Andrew Yang Rejects The Blank Slate

I did infer that he is redpilled on all of this stuff in my review of his book, though his interpretation – like Pinker’s – is strongly liberal/paternalistic. (Which is perfectly fine and internally consistent).

He has definitively confirmed that.

This has created quite the ruckus, with Angela D. Saini – author of ominous sounding books and Guardian articles about the “return of race science” to politics – writing about how this was yet another example of that.

Unfortunately, she has since hidden her Twitter, and apparently nobody thought to take a screencap before that happened.

Anyhow, let’s all wish him good luck in the storms to come. Even if one disagrees with his solutions or politics, it wouldn’t do for the Legions of Woke to destroy the one HBD realist*  in the US Presidential race.

  • Well, apart from Trump, but Trump’s understanding is more folksy/intuitive than coldly scientific.

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  1. reiner Tor says

    Trump is stupider than Yang. It doesn’t mean Yang couldn’t be worse than him, of course.

  2. Brabantian says

    Another curious USA techno-futurist ‘presidential candidate’ – engineer Wayne Lambright – is getting mentioned on 4chan etc

    One theme of Lambright is, “Why is home ownership so expensive, when it’s just a box?”. He talks about how, thanks to 3-D printing, a fully functional small one-bedroom home can be supplied for about $4000 and built in about 24 hours – video just below.

    Lambright thinks we are not far from the Tesla dream of nearly free energy … He wants more guns, national concealed carry with no licence needed, full free speech online, and bigger cash for people than Yang proposes.

    His ‘The future is bright if you want it, Lambright 2020’ web page

    Video on the $4000 3-D printed house, I especially like the veranda

  3. War for Blair Mountain says

    Andrew Yang=HAN RACE POWER!!!! in America…


    God Bless Socialist Labor Leaders Denis Kearney and Samuel Gompers!!!….For they understood the threat of Chinese Legal Immigrants and their US Born Han Geneline….

  4. EliteCommInc. says


    That all depends,

    if we are talking about “blank slate” as everyone with equal everything then his assessment makes sense.

    But if we are talking “blank slate” as a no comprehension of self or potential until after birth and shaped by environment that is a different matter.

  5. War for Blair Mountain says

    As the Han Race continues to colonize California…….GOD HELP THE RED-LEGGED FROG OF CALAVARAS COUNTY CALIFORNIA…..!!!!!……As the Han People continue to eat their way across the Golden State……

    BRING BACK THE 1877 CHINESE LEGAL IMMIGRANT EXCLUSION ACT!!!!….and the mass expulsion of the Han……..

  6. War for Blair Mountain says

    And Andrew Yang’s idea of building bridges with the HISTORIC NATIVE BORN WHITE AMERICAN WORKING CLASS MAJORITY is to massively increase the scale of the H-1B L-1B Visa Program=WHITE GENOCIDE IN ACTION!!!…..And this ain’t no jive…..

  7. War for Blair Mountain says

    Liberalism is a congenital birth defect……treatment:MANDATORY ABORTION!!!

    The whole Kennedy Family from Hyannis Port was a congenital birth defect….

  8. prime noticer says

    you never post about the stupid stuff he says.

    noticeable decline in the amount of posting about this guy in general from the rightist fringe. good. chairman yang was just a dumb flash in the pan and the long, rambling paeans to this guy were flat out embarrassing.

    100 times less important that other no hopers like ron paul, who actually had something important to say, and was in fact an elected representative. yang has nothing smart or important to say contrary to his early adopters. he also never did anything important, so he can’t speak from experience either.

    none of the democrat candidates are picking up his ideas or talking points either. because his ideas are stupid. he’s stupid, and doesn’t know anything about politics. the leading candidates are co-opting other candidates ideas and platforms, like reparations, but not the other way around. yang is copying them, they aren’t copying him.

    stop listening to this guy who just recently read a few books about robots and futurists and regurgitates leftist talking points 90% of the time. that’s why you never post about what he says. because he’s a leftist and his non-futurist ideas (which he all stole from books he recently read) are terrible.

  9. I did infer that he is redpilled on all of this stuff in my review of his book, though his interpretation – like Pinker’s – is strongly liberal/paternalistic. (Which is perfectly fine and internally consistent).

    What’s the non-paternalistic interpretation of this data/information?

