Public information can therefore be useless, particularly to a businessman, since prices can already “include” all such information, and news shared with millions gives you no real advantage… I then completely gave up reading newspapers and watching television, which freed up a considerable amount of time (say one hour or more per day, enough time to read more than a hundred additional books per year, which, after a couple of decades, starts mounting). – Nicholas Nassim Taleb (2007).

Table of Contents

This page contains a list of books, films, and video games that I have personally assessed (i.e. read, watched, or played) and found to be of note. Criteria for inclusion are quality; recentness; and “classic” status. Since watching films takes generally takes much less time than reading books or completing games, their coverage is far less comprehensive. Where they exist, my reviews appear as a hyperlink across the name of the product in question. Upper case titles refer to series.

Please note that I am rather harsh in my ratings; even a 7/10 usually translates to a 5 star review on Amazon and denotes a thoroughly enjoyable read or a consistently intelligently made argument. To get an 8/10 or better, the book needs to be a real page-turner, to contain characters and scenes that linger on in the mind for years to come, or perhaps to substantially – even profoundly – alter your outlook on the world.




I started tracking and rating every single book I read since 2013. This section likely contains about 80% of all the books I’ve ever read. The good thing is that the books you forget reading are typically those that aren’t worth reading in the first place.

According to a statistical analysis I did back then, the genre composition of my reading was as follows: 34% nonfiction (of which a third was history), 18% fiction/literature, 38% fantasy and sci-fi, and 9% self-help. Of this, 95% was in English and the rest in Russian. (I understand some French and Chinese, but not at a level sufficient to read books in). They constitute a combined 127,090 pages, or approximately 30 million words.

