Affirmative Action Kremlinology


So this Fulbright alumnus writes articles about “global blackness and Russia-U.S. politics” for the Washington Post.


Not surprisingly, he is a man of many “powerful” takes.



What is this Article 282-free nationalist paradise that he’s describing, I want there.

Anyhow there’s something of a pattern here.



The blacks aren’t sending their best to ZOGPR.

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  1. “Home away from home.”

    Is that what they call sexual tourism these days?

  2. The blacks aren’t sending their best to ZOGPR.

    They do. That’s the best they have.

  3. John Gruskos says

    In case any geographically and historically ignorant liberals are reading this and don’t understand the point Karlin is making:

    1. Odessa is not located in the Crimea.
    2. Slovakia was not part of Yugoslavia, which in turn was not part of the Soviet Union.
    1. Ivana Trump is Czech, not Slovak. Though both were part of Czechoslovakia at one point, they are two different nations.
    1. There’s no such thing as “Soviet Yugoslavia”, and there never was. Yugoslavia was a communist (socialist, as they called themselves) country, but because its leader, Tito, fell out with Stalin in 1948, and after 1956 it was loosely aligned with the USSR, but it never really was a Soviet ally. Not a close ally, and never a satellite, at any rate.
  4. Daniil Adamov says

    He’s that guy who wrote an article comparing Putin to some character from the Wire, isn’t he? Write what you know, I suppose. Even when ostensibly you’re writing about something else…

  5. Verymuchalive says

    It does rather prove Prof Lynn’s points about black intelligence. Unsurprisingly, one black retard thinks Odessa is in the Crimea. Another thinks that Slovakia was part of Yugoslavia and that Yugoslavia was part of the Soviet Union. As they say, Ignorance is Bliss.

  6. The Big Red Scary says

    At first I thought that was Georgian script in his profile, but given the appearance of Maxine Waters in the photograph, it is more likely to be Limpopoese.

  7. 1. Odessa is not located in the Crimea.
    2. Slovakia was not part of Yugoslavia, which in turn was not part of the Soviet Union.

    That’s the point Karlin was making. You should probably reread the post carefully with due attention to who is saying what.

  8. Simply confirming what we already knew about Black IQ. And THESE are the best of Blacks.

  9. Hieronymus of Canada says

    Because the American left’s hatred of ‘traditional’ White American culture and love of African Americans, few of them realize that many of the traits they hate in the later are present in African American culture. Indeed, they are probably more prevalent.

    Thus, it is quite probable that an ignorance and disinterest in the wider world outside of the USA is even more pervasive in African American culture than in the general American culture.

    PS Have any of seen the article where they got some American adults to place European countries on a map? It’s what you expect, given how many probably were in school before Communism collapsed and a whole bunch of new and smaller countries where formed.

    Of course, they were just the average citizen, not foreign affairs correspondents, who ought to know better.

  10. reiner Tor says

    I think you misunderstood John’s point. Don’t worry, it can happen even in the best families.

  11. We will kill any nigger trying to touch a woman of R1Arya blood।।

  12. reiner Tor says

    Yes, it’s an interesting article.

  13. Daniel Chieh says

    Daniel Chieh is now following this user.

  14. More accurately, I misread his post (which comes to the same thing, I suppose). Apologies John.

  15. Russians are a proxy for white people in general, they can show their hate without censure.

  16. Daniel Chieh says

    Notice the overwhelming whiteness of the white supremacist leader of their ministry of defense.

  17. I think this hatred for white Russia will increase with time and it will also play an ever increasing role in future world politics. Even with the USA getting the demographics of Brazil (or worse) it will still take some time for the latent influence it has on the world to vanish, during that transformation phase the vilification of Russia and the racial animus for it being mostly white will turn Russia into a pariah like South Africa once was.

    If Russia can outlast the onslaught until the US completely succumbs into third worldom is the big question, I don’t think it can, it will probably embrace cuckservatism to try appease the others and mass import Africans to show how tolerant it is.

  18. Most people are ignorant about history and geopolitics. It’s been my experience that most blacks are woefully ignorant about both, to a degree that seems to comfortably support the 1 SD IQ difference observed in the US.

    Firstly, it is the rare American black that understands that American blacks won the lottery by being born in America, and that most and perhaps even all their American ancestors, whether slave or not, were also tremendously lucky to live in America a land which has long-known peace and plenty.

    What is really sad is what most blacks think they know is mostly made up and entirely about black-white racial conflict. The word “picnic”, the most harmless and pleasant word, present in many languages, is given a demonic origin. ’50s America, a time when blacks knew much lower fatherless/employment/STD rates and were arguably much safer is treated as a more hellish period than the Koreans treat their war or the Chinese treat their famine.

  19. Greasy William says

    I’m really smart and my ancestors come from the Ukraine and I thought that Odessa was in Crimea as well, so it isn’t as big a deal as you guys are making it out to be.

    This newfound Russophobia on the Left really is entertaining. We have long since passed the “show me the spot on the dolly where the Russian touched you” stage and moved into a deeper psychosis. These people don’t just hate Russia, they are legitimately scared of it. They see a Russian conspiracy EVERYWHERE.

    To give you an example of how paranoid the Left has become, some of them where worried that the #takeaknee hashtag on Twitter was part of a plan to further polarize America. Even things that they agree with they now see as part of some gigantic Russian conspiracy.

