Comments Policy

I welcome discussion and debate on my blog posts and strongly encourage readers to participate in order to inform and enlighten.

While I once aimed to maintain a very liberal regime, and I still do at my sister blog Da Russophile, a recent influx of trolls has made this this an unsustainable arrangement. The same rules apply to my Facebook Page. Without further ado:

  1. You cannot insult the blog author. This includes, but is not limited to: (a) Ad hominem attacks on or projections about the author’s lifestyle; character; sex life; personality; mental health or the lack of it; IQ; employment status; life history; alpha / beta, winner / loser status in life; (b) Maintaining a consistently snide, rude, or condescending tone; (c) Slanderous accusations of any kind, including but not limited to: racism; sexism; homophobia; misogyny; sundry “hatred”; and various other PC canards.
  2. Ad hominem attacks on other commentators are, strictly speaking, not allowed either. While it is OK to call an argument an “idiotic proposition” (be sure to back that up with evidence, though!), calling its proponent an “idiot” may be inaccurate and downright inappropriate. In that case you will get warned, though bigger sanctions will not be as immediately forthcoming as in (1). Sometimes however an idiot really is an idiot, in which case I will refrain from enforcing this rule. So use your better judgement. Overall, it’s safer to avoid ad homs entirely.
  3. No trolling. This includes, but is not limited to, consistently denying a majority of the basic tenets of AKarlin: Human biodiversity; Game; Limits to growth (of which peak oil is a subset); Intelligence theory; Anthropogenic global warming; Low-carb and 4HW-compliant lifestyle. I can understand and accept disagreement on a couple of these but if you make a habit of dissing most or all components of my worldview, post after post, I will start to wonder: Why you are here in the first place? And then I will take appropriate action.
  4. No spamming. Instant ban for spammers. Death to spammers.
  5. For new commentators who fall afoul of (1) there is one warning, and if you don’t mend your ways, you’re out. Enforcement of most of these other rules is laxer but not any less real for that. Established commentators in good standing get more leeway but should not think they can abuse it.
  6. There is a “reply” option after every individual comment. This feature is called “threaded comments” and it exists for a reason. It makes long conversations much easier to follow. Use it.
  7. It is impolite to post off-topic messages on blog posts. I reserve the right to delete, truncate, or otherwise ignore these comments. Persistent abuse of this rule will lead to warnings and bans.
  8. Do not monopolize or hijack a conversation.
  9. While I might detest the PC movement, that does not mean you are free to spout crude ethnonationalist propaganda (including White nationalist). That includes Holocaust denial which apart from being factually wrong and stupid also carries real legal implications in some countries. Extreme ideologues, wingnuts, and SIF’s (Single Issue Fanatics) of whatever flavor, especially those who can’t engage in civil discussion, will not enjoy a long stay here either.
  10. This includes no overt racism. What is the difference between racism and race realism? Half Sigma: “The race realist understands The g Factor, The Bell Curve, and other works of scientific research. The racist apparently thinks that because Barack Obama is half black, it’s impossible for him to have a significantly higher g than John McCain.
  11. Needless to say I have the right to interpret these rules any way I wish. Judgments are final and not subject to appeal. This is my blog and that means I can ban you just because I don’t like you for whatever reason or none. There have been no such cases and I don’t expect there will be as I am a reasonable person and it’s difficult for civil, decent people to run afoul of the rules here.

What is allowed and/or encouraged:

  1. Criticism. So long as it is civil, and preferably grounded in facts, statistics, and logic. It is in fact encouraged.
  2. You don’t need approval to comment. Unfortunately, the flip side is that sometimes, the Akismet spam filter makes the wrong diagnosis – especially if your comment really does sound spammy. In these cases, I will probably eventually stumble upon your comment in the spam folder and approve it. That said, I can make no guarantees.
  3. Swearing is allowed as we all sometimes need to make a strong point that can’t quite be adequately conveyed within the boundaries of “decent” language. That said, I do encourage you to rise to the challenge.
  4. All ideologies. Conservatives, liberals, nationalists, socialists, Communists, libertarians, anarchists, Greens, and fascists are all welcome, so long as they follow the rules (including the one about not being extremists or wingnuts).