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I am a blogger and independent researcher.



My blogging career began on January 9, 2008, when I launched the Da Russophile (DR) blog provoked by what I perceived as a yawning discrepancy between Western media rhetoric about Russia and its more mundane reality. However, my interests ranged far and wide, and soon after, under my own name (AK), I also ventured into topics such as human biodiversity (HBD), IQ research, and transhumanism.

In January 2015, Ron Unz invited me to join The Unz Review, where I have since been blogging the Russian Reaction (RR).

You can view a detailed account of my Russia blogging from 2008 to 2014 at The Best of Da Russophile.

You can view all the books, films, and video games I reviewed here.

You can also browse through particular “themes” of interest: The AK, PredictionsReal World IndicesNational ComparisonsThe Kremlin Clans, Arctic Progress.

Otherwise, here is a list of some of my all time best posts:

Date (start)BlogTitleTags
2008.01.09DRReading Russia RightRussia, Politics
2008.03.10AKEducation as the Elixir of GrowthHBD, IQ & Wealth
2008.07.21DRFaces of the FutureRussia, Demographics
2009.01.09AKWhat Might Be IsPhilosophy
2009.06.28DRResponses to Common Russophobe "Arguments"Russia, Blogging
2009.07.04DRTop 50 Russophobe MythsRussia, Politics
2009.09.08DRThe Struggle Between Europe and MankindRussia, Politics, Eurasianism
2009.12.04AKCliodynamics: Mathematizing HistoryHistory, Cliodynamics
2009.12.07DR10 Myths about Russia’s DemographyRussia, Demographics
2010.03.28AKHow a Second Korean War will be FoughtGeopolitics, Military, DPRK
2010.04.22DRIn which I Criticize Vladimir PutinRussia, Politics
2010.06.13DRWhy Russia is Cemented to the Other BRICsRussia, Economy
2010.06.18DRThe Boris Bombshell. Two Years Later. Still a Dud.Russia, Demographics
2010.07.01DRRosstat and Levada are Russophobia's BaneRussia, Politics
2011.01.16AKTop 10 Most Powerful Countries In 2011Geopolitics
2011.07.10AKTop 10 Sinophobe MythsChina, Politics
2011.12.26DRMeasuring Churov's Beard: The Mathematics Of Russian Election FraudRussia, Politics, Elections,
2012.02.25AKEducation as the Elixir of Growth IIIHBD, IQ & Wealth
2012.03.05DRThe Provincialization Of Russian Electoral FraudRussia, Politics, Elections
2012.04.13AKRace Denial vs. Racism - A False DichotomyHBD, Race
2012.04.16AKThrough A Glass Ceiling Darkly: Racial IQ Disparities And The Wealth Of NationsHBD, Race
2012.05.22AKBerlin Gets Bad News From PISAHBD, Immigration
2012.06.11DRThe 5 Types of Russian AmericanRussia, Society, USA, Humor
2012.06.22AKThe Soviet Economy - Charting FailureRussia, Economic History, USSR
2012.07.12AKOn Defending The Soviet UnionRussia, History, USSR
2012.08.13AKAnalysis Of China's PISA 2009 ResultsHBD, IQ, China
2012.08.14AKThe Puzzle Of Indian IQ: A Country Of Gypsies And JewsHBD, IQ, India
2012.08.20AKARCS Of Progress - The Arctic World In 2050Futurism, Climate Change
2013.01.30DRThe Russian Cross Becomes A HexagonRussia, Demographics
2013.08.08DRFrom Russia To Russabia? Not Anytime SoonRussia, Demographics
2014.03.16DRFive Myths about the Crimean ReferendumRussia, Geopolitics, Ukraine
2014.11.25DRThe "Normalization" of Russia’s DemographicsRussia, Demographics
2015.02.12RRSpellchecked SupermenAK, Futurism, Transhumanism
2015.03.21RRThe Moor Has Done His DutyRussia, Western Media
2015.04.11RRNational Wealth and IQ at the Edge: American Exceptionalism, East Asian MediocrityHBD, IQ & Wealth
2015.05.09RRHollywood, WW2, and the Red ArmyRussia, History, WW2
2015.05.25RRRussia Still Doesn't Have An AIDS ApocalypseRussia, Demographics
2015.08.21RRRussia and the Depression That Wasn'tRussia, Economy
2015.09.14RRLimits to Cognitive ElitismHBD, Immigration
2015.09.17RRImmigration and Effective AltruismHBD, Immigration
2015.09.29RRWhy Can't Muslims Fight?Geopolitics, HBD, Military
2015.10.11RRWhy Svetlana Alexievich Won the Nobel Prize in LiteratureRussia, Culture
2015.10.18RRComprehensive Military Power: World's Top 10 Militaries of 2015Geopolitics, Military
2015.10.31RRMeeting with Brandon SandersonAK, Culture, Fantasy
2015.11.10RRTriggered by Neanderthal ManAK, Society, SJWs
