Chad Breeders: Africa’s Fertility Preferences

Subregional map of mean ideal number of children for women (of reproductive age: 15-49) in Sub-Saharan Africa.
Source: DHS Program (map it yourself)

The UN projects that while Europe stagnates, Sub-Saharan Africa’s population will explode from ~one billion today to almost four billion souls by the end of the century. Steve Sailer famously calls this the World’s Most Important Graph.

However, the African continent is a land of marked contrasts. Which African regions are going to be especially “important” in this respect?

As usual thanks to Twitter demographer Cicerone, I discovered that something called the DHS Program has been polling almost all African countries (as well as most of the developing world) on their fertility preferences. (See previous post for global details).

At a glance, it seems that within S.S.-Africa itself, the demographic explosion in the next 100 years is going to be particularly concentrated in the west and center of the continent, while the east and south will grow more moderately. In particular, the higher quality African countries – Kenya (3.6); Rwanda (3.4); Ethiopia (5.3) – or, at least, its non-Somali areas – tend to have lower desired fertility, while the champion prospective breeders are the inland Muslim states of Chad (8.2) and Niger (9.2 ideal number of children in 2012, up from 8.2 in 1992; no wonder projections have its population rising to almost 200 million by 2100, up tenfold relative to today).

The highest populated African state at the present time, Nigeria, sets the ideal number of children at 6.1 as of 2018 (no change since 1990, when it was at 5.8). If you look at the map closely, you will see major differences between the Christian south (clustering at 4-5 children) and the Muslim north (clustering at 7-9 children).

There is a pretty good correlation between ideal and realized fertility (e.g. r=0.63 in Europe), so the above numbers should be broadly predictive of future trends.

The one bright spot is that S.S.-Africans are not immune to the demographic transition. Industrialized South Africa sets the ideal number of children at 2.6, while its real TFR is now at 2.4 children per woman.

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  2. It’s crazy that the Sahara Desert is going to be as populous as India. Where are they going to find water?

  3. Sweden

  4. One is reminded that Malthus was right. If people choose to breed like rodents, before too long they and their children will live and die like rodents. This is not the stuff of bad science fiction, but established historical fact.

    The “demographic transition” is this: unless there is an open frontier, FIRST people moderate their fertility rate, THEN, if everything else goes halfway right, they can slowly develop per-capita wealth. It basically never happens the other way around.

    But really, I blame those western whore economists and journalists for muddying the waters, and screaming and howling that Malthus was wrong and that people are ‘the ultimate resource’ (perhaps, if you think of people as cattle) and that if someone could maybe support one or two kids at a reasonable level, they MUST try to have seven because this will be a ‘demographic bonus’ and lead to a bigger pie for all. Which is rubbish, but the rich like cheap labor more than anything else, so the whore economists keep screaming their lies.

    But really: if someone who could reasonably support 1 or 2 or 3 kids, has eight, and they grow up chronically malnourished and stunted, how does this create wealth? It can’t, that’s nonsense.

    There is no free choice without knowledge of the consequences. The people in Africa are told over and over, by all these so-called western experts, that population growth has nothing to do with ‘development.’ No, ‘development’ is all about pretend democracy and corporate-managed free trade and mouthing empty platitudes about social justice. And yet somehow, despite all the pretend democracy and corporate-managed free trade and mouthing empty platitudes about social justice, when people keep having more kids than they can support, ‘development’ never comes…

    Don’t blame the Africans (at least not entirely). Blame our own corrupt elites.

  5. We just need to stop feeding them.

  6. anonymous coward says

    Pretty sure that would just force their hand in taking more aggressive steps for colonizing Europe and the Americas.

  7. prime noticer says

    wait until europeans figure out how to get plants to draw nitrogen from the air instead of from the ground. air is mostly nitrogen. the ideal crop fertilizer is all around us.

    hey guys – work hard for decades in a lab so africans can multiply rapidly. also figure out more ways to get water and medicine to those africans so they can explode to 4 billion. for sure, those africans will thank you. they’ve very thankful and appreciative of how much hard work you do for them, as you can see in the US. there’s so much ROI on feeding and housing africans.

    get to work, YT.

  8. JohnPlywood says

    One is reminded that Malthus was right. If people choose to breed like rodents, before too long they and their children will live and die like rodents. This is not the stuff of bad science fiction, but established historical fact.

    Not really. Historically there was no globalism. Today the entire world receives grain and cattle from the breadbaskets of the world, the USA, Canada, China and Australia.

    With grain productivity per hectare increases of over 50% in the American midwest since 1980 and increasing still, all these African countries will simply buy food from our increasingly automated and productive wheat and sorghum fields.

