Campus Disinvitations by Ideology, 2000-2016

us-campus-disinvitations-by-ideology-2000-2016Data Source: FIRE.

Before 2008, campus disinvitations were slightly tilted towards the Right. But after I came to the US, it became overwhelmingly dominated by the Left.

Campus disinvitations also became much more frequent in absolute terms.

SJWism only really got going around 2012-2013, so the rise of the campus Pink Guards seems to have predated it by 2-3 years.

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  1. Do you think that US dis-invitations are more likely to lead or follow UK dis-invitations? My hunch is that they follow the UK, as there appears to be a more activist, militant strain on those campuses together with more restrictions on speech.

  2. Gabriel M says

    The specific practice of rioting to stop a speaker from addressing students was test-run in the early years of the century on Zionists. The most famous incident being this one

    The first incident was at SFSU in 2002.

    It worked, so they rolled it out more generally.

    (SJWism has been going pretty strong since 1642, at least, btw).

  3. ussr andy says

    Anatoly, some birthright citizenship type bs bill (retroactive, too) introduced by Duma member:
    PS just googled Ruslan Balbek, turns out it’s some Crimea guy. But they’ll go on to making all of Central Asia citizens. Resist the beginnings (principiis obsta), as the Germans say

  4. PiltdownMan says

    Thank you for bringing us the link to this analysis.

    A complaint. Both the legend to the color coding and terminology of this analysis are confusing and non-intuitive, and need careful perusal to make sense.

  5. A Muslim Turk born in Uzbekistan wants more Muslim Turk brothers in Russia. No wonder. The “United Russia” are no different with the American Democrats or the European Lefties in their hate to the salient White/European/Slavic majority. They would do anything to change that inconvenient (for them) ethnic composition.

    In theory such a law may be very simple, just give citizenship only to the ethnic groups native to Russia and which have no country outside of Russia. Which will obviously include Russians. And everybody could prove their ethnic origin because Soviet documents carefully recorded it. But the “UR” Sovoks are so terrified to name Russians by name, so they ended up with clumsy definitions like “Russian-speakers”. By the way, I think such preference to the Russian language actually no less chauvinistic, as there are many languages in Russia, and speakers, say, of Tatar have a full right to return to Russia. The “UR” Sovoks are too stupid to understand that when they ignore ethnic Russians, lest they look like preferring Russians, they instead actually promote language chauvinism.