Alt Right: We The Resistance Now (Again?)

Funny thing is, just the other day I was on a podcast where I joked/predicted that Antifa would try to beat up Richard Spencer’s merry band of Alt Right anti-war protesters.


Spencer has long been an outspoken supporter of Trump and his policies, including building a wall on the southern border and banning refugees form entering the country. But his decision to lead a handful of protesters to speak out against the strike has been emblematic of the split between Trump and some of his most ardent and far-right supporters.

“We want walls, not war!” chanted some of the protesters accompanying Spencer in front of the White House. …

At one point, Spencer called the counter-protesters, “storm troopers of the establishment.”

“Commies go home,” Spencer and his supporters chanted while opponents yelled, “Nazis go home.”

As AltLeft noted today, “I never anticipated that we would be organizing and participating in actual anti-war demonstrations, but here we are.”

What a timeline!

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  1. German_reader says

    Richard Spencer must feel pretty foolish now given recent developments. But respect to him for taking a stance against the road to war! I’m honestly kind of shocked how many mainstream “normies”, both right and left, and not just in the US, but also in Europe seem to be totally fine with potentially going to war with Russia just so Western politicians (and Israel, Turkey and the Gulf states obviously, as well as various Islamists) mustn’t admit defeat in their regime change project. Even decision makers in 1914 weren’t quite this insane.
    British media are now bringing reports about some sort of “ultimatum” to Russia for withdrawal of its troops from Syria. If it comes to that, may God help us all.

  2. ussr andy says

    which one is you? they need to introduce themselves
    what’s wrong with Yarvin? how is TRS “simplistic”? they’re the funniest and “spot-on”nest podcast out there (the Jews stuff is sometimes too much for my tastes, but I’m biased)

  3. Anonymous says

    Strange times indeed…

  4. Is Mr. Assad familiar with the Alt-Right? Statements such as the below could come from any prominent Alt Rightist.

  5. reiner Tor says

    I have followed his Twitter feed, and he was always at least somewhat skeptical of Trump.

    Yes, there was some exuberant celebration as Trump won (I was happy, too), most notably the unfortunate “Hail Trump!” incident, but already in December he asked if we (meaning the alt-right) should already give up on Trump.

    Yes, the war will be hundred times more foolish than 1914. And seems totally inevitable. Not only the elites, the people are also idiots, I know a lot of “Putin/Assad must be stopped” types.

  6. German_reader says

    Well, I also did welcome Trump’s election, and a big factor in that was Clinton’s confrontational stance towards Russia and her demand for no-fly zones. Seems now like it didn’t really matter who won (and apart from Paul and maybe Sanders none of the other candidates were any better, they’re all demented war-mongers).
    Yes, I’m increasingly coming around to the conclusion as well that most people are shockingly stupid. I’m also getting the impression that the kind of Trump supporters one sees here and in other alt-rightish parts of the net aren’t remotely representative. According to some polls a majority of Trump voters seem to be totally fine with his Syria strike. I’ve read some statements of Trump fans on Twitter (e.g. some who are bashing Ann Coulter because she’s against it), and am disgusted by them, their mindless militarism and flag-waving “patriotism” is appalling. These people are dumb as bricks (“We’re top dog now again, no more apology tour, hahaha, gonna put those Russians in their place”, “Better fight those Arabs here than in our streets”, “I have faith in our president, he has access to intel we don’t have, it’s unpatriotic to question him”) and I’m beginning to really resent white Americans for that idiocy that might, in the worst case, kill all of us. But unfortunately we have plenty of really stupid people in Europe as well, and there’s no chance any mainstream politicians or journalists will take a stand against this madness. It’s bloody depressing.

  7. reiner Tor says

    You have to give white Americans that they chose Trump even when this issue was central in the debates (like I think South Carolina, where Trump was declared to be finished by the punditocracy after he attacked ¡Jeb! on the Iraq war, IIRC), so at least they’re not totally dumbed.

    And a lot of (still) supporters of Trump are arguing from some kind of 4d chess viewpont (in other words, that he won’t send boots to the ground), so at least are not mindlessly supporting a war against Assad.

  8. German_reader says

    Again, I’m really not sure those views are representative for the majority of Trump supporters…a lot of them seem to be really ignorant fools who subscribe to a world view where America is constantly threatened by some axis of evil (of Iran, China, Russia, North Korea, Syria…maybe even Nicaragua and Cuba) and America needs to “kick ass”, make itself respected and feared again in the international arena. Trump also appealed to such sentiments with his claims that America was basically being ripped off by everybody else, from free-loading Europeans and Chinese decimating US industry up to Iranians not fearing the US enough and scheming against favourite ally Israel (has Trump ever stated that Israel might be ripping off the US? I suppose not). Basically, these people are totally fine with US global hegemony and even regard it as a source of pride. Now I’m a nationalist myself, but not that kind of “nationalist” (and since I’m not American I couldn’t be, unless I wanted to become some lickspittle collaborationist).
    Even Richard Spencer retweeted something along the lines that a lot of Trump supporters are really ignorant (and not on “our” side), so I don’t think this is just due to my (admittedly limited) perception.

  9. Richard Spencer must feel pretty foolish now given recent developments.

    He was always 50:50 about Trump.

  10. Normie Trump supporters being initially loyal is not a bad thing – loyalty is good – and some of them will be fake Trump supporters astro-turfing.

    Anyway no point being black-pilled. The options are:

    1) the Trump campaign conned us
    2) he’s surrounded by neocons and trapped

    so from an alt-right pov either

    1) fight the drive to war including attacking Trump

    2) fight the drive to war without attacking Trump


    3) if you believe it’s WW3 and there’s nothing we can do about it then c’est la vie – start prepping or chill and enjoy the time left.

    I’m personally going for (2) just in case he’s trapped.

  11. Some of my relatives think the attack is a good thing. They’re (mostly) not stupid however they trust the media and the media is lying to them – again – and because they trust the media they don’t look for alternative information.

  12. “I’m also getting the impression that the kind of Trump supporters one sees here and in other alt-rightish parts of the net aren’t remotely representative. ”

    You think?

  13. anonymous1 says

    You have to give white Americans that they chose Trump even when this issue was central in the debates

    The Clinton/anti-Trump coalition held the high ground of the means of communication: established press, television networks, most radio, most larger internet websites. The alt-right dissidents just had internet, some radio and exposure to Trump via the debates and press conferences that were difficult to censor or edit. Since the election we’ve had a tsunami of propaganda coming from all sides that’s been relentless leading to the ‘derangement syndrome’ we’ve been seeing. On an individual basis people I’ve met have come across like so many zombie parrots repeating talking points they’ve gotten from the media. It’s gotten bizarre. Is a numerical majority required to start a stampede that carries everyone with it? Of course with this sudden turn of events things have gotten confusing and people who thought they were on board with a certain program are now reeling in disarray wondering what it means.


  15. I’m going for option (3), or (((3))), if you will, because, as a non Alt-right former Trump supporter I feel like a fool for having had any hope to begin with and it also seems like the most realistic option at this point.

  16. fair enough. i enjoy cultural warfare as a hobby so it’s my fishing – so 2 is my 3 anyway

    (i may add a dose of prepping though)

  17. one obvious factor which i only just thought of

    they were bugging him

    so maybe Rice got some dirt on him or one of his kids?

  18. Bashar “al-AltRight” Assad:

    June 2013.

    (Terrorism will not stop here, it will export itself through illegal immigration into Europe.”)

  19. reiner Tor says

    The antifa are now Chairman Trump’s Red Guards, beating up those protesting his wars.

  20. wankifa

  21. Surprised this happened so suddenly and totally.