    For the midterms, in addition to their usual complaints about voter suppression they are also worried that Putin will somehow rig the midterms for the Republicans. How Putin would go about doing that, I have no idea. But intelligent, politically engaged people are legitimately worried about it.

  20. Daniel Chieh says

    Its only coincidence that Red Sparrow is coming out next year,I’m sure.

  21. Seamus Padraig says

    Tito, in fact, was one of the founding members of the Non-Aligned Movement (NAM) back in the 60s.

  22. Diversity Heretic says

    Do any of these people read Russian, at even a rudimentary level? You can’t write intelligently about a country (at least not for money) without some competence in the language. And Russian is a hard language for an English speaker to learn as an adult. Not impossible, but difficult–I think it would require several years of intensive study, unless you happen to be linguistically gifted, which I doubt is the case here. I think that some of the previous commentators were pretty much on the money: these Negroes hate whites, Russians are white, therefore these Negroes hate Russians.

    The woman with Terrell Starr appears to be Maxine Waters, possibly the most leftist, bat-shit crazy member of the House of Representatives.

  23. reiner Tor says

    Members of the “non-aligned” movement were often, in fact, aligned with one or the other power block. It led to fractures when the Soviets invaded Afghanistan.

    “The movement fractured from its own internal contradictions when the Soviet Union invaded Afghanistan in 1979. Although the Soviet allies supported the invasion, other members of the movement (particularly predominantly Muslim states) condemned it.”

    I’d call “Soviet allies in the non-aligned movement” an oxymoron, but there it is.

  24. The Big Red Scary says


    But seriously, in my home growing up, Wheel of Fortune was a byword for brainlessness.

  25. That must be why noted SJWs like Andrew Auernheimer support multicultural Ukraine instead of the White ethno state of Russia.

  26. The Big Red Scary says

    I think this confuses correlation with cause. To predict which countries would approve of the Soviet invasion of Afghanistan, and which would disapprove, you didn’t need to know anything about who was allied with whom. You simply had to look at the cultural and political systems of those countries. So secular, socialist countries would approve, and Muslim, tribal societies would disapprove, because the conflict internal to Afghanistan was precisely between these two kinds of groups.

  27. The previous commenter was talking about the perception of Russia by blacks

  28. Russians finally become white – just at the point when the west has decided this is a bad thing.

  29. Do any of these people read Russian, at even a rudimentary level? You can’t write intelligently about a country (at least not for money) without some competence in the language.

    For that, the US media have Masha Gessen. She (he, it??) surely knows a lot about Russia and speaks Russian too;)

  30. What makes you think Eurasian people will get a pass?

    Anyway what has reality got to do with a SJW outlook, Russia has too many whites and isn’t fully signed up to the agenda, that is enough. Truth and details are just oppressive.

  31. German_reader says

    Condoleezza Rice is quite obviously of a racially mixed background though, iirc genetic testing has estimated her European ancestry at about 40%.
    And while I personally dislike her (even though she seems to have played a positive role regarding German reunification, from my point of view), she did have a real academic career (unlike this Terrell person who just seems to be a typical cretinous journalist…journalists in general, whether black or white, are mostly really quite stupid and know very little).

  32. Daniel Chieh says

    Wasn’t there some study that found that journalists are usually lower IQ than the average population? I think they blamed it on lack of sleep – regardless of cause, it seems pretty mirth-inducing.

  33. German_reader says

    Wasn’t there some study that found that journalists are usually lower IQ than the average population?

    Would be amusing if true, but I doubt that. I don’t know how it’s in the US, but in Germany at least journalists mostly come from a bourgeois background…obviously they can’t be that bright (if they were, they’d do something else), but sub-average IQ for them seems unlikely.
    It’s really noticeable though how arrogant journalists are, totally unjustified given how little they know.

  34. Condoleezza Rice is quite obviously of a racially mixed background

    “Genuine” American “black” (descendants of slaves) – all, without exception, racially mixed mulattoes.

  35. German_reader says

    Yes, but Condoleezza Rice’s fraction of European ancestry is atypically high, usually it’s much lower.

  36. Daniel Chieh says
  37. German_reader says

    Thanks, that’s pretty interesting…I do believe though that the problem with journalists is rather more profound than just not drinking enough water…

  38. Journalists scored pretty high on:
    Abstraction, the ability to deal with ideas rather than events. It’s related to the part of the brain where the most sophisticated problem-solving takes place. In other words, it highlights the ability to think outside the box and make connections where others might not see them.
    Value tagging, the ability to assign values to different sensory cues, such as whether something is a priority or has meaning. Scoring highly in this area indicates a good ability to sift through information and pick out what’s important.
    Journalists scored lower on:
    Executive function. As well as the traits mentioned above, low scores for executive function also suggest poor sleep, nutrition, exercise, and mindfulness. Many participants reported they had no time for breaks while working.
    Silencing the mind, which is related to the ability to have thoughts without getting distracted by them, or a powerful ability to focus. Low scores indicate the opposite, suggesting journalists have a hard time preventing themselves from worrying about the future or regretting the past.

    Sounds like INTP who definitely don’t tend to idiocy (at any rate in the purely cognitive sense).

  39. I was being ironic, though she has some knowledge of Russian, but very poor at least spoken. Back at 2005, I thought it was not possible to go any lower than Dubya, boy was I wrong!