I am currently working on three books:

Dark Lord of the Kremlin

  1. INTRO: If It’s About Russia, It’s True
  2. PUTIN: Proud KGB Spy
  3. POLITICS: Mafia State
  4. HUMAN RIGHTS: Crimes of the Regime
  5. ECONOMY: Potemkin Country
  6. SOCIETY: Prison of Peoples
  7. CORRUPTION: Caviar Roads
  8. DEMOGRAPHICS: Dying Bear
  9. GEOPOLITICS: Russian Revanchism
  10. UKRAINE: The European Choice
  11. PROSPECTS: A Normal Country?

Frozen Embers

  1. Gloom

Apollo’s Ascent

  1. INTRO: A Universal History
  2. NEXUS: The Hive Mind
  3. SOPHIA: Apollo’s Muses
  4. CLIO: The Theory of Apollose’s Ascent
  5. PROMETHEUS: The Dawn of Civilization
  6. APOLLO: The Classical World
  7. AQUINAS: The Medieval World
  8. FAUST: The Modern World
  9. MILLS: Policy and Ideologies
  10. MARS: The Geopolitics of The g Factor
  11. DEMIURGE: Superintelligence