Censorship Update

My post on the maximum world population drew a large number of “powerful takes” – unfortunately, powerful in the bad sense of the word – idiotic trolling (humorous trolling is allowed), ad hominems, conspiracy SIFs, negative value added, etc.

While I appended the MORE tag to a bunch of them, I was also forced to go on a record-breaking deletion spree. You should not have been surprised by this; I clearly said at the start of the year from now on, comments on posts tagged as “effortposts” will be held to higher standards than the (almost) anything goes policy on normal posts. In the absence of an upvote system, this is the only functional way to have normal, informative conversations. I would also prefer to keep such posts citable, which is tricky if you have people going off on their off topic ramblings about Jews and Rockefellers in the comments.

However, in the interests of transparency, I am going to share some of those deleted “powerful takes” for your information and possible amusement (note: This post is obviously not an effortpost).

Haxo Angmark I:

this is all pie in the sky, Karlin.

once the Judeo-globalists have liquidated the relatively high-IQ (but threatening) Whites,

which will happen c. 2070-2090,

they and their Chinese soulmates will have no further need

for the billions of congoids, muslims, dotIndians, spics, and etc. that crowded out and then slaughtered the Whites.

all these billions will then be terror-famined into extinction as well, leaving earth

a veritable Arcadian paradise for Jews and Chinks, maybe 2 billion in toto.

Haxo Angmark II:

what a little chicken you are, Karlin:

I gave you an accurate prediction as to the demographic future –

as determined by political/racial realities, not

your pie in the sky and fancy calculi,

and you killed it. Nonetheless,

it will be.

Look, there are about a hundred other, much more appropriate places to expose Judeo-globalist schemes on both the Internet and even this very website in your weird text formatting style.


A. Futurists are always wrong. Especially little boys who pose half-naked with fake swords.

B. This one thinks nuclear power is just hunky-dory. Thus, he is either stupid or a shill and deserves no credence whatsoever.

C. It’s just a bunch of cherry-picked looked-up stuff. Anybody can cherry-pick looked-up stuff. It looks impressive, but it should not. Because it is easy as pie.

That is actually a real European longsword, though blunted ofc.

Anyhow, while you are very free to share your negative opinions opinions on me, just not on my own blog. Having briefly glanced through this user’s posting history, and discovering that it’s almost entirely composed of idiotic and highly aggressive commentary, I proceeded to ban him as well.

anonymous coward:

There is no ‘paradox’. Use your brain, apply Occam’s Razor. We are alone in the universe because God made us so. End of story, and get back to work.

Opinion is noted. Nobody cares.


6 Billion as long as there are less than 6 million Jooz…lol! Ok, make it 8 million as long as 99% of them are in central Siberia, lol!!!

No comment.


The articles main question is pretty much irrelevant , unless a LOT of people do a LOT of waking up, very soon. [Unlikely].

The Rockefeller [and others] eugenics plan to assure a maximum world population, [1 billion, I think, without checking] , via war, forced sterilization, state-funded abortion, the limiting of family size, the chemicalization [i.e. deliberate poisoning] of medical, food, and water supplies, the global warming movement, etc. etc. etc., was implemented for individual nations via agreed-on policy directives first developed by the UN, NATO, the Club of Rome, the Trilateral Commission, the Council On Foreign Relations and numerous other similar governmental and none-governmental organizations, MANY moons ago.

Here’s a short introduction to the “problem” of world population and the eugenicists and other associated “governments can solve the problem” morons, and their now apparently mandatory “solution” that we are all obligated to go along with, because it was decided for us all, years ago, “for our own good” [of course]:

[YouTube video]

These people are hardly ever capable of making their own argument succinct and persuasive, which often forces them to pad out their inane ramblings with a forest of equally kooky links and videos.

ben sampson:

I absolutely, categorically, totally refuse to read this. it would be a waste of time and thought, and energy.

this article cannot possibly be relevant. in the space of ten years the basis upon which this is built will likely be moot due to new facts about the earth, life and universe we will discover.

I will not read this stuff get myself upset and bothered about the stuff in it. I don’t want all this info to clog me up. we must solve capitalism and its ills right now. first things first.

and if we solve capitalism, succeed in creating a real democracy that addresses all human needs from the ground up..as far as i see, it also makes the conception in this here article moot

waste of time is what it is

Why do you expect me to give you the privilege of hosting your retarded comment when you admit you haven’t read the article, and aren’t going to read it, in the first sentence?

The sheer chutzpah.

Eddie Van Halen:

The author still thinks we have global warming and believes the US shale production is sustainable. I quit reading after that.

