Farewell, Readers!

Are YOU a neo-Soviet reptile?

Are YOU a neo-Soviet reptile?

After a months-long crisis of conviction, I unequivocally reject my support, rationalization and in a sense enablement of the reptilian thugs, fascists and kleptocrats who stalk the parapets of the Kremlin. I sincerely apologize to my loyal readers for so cynically misleading them for more than a year and polluting cyberspace with my lies, disinformation and irrelevant whataboutism. For the truth of the matter is that until recently I was, as a Boris from London rightly put it, a high paid propaganda master working for a Kremlin web brigade dedicated to suppressing democratic sentiments, rehabilitating Stalinism and getting the West to drop its guard to the rise of neo-Soviet dictatorship in Russia. But inspired by the example of Korchevnaya, like her I decided to follow my conscience and decisively reject my former work as a Kremlin shill and amoral Putin lackey. In doing so, I hope to mitigate at least a little of the damage I did – I can now only hope God could forgive me, for I don’t believe I ever could.

Speaking of which, while the above is bad enough my moral relativism and cold-blooded support of Communism, an atheistic cult and abysmal failure that extracted a terrible price on people, a price that is still ongoing in Russia, is simply unforgivable – in retrospect, it is astounding that a human mind could still defend that failed “ism”. Even my morally blind-sided justification of it on environmental grounds is no longer relevant, what with the IPCC chairman Rajendra Pachauri now admitting anthropogenic climate change is a massive hoax after all and top NASA climate scientist James Hansen, one of the most outspoken advocates of limiting greenhouse gas emissions, now saying he bought Al Gore’s clever ruse to promote global totalitarian socialism “hook, line and sinker”.

For the reality is even more disturbing than the one painted by La Russophobe. Yes, it is true that Russia is internationally isolated, in a demographic death spiral and its economy is rapidly falling apart at the seams because of the accumulated tolls imposed by endemic corruption, authoritarianism, socialism, criminality and abortion. But these Mongols with tanks led by their Dark Lord Putin hate the West so much that even now they are preparing, as Golitsyn prophesied, to resurrect the Soviet Union, collapse the US dollar and launch a devastating nuclear strike against the citadels of Christendom in the final phase of their centennial plans for world Communism.

I contacted members of the pro-democracy community in Russia about my defection, and let my former Russophile “comrades” know in no uncertain terms where I stand and what I think of them now. Most of the latter, like the slimey neo-Soviet reptiles they are, replied I’ve lost my mind (no doubt with a view to justifying the use of weaponized psychiatry against me). The liberals were much more positive. For instance, Lucas now wants to rechristen me as Boromir Ingtar Ben-Karlstein in the River Thames. La Russophobe also chimed in – boy, was she quick! – ripping Putin a new one and gushing over my return to the light, though she said redemption would be a deep, painful and mentally challenging process. She said she could help me through it, sending me her London address, as well as a shot of her nude and a sketch of her ass. I’m not sure why she did that, but the point stands that the neo-Soviet chickens are coming home to roost and little time remains – what must be done, will be done, as La Russophobe sees fit. And she wants me to come over.

So that’s it folks. No more posts. This ugly relic to neo-Soviet hypocrisy of a blog will be deleted in a few days, cleansed from the Earth just as La Russophobe and Lucas say they are going to cleanse me of my sins. I’m off to London, one of the key fortresses of Western democracy, to meet her, Ed and Boris. Should be fun.

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