Comments Policy

I welcome discussion and debate on my blog posts and strongly encourage readers to participate in order to inform and enlighten.

There is no premoderation and I almost never censor or ban. When I do, it will almost inevitably be for one of the following reasons:

  • Abuse. Particularly gratuitous ad homs, personal attacks, and/or slander against me or other commentators.
  • Spam.
  • Legal threats or implications thereof of any kind.
  • Trolling. Or to be more precise – idiotic unfunny trolling. I tolerate intelligent trolling, and I tolerate funny trolling. But if you are neither intriguing us nor entertaining us, then you are just taking up space. Go do it elsewhere.
  • Overbearing idiocy. Overly crude racialist propaganda (including Holocaust denial) is a generally reliable indicator of this. What is the difference between racism and race realism? From a Black HBD blogger: “The race realist understands The g Factor, The Bell Curve, and other works of scientific research. The racist apparently thinks that because Barack Obama is half black, it’s impossible for him to have a significantly higher g than John McCain.
  • SIFs (Single Issue Fanatics). You know that one guy who goes on and on and on about the Rothschilds? Although conspiracy theories can be real (the CIA itself invented the term to discredit the concept), there are limits. Without the option of downvoting him into well-deserved oblivion, like you can do on Disqus, there is no choice but to eradicate his ramblings so that the rest of us sheeple can have a normal conversation.

Please note that I make absolutely no guarantees of free speech and reserve the right to interpret these rules any way I wish. Ultimately this blog is my “safe space” and that means I can ban you just because I don’t like you for whatever reason or none. There have been no such “arbitrary” cases to date, and I don’t expect there will be as I am a reasonable person and it’s really very difficult for basically civil, decent people to run afoul of the minimalistic rules here.

What is allowed and/or encouraged:

  • Criticism. So long as it is civil, and preferably grounded in verifiable data, statistics, and logic. It is in fact encouraged.
  • You don’t need approval to comment. Unfortunately, the flip side is that sometimes, the spam filter gets a false positive (especially if your comment really does sound spammy). In these cases, I will probably eventually stumble upon your comment in the spam folder and approve it. That said, I can make no guarantees – especially since from time to time I get hundreds of spam comments a day.
  • Swearing is allowed as we all sometimes need to make a strong point that can’t quite be adequately conveyed within the boundaries of “decent” language. That said, I do encourage you to rise to the challenge.
  • All ideologies. Conservatives, liberals, nationalists, socialists, Communists, libertarians, anarchists, Greens, neoreactionaries, theocrats, SJWs, cypherpunks, the Alt Right, the Alt Left, fascists, Nazis, and Cthulhu cultists are all welcome, so long as they follow the rules (including the one about not being extremists or wingnuts).