    The USA and Canada alone will be producing enough grain to feed 50 billion peoole by 2035.

    But really: if someone who could reasonably support 1 or 2 or 3 kids, has eight, and they grow up chronically malnourished and stunted, how does this create wealth? It can’t, that’s nonsense.

    Malnourishment has been on the decline globally for 1 century and is rapidly approaching nonexistence in Africa.

    There are no foreseeable consequences to maximizing family size for the next 100 years minimum. You’d be foolish, –or a cuck/frigid buldyke–, not to be taking advantage of this.

  9. JohnPlywood says

    There is already a way to make fertilizer from car exhaust (an even better source of nitrogen than air), which should greatly reduce the cost of nitrate-based ground fertilizer.

  10. all these African countries will simply buy food from our increasingly automated and productive wheat and sorghum fields.

    No, what actually is happening in the real world is that their smart phones are telling them how dumb whites are and that they worship blacks as near god like beings. That they will give them free entry into their lands, and then free stuff once they are there. What this will mean is that eventually these places will become African, all these daft ideas (like you can have a billion people living in Texas, or you can have 50 billion people on the planet) don’t have the faintest clue what a planet of the apes will be really like.

  11. Abelard Lindsey says

    I suspect you are correct with regards to agricultural productivity. All of the doom and gloom with regards to food prodution since 1968 has turned out completely wrong. Agricultural productivity keeps increasing even in places like China.

    Wait until Europeans figure out how to get plants to draw nitrogen from the air instead of from the ground. air is mostly nitrogen. the ideal crop fertilizer is all around us.

    This is called Nitrogen fixation and is a major objective in agricultural science and engineering. My alma mater (big agricultural school) has a research program dedicated to accomplishing this. What’s driving this is not so much improved agricultural productivity but, rather, a desire to reduce fertilizer use for both cost and environmental reasons.

    Nitrogen fixation is also the first step to SF-style biotech food factories.

  12. A few years ago, I was carefully optimistic that in the long run Europeans, whitey, would come to his senses. Today I am completely black pilled. And I expect Europe to be fully Africanized within my life time. Already today even German villages which used to be places of purity, calmness and homogeneity are enriched and diversified now. Every day feels increasingly like a day in camp of the saints; especially with a government such as ours.

    Now, the fact remains: Europeans today are unable to keep out obvious fraudsters, criminals, welfare seekers and considered it racist to screen for terrorists among the refugee streams which even Assad had talked about. What makes anyone believe that Europe, when the crass overpopulation of Africa will lead to massive civil wars, famine and civilizational collapse, will be able to keep out these refugee streams? With most likely real horror stories of violence and trauma to tell. I see no possibility there. And the same is true for the USA. Although its neighboring countries are not of such an apocalyptic quality as Subsahara Africa is.

    There is also zero unity and coherence in Europe today. Easy to divide, inflame, to incite and troll and play against each other. And you can see the effect clearly today: more pressure from the outside, means more hatred among Europeans inside. Most clearly exemplified between Britain, Germany and Poland. Well, even more clearly maybe in our leftist government towards its right-wing opposition. But that’s a hostile elite of an occupation state anyway. – What is stable though, for the moment, is the oppressive cathedral of power on both sides of the Atlantic.

    Slowly but surely our freedoms, wealth and quality of life will dwindle, rot and get consumed until finally our thousands of years of culture, civilization and peoples will be swept away by the black tide. To a large degree in particular cities and towns and states this has already happened. And the reactions? The Greens shot up to 20%, because the electric Jew said “CLIMATE CHANGE!!!”.

  13. JohnPlywood says

    Well, white nationalists said the same thing about the USA 30 years ago — that it would be more criminal, that AIDS would become pandemic throughout America, that we’d be poorer and so on. Turned out to be absolutely false and crime is now lower than it was in the 60s, HIV/AIDS has been almost forgotten or even something exciting and trendy to catch, and we’re not poorer despite importing huge swaths of Central America. So you’re the daft one and humanism wins.

    Besides, blacks see they are treated like scum here. You are mentally ill if you think this country treats Negroes like Gods (that would be Balkan countries and Italy).

  14. JohnPlywood says

    HIV/AIDS has been almost forgotten by heterosexuals and is now seen as something exciting and trendy to catch by gay men


  15. we’re not poorer despite importing huge swaths of Central America.

    GDP isn’t everything.

