarians. (In the conventional meaning of the word). But put some little defenseless critter in front of them, and they’d be chomping down on it before you can say “moo!”

As for pigs, their omnivorous appetites are so well known that they have even given birth to a trope for body disposal, both in literature and real life. You don’t even have to be dead for them to start feasting on you – just being incapacitated would do quite nicely.


  1. When subset of deer specialized on such meal, new species of predator would emerge.

  2. alcestiseshtemoa says:

    Cute post. :)

  3. This assumes the only motivation for vegetarians is non-aggression toward animals. I wear leather shoes, belts, jackets sometimes, etc. Entropy is essentially disorder, randomness, chaos. Living organisms are charaterized by low entropy compared to the general environment. They maintain their orderly function by minimizing system entropy. One way to do this is to ingest low entropy from the environment. We do this by eating foods, especially fresh, live foods. Eating low on the food chain, especially vegetables, fruits,nuts, and seeds, takes this furthers. The effects of aging represent increasing entropy in bodily function. I eat fresh organic food and virtually no processed food. I’m almost 70 and people usually think I’m still in my 50s. I take no drugs whatsoever, not even aspirin or ibuprofen, etc.The products of death, decay, and fermentation introduce those processes into the human body. They are entropic processes. I don’t ingest such products.

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