2015.11.11RRIntroduction to Apollo's AscentHBD, IQ, Economic History
2015.12.20RRTrump Is Factually Right on Putin and JournalistsRussia, Media, HR
2015.12.23RRThe Ancient Greeks Weren't All GeniusesHBD, IQ, Economic History
2016.02.05RRRegional Literacy in Late Tsarist Russia Predicts 21st Century Average IQHBD, IQ, Russia, History
2016.03.21RRFrom Lenin's Rubble to Russian KievRussia, Geopolitics, Ukraine
2016.04.02RRTrump's Seven NationsPolitics, HBD, USA, Elections
2016.05.28RRAlt Right Safe Space in BerkeleyAK, Politics, USA
2016.06.05DRA Short Guide to Lazy Russia Journalism (by Nils van der Vegte)Russia, Media
2016.06.10RRWhy Is Russia Bad at Football?Russia, Society, Sport
2016.06.16RRRussian Support of Stalin Is TribalRussia, Society
2016.07.23RRWill Russians Come Out to Defend Putin?Russia, Politics
2016.07.31RRTrump Is Factually Right on CrimeaRussia, Geopolitics, Ukraine
2016.08.15RRMichael Weiss, the Neocon's NeoconRussia, Kompromat
2016.08.29RRChina Overtakes US in Scientific Articles, Robots, SupercomputersGeopolitics, China, USA
2016.11.08RRMy American DecadeAK, Society, USA, Travel
2016.12.14RR"Not Sending Their Best": World Map of IQ Drop Due to ImmigrationHBD, Immigration
2016.12.19RRLondon ImpressionsAK, Society, Travel, UK
2017.01.10RRA Short History of the Third MillenniumFuturism, Singularity
2017.02.23RRThe Return of Conservative RussophiliaRussia, Politics, USA
2017.03.20RRRoving Bandits in the Wild FieldsHBD, Corruption
2017.03.26RRMoscow Protests: The Tumult on TverskayaAK, Russia, Travel, Politics, Elections
2017.03.30RRSmall Government Is a White ThingHBD, Society, USA, HR
2017.04.05RRAn Analysis of Navalny's ProgramRussia, Politics
2017.04.11RRRussian Nationalism 101Russia, Politics, Nationalism
2017.04.13RRThe Syria Strikes: Who Is 666D Chessing Whose Interuniversal Go Sequences?Geopolitics, USA, Syria
2017.05.07RR/ourgal/ Comes ApartPolitics, France, Elections
2017.05.16RRFrance and the False FrontPolitics, France, Elections
2017.06.16RRSPB ImpressionsAK, Russia, Travel
2017.06.25RRAdventures in AfrotriumphalismFuturism, HBD, Africa
2017.06.27RRRussia Becoming *More* RussianRussia, Demographics
2017.08.17RRThe Ascent of Society 282Society, USA, HR
2017.09.26RRThe Russian Empire: Too Nice for Its Own GoodHistory, Russian Empire
2017.10.16RRCountry 282: Avoiding Russia's Hate Speech LawsRussia, Society, HR
2017.10.18RRA World of 1,000 NationsFuturism, Geopolitics
2017.10.30RRKyrgyzstan Builds a National Myth on Russian BonesHistory, Russian Empire, WW1, Immigration
2017.11.07RRThe Real Lenin: Traitor, Parasite, FailureHistory, USSR
2017.11.09RRThe Roots of Russian RedstalgiaSociety, Russia, USSR
2017.11.26RRThe State of Russian Sinology: Past Chequered, Present Dismal, Future UncertainSociety, Russia, Academia, China
2017.12.22RR10 Ways Life in Russia is Better than in AmericaSociety, Russia, USA
2017.12.27RRElections as Regime ReferendumsPolitics, Russia
2017.12.28RR10 Ways Life in America is Better than in RussiaSociety, Russia, USA
2018.01.08RRCoffee Salon DemographicsHBD, Genius
2018.01.09RR10 Years of BloggingBlogging, The AK
SJWs Attack UCL Neo-Nazi Cabal
HBD, Politics, SJWs
2018.01.20RRCentenary of the Bolshevik UsurpationHistory, Russia, USSR
2018.01.30RRRussian Demographics in 2018Russia, Demographics
2018.01.30RRSuperpower DemographicsFuturism, Geopolitics, Demographics
2018.02.07RRColonize Space... With Nukes!Futurism, Space Exploration
2018.02.08RRIQ in Time and SpaceHBD, IQ
Quantified JQ: Grasping ZOG by the Horns
HBD, Jews
2018.03.14RRRussia’s Technological BackwardnessRussia, Economy, Science
2018.03.17RRThe Ukraine Has Not Yet Perished (And Won’t Anytime Soon)Russia, Geopolitics, Ukraine
2018.03.20RRCrimeans Send Their RegardsRussia, Politics, Ukraine
2018.04.15RRThe Road to World War IIIGeopolitics, Russia, USA, Syrian Civil War
2018.05.10RRWhy I am Not Celebrating Victory DaySociety, Russia, WW2
2018.05.13RROverview of Russian Airports & Aircraft ConstructionRussia, Economy, Tech
2018.05.27RRThe Pearls of LusitaniaThe AK, Travel, Portugal
2018.06.27RRSkulls for the Skull Throne!History, HBD
2018.07.03RRCognitive CliodynamicsHBD, Economic History

