NOTE: As should be obvious, this is completely underdeveloped. I’ll fix this someday.

Since I like to use a lot of rather arcane terms (/pol/ memes, etc.) in my posts, a glossary will be of use.

FUTablation cascade
AK2Apollo's Ascent1) The rate and global distribution of technological progress is highly dependent upon the number of literate smart fractions;
2) My upcoming book.
Anatoly Karlin
POLBlue Empire
RUSbydlo1) The Great Unwashed, the hoi polloi, the unthinking masses;
2) Especially when they disagree with your progressive liberal ideals.
SFFChaos Spawn1) "Without the mind keeping the rate of mutation somewhat in check through the application of willpower to hold off the debilitating effects of Warp exposure, the body will continue to mutate faster and faster until all that remains is a gibbering mass of swiftly mutating flesh, howling and hissing through many mouths and crawling forward on multiple twisted appendages with only the basest instincts of killing and feeding remaining in the shattered remnants of its mind." {Warhammer40k}
2) In other words, SJWs.
POLCoalition of the FringesSteve Sailer
FUTCoherent Extrapolated Volition (CEV)The global unconscious (or some subset of it) made flesh cometh the Singularity. Eliezer Yudkowsky
GEOcheckerboard theory
POLcuck1) Men who enjoy seeing their wife pleasured by other men.
2) "We must secure the existence of G-d's chosen people and a future for dindu children."
POLcuckservative1) A conservative who is into cuckoldry.
2) Russian cuckservatives are intersectional with pozriots.
3) Note: (((They))) are producers, not cucks.
AK1Dark Lord of the KremlinThe totalitarian dictator, kleptocrat supreme, and God of the Svidomy, Putin.Anatoly Karlin
POLdindu1) Black gentle giants who dindu nuffin wrong.
2) lolwut nigga;
3) ... though at least they're getting their lives back on track, but need mo money fo dem programs.
POLechoes ((( )))Spies./pol/
POLEternal Anglo/pol/
POLEye of SorosSteve Sailer
SOCfaggot1) Everyone on the Internet.
2) A homosexualist.
AK3Frozen EmbersAnatoly Karlin
RUSfoshist (fascist)1) Your woke fam laboring in word and deed to secure the existence of his people and a future for White children.
2) The Devil incarnate.
POLgibsmedats (gibs)
FUTGod Emperor of Mankind
FUTGreat Filter
HBDHajnal Line
POLHappy MerchantRich (((spies)))./pol/
HBDintelligence theory
POLInvade the World/Invite the WorldSteve Sailer
UKRKhuylo1) Khokhol tribal chant: Khuylo, la-la-la.
2) Putin.
RUSkremlyad1) Kremlin bootlicker.
2) Embarassingly committed pozriot.
RUSliberasts (liberals)1) Sovoks who prefer America to Stalin.
2) Jewish nationalists.
AK3Melian Equilibrium HypothesisAnatoly Karlin
POLNeoreaction-- trichotomy, Moldbug's autism, etc.
VCBMohammedanA good way of masking your seething hatred for the haji mudslimes overrunning Europe under a veneer of quaint Victorian semi-sophistication.
POLneocons1) Jewish nationalists.
2) Their cucks.
POLNRxSee Neoreaction.
Orks"The Orks are the pinnacle of creation. For them, the great struggle is won. They have evolved a society which knows no stress or angst. Who are we to judge them? We Eldar who have failed, or the Humans, on the road to ruin in their turn? And why? Because we sought answers to questions that an Ork wouldn’t even bother to ask! We see a culture that is strong and despise it as crude." {Warhammer40k}
2) In other words, Mohammedans.
HSTpassionarityLev Gumilev
UKRperemoga1) Victory...
2) ... that inevitably leads to zrada.
POL/pol/Is always right.... /pol/?
POLpozSee "Chaosspawn."
RUSPoz & EskatonThe best Twitter account on Twitter.
RUSpozriots (patriots)1) Cuckservatives, Russian edition.
2) The more idealistic sort of kremlyad.
3) Armenian nationalists.
AK1Putin Derangement Syndrome
POLRed Empire
POLremove kebab
RUSRussian nationalist1) "Don't trust these three: The woman, the Turk, and the teetotaler." - Peter the Great.
2) "We don't jump."
3) Racist chauvinist chest-thumping niggerslav troglodytes.
INTSchelling Point
FUTSimulation ArgumentOne of the following is true: 1) We will not create ancestor simulations; 2) We are in a simulation; 3) We will soon go extinct.Nick Bostrom
POLSJWs1) Social Justice Warriors.
2) Trigglypuff.
HBDsmart fractionHeiner Rindermann
RUSsovok1) Homo sovieticus.
2) Sovietesque mentality: Arrogance, callousness, stupidity, and an aversion to logic and opposing arguments.
POLstormfagsThose Nazis you dislike.
AK3Sublime Oblivion
AK1Trump Derangement Syndrome
POLTrumpenreich1) The foshist Amerikkka that TPD sufferers think Drumpf will establish.
2) The Imperium of Man that Alt Right Twitter shitlords think the God Emperor of Mankind will establish.
woke1) A racially awakened warrior of Odin.
2) An SJW faggot.
UKRzrada1) A betrayal.
2) ...or maybe a peremoga?