Good for you.

PS. I didn’t say anything about the sustainability of US shale oil production.

Abdul Alhazred:

Well what would Lyn say!!!

Lyndon LaRouche that is, for indeed a thorough discussion of the issue of human population without
thoroughly discussing LaRouche’s approach.

Thus without further ado~


Well why don’t you tell us what LaRouche would say? If you can’t be bothered doing that, I assume it can’t be that important.

APilgrim [here]:

The General Electric Mark-1 pseudo-containment systems failed, (4-for-4) at the Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Station (FDNPS) in March 2011. The most spectacular failure was the Atomic Detonation of Reactor-3. The most dangerous situation was the teetering Spent-Fuel-Pool associated with the FDNPS Reactor 4. Japanese were able to temporarily shore-up the teetering SFP, and then subsequently move the Spent Fuel to a ground-level, common SFP. Had the spent fuel tumbled down slope, the resulting cataclysm would have exterminated North America to the Mississippi Valley.

I started hiding all this user’s nuclear power-related comments at this point, which he wasn’t too happy with.

Beginning with, I am a degreed electrical engineer & I have worked on nuclear projects.

Flat-Earthers, Moon-Launch-Deniers, Holocaust-Deniers, & Luddites are allowed to rant.

But electrical power engineers, with nuclear project experience are silenced?

I couldn’t care less about your supposed credentials once you start spouting off that a few hundred tons of hot, dense radioactive metal can go through a few hundred 10^15 tons of hot, dense radioactive metal that makes up the Earth’s core to wipe out the continent on the other side, or whatever.

So, are you uninformed or in the direct employ of the nuclear village?

At that point I just started deleting his inane ramblings, and banned him once I get tired of doing that.

Anatoly Karlin is a transhumanist interested in psychometrics, life extension, UBI, crypto/network states, X risks, and ushering in the Biosingularity.


Inventor of Idiot’s Limbo, the Katechon Hypothesis, and Elite Human Capital.


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  1. Karlin, I think your introduction on Unz should be updated, it still mentions you living in the Bay Area.

  2. Lol I am guilty also, that some of us overdosed with caffeine and were spamming in the end only about architecture discussion under the article as well.

    I was going to ask if your research project could also become relevant to the discussions of the urbanists? It would be interesting also if there could be introduced to urbanists’ debates the topic of fertility rates.

    In Sailor’s forum, where they are now discussing fertility rates (although at a much less competent level than here), there were people claiming that migration to larger cities, is accelerating fertility decline in Finland.

    Moscow and Petersburg are both “fertility swamps” for whatever reasons, and at the same time with constant internal migration to them and vast new construction – if the proposal about Finland would generalize, this could be future downward pressure on fertility rates. There might also some relevance with your “psychometric maps” – by which this internal migration of higher human capital to fertility swamps, would have dysgenic implications.

    Also there are eccentric views of people like Navalny who tried to connect multistorey construction to lack of political community and responsibility:

  3. Spisarevski says
  4. Sorry, I accidentally hit reply. Though I did like your point about the design of cities and TFR.

    here is the nonsequitur: LaRouche really is an oddball. I think his name has a certain mimetic power that helps his small cult of personality form. I wish someone could succinctly describe his platform. He almost seems like not a globalist, until you realize he is advocating for super-mega infrastructure projects all over the third world.

    I can’t remember if he advocated building a bridge from Africa to India – but that is about the impression I have of him.

  5. Spisarevski says

    Regarding the anonyomus coward quote, I understand where he’s coming from.
    The Fermi paradox is one of the better arguments for the theory that we live in a simulation, it could even be an intentional and (not too) subtle hint to us.

    And if we are in a simulation, whoever is running it may as well be a God as far as we are concerned.

  6. Surprised by the number of atomophobes. No offense, but you’d think they would find someone more important to harass

  7. Atomophiles should at least acknowledge that when nuclear technology goes wrong it goes wrong on the biblical scale.

  8. AC is right: the parsimonious explanation for Fermi paradox is that we are alone. People who can’t sleep at night worrying about imaginary aliens who are out to kill us – are ridiculous. Almost as ridiculous as the individuals who worry about imaginary future AI out to kill us.

  9. I think that, decades ago, he was advocating building a bridge or tunnel from Russia to Alaska.

  10. The thing about space is that there’s lots and lots of it, and most of it is mainly empty.

    If there is another civilization, it is probably so far away that they would be very unlikely to detect us.