As well as of my most significant translations:

Date (start)BlogAuthorTitleTags
2009.05.28DRFilippov, Alexander & DanilovThe Case of the "Stalinist" TextbookRussia, History, USSR
2010.04.24DRgosh100On Liberasts and LiberastyRussia, Politics
2010.08.03DRPribylovsky, VladimirRussia's Phantom Tandem, Real Triumvirate and the Kremlin Clan WarsRussia, Politics
2012.01.23DRLukyanenko, Sergey (Vzglyad)Sergey Lukyanenko - I Will Vote For Putin
Russia, Politics, Elections
2012.09.13DRZubarevich, Natalia (Vedomosti)Natalia Zubarevich - The Four RussiasRussia, Society
2013.05.21DRKolesnikov, Andrei (Novaya Gazeta)The Sociology of DuncesRussia, Politics
2013.05.25DRTumanov, Grigory & Kozlov (KommersantPressure on the Square (by Moscow Exile)Russia, Politics, Protest
2013.05.29DRKholmogorov, EgorEurope's Week of Human SacrificePolitics, France, Nationalism
2013.07.23DRSuper, Evgeny (Odnako)Is Putin a KGB Agent, a Hipster, or a Mensch? (by Fedia Kriukov)Russia, Politics
2013.07.31DRKashin, Oleg (Svobodnaya Pressa)Jews, Journalists, and Dead KittensRussia, Society, Jews
2014.02.02DRKsenofontov, Kirill (Sputnik i Pogrom)“Everything is Annihilated”: The Economic Split of Ukraine (by Nils van der Vegte)Economics, Ukraine
2015.11.17RRKholmogorov, Egor (Komsomolskaya Pravda)A Cruel French LessonPolitics, France, Terrorism
2017.09.07RRKholmogorov, Egor (UM+)Mammoths and Patriots on the Russian Plain (by Fluctuarius Argenteus)Russia, History, Nationalism
2017.11.10RRKholmogorov, Egor (Vzglyad)12 Myths of the Bolshevik Revolution (with Fluctuarius Argenteus)Russia, History, USSR
2018.06.08RRKholmogorov, Egor (Tsargrad)Stalin Is Not Great (by Fluctuarius Argenteus)Russia, History, USSR
2018.07.03RRKholmogorov, Egor ( II: The Tsar of Normalcy (by Fluctuarius Argenteus)Russia, History, USSR


Russia Blogging

I decided to tackle the problem at its root, deconstructing Western myths about Russia through a focus on rigorous quantification (statistics, opinion polls), translations, and the application of a judicious comparative perspective (otherwise maligned as “whataboutism”).

One of my greatest successes was modeling and correctly predicting Russia’s demographic turnaround as early as 2008, when holding such a position made one a prime candidate for psychiatric institutionalization.

However, for all the epithets hurled at me by the Intellectuals Yet Idiots of the Russia watching world (“ein strammer Putinsoldat” is my personal favorite), I have never shied from posting material that didn’t portray Russia in the best light. For instance, I wrote what remains probably the the most comprehensive roundup of statistical evidence of electoral fraud in the 2011 Russian elections in the English language (that post was later cited by Freedom House, hardly the most pro-Putin organization).

I returned to Russia in late 2016, literally fulfilling the “go back to Russia” advice of my most ardent critics.