  16. Every civilization goes through this “overpopulated shithole” phase. From then it’s either a power move into advancedness via farewell of alms scenario or something going bad and entering a trap (see early modern India and China)

    What’s intriguing is that this would be the first time Africa gets it. That means that only the Americas and Australia remain to get their own, which is nigh impossible as the natives are so few

  17. Then add sterilization/death penalty for basically anything, Saudi Arabia/medieval style.

    Free eugenics! And the bodies make good fertilizer. Oh wait, that’s literally unthinkable for some of the populace. Oh well, crazy dictatorship with beating quotas it is

  18. Another German Reader says

    Looking at the TFR alone can be quite misleading.


    @ 1980 @ 5,9 @ absolute growth 1 mio

    @ 2018 @ 2 @ absolute growth 950k

    That is with family-planning since the late 1970s. Vietnam’s booming economy still cannot absorb all arrivals on the labour-market.

    In 2018 net job-generation was just at 900k. Over 130k went abroad as legal migrant workers. Additional 25k went aborad for education, with the majority of them staying abroad.

    Estimates for illegal emigration is around 15k for that year.

    in other words: Despite a boooming economy lead by labour-intensive industries AND massive legal emigration MORE Vietnamese are leaving illegally than during the height of the boat people-era.

    Let that sink in!

    Now Syrian Civil/Proxy War has got so far around 450k deaths since 2011.

    Vietnam has ~ 400k abortion alone in 2018. mic drop

    Remember in the late 2000s the Syrians were richer than the Viets but had a much higher youth-unemployment rate.

    Syria is now a devasted country – torn apart by angry young men and foreign agents.
    A fate – waiting for many countries around the world.

    Peace through reforms and abortions and condoms. (TM)

  19. Abelard Lindsey says

    The crime wave predicted in 1990 never really showed up. There are many reasons for this. One unappreciated reason is that envrionmental Lead began declining after the 1970’s (when many of the early 90’d thugs were born) because of improved environmental regulation.

    HIV/AIDS is no big deal right now because of the development of the anti-retrovirals starting in 1995. The problem is that, since HIV is controlled by these drugs, people now think HIV is no big deal. The problem with this attitude is that the HIV drugs themselve have serious side effects that people do not take seriously.

    A big factor that is not considered is welfare reform of 1996 as well as the decline of birthrates of all races in the U.S. over the past 15 years.

    I cannot comment on Europe because I have no been there in some time. We plan on holiday in Spain during April, assuming Coronavirus does not put the kibosh on these plans.

  20. Right now it looks like the planet is rapidly being destroyed:

    Since the 1970s, the world has lost about 60% of its vertebrate wildlife[1] and 1/3 of its arable land[2]. We’ve also lost about half the world’s rainforests, and about 720,000 square miles of forest around the world has been lost just since the year 2000.

  21. Just passing through says

    Europe also went through this phase and sought Lebensraum in the New World. Israel will eventually run into this problem as it’s Haredi Jewish population have sub-Saharan fertility levels, they will need a Greater Israel soon.

    Africans also need Lebensraun, and Europe will provide it for them.

  22. Seems pretty likely that they will hold onto the Golan Heights. But can’t Israel merely export its surplus population? If it is difficult to stop a Mexican from coming in without be called “racist” today, imagine how difficult it would be to stop a Jew.

  23. JohnPlywood says

    This quote is highly misleading. The “60% reduction in vertebrate population size” figure comes from something called a “Living Planet Report” which is not a peer-reviewed scientific document. The claim is dubious, because in the last 10 years alone, a ton of previously unobserved vertebrate species have been discovered, particularly in tropical regions where this report claims losses have been the most severe. There is no way there has been a 60% reduction in vertebrate population sizes globally.

    But even if there had been, who cares? The other vertebrates had literally billions of years to eat, defecate, reproduce and eat in whatever kind of idyllic natural setting that environmentalists hold dear. This accomplishes nothing and it’s not destructive to the planet if they take a hit after billions of years of getting to crawl around on this planet’s surface.

    If we’ve lost 1/3rd of arable land, that’s no big deal, because the new agricultural methods developed over the last 40 years are now yielding more harvest per hectare than we did in the 20th century, using way, way less land than we previously did. We could have lost 2/3rds of the arable land that existed in 1890, and we’d still be producing enough food to feed the world. Land can be made arable again, btw. There’s no shortage of organic matter out there.

    The new farming techniques are also way more sensitive and cause less soil erosion. A revolution in agriculture has been taking place in Germany and the American Midwest for the last 15 or 20 years and they have pretty much gotten it down to a science, with Bayer leading the way in topsoil preservation techniques. The scary thing is that they haven’t even begun to experiment with combining the different methodologies in one, meaning we may only be observing the tip of the iceberg in yearly harvests. There can be no doubt that food security is guaranteed in North America, Eueope and Asia for another 200 years minimum, which is what I already realized back in 2006 when I used to wander around the sorghum fields in the great plains.