  11. I had a problem with the speculation about maximum population.

    A huge population subsisting on gmo corn or whatever would require the ruling class to accept a huge decline in their standard of living.

    This would not be allowed.

    George Carlin explained the function of the underclass: the top takes the profits, the middle does the work, and the bottom keeps the middle scared, and too distracted to threaten the status of the top.

    Sure the bottom could expand in the medium term; but when there are far more than are necessary, the herd will be culled.

    Also, considering that AI is being used for facial recognition and other surveillance tasks, it will require less and less manpower to keep the insufficiently cucked cogs in line.

  12. Dacian Julien Soros says

    Fairly disappointed you haven’t included my dismissal of “future” migration from Israel, which I supported with evidence of preexisting, millennia-long migration from Israel. It’s your fault. Perhaps you should start with a trigger warning such as “I am going to make up some nice story about US / Israel”. I read you for information on Russia, or Russia-based perspectives. If I wanted to hear about Israel’s amazing startups and Israeli productive sex (or was it the other way around?), I’d just read Shamir, or turn on the TV.

  13. silviosilver says

    Hey, AK, did you ever correspond with Robert Lindsay? If you did and still have contact with him, you should suggest he bring his work to Unz.com since he got deplatformed from blogger. To me he’s just another vile, useless leftard, but at least he accepts HBD and doesn’t ban you just for being a “racist.” And he’s also rather entertaining, a definite cut above the leftards that Unz has, for whatever daft reason (hopefully daft, rather than sinister) decided to infect this site with (Michael Hudson etc).

  14. Karlin, would you perchance ban Edmund Burke here for his hot takes on Jews as well?

  15. I still don’t know why Mr. Hack isn’t banned and Mikhail given a long mute on similar basis

  16. Your comment: “If there is another civilization, it is probably so far away that they would be very unlikely to detect us.”
    I must respectfully disagree.
    Here’s my “take”.
    When the first atomic bombs were detonated above ground, the “signal” was sent to advance extraterrestrial civilizations that humans now had the capacity to exact nuclear destruction on a worldwide basis.
    You see, when an atomic bomb is detonated, there is a distinct “double flash” that is not doable by any other method. This “double flash” is easily seen from space, even at long distances.
    That was the signal that was inadvertently transmitted to those beyond our world.
    Soon after we signaled our advances, pilots started seeing “foo fighters” (UFOs) with much greater frequency and intensity.
    Yes, there have been UFOs recorded throughout history, but the rash of sightings increased dramatically after the atomic tests and bombs were detonated.
    Food for thought?

    P. S.: The world government know much more about UFOs and extraterrestrials than they are letting on…

  17. What about really weird ideas on this topic? (Just a complete nonsense? But an entertaining nonsense psychologically.)


    Already those weird stories are a lot older than nuclear weapons.


  18. The reports of these stories, seems to be quite culturally indexed.

    In late 19th century, reported “air ships” over America, which was technology just advanced of that epoch:


    In the USSR, it is metal robots, which also reflected predicted future technology of the epoch:


    By the 1990s, when Ilyumzhinov says he was abducted, he thinks aliens created chess (because of its multinationalism lol).


  19. anonymous coward says

    And if we are in a simulation, whoever is running it may as well be a God as far as we are concerned.

    No. You’re making a simple logic error. If we are a simulation, then where did the simulators come from? You’re just ignoring the solution for another layer of indirection. (A.k.a., “turtles all the way down”.)

    God does not run a simulation. God, by definition, is beyond time and space.

    Also, the Fermi paradox is making another logic error related to anthropomorphism. Yes, the Universe is big, but that doesn’t mean it is complex. Example: a beach of sand is big, but any given of your skin cells is infinitely more complex. There’s no apriori reason to assume that other stars and planets are complex just because there’s lots of them.

  20. Nuclear power is by far the safest energy source: https://ourworldindata.org/what-is-the-safest-form-of-energy

    Only wind power comes close – solar power is 10x as dangerous.


    We have nothing whatsoever to acknowledge.

  21. I remember seeing an interview of one of the former Canadian Prime Minister or FM’s believed in aliens already existing on earth ,I think . He said it in such a way that you could only think he is a lunatic – but he seemed to believe it genuinely.

  22. Yeah, atomic power is fine when it works as it’s supposed to, but when it goes wrong you get horrors like Chernobyl or Fukushima. And that’s even not the worst that could happen.

    You want nuclear powered flying vehicles. What happens if one of them blows up in the sky?

  23. Philip Owen says

    Not much by way of personal abuse. I recall seeing some though. Try commenting on a Saker Thread here for a master class.