AI x Crypto Risks, or: Is it TIME for Jail Szn?

The cryptocurrency space can provision a putative malevolent AI with discrete decentralized compute, storage, and opportunities for secure accumulation of cryptographic assets and social capital. Consequently, there might be an AI Control Trilemma: Ban further AI software development; cap hardware; criminalize crypto – pick two.

AI Safety Debate with Roko

Twitter Space debate with Roko Mijic about feasibility and desirability of AI control.

WAGMI: The %TOTAL Maximizer

Fictional short story in which an AI takes over the world by leveraging its financial dominance in the cryptocurrency space.

Grey Skies Ahead for Life Extension

The Woke “Canceling” of Aubrey de Grey Portends Nothing Good either for Life Extension, or for Women in Science The field of Radical Life Extension has been going from strength. Over the past two years, timelines have moved sharply up, after having stagnated for the first decade and a half since Aubrey de Grey introduced […]

Стена и Сингулярность

В течении этого века, наша с вами игра в Civilization как фракция “Россия” завершится одним из этих четырех сценариев: (1) Технологическая Сингулярность: Достижение искусственного сверхинтеллекта, технологическая сингулярность, и настоящий “конец истории.” Обсуждать что дальше – не то что бесполезно, а невозможно. (2) Биосингулярность: Технологии редактирования человеческого генома, вместе с пониманием геномике интеллекта, приведет к стремительному росту среднего […]

Трамп и Тропическая Гиперборея

Трамп борется за Тропическую Гиперборею… извините, за Питтсбург, а не за Париж. Но фактически, все равно за Тропическую Гиперборею – то есть, за прекрасную Россию будущего. Прекрасную, и очень теплую, не вынужденной бороться с вечной мерзлотой, и способной прокормить миллиарды людей. Тем временем, кремлины выступают за Парижские Соглашения: В преддверии официального заявления президента США пресс-секретарь Кремля Дмитрий […]

Could Public Opposition to Life Extension become Lethal?

I have managed to find 3 polls querying people on their attitudes towards radical life extension. By far the most comprehensive one is PEW’s August 2013 Living to 120 and Beyond project. The other two are a poll of CARP members, a Canadian pro-elderly advocacy group, and by Russia’s Levada Center. While PEW and Levada polled a representative sample […]

“Transhuman Visions” Conference @SF, Feb 1, 2014

This conference is organized by brain health and IQ researcher Hank Pellissier, and its aim is to bring all kinds of quirky and visionary folks – “Biohackers, Neuro-Optimists, Extreme Futurists, Philosophers, Immortalist Artists, Steal-the-Singularitarians” – together in one place and have them give speeches and interact with each other and the interested public. One of the lecturers is […]

A Meeting with Hank Pellissier

This Sunday I had the pleasure of meeting up with Hank Pellissier, who used to work for the IEET, a futurist/transhumanist institute, and is now a blogger-journalist and amateur researcher at the Brighter Brains blog. As one may glean from the title of that blog, his current area of major interest lies in IQ and how you […]

Navigating The Collapse Map – Transhuman On The Dark Mountain

Heard of the political compass? Well, one enviro person compiled something similar for those who seriously entertain the possibility that industrial civilization will collapse. (H/t Mark Sleboda for pointing me to it.) Needless to say, the “deniers” are almost as absurd as the “rapturists.” All the business as usual scenarios lead to collapse by mid-century. […]

ARCS Of Progress – The Arctic World In 2050

Editorial note: This article was first published at Arctic Progress in February 2011. In the next few weeks I will be reposting the best material from there. The Arctic to become a pole of global economic growth? Image credit – Scenic Reflections. Behold! Far north along the shores of the Arctic a quiver of upspringing settlements fringes […]

The Brave New World Of Dennō Coil

In the Japanese TV series Dennō Coil, people wear Internet-connected augmented reality glasses and interact with a world that is now split between the real and the virtual. Citizens and netizens become one. The story is set in 2026, some eleven years after the introduction of this technology. Considering that this series was first conceived of in 1997, […]