Ben Garrison Makes /pol/ Redundant

Ben “Shishkebab” Garrison, the most trolled cartoonist on the Internet, is increasingly making the artistic efforts of his most devoted fans redundant.


And here he was warning us of Eurabia a few days before the Paris terrorist attacks.


It is now evident that he never was just the standard, run-of-the-mill libertarian cartoonist that the shills portrayed him as. /pol/ was always right to believe in the potential of Ben “Remove Mohammedan” Garrison.

Assuming you are not too put off by his insane levels of Islamophobia, which might make even the most hardened 14/88 stormfag blanch, his Patreon is here.

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  1. German_reader says

    Who or what is /pol/?
    And I’m not sure if those cartoons are really helpful for the anti-mass immigration cause. They seem a bit crude, like an own goal (and in Germany at least I know exactly what the reactions of the “good” people would be – they would dig up an antisemitic caricature from Imperial Germany which shows the “future” Germany of 1950 ruled by Jews – and I know such a caricature exists, and it is fairly similar to the “Eurabia” cartoon above in basic outline; unfortunately I can’t find it online right now – and that would be it – “Game over, you’re just a Nazi”).
    Though I don’t know what would be effective for getting the anti-mass immigration message across…a lot of people seem to be really fervent believers in the whole pro-immigration ideology, even (or especially) so-called “conservatives”…it’s always “don’t go there, that’s crime think” for them.

  2. Anatoly Karlin says

    So, some background to explain this “injoke” post:

    /pol/ is a very irreverent and politically incorrect subforum of the 4chan ecosystem.

    One of their “things” is an obsession with Ben Garrison, a quirky libertarian cartoonist who draw cartoons on Illuminati/Federal Reserve-controls-the-US kind of themes, and in particular with editing his cartoons to show the Le Happy Merchant as the guy pulling the strings instead.

    They also portrayed him as a hardcore Nazi, spreading outrageous and blatantly fake quotes made by him and thinking up amusing aliases for “Zyklon Ben” such the following:

    Ben “Pull the Trigger on Every Nigger” Garrison
    Ben “Aryan Vs. Predator” Garrison
    Ben “Threw a Rock at a POC” Garrison
    Ben “Let’s Get this Shoah on the Road” Garrison
    Ben “Unloading my Nine at the Welfare Line” Garrison

    He doesn’t like this trolling much, even going so far as to write a book about it (read the reviews), but then again, if it weren’t for his 4chan “fans” he would still in all likelihood be toiling in obscurity.

    And now we come to today, and the butt of the joke is that even 4chan no longer sees any point in modifying his work.

  3. German_reader says

    Ok, thanks for the answer. I have to admit I’m only vaguely aware of 4chan…so I suppose it’s some sort of online community (wasn’t there some connection to that spree killer Elliot Rodger?)…totally alien world for me, I mostly just read blogs and newspapers.
    So if I understand correctly, the point is that some stupid pc liberals have come around to the conclusion that maybe there might be something of a problem with Muslim mass immigration? That’s encouraging…unfortunately I see very little of that in my own country where the focus of the media and of public discourse is already on making sure there’s no “generalized prejudice” against Muslim refugees (who supposedly are all fleeing IS anyway).

  4. I’ve never been to 4chan ’cause I’m too old for that kind of thing, but if there’s any hope for civilization, it’s that thought crime spreads among the young in places like it.

  5. 4chan’s pretty juvenile, though it’s fascinating in that it really does reveal the politics young white men seem to naturally gravitate towards, in absence of any outside pressure.

  6. I have never heard of this cartoonist before.

    But I’m scratching my head about what’s juvenile or otherwise about the two cartoons pictured.

    The first one seems to be spot on, but I wouldn’t necessarily call it clever or funny.

    The second one is much better. I actually chuckled on that one.

    Guess it depends on where you come from on the issues. I’d cheerfully sport a T-Shirt with the second one on it.

    And just as an observation, I don’t want this to come across negatively, lest you go all Razib Khan on me and threaten me with banning (is that even possible on this site?)…

    But I have never heard of a “14/88 stormfag.” It’s a big internet and I see things I have never heard of almost by the minute if I am hardcore web walking.

    You gotta call it sometime. Unless the context or the term really interest me, I don’t bother to google it anymore, and that one doesn’t pass my rubicon. I have a guess of course, anytime I see “storm” in something like this I think it has to do with “Stormfront.” I’ve heard of that one. The biggie on not being interested in that term is “14/88.” F#$k more numbers with some kind of twist meaning? No, just no.

    Just saying, if you are aiming at a general audience for your writing, blogging tends to a kind of circle jerk self-referential kind of thing. It’s awful easy to assume everyone knows the lingo and arguments you are referencing. Not true in my case though.