  10. People who think Trump is stupid, are very, very stupid. I think the North Koreans know that; the Brits know it; the Saudis know it; the Chinese know it (they are now famous for saying that they couldn’t believe America let them get away with what they did and didn’t blame Trump at all for his policies.) The Iranians know it. They just wanted to keep the money Obama gave them. Weird how anybody still believes the mainstream news, even people who should know better. These are hilarious times. But then these same people thought Obama was smart in spite of his hidden scholastic records and inability to speak with out a teleprompter.

  11. Why are you responding to yourself?

  12. War for Blair Mountain says

    Trump destroyed Hillary Clinton in debate…..her destruction in the POTUS debate was on full display for all her fans to see…..

    Barack Obama is utterly vapid in intellect….But he did some dance moves with his Great Ape Wife on some lesbian talk show host’s TV show….This is our future:Intellectually Vapid Negro Clowns who can dance…..ruling America…..Christian Russia:PLEASE NUKE THE FREAK SHOW CALLED AMERICA….BURN IT TO THE GROUND….

  13. War for Blair Mountain says

    That’s the problem with AI…especially strong AI……it’s all a blank slate…programmed to be a machine learning induction machine….a glorified kludge….pretending to be human…..As MIT Professor Joeseph Wurtman 0nce remarked:in principle…a roll of toilet paper could be programmed to pass its self off as “Human”……Now we know what the very vapid Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama are:Rolls of Toilet Paper….Toilet “People”…..

  14. Fidelios Automata says

    Yang seems to have some good ideas, but the UBI is, in my view, unsustainable. I definitely oppose increased immigration of any sort. As for reparations? Fooey! He could be good on every other issue but if he supports this racist thuggery I will oppose him 100%

  15. War for Blair Mountain says

    There is a book…..THE TOMORROW MAKERS….which is about the Pioneers and Prophets of Nanotechnology….There is an interview with a Nanotechology Researcher with the US NAVY who discusses your point in relation to Post-Industrial Revolution Labor…really fascinating…go buy the book……The kind of book that Comrade Anatoly must read…..

  16. War for Blair Mountain says

    Moreover….Yang wants to increase the H1B…L1B Visa Program to an unprecented scale determined by the populations of China and India=WHITE GENOCIDE!!!….And Brad Griffith hopes for a date with Andrew Yang…..

  17. War for Blair Mountain says

    Brad Griffith

    Pining for a date


    The Gook

  18. What’s the non-paternalistic interpretation of this data/information?

    the conservative attitude to unequal outcomes is “it’s natural, doesn’t need to be fixed, leave it alone”

    whereas liberals* have a compulsion to try and “fix” things

    however trying to “fix” things with policies based on the blank slate doesn’t work cos genetics is true and the blank slate isn’t.

    accepting the genetic basis of human behavior inevitably end up with eugenics and so imo

    the two paternalist options are
    – hard eugenics (shoot the outliers)
    – soft eugenics (nudge individual reproductive decisions over generations)

    and the two non-paternalist options are
    – soft dysgenic (it’s natural, leave it alone)
    – hard dysgenic (equalize downwards).

    (* when i say “liberals” i don’t include sociopaths like Clinton whose liberalism is camouflage for bioleninism i.e. “inequality is natural but let’s exploit the schmucks to gain wealth and power for ourselves.”)

  19. Yevardian says

    I do wonder if senility plays a large part too. Or perhaps the medium of the internets simply exposes the stupidity of public figures in way that didn’t happen in the past.

  20. He’s breaking a lot of taboos, and I like it.

    TBH I like the Dem position on economics (outside immigration) more–why should rich people not have to pay taxes? What’s wrong with having national health insurance like every other rich nation? And climate change definitely is real.

    I’m still going to vote for DJT as a more cohesive USA will be better able to deal with climate change when it really gets into gear in a few decades. But I’d like to see Yang raise a few more of his issues.

  21. reiner Tor says

    TBH I like the Dem position on economics (outside immigration) more–why should rich people not have to pay taxes? What’s wrong with having national health insurance like every other rich nation? And climate change definitely is real.

    Yes, the choices we are offered in our democratic utopias is often a very lowbrow dumbed-down (and often phony) Right and a fanatically anti-white Left.

  22. Jason Liu says

    Not sure if he should’ve waded into the evo psych pool…

    CNN Debate Night:

    “Mr. Yang, you’ve tweeted that you believe that politics is genetic. What else do you think is genetic? Behavior? Culture? Intelligence, maybe? Would you say that these differences vary between race and gender?”

    Oh well, he won’t be nominated anyway

  23. reiner Tor says

    What else do you think is genetic? Behavior? Culture? Intelligence, maybe? Would you say that these differences vary between race and gender?