Non Fiction

Acheson, David1089 and All That8Math, Children's2002
Akerlof, George &
Robert J. Shiller
Animal Spirits3Economics2009
Anissimov, MichaelA Critique of Democracy4Politics, Neoreaction2015
Arnove, Robert &
Harvey Graff
National Literacy Campaigns5History, History of Science1987
Assange, JulianCypherpunks5Politics, Anarchism2013
Baudrillard, JeanSimulacra and Simulation (FR)4Philosophy1995
Beevor, AnthonyStalingrad4History, WW21999
Bellamy, ChrisAbsolute War7History, WW22007
Bloom, HowardThe Lucifer Principle8Anthropology1995
Bostrom, NickSuperintelligence7Futurism, Computer Science2014
Bryson, BillA Short History of Nearly Everything7History, History of Science2003
Chanda, NayanBound Together3History, Big History2007
Chang, Ha-JoonKicking Away the Ladder7Economics, Protectionism2002
Chomsky, NoamManufacturing Consent9Politics, Media1988
Chua, AmyWorld on Fire6Sociology2002
Clark, GregoryA Farewell to Alms8History, Economic History, HBD2008
Cochran, Gregory &
Henry Harpending
The 10,000 Year Explosion7Anthropology, HBD2009
Cohen, Stephen F.Soviet Fates and Lost Alternatives8History, Russia2009
Dartnell, LewisThe Knowledge7Science, History of Science2014
Dawkins, RichardThe God Delusion7Religion, Atheism2006
Deffreyes, KennethBeyond Oil6Futurism, Energy & Resources2006
Diamond, JaredGuns, Germs, and Steel8Anthropology, Big History1997
Diamond, JaredCollapse5Anthropology, Big History2005
Donovan, JackThe Way of Men7Politics, Alt Right2011
Dunham, WilliamJourney Through Genius9Math, History of Science1991
Dupuy, Trevor N.A Genius for War7History, Military1977
Engels, FriedrichThe Origin of the Family, Private Property and the State7Politics, Communism1884
Emmerson, CharlesThe Future History of the Arctic5History, Arctic2010
Evola, JuliusMeditations on the Peaks (IT)6Politics, Reaction1974
Ferguson, NiallThe Pity of War8History, WW11998
Ferguson, NiallEmpire4History, Britain2003
Ferguson, NiallColossus4History, USA2004
Ferguson, NiallThe War of the World3History, Modern Europe2007
Finlayson, CliveThe Humans Who Went Extinct5Anthropology2010
Ford, MartinRise of the Robots7Futurism, Economics2015
Friedman, GeorgeThe Next 100 Years3Futurism, Geopolitics2009
Fukuyama, FrancisThe End of History and the Last Man8Geopolitics, International Relations1992
Gladwell, MalcolmThe Tipping Point5Sociology2000
Greene, BrianThe Elegant Universe5Science, Physics1999
Grey, Aubrey DeEnding Aging5Futurism, Life Extension2007
Gray, JohnFalse Dawn2Politics, Socialism1998
Greer, John MichaelThe Long Descent8Futurism, Collapse2008
Greer, John MichaelOur Ecotechnic Future6Futurism, Collapse2009
Gumilev, LevFrom Rus to Russia (RU)6History, Russia2008
Harris, WilliamAncient Literacy6History, History of Science1989
Haywire, RachelThe New Reaction4Politics, Alt Right2015
Heilbroner, RichardThe Worldly Philosophers9History, Politics1953
Hitler, AdolfMein Kampf (DE)4Politics, Nazism1925
Hobbes, ThomasLeviathan6Politics, Reaction1651
Hoffman, DavidThe Oligarchs7Politics, Russia2001
Huntington, SamuelThe Clash of Civilizations9Geopolitics, International Relations1996
Hutchins, Chris &
Alexander Korobko
Putin6Politics, Russia, Biography2011
Ilyin, IvanOur Tasks (RU)7Politics, Liberal Conservatism1956
Jack, AndrewInside Putin's Russia4Politics, Russia2004
Jones, E.L.The European Miracle7Economics, Economic History1981
Kaczynski, TedIndustrial Society and Its Future5Politics, Anarchism1995
Keegan, JohnThe Face of Battle5History, Military1976
Keegan, JohnThe First World War5History, WW11998
Kennedy, PaulThe Rise and Fall of the Great Powers9History, Big History, Geopolitics1987
Kennedy, PaulPreparing for the 21st Century7Futurism, Geopolitics1993
Korotayev, Andrey,
Malkov, & Khaltourina
Introduction to Social Macrodynamics (RU)8History, Big History, Cliodynamics2006
Krivosheyev, GrigorySoviet Casualties and Combat Losses in the 20th Century (RU)5History, Military, Russia1993
Krugman, PaulPeddling Prosperity6Economics1994
Kunstler, Howard JamesThe Long Emergency3Futurism, Collapse2005
Kurzweil, RayThe Singularity is Near9Futurism, Computer Science2005
Kurzweil, RayTranscend5Futurism, Life Extension2009
Landes, DavidThe Wealth and Poverty of Nations7History, Economic History1998
Leonard, MarkWhat Does China Think?6Politics, China2008
Levitt, StephenFreakonomics6Economics2005
List, FriedrichThe National System of Political Economy7Economics, Protectionism1841
Liu, XinThe Otherness of Self1Sociology, China2001
Lovelock, JamesThe Ages of Gaia6Science, Environment1988