    Hey wanted to add, strikes me that there could be something really interesting with blogging and graph theory. Something like parsing the words and whatnot. Bet you could make some cool graphs with that, like DailyKos-DemocraticUnderground, etc are nodes with a closed graph.

    Of course you could do the same with “conservative” sites. Or college football, etc.

  7. Hey Anatoly, the most dedicated members of the /pol movement are located in 8chan now. 4chan /pol has significant opposition and censorship in favor of the globalist cause.

  8. No he is not, being against Islam might be seen as risque in the media, but its nowhere near as taboo as talking against the jews (Unz also heavily censors talk against jews, not so much against muslims). The spoofs of the Garrison cartoons replacing say the Federal Reserve with the jew are funny for a reason, because there is truth in them, truth is needed to have good political humour.

    Its hardly a secret that the jews in France are very dominant in the political control of the state, so that image that French man committing suicide would be improved by a jew holding the sword and stabbing the white man.

  9. German_reader says

    14/88 is neo-Nazi code; 14 refers to the “14 words” of American neonazi David Lane, and 88 stands for the 8th letter of the alphabet = “HH” (“Heil Hitler”, the Nazi greeting during the 3rd Reich).
    I agree though that in some (fortunately rare) instances Mr Karlin’s writing can be a bit obscure…such things should be explained.

  10. I mentioned how that image should be improved and here it is:
    Careful “German_reader”, that image is a criminal offense in your country, perhaps Anatoly can show it on this page to show an example of what he meant by what /pol/ does.

  11. Anatoly Karlin says

    It is like the inverse of Robert Conquest’s Second Law.

    Just as any institution that is not explicitly Right-wing sooner or later becomes Left-wing, so any discussion board or online comments section that is not explicitly Left-wing sooner or later becomes Right-wing.

    Anonymous, unmoderated comments = rightwards drift. The chans encapsulate this point.

    Also I would even say chan is more teenagers than young men.

  12. This Is Our Home says

    (Unz also heavily censors talk against jews, not so much against muslims

    I’d love to see what those supposedly censored posts are. What can they possibly say that isn’t posted here by the same poster and his sock-puppets constantly?

  13. Anatoly Karlin says

    I think “censorship” at this website all depends on the individual bloggers and columnists.

    Some do so quite heavily (JayMan, Razib, Chisala come to mind), others almost not all (Unz, and… well, myself).

    In fact I’m one of the few writers here who doesn’t even have premoderation turned on. To the extent that any comments don’t go through it’s because the website’s anti-spam filter misidentifies them.

    I do have a comments policy but in practice I hardly ever enforce it. In fact it’s only pretty much there to serve as a formal pretext in case I ever have to get rid of some particularly annoying gnat polluting the comments section. But fortunately that almost never happens.

    There are a couple of reasons, but the most important one is that I think my time is better utilized producing new interesting content as opposed to moderating. I have no idea how Sailer with his hundreds of comments per post does this manually. That must easily take up 1-2 hours of his time every day. Time he could be using to, say, write a new book.

  14. This Is Our Home says

    I have no idea how Sailer with his hundreds of comments per post does this manually. That must easily take up 1-2 hours of his time every day

    Yes, I’ve wondered that for a while.

    I like your moderation policy, but sometimes I can’t help but think of that weird Jewish kid who was arrested for trolling when I read some of the comments.

  15. Anonymous, unmoderated comments = rightwards drift. The chans encapsulate this point.

    That highlights how the right wing stands for hate, immaturity, racism, misogyny, bullying etc or in other words evil. Who else would deem do-gooders, social justice warriors, bleeding hearts etc as their arch enemies?

    Btw it is strange to see slavs sucking up to nazi ideology, which deems them subhumans fit only to be slaves…..

  16. Btw it is strange to see slavs sucking up to nazi ideology, which deems them subhumans fit only to be slaves…..

    Don’t mistake resource competition for ideology. See this interview starting at 2:37:

  17. silviosilver says

    14 refers to the “14 words” of American neonazi David Lane

    Those words are: “We must secure the existence of our people and a future for white children.”

    What a horrific thought. Honestly, these nazis are just so filled with hate they’re insane.

    “We must ensure the extinction of white people and no future for white children.”

    That sounds much nicer, doesn’t it. Now there’s an ideal worth living and dying for.

    (PS – Hello from Pattaya, Thailand. Goddam there’s an awful lot of Russians here. It’s a living hell for an unregenerate Russophobe.)

  18. As someone who frequents both tumblr and /pol/, there is more than enough immaturity and hate to go around in both communities. I’ve found that a large percentage of so called “do-gooders” and social justice warriors are as vile and hateful, if not more so than the most openly racist right wingers who I’ve come in contact with. The difference is that the former are far less honest about their motives, which makes them worse in my eyes.