Angsty Chechens Come To Boston

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To add a couple of things that are Russia specific:

(1) We now learn that the FBI had interviewed the older brother at the bequest of an unspecific foreign government – almost certainly Russia. Tamerlan had visited it for 6 months in 2011. I wonder if he established links with some of the Caucasus Emirate Wahhabi types while there – and if so, whether US suspicions about Russia’s “assaults” on human rights in Chechnya made them drop their guard on a man who, it is now clear, was by then fast becoming an Islamist radical. The one silver lining to this horrible event is that it will become even more obvious that the Chechen rebellion has now been completely subsumed into the global Islamist struggle – and by extension, it will encourage the West to take a closer look at its “friends” in Syria.

(2) The reactions of Russian liberals has as always been as hilarious as it is nauseating. They seriously believe that the FSB is behind this.

Vasily Gatov, state news agency RIA employee: “I am watching three TV channels and listening to the radio, and reading the Boston Globe, and I gather that the main task of the FBI is to take the suspect alive. There is a drama brewing between Watertown, Washington, Moscow, and Grozny… And who knows which other cities. But I’m sure that the greatest fear is felt in Grozny. Which is why he will be taken alive.

Self-hating random Echo of Moscow commentator: “I will not be surprised if it turns out that the Tsarnaev brothers where recruited by Russian special forces for the execution of this terrorist act, because Russia will benefit from it. Why? Because this terrorist act will change American and Western public opinion – and hence, that of their politicians  – towards Chechnya. If before the Western public supported the Chechens’ independence struggle, it is now more likely that they will support the Russian government’s policy on the Caucasus. And this means that the Kremlin KGBists will be able to use still crueler and more barbaric methods to fight separatism on the part of the Caucasus peoples. In other words, this terrorist act will untie the hands of the Kremlin in its war against the peoples of the Caucasus.

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  1. Well of course, it’s always been trutherism for me but not for thee with these people i.e. the contrast between Feltshinsky et al being taken seriously versus the 9/11 truthers being scorned and hated. Not that I am a 9/11 truther, but I am very skeptical about the Detroit junk bomber and the reasons as to why we’ll never hear from drugged out of his mind James Holmes regarding any possible accomplices in Aurora or any additional shooters at Sandy Hook. I still have trouble buying even a psychotropic’d out of his mind Adam Lanza could’ve killed all those people, all 110 pounds of him trying to carry an AR, two pistols and very large quantities of ammo.

  2. I’m sure the Establishment Right organs like the Daily Caller will eventually interview those uniformed private security guys caught on video milling about the finish line explaining all the important work they were doing at the Marathon for Craft International. Just so we don’t get any ideas…

    But Anatoly, if you want a sample of how furiously U.S. elites react when the same propaganda techniques they’ve hurled at Russia re tossed back at them, see this rant by Sen. Harry Reid on the Senate floor denouncing ‘false flags’ and people afraid of ‘black helicopters’ who’re allegedly “arming themselves…to fight police…[and] military”. Looks like Potok of the SPLC wrote this speech for him:
    Avoid the comments, they’re nekulturny

  3. There is NO POSSIBILITY that Putin or anyone in the Russian government was in any way responsible for the mayhem in Boston. The idea is absurd. Quite apart from anything else, since when has Putin sought US permission or approval to do what needs to be done in Chechnya and the northern Caucasus?

    Way back in 2001 I made a comment to the one Russian friend I had at that time. I pointed out to him that during the whole history of the Cold War and of the entire East West confrontation the USSR had never launched or contemplated launching a terrorist attack on US territory. I remember how utterly horrified he was at the mere idea. I also pointed out that the 2001 attacks showed that Russia has never been the US’s implacable enemy in the way some of the militant jihadi groups are. I pointed out that the US regularly colluded with these groups because of their anti Russian policies (eg. in Afghanistan and Chechnya) and that the 2001 attacks showed that it was purest folly to go on doing so out of some sort of idiot principle that “my enemy’s enemy is my friend”. He agreed with that too. He was quite a liberal Russian back then (not any more). Obviously Russian liberalism has travelled a lot further down on the road towards becoming a lunatic fringe since then.

    • Prior to 9/11 Russia was giving the US/West from intelligence it was gathering from the anti-Taliban Northern Alliance that it helped create and support and Putin was pushing for military action while Taliban representative was trying to have diplomatic talks in the US and with Pakistan and Saudi Arabia trying to get CIA connected oil firm UNOCAL to be part of the oil consortium in 97 that was helping fund the Taliban regime and keeping it in power.