Lucas, EdwardThe New Cold War2Politics, Russia2008
Lynas, MarkSix Degrees7Science, Climate Change2007
Lynn, RichardRace Differences in Intelligence6Psychology, Psychometrics, HBD2006
Lynn, RichardThe Global Bell Curve6Psychology, Psychometrics, HBD2008
Machiavelli, NiccolòThe Prince (IT)9Literature, Philosophy, Classics1532
Marx, KarlDas Kapital (DE)2Economics, Communism1867
Marx, Karl &
Friedrich Engels
The Communist Manifesto7Politics, Communism1848
McGregor, RichardThe Party7Politics, China2010
Meadows, Donella,
Randers, & Meadows
Limits to Growth: The 30 Year Update8Futurism, Environment, Collapse2004
Meier, AndrewBlack Earth6Politics, Russia2003
Menzies, Gavin1421: The Year China Discovered the World4History, China, Conspiracy Theory2002
Moldbug, MenciusA Gentle Introduction to Unqualified Reservations6Politics, Neoreaction2009
Moore, MichaelStupid White Men6Politics, Liberalism2001
Morris, IanWhy the West Rules - For Now7History, Big History2010
Morris, IanThe Measure of Civilization7History, Big History2010
Murray, CharlesHuman Accomplishment9History, History of Science2009
Murray, CharlesComing Apart8Sociology2012
Murray, Charles &
Richard Herrnstein
Bell Curve9Sociology, Psychometrics, HBD1994
Myers, B.R.The Cleanest Race7Politics, North Korea2010
Nietzsche, FriedrichOn the Genealogy of Morality8Philosophy1887
Orlov, DmitryReinventing Collapse5Futurism, Collapse2011
Overy, RichardWhy the Allies Won8History, WW21995
Overy, RichardRussia's War6History, WW21997
Papagianni, Dimitra &
Michael Morse
The Neanderthals Rediscovered5Anthropology2013
Parshev, AndreyWhy Russia isn't America (RU)7Economics, Russia, Protectionism1999
Pearce, FredWith Speed and Violence5Science, Climate Change2008
Pillsbury, MichaelChina Debates the Future Security Environment5Geopolitics, China2000
Pinker, StevenThe Blank Slate9Psychology, HBD2002
Pinker, StevenThe Better Angels of our Nature7Sociology, Big History2011
Pomeranz, KennethThe Great Divergence9History, Economic History2000
Putin, VladimirFrom the First Person5Politics, Russia, Interview2000
Randers, Jorgen20525Futurism, Environment, Collapse2012
Rees, MartinOur Final Hour4Futurism, Collapse2003
Reid, T.R.The United States of Europe5Polics, Europe2005
Rosefielde, StevenThe Prodigal Superpower5Geopolitics, Russia, Military2004
Rushton, J. PhilippeRace, Evolution, and Behavior7Science, Genetics, HBD2000
Sachs, JeffreyThe End of Poverty5Economics, Development2005
Sakwa, RichardThe Crisis of Russian Democracy8Politics, Russia2010
Sakwa, RichardFrontline Ukraine8Geopolitics, Ukrainian Conflict2014
Schama, SimonCitizens7History, France1989
Schrad, MarkVodka Politics7History, Russia2013
Schwartz, BenjaminIn Search of Wealth and Power6History, China1963
Sheehan, James J.Where have All the Soldiers Gone?6History, Military2008
Shirer, William L.The Rise and Fall of the Third Reich8History, Germany1960
Singh, SimonFermat's Last Theorem7Math1997
Singh, SimonThe Code Book7Math, Cryptography1999
Slezkine, YuryThe Jewish Century8History, Jews2004
Smil, VaclavGlobal Catastrophes and Trends7Futurism, Energy & Resources2008
Smith, AdamThe Wealth of Nations7Economics1776
Smith, Arthur H.Chinese Characteristics8Sociology, China1894
Smith, Laurence C.The World in 20505Futurism, Climate Change, Arctic2010
Solomon, StevenWater6Science, Environment2010
Spengler, OswaldThe Decline of the West8History, Big History1918
Steyn, MarkAmerica Alone6Politics, Neocon2006
Strahan, DavidThe Last Oil Shock5Futurism, Energy & Resources2007
Tainter, JosephThe Collapse of Complex Societies7History, Big History, Collapse1988
Taleb, Nicholas NassimThe Black Swan9Economics, Philosophy2007
Todd, EmmanuelThe Explanation of Ideology9History, Sociology1985
Treisman, DanielThe Return8Politics, Russia2011
Trubetzkoy, NikolayEurope and Mankind (RU)8Politics, Eurasianism1920
Tuchman, BarbaraThe Guns of August9History, WW11962
Turchin, PeterWar and Peace and War7History, Big History, Cliodynamics2006
Turner, Jonathan AdairJust Capital8Economics2001
Vaulsson, TraustiHow the World Will Change with Global Warming5Futurism, Climate Change2006
Wade, NicholasA Troublesome Inheritance7Anthropology, HBD2014
Ward, PeterUnder a Green Sky6Science, Climate Change2007
Ware, TimothyThe Orthodox Church6Religion, Christianity1963
Wegren, Stephen et al.After Putin's Russia3Politics, Russia2009
Weisman, AlanThe World Without Us7Science, Collapse2007
Zinn, HowardA People's History of the United States3History, USA1980