  24. Philip Owen says

    If this worries anyone, the way to reduce population growth is to build primary schools and empower women, especially economically. Definitely not religious schools though.

    They will make their money from solar thermal electrical generation. High Voltage so transmissible. Based on storable molten salts so useable 24 hors a day. Electric arc furnaces and garment making.

  25. Yes, things look bleak. But don’t lose hope. Few people 2 generations ago could’ve imagined the world we live in now. There will probably be plenty of surprises during the next 2.

  26. JohnPlywood says

    They will make their money from solar thermal electrical generation. High Voltage so transmissible. Based on storable molten salts so useable 24 hors a day. Electric arc furnaces and garment making.

    What you describe is very similar to the Desertec initiative which was unfortunately scrapped due to the Arab spring events and the following chaos. Another very exciting development out of the German renewable energy revolution that took place 2 decades ago. Construction has resumed on the North African plants already even though the project flopped.

    Yes, Concentrated Solar Power in Africa will undoubtedly be Europe’s premier power source in a few decades. It’s one of the greatest ideas ever conceived and it was inspired by Hermann Oberth’s sun gun concept, which is being revived again.

  27. It is very admirable how Ethiopia (Abyssinia) avoided colonisation like the rest of Africa (it was occupied for a short period) and actually stood up really well against European armies considering their level of technological development. However, they really have to do something regarding their south-eastern provinces otherwise the Christian Ethiopian state will be in a lot of trouble. Gradually, these provinces will represent an existential threat to the Ethiopian state. Hopefully, the Eritreans can also see the impending danger and reunite with Ethiopia and then they will be in a better position to deal with their Muslims.

  28. If this worries anyone, the way to reduce population growth is to build primary schools and empower women, especially economically.

    The highest fertility rates are in predominantly Muslim African areas. Do you think they’ll let you build and staff secular schools for women?

  29. ‘Chad Breeders: Africa’s Fertility Preferences’

    I keep reading this as if you’re claiming someone is breeding Chads.

    Now, that’s interesting, but…

  30. JohnPlywood says

    Fertility was lowered in Iran from around 5 children per woman in the 1980s to 1.92 in 2003, via family planning. A 2014 law which sought to reverse the trend by banning contraceptives has yielded no results; Iran’s fertility has held steady at ~1.65. So it can be done anywhere. Once you establish an incel culture by giving women the right to do whatever they want, there’s no going back, short of a massive tactical military response, maybe. Religion is weaker than dogshit.

  31. US annual agricultural productivity growth is only at 1.5 percent annually, not really very impressive at all.

  32. 1 percent annual growth in agricultural seems to be nothing to write home about.

  33. JohnPlywood says

    The average annual growth rate has been 1.48%. If that was a constant, it would mean 15% growth per decade. Actually, there was a 170% increase in farm output over a 67 year period, but input only increased by an astonishing 7%. That is the most significant development in human history, a real 8th wonder of the world. Never before has anyone produced so much with so little, and we have way more land in reserve.

    According to the newest ERS data, U.S. farm output grew by 170 percent between 1948 and 2015—at an average annual rate of 1.48 percent. With total input use rising only 7 percent over the same period, productivity growth accounted for most of total output growth during that period.

  34. I think you’ve never had much contact with black people.

  35. JohnPlywood says

    As a US resident, I have observed blacks change over the last 25 years. They are less violent, less criminally inclined, less gang affiliated, less drug addled, softer and easier going, more intelligent relative to the current white mean, and less fertile. In other words, they’re becoming more like their ancestors back in Africa. Northwestern European ancestry is likely the causal component of African American dysfunctionality and anti-social behavior.

    P.S., I am actually becoming a permanent resident of Zambia within the next decade.

  36. You’re a lunatic and likely also a liar.

  37. It’s funny to contrast “Chad” with “Chadian” on an image search.

  38. California has the highest inequality of any US state, and is near the bottom in public school performance.

    There’s been a lot of out-migration from the state. Smaller effects have been observed in New York and Illinois.

    Unlike in the EU, they can vote immidiately, rather than wait five years for naturalization (how many actually do this?)

  39. And Germany as well.

  40. I don’t know whether to believe the World’s Most Important Graph or not. It’s the details – can Lagos really reach 100 million? It’s pretty hard to believe.

    But, of course, the sensible thing to do is to act like we believe it.

  41. Erik Sieven says

    “undoubtedly be Europe’s premier power source” and Europeans will pay a high price for that. It will be sued to justify even moe immigration.