HBD & IQ Blogging

Though I began as a Russia blogger, my interests ranged far and wide, and soon after I also ventured into topics such as human biodiversity (HBD), IQ research, and transhumanism. I wrote about the importance of national IQ to economic growth as early as 2008, and “came out” as a race realist in 2012, well before the Alt Right made it cool or prominent intellectuals such as Nicholas Wade and Garett Jones made them at least minimally “handshakeworthy.”

karlin-psychometric-researchSince then, I have made several significant contributions to the debate, such as uncovering the (remarkably good) scores for mainland China in PISA 2009 and writing what is perhaps the most detailed popular account of the history of intelligence testing in Russia and the regional distribution of Russian IQ. In a 2013 survey of professional psychometricists (Heiner Rindermann et al.), my blog was acknowledged as one of the world’s best three sources for accurate IQ reporting.

Probably my most original contribution to this sphere is the theory of Apollo’s Ascent, which I hope to expand into a book one day. My basic thesis is that the historical rate of world technological growth can be approximated with by the numbers of literate “smart fractions” who could work on solving problems – but since problems tend to become harder over time, progress would inevitably slow down to a standstill whenever literacy and average IQ stagnated.




Although I don’t consider myself a journalist as such, over the years I have written for or been republished/translated at a number of venues: Al JazeeraVoice of Russia (archive), Russia InsiderThe Duran, Inosmi (S/O, DR).

This is a list of my more prominent published articles and book chapters to date:

2010.08.27The Kremlinologist CatechismRussian LifeRussia, Politics, No Paywall
2011.12.12Truth and Falsification in RussiaAl JazeeraRussia, Politics
2012Putin's New Russia (book chapters)Hellevig, Jon & Alexandre LatsaRussia, Politics
2012.03.04Reading the Russia ElectionAl JazeeraRussia, Politics
2012.08.23A PR Disaster: Five Views on Pussy Riot's WarAl JazeeraRussia, Society
2013.02.02Up and Down the Freedom IndexKomsomolskaya PravdaRussia, Politics, RUS (EN)
2015.06.13Saakashvili's Legend, A Con for the AgesKomsomolskaya PravdaGeopolitics, Georgia, RUS (EN)
2017.12.04The Russian Noosphere: A Survey of Russian Regional IQSputnik and PogromRussia, HBD, Psychometrics


Talks & Interviews

2011.05.27In Which La Russophobe Interviews The Russophile Sociopath Blogging At Sublime OblivionLa RussophobeInterviewPolitics, Russia
2014.02.12CliodynamicsTranshuman VisionsConferenceFuturism
2014.06.14Existential RisksH+XConferenceFuturism
2014.07.26Future of Emotional Health & IntelligenceH+XConferenceFuturism, Apollo's Ascent
2015.07.10This Kaleidoscope of Truths & The Worship of the WestSocial MatterPodcastGeopolitics, NRx
2016.04.12Should Futurists Support Gun Rights?Bay Area FuturistsDebate (#2)Futurism, Guns
2016.12.12American Decade, Futurism, & Political TrendsStark TruthPodcastPolitics, USA, Futurism
2017.01.20Return to Russia and Predictions for 2017Stark TruthPodcastPolitics, Russia
2017.04.10666D Interuniversal Teichmuller ChessStark TruthPodcastPolitics, Geopolitics
2017.05.02The French Elections in the Age of Trump (with Guillaume Durocher)Stark TruthPodcastPolitics, France, Elections
2017.05.03/r/Russia AMA (highlights)/r/RussiaInterviewPolitics, Russia
2017.05.15Bullhorns On the Russia HysteriaRTDiscussionGeopolitics, Russia, USA


Future Plans

As of the time of writing I have three major long-term goals.

(1) Foremost priority is to start publishing books.

In order of priority, they are:

  • Dark Lord of the Kremlin: A summary of and a capstone to my Russia watching career. [political science]
  • Dark Equilibrium: Book length version of this essay. [futurism]
  • Frozen Embers: The Earth falls out of the Sun’s orbit. [sci-fi]
  • Apollo’s Ascent: Book length version of this essay. [economic history; history of technology]

(2) Figure out how to make passably good videos and start putting some of my longer and more interesting essays into this format.

(3) Start doing more serious academic research in psychometrics, at least once I get my Russia book out of the way.



Apart from occasional appearances at outside podcasts such as The Stark Truth, I am a regular participant at the ROGPR (Russian Occupation Government PR) Russian language podcast with Kirill Nesterov and @pigdog.

Here is our YouTube channel.

We talk about Russian realities from an IQ/HBD-realistic perspective.

We are also a human rights organization and the official podcast of United Russia.

/pol/: “The only legitimately alt-right HBD-concious Russians that I know of are in Anatoly Karlin’s circle… he and a few other Russians do a autistic alt-right shitposting podcast.

I maintain a Russian language blog at



The more help I get from my readers, especially of the pecuaniary kind, the more time I can devote to my blogging and original research.

You can support me on Patreon or through one of the other methods on this page.