Alighieri, DanteThe Divine Comedy (IT)7Literature, Classics1472
AnonThe Holy Bible6Manuscript, Religion, Christianity100
Borges, Jorge LuisFicciones (ES)10Literature, Philosophy1962
Brown, DanThe Da Vinci Code8Thriller2003
Buchan, JamesThirty-Nine Steps4Thriller, Spy1915
Camus, AlbertThe Myth of Sisyphus7Literature, Philosophy1942
Camus, AlbertThe Stranger10Literature, Philosophy1942
Clancy, TomRed Storm Rising6Thriller, Military1986
Defoe, DanielRobinson Crusoe2Adventure, Classics1719
Dostoevsky, FedorCrime and Punishment (RU)8Detective1866
Doyle, Arthur ConanA Study in Scarlet7Detective1887
Doyle, Arthur ConanThe Sign of Four7Detective1890
Doyle, Arthur ConanThe Adventures of Sherlock Holmes8Detective1892
Doyle, Arthur ConanThe Memoirs of Sherlock Holmes8Detective1894
Doyle, Arthur ConanThe Hound of the Baskervilles8Detective1901
Doyle, Arthur ConanThe Return of Sherlock Holmes7Detective1905
Dumas, AlexandreThe Three Musketeers (FR)6Adventure, Classics1844
Fleming, IanDr. No6Thriller, Spy1958
Fleming, IanOn Her Majesty's Secret Service
6Thriller, Spy1963
Fleming, IanYou Only Live Twice
6Thriller, Spy1964
Golding, WilliamLord of the Flies5Children's, Classics1954
Grass, GunterPeeling the Onion (DE)5Memoir, History, Germany2006
Grisham, JohnThe Firm8Thriller1991
Haggard, Henry RiderKing Solomon's Mines
7Adventure, Classics1885
HomerThe Odyssey6Literature, Classics-800
Kafka, FranzThe Trial2Literature, Philosophy1925
King, StephenCarrie9Horror1974
Kundera, MilanThe Unbearable Lightness of Being (CZ)10Literature, Philosophy1984
Larsson, StiegThe Girl with the Dragon Tattoo4Thriller, Detective2005
MacDonald, Andrew &
William Pierce
The Turner Diaries2Thriller, Nazism1978
NestorTale of Bygone Years (RU)6Manuscript, History, Russia1113
Preston, RichardThe Hot Zone8Nonfiction, Epidemiology1994
Pushkin, AlexanderRuslan and Ludmila (RU)8Poetry, Classics1820
Pushkin, AlexanderThe Queens of Spades (RU)8Literature, Classics1834
Rand, AynThe Fountainhead6Literature1943
Remarque, Erich MariaAll Quiet on the Western Front (DE)8Literature, Military, Classics1929
Sachar, LouisHoles6Children's1998
Scott, JohnBehind the Urals6Memoir, History, Russia1941
Shakespeare, WilliamRomeo and Juliet7Drama, Classics1595
Shakespeare, WilliamMacbeth7Drama, Classics1606
Sheriff, R.C.Journey's End7Drama, Military1928
Solzhenitsyn, AlexanderOne Day in the Life of Ivan Denisovich (RU)5Literature, Classics1962
Stevenson, Robert LouisTreasure Island4Adventure, Classics1883
Sun, ZiThe Art of War7Literature, Military, Classics-500
Tolstoy, LevThe Death of Ivan Ilyich (RU)8Literature, Classics1886
Twain, MarkTom Sawyer6Children's, Classics1881
Twain, MarkThe Prince and the Pauper6Children's, Classics1884
Unamuno, Miguel deSan Manuel Bueno, Martyr (ES)10Literature, Philosophy1930
Werth, AlexanderMoscow War Diary5Memoir, Russia, WW21942
Wheatley, DennisThe Quest of Julian Day8Thriller1972
Wyss, JohannThe Swiss Family Robinson (DE)1Adventure, Classics1812