  42. Always incredible to observe the levels of delusion that people like you exist under, the reality is that blacks are worshipped endlessly. The standard Hollywood production of having the noble black authority in every movie, the arse licking of blacks from every politician, the literal trillions in welfare that have been thrown at them, the preferential job openings given to them, making criminal thugs out as saintly victims, the endless miscegnation propaganda in advertising, etc, etc, etc. Also don’t forget that millions of blacks don’t want to live in blacks lands and want to flee their dumps (strangely enough always to supposedly racist lands).

    America is suffering from pathological negrophilia, the evidence is absolutely overwhelming, which is also the reason why the drastic rise in censorship is needed to hide this reality.

  43. Hitler said this a century why is it news now?

  44. JohnPlywood says

    I don’t think that’s possible. Besides, when has it ever happened? Did Mexico ever sue the USA for similar reasons after NAFTA?

  45. You are mentally ill if you think this country treats Negroes like Gods (that would be Balkan countries and Italy).

    Italy? Anyway, “John Plywood” is a negro, so no need to take his nonsense seriously.

  46. If Africa continues to be a food deficit region, it will simply import more food. Canada, Ukraine, Argentina, Australia, the US, Russia, and Brazil will feed Africa’s growing population in this scenario. What is also possible is that African countries can enter into agreements with commercial ag firms to farm large tracts of unused cultivable land. There are no natural limits on Africa’s population growth over the next 80 years.

    Many commentators on here seem to think that aid is a huge component of this population dynamic, this is wrong. SubSaharan Africa has a GDP of around $2 trillion. Foreign aid is about $44 billion a year. Not negligible, but not existential. As long as there is free trade in foodstuffs, Africa will be more than fine. If you care about race, I don’t, you would support more aid to Africa to lower mother&child mortality and educate more girls. I suspect many liberals in the west pursue these very policy goals in Africa because they have the same fear of African overpopulation as those on the far right. Reducing aid to Africa would lower living standards, raising fertility.

  47. I suspect many liberals in the west pursue these very policy goals in Africa because they have the same fear of African overpopulation as those on the far right.

    I have heard this before, I don’t think this is what motivates them. When I say they worship blacks as gods I am not using hyperbole, they truly want whites to be replaced by blacks (aka “diversity”). They think that Africa is full of starving children, such things means that they have to give aid or else not be gut menschen any more.

  48. JohnPlywood says

    Italian males and women worship negroid males. Italy is what neutral wrongly believes the USA is.

    Images like this are typical of Italian culture:

  49. JohnPlywood says

    You are a schizophrenic. Nobody wants blacks to replace whites in the USA. Liberal whites are displacing blacks in their own neighborhoods in cities all across America. Black populations are decreasing in white liberal tech areas like the SF bay and Austin.

    The only whites who are being replaced are white women (replaced by Asian and Mestiza women)

  50. As long as there is free trade in foodstuffs, Africa will be more than fine.

    I thought that the civil war in Syria was caused partly by an increase in the price of food, even though per capita income there was higher than much of sub-Saharan Africa.

  51. It was partially caused by drought which moved many Sunni farmers into the cities, destabilizing fragile political arrangements. You will periodically have famine breakout in Africa if aid is withdrawn, but the trajectory will remain unchanged, it may even accelerate.

  52. It is all so simple. To explain:

    Improving one’s economic situation is hard. It is made much harder by having lots of children. This is compounded by having them early. Indeed, if one solely wanted to get rich then one would never have children.

    If Africans want to stop being poor and miserable then they should pay heed to these obvious facts.

  53. Autists Anonymous Rehab Camp Fugitive says

    Euros treats nogs like gods because that’s the ideology the US purports to support. Of course the US is as anti-black as the average 80’s tv show: You want african-americans to be there as your pets, cutely failing to imitate your culture (giving you a morale boost in the process), but not allowed near your daughter, a cute funny token.

    WN’s are hated exactly because they miss this subtlety and think blacks are entirely to be removed. Euros are hated because they miss this subtlety and think blacks are to be unconditionally loved. Of course americans left and right both realize this point, which is the whole essence of your relationship with the 13%.

    Interracial cuckolding is just a fetishization of breaking this taboo, and you’re exporting this relationship worldwide, creating a huge blacked empire. Then turn and point to the retarded countries that fell for the “blacks are the same as you and me” joke and laugh.

  54. Abelard Lindsey says

    Having never visited Africa, I have no opinion about Africa.

    I will say that all of the “limits to growth” prognostications from the 1970’s have proven to be completely wrong. As I said before, Nitrogen fixation is a very big deal in agriculture because it will make high yield agriculture far more environmentally benign as well as drop the cost of it significantly (fertilizer costs a lot of money AND is energy intensive to manufacture). Thus, the energy demands of agriculture decrease as well.

