Is This Blog Anti-American?

So I was looking through my “Incoming Links” today and came across this comment about yours truly:

typical us-living russia-lover/us-hater. expect him to be hired by russia today tv channel.
thing is – i can understand if people hold these views in russia – they are brainwashed. but someone living in the west espousing them makes me think he’s a scumbag or has brain issues. People who I personally know who held similar views had problems adjusting to life in the US, so associated Russia to be great by comparison.

This is hardly the first time I’ve had the anti-America rug thrown at me, so hey, let’s do this democracy thing to settle this. [AK edit: All polls were lost in the transition to the new site]

My opinion? From my perspective, the main things that some could qualify as being “anti-American” on this blog is a certain pessimism on its future economic, and by extension geopolitical, prospects (not helped by 10%-of-GDP deficits), and pointing out that things such as that the State Department’s simultaneous crusade against Wikileaks and propagandization of Internet freedom abroad is rather schizophreniac (to put it mildly). On the other hand, it’s frequently and freely acknowledged that the US is still the world’s predominant superpower, and probably the best place on Earth for the upper-middle and higher classes.

I’m also skeptical that I’d qualify as a “Russia-lover” (in the propagandist sense of the term our anti-S/O commentator means). I’ve posted plenty of links to corruption scandals and injustices and the like on the Twitter and Facebook extensions of this blog; the blog itself has had an entire post specifically dedicated to criticizing some of Putin’s policies. I suspect that his real issue with this blog is that it doesn’t follow the Western media’s “Have you stopped beating your wife?” approach to reporting on Russia – or the propaganda model by which it operates in general – that he himself has been seemingly brainwashed with.

Incidentally, I too can apply pop psychoanalysis to that commentator – psychological insecurity leading to projection; the yearning to justify his own emigration by casting Russia and its defenders as demonic Others; perhaps even a Ukrainian inferiority complex – and for pages on pages if needed, but I really can’t be bothered.

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