Abercrombie, JoeFL1: The Blade Itself8Fantasy, Heroic2006
Abercrombie, JoeFL2: Before They Are Hanged8Fantasy, Heroic2007
Abercrombie, JoeFL3: Last Argument of Kings7Fantasy, Heroic2008
Abercrombie, JoeTHE FIRST LAW8Fantasy, Heroic2008
Asimov, IsaacI, Robot8SciFi1950
Asimov, IsaacThe Last Question10SciFi, Story1956
Bacigalupi, PaoloThe Water Knife5SciFi, PostApoc2015
Baxter, StephenFlood6SciFi, PostApoc2009
Baxter, StephenArk6SciFi2010
Brooks, MaxThe Zombie Survival Guide8SciFi, PostApoc2003
Brooks, MaxWorld War Z3SciFi, PostApoc2006
Brown, PierceRR1: Red Rising7SciFi, Dystopia2014
Card, Orscon ScottEG1: Ender's Game6SciFi, Children's, Classic1985
Collins, SuzanneHG1: The Hunger Games7SciFi, Dystopia2008
Collins, SuzanneHG2: Catching Fire6SciFi, Dystopia2009
Collins, SuzanneHG3: Mockingjay4SciFi, Dystopia2010
Collins, SuzanneTHE HUNGER GAMES6SciFi, Dystopia2010
Connel, RichardThe Most Dangerous Game7SciFi, Dystopia, Story1924
Crichton, Michael
Crichton, Michael
Jurassic Park7SciFi1990
Crichton, Michael
Crichton, Michael
State of Fear2SciFi2004
Crichton, Michael & Richard Preston
Dahl, Roald*Writings7Fantasy, Children's1988
Dashner, JamesThe Maze Runner5SciFi, Dystopia2009
Doyle, Arthur ConanThe Lost World8SciFi1912
Doyle, Arthur ConanThe Poison Belt7SciFi1913
Doyle, Arthur ConanThe Land of Mist1SciFi, Esoteric1926
Forstchen, WilliamOne Second After8SciFi, PostApoc2009
Friedman, C.S.CT1: Black Sun Rising6Fantasy, Horror1991
Friedman, C.S.CT2: When True Night Falls4Fantasy, Horror1993
Gibson, WilliamNeuromancer8SciFi, Cyberpunk, Classic1984
Glukhovsky, DmitryMetro 2033 (RU)8SciFi, PostApoc2005
Goodkind, TerrySoT1: Wizard's First Rule4Fantasy, Epic1994
Harris, WilliamFatherland8SciFi, AltHistory2006
Herbert, FrankD1: Dune6SciFi, Classic1965
Hertling, WilliamAvogardo Corp6SciFi, Cyberpunk2014
Howey, HughS1: Wool7SciFi, Dystopia2012
Howey, HughS2: Shift7SciFi, Dystopia2012
Howey, HughS3: Dust5SciFi, Dystopia2012
Howey, HughSILO6SciFi, Dystopia2012
Huxley, AldousBrave New World8SciFi, Dystopia1932
Istvan, ZoltanThe Transhumanist Wager4SciFi2013
Jacques, BrianREDWALL7Fantasy, Children's2000
Jarvis, RobinTHE DEPTFORD MICE7Fantasy, Children's1990
Jordan, RobertWoT1: The Eye of the World9Fantasy, Epic1990
Jordan, RobertWoT2: The Great Hunt8Fantasy, Epic1990
Jordan, RobertWoT3: The Dragon Reborn8Fantasy, Epic1991
Jordan, RobertWoT4: The Shadow Rising7Fantasy, Epic1992
Jordan, RobertWoT5: The Fires of Heaven8Fantasy, Epic1993
Jordan, RobertWoT6: Lord of Chaos7Fantasy, Epic1994
Jordan, RobertWoT7: A Crown of Swords5Fantasy, Epic1996
Jordan, RobertWoT8: The Path of Daggers3Fantasy, Epic1998
Jordan, RobertWoT9: Winter's Heart3Fantasy, Epic2000
Jordan, RobertWoT10: The Path of Daggers2Fantasy, Epic2003
Jordan, RobertWoT: New Spring5Fantasy, Epic2004
Jordan, RobertWoT11: Knife of Dreams5Fantasy, Epic2005
Jordan, Robert &
Brandon Sanderon
WoT12: The Gathering Storm6Fantasy, Epic2009
Jordan, Robert &
Brandon Sanderon
WoT13: Towers of Midnight5Fantasy, Epic2010
Jordan, Robert &
Brandon Sanderon
WoT14: A Memory of Light4Fantasy, Epic2013
Jordan, RobertTHE WHEEL OF TIME7Fantasy, Epic2013
King, StephenThe Stand8SciFi, PostApoc, Classic1978
King, StephenThe Long Walk6Scifi, Dystopia1979
King, StephenThe Running Man5Scifi, Dystopia1982
King, StephenDT1: The Gunslinger3Fantasy1982
King, StephenCell6SciFi, PostApoc2006
Kunstler, Howard JamesWorld Made By Hand3SciFi, PostApoc2008
Le Guin, UrsulaES1: The Wizard of Earthsea8Fantasy, Epic1968
Le Guin, UrsulaES2: The Tombs of Atuan8Fantasy, Epic1971
Le Guin, UrsulaES3: The Farthest Shore7Fantasy, Epic1972
Le Guin, UrsulaEARTHSEA7Fantasy, Epic1972
Lewis, C.S.THE CHRONICLES OF NARNIA7Fantasy, Children's1956
Lieber, FritzA Pail of Air6SciFi, Story1951
Lovecraft, H.P.The Call of Cthulthu8SciFi, Horror1928
Lukyanenko, SergeyKnights of the Forty Islands (RU)7SciFi, Dystopia1992
Martin, G.R.R.ASoIaF1: A Game of Thrones8Fantasy, Epic1996
Martin, G.R.R.ASoIaF2: A Clash of Kings9Fantasy, Epic1999
Martin, G.R.R.ASoIaF3: A Storm of Swords9Fantasy, Epic2000
Martin, G.R.R.ASoIaF4: A Feast for Crows8Fantasy, Epic2005
Martin, G.R.R.ASoIaF5: A Dance with Dragons8Fantasy, Epic2011
Martin, G.R.R.A SONG OF ICE AND FIRE9Fantasy, Epic2011
Meyer, StephanieT1: Twilight3Fantasy, Urban2005
Miller, Walther M.A Canticle for Leibowitz10SciFi, PostApoc1960
Moody, DavidAUTUMN5SciFi, PostApoc2005
Orwell, GeorgeAnimal Farm7SciFi, Dystopia1945
Orwell, George19849SciFi, Dystopia1949
Panshin, AlexeyRite of Passage5SciFi1968
Pullman, PhilipHDM1: The Golden Compass8Fantasy, Children's1995
Pullman, PhilipHDM2: The Subtle Knife8Fantasy, Children's1997
Pullman, PhilipHDM3: The Amber Spyglass6Fantasy, Children's2000
Pullman, PhilipHIS DARK MATERIALS7Fantasy, Children's2000
Reeve, PhilipPC1: Mortal Engines6SciFi, Steampunk2001
Reeve, PhilipPC1: Predator's Gold3SciFi, Steampunk2003
Robinson, Kim StanleyThe Years of Rice and Salt8SciFi, AltHistory2003
Rowling, J.K.HARRY POTTER7Fantasy, Children's2007
Sanderson, BrandonMB1: The Final Empire8Fantasy, Epic2006
Sanderson, BrandonMB2: The Well of Ascension7Fantasy, Epic2007
Sanderson, BrandonMB3: The Hero of Ages8Fantasy, Epic2008
Sanderson, BrandonMISTBORN I8Fantasy, Epic2008
Sanderson, BrandonSC1: The Way of Kings8Fantasy, Epic2010
Sanderson, BrandonWW1: The Alloy of Law7Fantasy, Steampunk2011
Sanderson, BrandonThe Emperor's Soul9Fantasy, Story2012
Sanderson, BrandonR1: Steelheart6Fantasy, Urban2013
Sanderson, BrandonR2: Firefight6Fantasy, Urban2015
Sanderson, BrandonWW2: Shadows of Self6Fantasy, Steampunk2015
Sanderson, BrandonM: Mistborn, Secret History8Fantasy, Epic2016
Sanderson, BrandonWW3: Bands of Mourning7Fantasy, Steampunk2016
Stephenson, NealSeveneves6SciFi, PostApoc2015
Stirling, S.M.E1: Dies The Fire8SciFi, PostApoc2004
Stirling, S.M.E2: The Protector's War8SciFi, PostApoc2005
Stirling, S.M.E3: A Meeting at Corvalis9SciFi, PostApoc2006
Stirling, S.M.EMBERVERSE8SciFi, PostApoc2006
Tolkien, J.R.R.The Hobbit8Fantasy, Epic, Classic1937
Tolkien, J.R.R.LoTR1: The Fellowship of the Ring9Fantasy, Epic, Classic1954
Tolkien, J.R.R.LoTR2: The Two Towers9Fantasy, Epic, Classic1954
Tolkien, J.R.R.LoTR3: The Return of the King8Fantasy, Epic, Classic1955
Tolkien, J.R.R.LORD OF THE RINGS9Fantasy, Epic, Classic1955
Tolkien, J.R.R.The Silmarillion5Fantasy, Epic1977
Verne, JulesJourney to the Center of the Earth7SciFi, Classic1864
Verne, JulesAround the World in 80 Days9SciFi, Classic1873
Vinge, VernorTrue Names9SciFi, Cyberpunk, Classic1981
Voinovich, VladimirMoscow 2042 (RU)3SciFi, Dystopia1986
Vonnegut, KurtCat's Cradle7SciFi, PostApoc, Classic1963
Wells, H.G.The Time Machine8SciFi, Classic1895
Wells, H.G.The Island of Doctor Moreau7SciFi, Classic1896
Wells, H.G.The War of the Worlds7SciFi, Classic1898
Wingrove, DavidCK3: The Middle Kingdom3SciFi, Dystopia1989
Yudkowsky, EliezerHarry Potter and the Methods of Rationality8SciFi, Children's2016