    Energy is not an issue as well. There is a lot more oil and natural gas than any of us thought 20 years ago. Then there are all of the Gen IV nuclear technologies and fusion power start ups as well. So, neither food or energy represent natural limits for the rest of this century.

    Populations around the world (outside of Africa) are peaking and will slowly decline (or slowly increase if we get life extension) thus reducing total demand for stuff. We heard a lot about peak oil and peak everything else from the supply side over the past few decades. The real issue is going to be peak demand rather than peak supply.

    So, if you guys want to whine about population issues in Africa, you ought to do from some standpoint other than food and energy constraints.

  55. You’re wrong. It’s only southern Euros who have this fetishization of blacks, probably a result of some sort of psychological trauma after the conquest of Southern Europe by the moors and Saracens, and the mass importation of Negroids by the Roman Empire.

    In the USA, the most common interracial relationship is White male + Asian/Hispanic/mixed female. White female + black male is only 7% of interracial couples in America. If America were exporting things, Italians would be marrying Asian or Mestiza women talking about how Italian women are trash + White men are Gods.

  56. anonymous coward says

    If Africans want to stop being poor and miserable then they should pay heed to these obvious facts.

    Why do you assume everyone wants to die alone sitting on a pile of cash and being cared to by a Squatemalan orderly?

    The Africans clearly don’t.

    As a proverb goes, “there are no pockets in a coffin”.

  57. “Foreign aid is about $44 billion a year. Not negligible, but not existential.”
    This is a very interesting point. I could imagine that you are right, but I am not sure. May I ask where you take number, 44 billion, from? I have not yet seen a good discussion of the question how much foreign aid actually contributes to the economy of SSA. Obviously there a several paths of how aid reaches Africa from the the rest of the world. One path is direct official development aid by international organizations or by specific countries. Other paths include international organizations which work in Africa “for free” and get funded by foreign countries or international organizations. And then there are those numerous private and public-private-partnership organizations which are also working in Africa or just giving money. I wonder whether anyone has tried to sum it all up.

  58. YetAnotherAnon says

    “that we’d be poorer and so on”

    Americans ARE poorer. Forty years ago working class Americans were taking the family to Europe in summer, had decent houses, maybe a boat in a trailer or at a mooring. Working class Americans lived middle class lives.

    Their jobs are now in China – and it’s Chinese tourists in London.

  59. SwissArmyMan says

    “I suspect you are correct with regards to agricultural productivity. All of the doom and gloom with regards to food prodution since 1968 has turned out completely wrong. Agricultural productivity keeps increasing even in places like China.”

    Some observers note the agricultural productivity increase worldwide (even in China) since 1980 tracks well with the increase in atmospheric CO2 in that same timeframe.

  60. Autists Anonymous Rehab Camp Fugitive says

    Saracens were visigothic and moors were mostly arab. Italian men prefer to mail order slavic brides, since that’s a closer import good.

    Those statistics aren’t about relationships but marriages, and africans aren’t well known for keeping those.
    Even if they were, it wouldn’t change much. Your relationship presupposes them as sort of pets that you punish when they step out of line. US style cuckolding is a play on that, how widespread it is doesn’t matter since it was born and bred in the land of the free, and the land of the free is the worldwide exporter of it as a sexual pathology.

    Any shitty backwater asian tribesman in the depths of some jungle will get a wide grinned amreekan tourist teaching him about rap music and which race has the biggest dicks. For all their shitty arab heritage (mostly in the south), Italians aren’t the epicentre of this and aren’t the main exporters of this fantasy.

  61. Abelard Lindsey says

    This is entirely predictable if global warming is real.

    Other predictions of global warming include increased overall rainfall through out most of the world and shrinkage of deserts. This is simply physics. More heat means more energy in the atmosphere which, in turn, means more evaporation and, thus, rainfall.

    Increased desertification would be an indicator of global cooling, not global warming.

  62. YetAnotherAnon says

    “Then there are all of the Gen IV nuclear technologies and fusion power start ups as well.”

    I’ve been hearing there’ll be big fusion breathroughs inside the next ten years. Trouble is, I’ve been hearing that since the early 1970s.

    As for Gen IV, where is it? What’s happened to thorium, which was going to give us safe power with no long-lived reaction products?

    At the moment, the UK, who had the world’s first commercial-scale nuclear electricity plant and which sends 40% of its young people to university, is relying on the French and Chinese to build our new plants, costs are through the roof – and the French are having their own woes with the proposed new design. The ongoing French reactor build in Finland is twelve years behind schedule – construction started in 2005!

    The Brits built Calder Hall in 3 years – 1953-56.

