Vote On The Title!

Feel free to suggest the appropriate title/subtitle combination for the book, or to propose new ones.

EDIT 9/11: And the final results are:

Putinophobia 3
Putin Derangement Syndrome 10
Through Western Eyes 7
When the Truth Doesn’t Matter 7
Kremlin Maligned 0
False Truths 1
Potemkin Russia 2
Manufactured Russophobia 4
If It’s About Russia, It’s True 8
Black-Washing Russia 4
Russia NOT for Dummies 5
Dark Lord of the Kremlin 11
Other 4

And for the subtitle:

Western Discourse on Putin’s Russia and the New Cold War 6
How The Western Media Fuels A New Cold War With Russia 20
Russia in the Press 2
Putin Derangement Syndrome and the American Press 4
How The Western Media Misrepresents Putin’s Russia 10
The Western Media’s War Against Putin’s Russia 14
Other 1

Thanks for all the suggestions, and voting.

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