Is Luke Harding Taking A Leaf From Figes?

I recently noticed with some amusement that despite the free, prominent advertising given to hack Luke Harding’s book “Mafia State” on The Guardian, to date it has garnered only 6 reviews on Amazon UK and 3 reviews on Amazon US.

(Neither was his book on Wikileaks with David Leigh much more successful either. It got 11 reviews, of which almost half gave one star. Not so surprising considering their sordid and deeply dishonest conduct towards Assange).

However, Alex Mercouris noticed a most curious thing.

Interesting. Notice that one of the reviewers called “D.P. McGowan” says that Harding repeats says that “Kremlin paid bloggers” are “trying to discredit” Harding’s journalism and his book. Sound familiar?

It does indeed, doesn’t it?

But what makes this (London-based, like The Guardian) “D.P. McGowan” fellow, who gave Harding 5 stars, all the more suspicious is that he has just two reviews to his name on Amazon. Both are for Harding’s book Mafia State in its UK and US editions.

Furthermore, he was not the only commentator to leave praise for the book with only one Amazon review to his/her name. Same goes for “CalliopeArtana” (5 stars) and “Sheila” (4 stars).

Four out of the nine Amazon reviews that Harding’s book got gave it glowing praise and came from commentators with no other reviews on that site.

Is Luke Harding pulling a Figes on us?

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