  63. Saracens were visigothic and moors were mostly arab.

    Laughable cope. The Saracens were employed by Geemanic tribes such as the Visigoths but they weren’t Visigothic. They were black Negroids, like the Moors, as explained on page 221 of Sex and Race, Volume 1: Negro-Caucasian Mixing in All Ages and All Lands, by Joel Rogers (1968):

    There are few Eastern Euro brides in Italy. The marriage rate in Italy has tanked at 3.2 per 1,000, almost all of them between Italians.

    And the interracial marriage data I gave you matches closely with patterns observed in relationships and sexual activity in peer reviewed studies and general social surveys. So there’s no way around it; this black worship stuff is bullshit thst exists only amongst trolls on the internet.

  64. If the Swedes take my advice, they will learn to give invaders their water as blocks of ice in wintertime.

  65. Afr foreign aid makes up a large portion of government budgets.

    More important than you think and a poorer Africa is less able to migrate.

  66. Abelard Lindsey says

    These guys are working on it:

    There is NuScale and a bunch of others. I don’t know what the problems are that the Europeans are having in building nuclear powerplants. I know that the Koreans and Chinese are building Gen III+ plants cost effectively.

  67. Europe would have a birthrate of 6 or 7 too if white men were hung like Africans.
    Sorry whitey. Your women just aren’t into you.

  68. JohnPlywood says

    Wishful thinking. White women desperately want and need white men but white men only want women of color, who are more beautiful and desired.

    All around you all you see is colored women in the arms of white men. Even white nationalist Stephen Miller is now married to a brown woman. White women everywhere are being boxed out of all positions of prestige by Asian, Mestiza, and multiracial women, who are the fresh new female face of the upper classes of the developed world. The white female is fast fading in to the void, having no conceivable place in the future world.

  69. Strictly speaking, Chad Breeders would be Tyrones, but yeah, world of 2100 will be an interesting place. Thankfully, production will be fully automated and human input will be superfluous by then. GDP will be driven by consumption of services even more than today, which means African economic future will be prosperous – they can buy overpriced haircuts on credit just as well as any other continent. The only thing that matters is the number of heads to cut hair on, and Africa won’t have a shortage of that.

    Ironically, societies that refuse to breed to “save the world from climate change” will be wiped out from the gene pool and forgotten. Biggest problem won’t be absolute shortage of people, but rather what population pyramid inversion does to social dynamics of the nation. It is not about smaller numbers of the young people, but the fact that the few young who remain are condemned to the labor of changing the diapers of the large old population. As elder care consumes all the time of the young, no new ideas are developed and society ossifies. Not to mention, loses its mind (old people develop dementia, and young people – depression). Sad, but future is all about showing up.

  70. Just passing through says

    Haredi Jews are extremely religious and most likely believe it the Jewish supremacist rhetoric of the Talmud.

    I think they will stick to annexing and stealing more land to bring Greater Israel to fruition.

    Quite a lot of Haredis in New York and other American cities I hear, they too are growing rapidly and displacing the Black inhabitants, which is one of the reasons for the spate of Black-on-Jew attacks in recent months, Haredis have a monopoly over the slums and use very shady tactics to get Blacks to leave, after which they move in. The worst slumlords in New York are Haredi Jewish.

  71. Aquifers. Evil-doer Mummar Qaddafi extracted water from aquifers to enslave the Libyan people.

  72. Just passing through says

    Pretty sure just sending them all back when they picked up by boats would discourage further migration. Sure you may have some sticklers but most will realise they are not getting anywhere soon.

    Africans don’t reach Europe by stealth, they just take a boat to the middle of the Mediterranean and wait for the NGO taxi service.

    The biggest mistake was sending so much food aid without tying in a birth control program, the stupid Catholic church discouraged condoms and the pill. It was also a bad thing to destabilise Libya as Gadaffi’s regime was stable and kept the Africans away.

  73. Just passing through says

    It is because the White women of today is increasingly becoming a disgusting wildebeest who shirks feminity for ‘liberation’ by way of a career. POC women are decent looking and have not been subverted by Cultural Marxism. East Asian women are particularly in demand.

    I’ve always been amused by White Nationalists’ obsession with Black male/White female race mixing. This combination seems to be rare and the most prolific race mixers are white males, who seem to get the pass on WN circles.

  74. JohnPlywood says

    POC women always looked better than white women and were always more desired. Multiple studies show that white men prefer the faces of Asian and mixed-Asian (good proxy for Hispanic) over white women. Problem is, up until recently, few of them were around.