    He should pull an AaronB out of his ass and say that it’s very complex and an interaction of many factors, of which genes are just one. He would not be lying. He should also quickly make it clear that what he’s saying is Science! and that his detractors are Dubya-level idiots.

  24. … and his non-futurist ideas (which he all stole from books he recently read) are terrible.

    Be that as it may, stealing ideas from recently read books about robots and AI is one of the strangest criticisms of a politician that I have ever heard.

    What, exactly, are the alternatives?

    Stealing them from books on trashy pop culture?

    Stealing them from books on racial social justice?

    Stealing them from… Fox & Friends? (Trump probably hasn’t read any books in the past decade).

    Or would you prefer that politicians pull policies out of their ass?

  25. 3d printed anything doesn`t last long and is more fragile than the real thing.

  26. The Big Red Scary says

    “Trump probably hasn’t read any books in the past decade”

    When the story was going round that Trump kept a copy of Mein Kampf besides his bed, Jeffrey St. Clair remarked that he found this highly improbably since he had seen no evidence of any books in photos of Trump’s residences.

  27. Mitleser says

    Sounds like it would be a good fit for many Americans.

  28. reiner Tor says

    Trump probably hasn’t read any books in the past decade

    Has he ever read a book?

  29. Kent Nationalist says

    Denis Kearney is a hero

  30. Kent Nationalist says

    Bannon apparently got some of his ideas from a book called ‘the Fourth Turning’ which you were supposed to think was something like Yockey but was actually just a rather average sub-Spenglerian book about the historical trajectory of Angloid culture

  31. Well, he’s read the table book of Hitler speeches or something like that, if we are to go on what the liberal media says.

    I suppose he read some books or at least parts of them while at Wharton.

  32. Arclight says

    Isn’t his support of UBI evidence that he rejects the blank slate? After all, it’s mostly just a palliative for those without the ability to earn decent money from their own skills or ability.

  33. reiner Tor says

    I suppose he read some books or at least parts of them while at Wharton.

    As part of school assignments, but not like, reading a book he found interesting.

  34. This does not prove he an HBD candidate or that he rejects the blank slate, but only for the example you give. Believing that political views are congenital is not that controversial or uncommon.

  35. Daniel Chieh says

    For it to be of higher or equivalent quality, it is usually more expensive. The particular method of application – addition in layers – uses more energy than the typical subtractive measures used in normal construction.

  36. Thorfinnsson says

    Trump can simultaneously be intelligent and also stupider than Yang.

  37. Daniel Chieh says

    A tragic example demonstrating correlation of Tourette syndrome with mental retardation. Many such cases!

  38. RadicalCenter says

    Yang’s point is that we shouldn’t be too sure that many more-intelligent, industrious people won’t be be replaced by AI, as well, in the not-too-distant future. It appears that they are, and they will be in much larger numbers on anything like current trends.

    So the UBI isn’t meant only or predominantly for unintelligent and unskilled people. That’s the point.

    Whether white-collar or blue-collar, there’s no fault on the part of the guy whose entire job, even occupation, is turned over to robots (product assembly, warehouse logistics, loading and unloading vehicles), scanner and touch screen (grocery and restaurant ordering and self-checkout), artificial intelligence and software (some functions in radiology, some functions in law such as document review formerly done by junior associates, contact attorneys in between jobs, and paralegals), and much more.

    Intelligence and industriousness won’t protect millions of us from replacement — or downgrading in tasks and compensation — through these means.

    Then we will be competing with millions of our fellows for a shrinking pool of jobs, white or blue collar, and again intelligence and industriousness won’t at all guarantee a job, let alone a good paying one, anymore.

  39. War for Blair Mountain says

    1882…a very good year for NATIVE BORN WHITE AMERICAN WORKERS!!!

  40. War for Blair Mountain says

    Yang’s main point:MASSIVELY INCREASE H1B…L1B VISA CHINESE-HINDU LEGAL IMMIGRANT SCAB LABOR……perhaps you have been asleep….

  41. War for Blair Mountain says

    You know what a non-sequitir is right?….That’s what Chairman Yang is doing…..BLAME THE ROBOTS….therefore there can be no such thing as GOOK SCAB LABOR….well there is….This obvious concept and fact was understood back in 1882….And Gook Scab Labor can vote….unlike robots….And they have been voting THE HISTORIC NATIVE BORN WHITE AMERICAN WORKING CLASS MAJORITY into a white racial minority every 4 years……to the approval of Brad Griffith…

  42. Daniel Chieh says

    And for the tragic victims of geriatric Tourette’s.

