50 Shades of Russia Truth


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  1. In terms of lies, Julia Ioffe’s most recent are omitted. It seems that she’s no longer at The Atlantic. She was canned by Politico, for her disgusting comment about Trump having a sexual relationship with his daughter. All this hasn’t stopped her from fairly regular appearances on CNN and MSNBC.

    No small wonder why many have a low opinion of mass media, as some comparatively better sources regularly get the shaft.

  2. I don’t like how they do this. It is like any media outlet now see it normal to publish lie, and when and only if their lie has been revealed they just say “oh, sorry” and “correct” or delete it straight out and go on as if nothing ever happened. Pure and simple cover-up. And they sincerely think their reputation will not suffer, if they cover-up all their sins. No, all their nonsense must remain intact forever as a reminder that this or that outlet lied and cannot be trusted. Now they can pretend they never did anything wrong. This reminds me the Soviet practice when they could “delete” a wrong guy from a photo or order to the reader to cut out “wrong” pages from already published and sold books, as if neither the wrong people nor the wrong information ever existed. At least in the past the news was actually physically printed and they could not say something was never said unless they destroy every copy of the newspaper.

  3. Yes, Better posting > More Posting