Self Help

Carnegie, DaleHow to Win Friends & Influence People5Social, Conversation1936
Damerco, M.J.The Millionaire Fastlane9Business2011
Durant, JohnThe Paleo Manifesto8Health, Nutrition2013
Ferriss, TimThe Four Hour Workweek8Productivity2007
Ferriss, TimThe Four Hour Body5Health, Fitness2010
Forney, MattConfessions of an Online Hustler5Business2013
Fox, Chris5,000 Words per Hour8Writing2015
Gordon, PhilPhil Gordon's Little Green Book7Gambling, Poker2005
Greene, RobertThe 48 Laws of Power8Social, Politics1998
Hansen, GusEvery Hand Revealed7Gambling, Poker2008
Kearny, CressonNuclear War Survival Skills6Survivalism1987
King, StephenOn Writing7Writing2000
Roosh VBang!8Social, Seduction2007
Sisson, MarkThe Primal Blueprint7Health, Nutrition2009
Sklansky, DavidThe Theory of Poker6Gambling, Poker1999
Snyder, BlakeSave the Cat7Writing2005
Strauss, NeilThe Game8Social, Seduction2005
Strauss, NeilEmergency6Survivalism2009
Strunk, William &
E.B. Whyte
Elements of Style2Writing1918
Wade, PaulConvict Conditioning7Fitness, Calisthenics2010
Wolf, RobbThe Paleo Solution5Health, Nutrition2010


Video Games

There are those who claim that video games are a waste of time, that they are “childish.” Heretics! Off to the Inquisition with them! May their agonized screams provide succor for the God Emperor of Mankind.

