Blog Structure

You can view a structured, thematic compendium of all my better blog posts from 2008-2024+ at Blog Archives.

Nooceleration is my main blog as of Jan 2024, and I am also active on X at @powerfultakes.

Best Posts

This is a list of my all time best posts as also seen on the front page.

Futurism & Transhumanism
Politics & Geopolitics
Russian History
На русском


Readers interested in the “deep lore” of my blogging career, as well as the positions I currently espouse, can peruse my pseudo-book Intellectual Restructuring from December 2023.

I also have an (incomplete) Site History.

The blog on this website is not very active. It is primarily an archive, though I do still occasionally post notes and posts inappropriate for Nooceleration.

Anatoly Karlin is a transhumanist interested in psychometrics, life extension, UBI, crypto/network states, X risks, and ushering in the Biosingularity.


Inventor of Idiot’s Limbo, the Katechon Hypothesis, and Elite Human Capital.


Apart from writing booksreviewstravel writing, and sundry blogging, I Tweet at @powerfultakes and run a Substack newsletter.