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This page lists all my book, film, and video game reviews. There are those who would claim that video games are a waste of time, that they are “childish.” Heretics! Off to the Inquisition with them! May their agonized screams provide succor for the God Emperor of Mankind. Conversely, I am not a movie buff, and my tastes in this genre are decidedly prole.

Note that my ratings system is rather harsh. Even 70 would usually translate into a 5 star review on Amazon or Goodreads, and implies a consistently intelligent argument (NF) or a thoroughly enjoyable read (Lit/SFF). To get 80 or better, the book needs to be a real page-turner, to contain characters and scenes that linger on in the mind for years to come, or perhaps to substantially – even profoundly – alter one’s worldview.

Also feel free to check out my Travel page where I post links to country, city, museum, restaurant, etc. reviews.

Public information can therefore be useless, particularly to a businessman, since prices can already “include” all such information, and news shared with millions gives you no real advantage… I then completely gave up reading newspapers and watching television, which freed up a considerable amount of time (say one hour or more per day, enough time to read more than a hundred additional books per year, which, after a couple of decades, starts mounting). – Nicholas Nassim Taleb (2007).



Bloom, HowardThe Lucifer Principle8Anthropology19952010
Chang, Ha-JoonKicking Away the Ladder7Economics, Protectionism20022009
Diamond, JaredGuns, Germs, and Steel8Anthropology, Big History19972009
Friedman, GeorgeThe Next 100 Years3Geopolitics, Futurism20092009
Liu, XinThe Otherness of Self1Sociology, China20012013
Marx, KarlCapital1Economics, Political Economy18672018
Meadows, Donella,
Randers, & Meadows
Limits to Growth: The 30 Year Update8Futurism, Environment, Collapse20042010
Parshev, AndreyWhy Russia isn't America (RU)7Economics, Russia, Protectionism19992009
Pinker, StevenEnlightenment Now1History, Big History20182018
Pomeranz, KennethThe Great Divergence9Economics, Economic History20002011
Smil, VaclavGlobal Catastrophes and Trends7Futurism, Energy & Resources20082009
Smith, Arthur H.Chinese Characteristics8Sociology, China18942013
Steyn, MarkAmerica Alone6Geopolitics, Neocon20062009
Trubetzkoy, NikolayEurope and Mankind (RU)8Politics, Eurasianism19202009


Schwartz, BenjaminIn Search of Wealth and Power6History, Politics, China19632013
Scott, JohnBehind the Urals6History, Memoir, Russia, USSR19412009
Turchin, PeterWar and Peace and War7History, Big History, Cliodynamics20062010
Werth, AlexanderMoscow War Diary5History, Memoir, Russia, USSR, WW219422009

SFF & Literature

Friedman, C.S.CT1: Black Sun Rising6Fantasy, Horror19912013
Kunstler, Howard JamesWorld Made By Hand3SciFi, PostApoc20082009


Durant, JohnThe Paleo Manifesto8Health, Nutrition20132013
Wade, PaulConvict Conditioning7Fitness, Calisthenics20102013

Video Games

D4DOOM8FPS, Action, Horror20162017


The Fall of an Empire: Lessons from Byzantium7Documentary, History, Byzantine20092009
GoT6Game of Thrones Season 66TV, Fantasy, Drama20162017
Legend of Kolovrat9Film, Fantasy, History, Medieval Russia20172017
The Martian8Film, SciFi, HardSciFi, SpaceExploration20152015