  43. Have some sympathy – he’s very likely the closest there is to a real, red-blooded American patriot amongst my regular commentators.

    Thorfinnsson tries to come off like that but ultimately he’s mainly larping.

  44. War for Blair Mountain says

    To make a long story short:

    Price Factor Equalization Theorem mumbo jumbo….exporting jobs to China no different than importing Chinese Legal Immigrants….Two different ways-policies of obtaining Chinese Scab Labor….

    Andrew Yang takes the Price Factor Equalization Theorem to it’s logical conclusion:Don’t export the jobs to China…..just massively increase the H1B…L1B Visa Program….Then you won’t be competing with the Chinese Labor in China…….This is the same exact policy that Trump’s Immigration Policy Advisor (((STEVEN MILLER)) has inflicted on Native Born White American Tech Workers….

  45. War for Blair Mountain says

    It now goes beyond the monumental greed of the GREEDING CHEATING WHITE LIBERAL OLIGARCH CLASS…..It’s now in the realm of the SATANIC SEXUAL PERVERSION of the WHITE LIBERAL OLIGARCH CLASS…….To have pulled this off required importing millions of post-1965 non-white immigrants-the highly RACIALIZED Democratic Party Voting. But therein lies the paradox:The Architects of post-1965 nonwhite Scab Labor Policy and SATANIC COMET PIZZA HOMO NORMING of America Policy are a White Minority in a Majority Nonwhite Democratic Party Voting Bloc….that is anti-homo filth and disease….

    I do believe that the subhuman WHITE LIBERAL GREEDING CHEATING OLIGARCH CLASS is oblivious to their sulfuric acid bath future at the hands of the THE HISTORIC NATIVE BORN WHITE AMERICAN WORKING CLASS MAJORITY….

    The future is vats of sulphuric acid….high pitched screams…high pitched squealing…..

  46. Daniel Chieh says

    Its pretty much rambling thought-of-consciousness spam which overall lowers the quality of comments at this point, though. What’s perhaps rather amusing is that his posting could actually be replaced by a bot script with relative ease himself, and his output would be little different.

  47. follyofwar says

    I so agree about this Reparations nonsense. I thought I’d never see the day when a presidential candidate could advocate for reparations and remain politically viable. The country should have never given the Japanese Americans, whom FDR put in concentration camps during WWII, monetary reparations. It only convinced Blacks even more that they deserved them too. And it demonstrates how far the White Man has fallen.

  48. War for Blair Mountain says

    Ronald Reagan’s ac0lyte fr0m hell….Jack Kemp….in the years before he croaked was pushing reparations for blacks on Sean Hannity’s show…..Sean Hannity eventually went along with reparations and affirmation….Sean Hannity has the largest Castle in Lloyd Harbor….right by Target Rock……where the Han Race Legal Immigrants come to fish and leave their trash strewn all over the fucking place on the federally protected habitat of the very endangered Piping Plover……one of my favorite avian species….

    Sean Hannity another one of Ronnie Reagan’s acolytes from Hell…..

  49. Spisarevski says

    The Iranians know it. They just wanted to keep the money Obama gave them


    Obama returned the money that were stolen from Iran, as part of the nuclear agreement.

    Also since we’re talking about people that are stupid, how about the people who still believe in Trump.

  50. Jim Bob Lassiter says

    It wouldn’t matter if a 3-D micro house were stronger than a brick shithouse and cheaper than a case of Skittles. All too many potential beneficiaries of one would figure out some way turn the dwelling and the entire colony of same into a shithole faster than you could pop off short clip of nines sidewayz.

  51. Kevin O'Keeffe says

    As part of school assignments, but not like, reading a book he found interesting.

    Trump has both a high I.Q., and dyslexia. People with dyslexia almost never get into reading.


    Nothing about what HBD preaches is untraditional within Greek or Roman civilization (making them well rooted in Western civilization/s). The hostility to them roots in post-Christian beliefs on the dignity/commons of “man.”

  53. One could simultaneously be both an HBD believer and a believer in the dignity of man, though. Ex.: the blogger JayMan.

  54. reiner Tor says

    Now that’s a good explanation. I think someone has already proposed it.

    Anyway, dyslexia pretty much disqualifies him from higher office, because, having never read any books, he cannot form a truly coherent political philosophy, and he will largely aimlessly wander around without following through on the most important points.

    Having said that, he has a lot of talent and a political sixth sense to guide him, but still he lost direction early on. He’s still better than the alternatives, but that’s the lowest of low bars.