Moscow’s Pacification

Moscow’s homicide rate now lower than London’s.

История Гастарбайтеров в Германии

Коммент на в предверии дебаты между Просвирнином и лидером Федерации Трудовых Мигрантов: Полагаю, что этой аудитории не надо аргументировать почему нам не стоит превращать Россию в Великую Туркмению – мы же ведь не приверженцы “путинского мозга” (как его на полном серьезе называют на Западе) Дугина, или там фэнгирл Навального Алены Поповы. Давайте обсудим другое – как Германия, “родина” гастарбайтеров, потеряла […]

Ферми Моделирование Количества Нелегалов в Москве

В местном отделении ОУФМС, один из моих знакомых пару дней назад по случайности увидел листок бумаги со следующими цифрами за последний месяц: выявлено 500 нелегалов; из которых 60 сразу депортированы, 300 задержаны для дальнейшего разбирательства. В этом районе живет примерно 1.8% населения Москвы. Итак, 500/0.018 ≈ 28,000 по всей Москве. С другой стороны, этот район […]


Каждый раз когда меня достает очередной случай дебилизма и обскурантизма в России, появляется какая-то новая всплышка SJWбесия в Америке… … и сразу становится не гадливо, а спокойно на душе.

Sochi-Adler Krasnaya Polyana Panorama

There has been an unceasing campaign to denigrate the construction in the Sochi-Adler area. Incompetence, corruption, double toilets and so on and on. In all of this, few people have been shown what has been built for the total cost of 55 billion or so US Dollars. We have a preview; but first a discussion […]

Shredding Sochi… in a Good Way

After a long break, a new contribution to the Experts Panel: Shredding Sochi… in a Good Way Western journalists have been in the business of dismissing Russian achievements and magnifying Russian failures ever since Putin drove them into a collective derangement syndrome – he even haunts their dreams, as recently revealed by the Guardian’s Shaun Walker – […]

Serdyukov is Charged

Here is the discussion at this on The Russia Debate. My friend and DR commentator Alexander Mercouris correctly predicted this outcome – that Serdyukov would be charged, but that it is a complex case that will take a long time and likely avoid more the more serious allegations in favor of those that can be […]

Book Review: John Durant – The Paleo Manifesto

“The Paleo Manifesto” by John Durant, published in 2013. Rating: 5/5. Most books on the paleo diet follow a set pattern: An inspirational story about how the author wrecked his health with junk food or vegetarianism before the caveman came riding on a white horse to the rescue; an explanation of why, contrary to the […]

Translation: Riots and Vegetables

Anastasia Novikova at Komsomolskaya Pravda details the fallout following demonstrations on the streets of Moscow After a pogrom in Biryulyov, police are checking passer-bys and a fruit and vegetable base with the help of APCs Policemen are maintaining order after mass riots in the West Biryulyovo district of Moscow.   According to the police, around 300 […]

Translation: Evgeniya Khasis on Tolokonnikova’s Prison Letter

A letter from Yevgenia Khasis, a nationalist and convicted accomplice to murder, and fellow colony inmate of Nadezhda Tolokonnikova, published in Komsomolskaya Pravda, 28 September 2013. Evgeniya Khasis’ Letter: Tolokno’s Passions I met Nadezhda about a year ago when she arrived at the colony to serve the sentence handed down to her by the court. Despite […]

James Kirchick: Vapid, Bloviating Troll

He got invited to RT to talk about Bradley Manning and his impending sentence. The gay journalist James Kirchick got invited to argue his viewpoint that Manning wa a traitor who deserved to be put to death. (I wonder what his newfound liberal groupies would make of that?). Instead, he used his airtime to go […]

Translation: Provincial Court Grants Victory to Gay Partners

The Gryaz city court in Lipetsk oblast has voided a Saint-Petersburg registrar’s refusal to accept the intention of Dmitry Chunosov and Jaroslav Yevtushenko to get a same sex marriage. In the Lipetsk region gays win a court decision in their favour Today the Gryaz City Court declared the refusal to register a same-sex marriage to be […]