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Structured archive of my best articles since I started blogging in 2008. Major posts are bolded, while some that various people have told me are their favorites are marked with “**”.

You can read an introduction to my work at Start Here. This website contains most everything [feed] I wrote from 2008 until 2014, when I moved to The Unz Review. The blog on this website is updated very irregularly, and mostly consists of announcements about my projects. Please also note that Reviews and Travel Reports are accessed separately. You can also check out other pages on the site with my Blogroll, Quotes, and Glossary.

My Russian language punditry is at


The AK

This initial section deals with milestones in my life blogging. In other parts of the Archive, posts where I am substantively involved (e.g. personal journalistic coverage) are tagged *The AK*.


Talks, Podcasts, & Videos

My YouTube channel has a large percentage of my videos, podcasts, etc., and I plan to expand my content offerings in the following months.



This section largely deals with my non-Russia related output. While I am really an pundit without portfolio, there are a few areas that I am especially interested in:

  • Geopolitics
  • HBD & psychometrics
  • Economic history
  • Futurism & transhumanism

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Age of Malthusian Industrialism

One possible future scenario: since all personality traits are heritable, and desired fertility is one such trait, a “business as usual” future scenario is that the demographic glut will reverse and lead to a renewed population explosion; in tandem with technological stagnation brought on through dysgenic reproduction patterns, this will eventually lead to the industrial economy reaching its carrying capacity, ushering in the Age of Malthusian Industrialism.

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Note that as of June 2020, I am tracking my predictions at PredictBook.

Successfully predicted:




Apollo’s Ascent

Apollo’s Ascent is a series of posts, a theory, and hopefully a future book making the argument that the rate of technological progress can be modeled as a function of existing technology, literacy, and the IQ distribution.

Hive Mind: IQ & Success

National IQ










Health & Fitness




Note I maintain 2 pages on this topic: COVID-19 Resources | COVID-19 Survival Guide.


I started blogging as a “Russia watcher”, so to this end I segregated all related posts so that they wouldn’t dominate the other sections. This section consists of selections from The Best of Da Russophile, a large archive I made in 2014 to mark the formal end of the Da Russophile blog, as well as consequent Russia-related posts I have made since moving to the Unz Review.

My long-term intention is to amalgamate most of this material into my long-planned book Dark Lord of the Kremlin.

Core Articles

Politics & Democracy

Russian Elections


Liberal Opposition


Society & Culture



Foreign Policy

Foreign Policy: The Near Abroad


Other Russia Projects

The Kholmogorov Translations

My blog at The Unz Review is the primary source for English translations of Russian national-conservative philosopher Egor Kholmogorov. I do this in partnership with Fluctuarius Argenteus, the originator of the Russoshoe Theory.

Here is a sample of our translations:

You can keep track of new translations here.

Russian Spectrum Translations

Translations from the short-lived The Russian Spectrum translation project in 2013 (see more details here).