AoE2: Age of Kings9Strategy, RTS, Classics, Medieval1999
Bf4: Battlefield 46FPS, MP, Action2013
Chivalry: Medieval Warfare5FPS, MP, Action, Medieval2012
C1: Civilization 16Strategy, TBS1991
C2: Civilization 28Strategy, TBS1996
C3: Civilization 37Strategy, TBS2001
C4: Civilization 48Strategy, TBS2005
C5: Civilization 54Strategy, TBS2010
Contagion4FPS, MP, Action, Zombies2014
Cossacks: European Wars8Strategy, RTS2001
Counter-Strike7FPS, MP, Action1999
Counter-Strike: Global Offensive7FPS, MP, Action2012
CK2: Crusader Kings 29Strategy, RTS2012
DayZ2FPS, MP, Survival, OpenWorld2013
Defcon6Strategy, RTS2006
DE1: Deus Ex9FPS, Action, RPG, Stealth, Cyberpunk2000
DE2: Deus Ex: Human Revolution9FPS, Action, RPG, Stealth, Cyberpunk2011
Dh1: Dishonored7FPS, Action, Stealth, Steampunk2012
D1: DOOM8FPS, Action, Horror, DOS, Classics1993
D3: Doom 38FPS, Action, Horror2004
D4: DOOM9FPS, Action, Horror2016
TES5: The Elder Scrolls 5: Skyrim7FPS, RPG, OpenWorld, Fantasy2011
EU4: Europe Universalis 48Strategy, RTS2013
Fallout 35FPS, RPG, OpenWorld, PostApoc2008
Fallout 46FPS, RPG, OpenWorld, PostApoc2015
Far Cry7FPS, Action, OpenWorld2004
F.E.A.R.7FPS, Action, Horror2005
GTA2: Grand Theft Auto: Vice City5FPS, Action, OpenWorld2002
GTA3: Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas7FPS, Action, OpenWorld2004
GTA5: Grand Theft Auto V5FPS, Action, OpenWorld2015
Hm2: Hitman 2: Silent Assassin7FPS, Action, Stealth2002
HL1: Half-Life7FPS, Action, Classics2001
HL2: Half-Life 28FPS, Action, Classics2004
HL2.1: Half-Life 2 Episode 17FPS, Action2006
HL2.2: Half-Life 2 Episode 27FPS, Action2007
Il-2 Sturmovik7Flight Sim2001
Insurgency6FPS, MP, Action2014
Just Cause 26FPS, Action2010
Loom9RPG, Fantasy1990
Left 4 Dead 26FPS, MP, Action, SurvivalHorror, Zombies2009
Mh1: Manhunt7FPS, Action, SurvivalHorror2003
MP1: Max Payne7FPS, Action2001
Metro 20337FPS, Action, Stealth, SurvivalHorror2010
Minecraft5Sandbox, OpenWorld2009
Mirror's Edge7Puzzle, FirstPerson2008
MB1: Mount & Blade: Warband9FPS, RPG, Action, MP, Fantasy2010
MB1a: Mount & Blade: Napoleonic Wars9FPS, RPG, Action, MP, Fantasy2012
MB1b: Mount & Blade: Viking Conquest5FPS, RPG, Action, MP, Fantasy2014
Plague Inc.5Strategy, RTS2012
Planetside 25FPS, MMO, Action2012
P1: Portal9Puzzle, FirstPerson2007
P2: Portal 29Puzzle, FirstPerson2011
Prince of Persia (1989)9Platform, Action, DOS, Classics1989
Resident Evil HD Remastered3FPS, SurvivalHorror, Zombies, Classics2015
STALKER: Shadow of Chernobyl8FPS, RPG, Action, OpenWorld2007
Su-27 Flanker
6Simulation, Flight1995
Tetris10Puzzle, DOS, Classics1984
Wolfenstein 3D8FPS, Action, DOS, Classics1992
Return to Castle Wolfenstein8FPS, Action2004
Wolfenstein: The New Order7FPS, Action2015
Zombie Panic: Source8FPS, MP, SurvivalHorror, Zombies2007



Here are some other films I found to be excellent, interesting and intriguing (or occasionally just shocking). I am not a movie buff and my tastes in this genre are decidedly prole.

