Горячие Точки Нашего Воображения

В последние дни, ползают теории, что вот там 25%, 50%, или больше населения уже “переболели” новым коронавирусом. Значит, смертность – ничтожная. Расходимся. Идем обратно на работу, в кабаки, в церкви (кому как). Если эта теория – правильная. (Если нет, Вы только что подписали смертный приговор сотням тысячам россиян). Как проверить правильность этой теории? Представим, на […]

Новотожероссияне 2016

По данным миграционной статистике МВД РФ, в 2016 году обладателями российского паспорта стали 265,319 человек. По душевому расчету, граждане Таджикистана получили больше российских паспортов (0.27% от населения), чем граждане Украины (0.24%). Это не смотря на то, что на территории ЛДНР – война и блокада, тем временем в самой Украины – три года насильственной украинизации, продолжающейся до сих пор. Очевидно, […]

Почему Нам Нужна BBW (Big Beautiful Wall) в Одном Графике

Вот почему нам нужна Большая Красивая Стена вдоль границы Южной Сибири на одном графике: За последние тридцать лет, было почти столько же рождений в пяти стран бывшей Советской Центральной Азии или “Туркестана” (Узбекистан, Казахстан, Таджикистан, Кыргызстан, Туркменистан), с населением 70 миллионов, сколько и во всей России, с населением 145 миллионов. Если к тому же учесть, что в самой […]

The “Normalization” of Russia’s Demographics

This is the first of my promised Last Three Posts on DR. It’s been a bit more than a year since my last update on Russia’s demographic turnaround, and believe it or not, the cause of this was more than just laziness and lack of time on my part. A different question started bugging me: […]

Revealed Preference

Reprinted from Facebook (2018/02/15): Revealed preferences: The language settings on Vkontakte social network throughout Ukraine.

Map of Natural Population Growth in the Former USSR in 2012

H/t AP for this beauty. It is for 2012. [Click to enlarge]. It speaks for itself so comprehensively that I’m not sure it’s worth commenting further on my part here. Let’s leave that to the comments section.

Russia’s Demographics Continue to Steadily Improve

Here it is, for those who read Russian. The May data also has emigration data, which is not included in the prelimary estimates – that is here. The main points to take away: Births fell 0.3% and deaths fell 0.5%; as a result, the overall natural decrease has fallen from -57,000 in 2012 to -53,000 in […]

From Russia To Russabia? Not Anytime Soon

Faced with the utter failure of their doom-laden projections for Russia’s population future to describe reality – it’s population is now not only growing in absolute terms, but even barring migration its number of births now virtually equals the number of deaths – the more guttural elements of the interwebs are now resorting to another […]

Translation: Demographics in Russia and Germany

In a graphs-heavy blog post, German-Russian blogger A.S. Schmidt argues that with its far higher emigration rates and lower birth rates, Germany is now in a much bigger demographic crisis than Russia. Demographics in Russia and Germany I have long wanted to compare some of the demographic trends in Russia and Germany but, to be honest, […]

Demography And Leaping To Conclusions

But first, a note about those two articles published here this morning: As I hope many (if not all) of you guessed, it was a scheduling accident. In particular, as regards the piece “Russia’s Economy Is Now Europe’s Largest,” this is what I expected to see once the World Bank released its PPP-adjusted GNI figures for 2012 […]

A Demographic Zastoi In Russia?

Russia’s life expectancy is said to have decreased to 69.70 years, from 69.83 years in 2011 (via Mark Adomanis via Alexei Kovalev via Paul Goble via Izvestia). The figure for 2011 had in its turn been previously lowered from 70.3 years. So what gives? Does this herald a “disturbing trend”? Is Russia entering a period of demographic stagnation, […]

The Rapid And Mostly Unnoticed Decline Of Abortion In Russia

One of the keystones of the “Dying Bear” meme is the factoid that abortions outnumber births in Russia. As Mark Steyn put it, “When it comes to the future, most Russian women are voting with their fetus.” The only problem is that there is no causal relation between abortions and demographic health whatsoever – and […]