Russian Manufacturing Productivity on Par with France’s. (In 1908).

Lychakov, N. I., Saprykin, D. L., & Vanteeva, N. (2020). Not Backward: Comparative Labour Productivity In British And Russian Manufacturing, Circa 1908 (WP BRP 199/HUM/2020). National Research University Higher School of Economics. (h/t @devarbol) Using data from official manufacturing censuses, we compare labour productivity in Great Britain and the Russian Empire around 1908. We find […]

Goolag Censors #BlueAnon

#BlueAnon is a term to describe libs and their obsession with Russiagate and other conspiracy theories that may be somewhat more credible than the idea we’re ruled by Satanist pedophiles – but not not by all that much relative to the sanity gap between them: QAnoners tend to say things that are wildly implausible. Russiagaters […]

Open Thread 143

This week’s Open Thread. Links: spandrell: We don’t have to tweet like this. urbit is probably the future of social media just like #DeFi will replace TradFi. Scott Alexander: Shilling For Big Mitochondria. Fat loss pill that actually works – and invented (and banned) during the 1930s to boot. Minor problem? 0.01% mortality rate. Seems fine tradeoff […]

Woke Mil

The Influence of SJW Commissars Upon History

Existential Risks

There are only three real ones. Malevolent superintelligence. Aliens. The simulation ends. And various permutations thereof. (I suppose biological lifeforms losing consciousness during mind uploading is another one, but it can be considered a subset of the first one). Nuclear war isn’t an X risk. It wasn’t one during the height of the Cold War. […]

Picking One’s Battles is Also g Loaded

To get really good at Scrabble, you have to grind at it. Sure, you can do that. Requirements are simple. As Chanda Chisala says, you only need a dictionary. You don’t need a gaming PC or good Internet (or any Internet). And malnutrition impinges least on precisely verbal IQ, which is convenient. As is having a billion […]

Quantifying Everything: Country Air Power 2013

Saunders, R. J., & Souva, M. (2020). Command of the skies: An air power dataset. Conflict Management and Peace Science, 37(6), 735–755. We introduce a dataset on air power. Air power is the ability to inflict damage on an adversary through the air, and its successful application depends on achieving command of the skies. To […]

Open Thread 142

I didn’t take any good photos recently, so here’s a video with creepy music instead – the better to with this scifi horror short story that I read recently, “Lena” on ems by qntm. Much darker vision than Hanson’s. Though I suppose if there are trillions of ems, only a small percentage of them will be […]

Atlantic Council’s Ben Nimmo, Who Got Unz Review Banned on Facebook, Joins as its Head of Anti-Influence Operations Leaked documents have unequivocally proven that the United Kingdom has been running a large-scale and well-funded program to plaster the Western media with anti-Russian propaganda and Twitter wants you to know that these materials were obtained through hacking. Meanwhile, just a few weeks ago, the connections between American Big Tech and these sundry programs […]

Twitter Bans for “Undermining Confidence in the NATO Alliance”

Several months ago, I speculated why Twitter would suspend the Valdai Club (a milquetoast discussion group that largely centers around economics issues and has a large component of systemic liberals within in). Now we have an answer. RT: On Tuesday, Russian media reported that the San Francisco-based microblogging platform had confirmed at least 100 of the […]

HABBENING: The Iskander Revolution?

Armenian General Staff is demanding a Pashinyan resignation. Summary from /r/armenia: In a statement issued on the afternoon of February 25, the General Staff of the Armenian Armed Forces demanded the resignation of Nikol Pashinyan and his Cabinet., expressing strong disapproval of Pashinyan’s sacking of Tigran Khachatryan, the First Deputy Chief of the General Staff. Soon […]

Russabia – No. But There Will be a Little Dushanbe.

I have written that Moscow – not to mention the rest of Russia – remains an overwhelmingly (that is, 85%-90% Slavic) megapolis. The Myth of Moskvabad From Russia to Russabia? Not Anytime Soon I don’t see the need to reiterate something that only remains an obsession for a few liberal racists masquerading as Russian nationalists, […]