Welcome Back!

Dear readers,

As you’re probably aware, the site was down for much of the past week. The lowdown is that the old blog, Sublime Oblivion, was infected by a nasty pharma hack that destroyed its SEO ratings. There was however a silver lining, in that it allowed me to carry out a reorganization that I’ve desired for quite some time.

In addition to blogging about Russia, I also wrote about a variety of other topics: China, geopolitics, sustainability, futurism, the causes of economic growth, book reviews, etc. I have separated these two divergent vectors. The Russia stuff now has its own dedicated domain at http://akarlin.com/; in a way, this is a back to the future kind of thing, as Da Russophile was the original name of my blog back in 2008. Everything else, for now, will remain here, at http://akarlin.com/. Please update your bookmarks and RSS feeds.

The old domain, and the Sublime Oblivion brand in general, I intend to reserve for my future fiction (including an eponymous fantasy series). Arctic Progress, which was also affected by the pharma hack, will get a new start and a new look in the coming months, but will remain at the same location.

None of the old material was lost. However, in my transition to WordPress.com, the image attachments to the old posts were all lost, nor is it possible to FTP them in. That is why the images have all gone. As there are 1,000 odd of them, re-attaching them all will take quite some time, but rest assured it will be done.

Blogging will resume now. Thank you all for your understanding!

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