  4. I would only add a few things here, now some weeks removed from the events:

    1) The ‘ex’ CIA founded/run Jamestown Foundation has vigorously denied that Tamerlane T. ever visited any of their conferences, which is to be expected, and they also note that the godfather of the “Grand Chessboard” strategy of permanently keeping Russia down Z. Bzrezinski is no longer on their board. The former is a response to an article published in Izvestia, the latter almost seems to me a response to the online critics of Jamestown that it’s an Amerikansky silovik front for Prometheanism and other strategies of subversion in the former Soviet space.

    2) I saw Michael D. Weiss joked on Twitter that if Menatep Bank was paying for his new Russian translations mag than he wasn’t getting paid. Ahem, his paychecks come from the Qataris these days not the empty Khodorkovsky/Berezovsky cupboard. In any case, having previously asked him sarcastically why he doesn’t just strap on a suicide vest and go out with a bang alongside his glorious Syrian jihadist brothers, I won’t commence further trolling and am thoroughly done with Twitter.

    3) The feds in Boston have finally caught up with reality that few folks find it credible that the brothers acted entirely alone. The White House has doubled down on the Saudi kid being a totally innocent bystander after the photos of Michelle O visiting Al-Harbi (who comes from a terror watch listed family in KSA) in the hospital leaked. The Saudis then released their own ‘leak’ to the Daily Mail insisting that they warned BigSis, who denies getting any written warning from KSA about Tsaernaev. Score one for Glenn Beck and no wonder the Establishment is so pissed with Beck and Brother Alex right now you don’t expose to what extent the Saudis (and their co-Syria jihad funders the Qataris) own Washington it’s a big no-no.

    4) Alt media outlets now reporting that Uncle Ruslan was married to the daughter of an American silovik/ex-Reagan Admin spook who resides in Maryland and did some legal work for Kazahks who paid a huge kickback to Prince Andrew by paying gazillions for his overvalued UK real estate. Uncle Ruslan was also allegedly involved in a Chechen compatriots org that raised money for boots during the mid-1990s bound for the Chechen jihadists. The Debka theory that Tamerlane was recruited than turned on his handlers grows more credible…and now that the mother of Tamerlane is saying her son was in regular contact with FBI who monitored his web usage for five years they’re all a pack of liars as far as the SWP hive mind is concerned. But of course. Musn’t admit at the very least the feds spectacularly dropped the ball on monitoring ‘their’ informants.

    • @Mr. X

      Part 4 is the most interesting about Fullers daughter marrying the uncle and running a pro-Chechen organisation out of his house something myself and Sibel Edmonds have been saying and covering for years about support and trafficking of Islamic terrorism in Russia and Central Asia including back in 2008 on Karlin own Sublime Oblivion forum at real at is phoney “war on terror” actually is offshoot of Islamic groups that have been recruited and allowed to recruit, promote, finance Muslims to fight in the Balkans, Russia and Central Asia so they can bring that Caspian oil and gas through the Caucasus, Turkey, the Balkans into Europe making Turkey the predominant regional player essentially creating a pan-Turanian Empire.

      “Most recently, his provocative statement last month that Bosnia and Herzegovina is in the care of his country has caused no reaction in Washington. Bosnia and Herzegovina is entrusted to us, stated Erdoan during a meeting of Justice and Development Party (AK Party) provincial heads held in Ankara on July 11, recalling the alleged statement of the late Bosnian Muslim leader, Alija Izetbegovi, whom Erdoan visited on his deathbed in Sarajevo. He whispered in my ear these phrases: Bosnia is entrusted to you [Turkey]. These places are what remain of the Ottoman Empire, said Erdoan. He went on to describe Izetbegovi as a legendary hero and captain, and to declare that Turkey would put this trust in God with high precision.”

  5. More interesting information regarding Uncle Ruslan his Congress of Chechen International run out of his then wife’s CIA agent Fullers house linking it to the notorious terrorist front NGO The Benevolence Foundation and British energy company for British oil interests in Kazakhstan.

    US v. Benevolence International Foundation, et al

    Ruslan Tsarni (Tsarnaev Uncle) Documents

    Graham Fuller/NY Times 1985-2011 (Ex-CIA-Tsarni)