9th Company (RU)6Film, Drama, War, History, Russia2005
13 Assassins (JP)7Film, Drama, History, Japan2011
217Film, Drama, Gambling
28 Days Later8Film, SciFi, Thriller, Zombies2003
20125Film, SciFi, Apocalypse, Blockbuster2009
Alien Girl (RU)8Film, Drama, Crime, Russia2010
AvP: Alien9Film, SciFi, Thriller, Aliens1992
AP1: American Pie8Film, Comedy, Romance1999
Avatar6Film, SciFi, Aliens, Blockbuster2009
Battle Royale7Film, Drama, Thriller, Dystopia, DeadlyGame, Japan2000
Beowulf7Film, Fantasy, Animated3D2007
The Big Lebowski9Film, Comedy1998
Bodyguards and Assassins (CN)5Film, Drama, History, China2009
The Boondock Saints5Film, Thriller, Crime1999
Borat the Movie3Film, Comedy, Mockumentary, USA2006
The Bourne Identity7Film, Thriller, Action, Spy2002
Bowling for Columbine2Documentary, Politics, USA2002
Braveheart7Film, Drama, Action, History1995
Brother9Film, Drama, Crime, Russia1997
Capitalism: A Love Story7Documentary, Politics, USA2009
Children of Men3Film, SciFi, Drama, UK2006
Cliffhanger9Film, Thriller, Sport1993
Cube8Film, SciFi, Thriller1997
The Day After Tomorrow7Film, SciFi, Thriller, ClimateChange2004
RD2: Dawn of the Dead8Film, SciFi, PostApoc, Zombies1978
Deep Blue Sea7Film, SciFi, Thriller, Action1999
The Diamond Arm (RU)5Film, Drama, Crime, Russia1969
The Dictator2Film, Comedy2012
Django2Film, Drama, History, USA2012
Dr. Strangelove10Film, Comedy, Drama, USA, PostApoc1964
Dracula8Film, Horror, Vampires1973
Equilibrium7Film, SciFi, Thriller2002
Ex Machina9Film, SciFi, Cerebral, AI2015
The Fall of an Empire: Lessons from Byzantium7Documentary, History, Byzantine2009
The Fifth Element7Film, SciFi, Comedy, Romance, Aliens1997
Far Cry10Uwe Boll is the Greatest2008
Fight Club9Film, Drama, Cerebral1999
Frozen8Film, Horror, Thriller, Sport, USA2010
GoT1: Game of Thrones Season 19TV, Fantasy, Drama2011
GoT2: Game of Thrones Season 29TV, Fantasy, Drama2012
GoT3: Game of Thrones Season 39TV, Fantasy, Drama2013
GoT4: Game of Thrones Season 49TV, Fantasy, Drama2014
GoT5: Game of Thrones Season 57TV, Fantasy, Drama2015
GoT6: Game of Thrones Season 66TV, Fantasy, Drama2016
Gladiator7Film, Action, Drama, History, Roman2000
Global Dimming7Documentary, Science, ClimateChange, BBC2005
The Godfather10Film, Drama, Crime, Classic, USA1972
HARRY POTTER6Film, Fantasy, Children, Adventure, UK2011
Hero (CN)8Film, Fantasy, Action, History, China2002
HOBBIT4Film, Fantasy, Adventure2014
The Hole8Film, Horror, Thriller, UK2001
The Horde7Film, Drama, History, Russia2012
HUNGER GAMES4Film, SciFi, Action, Dystopia, DeadlyGame2015
Idiocracy9Film, SciFi, Comedy, Satire2006
Inception9Film, SciFi, Cerebral, Thriller, Spy2010
INDIANA JONES7Film, Fantasy, Adventure2008
Ironclad8Film, Action, History2011
Ivan Vasilievich: Back to the Future (RU)9Film, SciFi, Comedy, Adventure, TimeTravel, Russia1973
JB19: The World Is Not Enough7Film, Thriller, Spy, UK1999
JB20: Die Another Day8Film, Thriller, Spy, UK2002
JB21: Casino Royale6Film, Thriller, Spy, UK2006
JB22: Quantum of Solace5Film, Thriller, Spy, UK2008
JB23: Skyfall3Film, Thriller, Spy, UK2012
JAMES BOND8Film, Thriller, Spy, UK2015
KILL BILL7Film, Crime, Thriller2004
Kin-dza-dza! (RU)3Film, SciFi, Drama, Aliens, Russia1986
Life of Brian8Film, Comedy, UK1979
LORD OF THE RINGS8Film, Fantasy, Adventure2003
Lord of War8Film, Thriller, Drama, Politics, Crime2005
Loose Change6Documentary, Politics, ConspiracyTheory2006
Machete5Film, Action, Thriller2010
MM1: Mad Max7Film, SciFi, Action, PostApoc, Australia1979
MM4: Mad Max: Fury Road6Film, SciFi, Action, PostApoc, Australia2015
The Martian8Film, SciFi, HardSciFi, SpaceExploration2015
M1: The Matrix10Film, SciFi, Action, Cerebral, Cyberpunk1999
M2: The Matrix Reloaded8Film, SciFi, Action, Cerebral, Cyberpunk2003
M3: The Matrix Revolutions8Film, SciFi, Action, Cerebral, Cyberpunk2003
Max Payne6Film, SciFi, Thriller, Action, VideoGame2008
Minority Report4Film, SciFi, Crime, Thriller2002
The Night Watch (RU)7Film, Fantasy, Thriller, Book, Russia2004
Ocean's Eleven8Film, Drama, Crime, Comedy, Classic, USA1960
Office Space8Film, Comedy, Romance, USA1999
Operation Y and Shurik's Other Adventures (RU)7Film, Comedy, Romance, Classic, Russia1965
The Pianist8Film, Drama, History2002
Pirates of the 20th Century (RU)7Film, Thriller, Action, Classic, Russia1979
PIRATES OF THE CARIBBEAN7Film, Fantasy, Action2007
Predator7Film, SciFi, Adventure1987
Pulp Fiction7Film, Drama, Crime, USA1994
REC (ES)9Film, Horror, Thriller, Zombies, Spain2007
Reservoir Dogs6Film, Drama, Crime, Thriller1992
RESIDENT EVIL6Film, SciFi, Thriller, PostApoc, Zombies2012
The Road to Perdition5Film, Drama, Thriller, Crime, USA2002
SAW4Film, Horror, Slasher2009
Schindler's List9Film, Drama, History, Jews1993
The Shawshank Redemption8Film, Drama, Crime, Book1994
The Shining8Film, Drama, Thriller, Horror1980
Slumdog Millionaire7Film, Drama, Crime, India2008
Stalker (RU)10Film, SciFi, PostApoc, Artistic, Cerebral1979
Starship Troopers8Film, SciFi, Thriller, Action, SpaceExploration1997
STAR WARS (1-6)6Film, SciFi, Adventure, SpaceExploration2005
The Sword and Shield (RU)7TV, Drama, History, War, Russia1968
TERMINATOR8Film, SciFi, Action, AI2003
Texas Chainsaw Massacre4Film, Horror, Thriller2003
Threads9Film, Drama, Apocalypse, War, UK1984
Titanic7Film, Drama, Disaster, Romance1997
To Live4Film, Drama, Family, China1994
Total Recall8Film, SciFi, Thriller, Cerebral, Mars1990
Under Siege 29Best quote evar: Assumption is the mother of all fuck up’s!1995
UNDERWORLD6Film, Fantasy, Horror, Vampires2012
Valhalla Rising6Film, Fantasy, History, Artistic, Vikings2009
Wanted6Film, Thriller, Action, Fantasy2008
White Sun of the Desert8Film, Drama, Action, Classic, Russia1970
World War Z4Film, Thriller, Action, Apocalypse, Zombies, BradPitt2013