    The interracial couples involving a white male and a nonwhite female are also rated as more attractive than monoracial couples by independent raters, according to a study by Ellen Greenberger over at UC Irvine. So it’s not feminism but just plain old natural selection.

  75. Erik Sieven says

    “they just take a boat to the middle of the Mediterranean and wait for the NGO taxi service.”
    Not to the middle, their boat just takes them a few km into sea, then the Europeans take over. Also it is not just NGO´s. The german navy has proudly announced to have smuggled tens of thousands people , or as they call it, “saved them from distress at sea”. Other European navies of course also have taken part in those heroic endeavors.

  76. I’m not 100% sure it would make a difference, given the command structure, but women probably should not be a part of the military, even things like the coast guard.

  77. Kratoklastes says

    More important than the correlation between ideal and actual, is the distribution of the gap between the two.

    It has a significantly-positive mean, i.e., E[ideal – actual] > 0; I’m about to check whether the expectational errors are size-dependent (i.e., if E[ideal/actual] = k, k>1).

    If the expectational error is proportionate, then it’s even dumber to clutch pearls about the impending hordes of picanninnies, because the fall in TFR in darkie-breeder land will be faster than demographic realists (like me) expect, and thus realist expectations, though much lower than .gov hysteria, will still be too high (i.e., global population level peaks in the mid 2030s at 9.5-10 billion; SSA TFR goes below replacement before 2050; humanity is almost a billion smaller by 2100 but as usual is richer, healthier, better-fed and longer-lived).

    Then again, nobody ever got (or retained) a government sinecure by crying “There’s no wolf!” or “The sky isn’t falling!”.

    My colours have been nailed to the mast since before 2000: Malthus (and Erlich, and other Chicken Littles) are wrong because they don’t understand technological change. The West’s demographic problems are a huge problem for government – once you get below 4 full-time private-sector workers per government beneficiary, all sorts of promises (both ‘safety-net’, and ‘crony-corrupt’ promises) have to be selectively-reneged.

    The first tranche of selective reneging was the redefinition of the CPI by Greenspan and his ilk: that changed (slashed,) COLA for pensioners. Redefining unemployment and labour force participation, and forcing adolescents to stay in school until 18, papered over demographic and safety-net cracks.

  78. Isn’t the problem basically clean drinking water rather than food? And climate change will mean that much of the tropics and subtropics will have an unlivable wet bulb temperature unless people spend 99 percent of their time in air-conditioned places. And even if Lagos can accommodate 100 million people, living in shoebox apartments is not optimal.

  79. How does that jive with the fact that TFRvin places like Central Asia is actually rising and not falling, also when is the Haredi and Amish TFR expected to fall below 2.1?

  80. This combination seems to be rare and the most prolific race mixers are white males, who seem to get the pass on WN circles.

    Even though only White women can have White children. What sort of sick self-hatred is behind this desire to genetically extinguish oneself? I will never understand it.

  81. Gee aren’t Hispanics technically white? (due to Spaniard or Portuguese ancestry? Dutch even…ever hear the surname “Dutchover”which is quite prominent with Hispanics? I ought to know I live in majority Hispanic far west Texas).

  82. Hopefully at some point the fertility of Bushmen (Kalahari and Namib deserts) that is Khoisan,the click-speakers, goes up dramatically, for otherwise they may go extinct which would be a tragedy–they, “primitive” hunter-gatherers, are to me the most civilized people on Earth. Plus they could teach us stuff about Bushcraft when the crap hits the fan. They will survive…how many of us “civilized” people will?

  83. Black genetics just by itself does not guarantee high fertility. Take a look at the TFR for places like the Bahamas, Barbados, black Brazil etc. The black american population wouldn’t be increasing without immigration from Africa. Even Haiti’s TFR was plunging towards 2.0 last time I looked.

  84. JohnPlywood says

    No. Mexicans are classified as Mongoloid and their genetic ancestry is majority East Asian.

    Katz and Suchey (1986) did a study that used males who were autopsied at the Department of Chief Medical Examiner-Coroner, County of Los Angeles. The study said that, based on physical appearance, it separated the Mexicans who had a Mongoloid appearance from those who had a Caucasoid physical appearance, with the Mongoloid groups comprising the “Mexican category.” The study said that it paid attention to facial shape, hair form and color, skin color, and shovel-shaped incisors. The study said that its “Mexican category” was a category of individuals showing a heavy Mongoloid racial component in combination with Mexican ancestry.[62]

  85. JohnPlywood says

    Everyone has accurate 7.62 hunting rifles and shotguns now, so the game populations will be exterminated after 1 year of SHTF. Like it or not the system is here to stay and destroying it means destroying the entire planet; as humanity is stronger than nature now and holds nature in its vice grip. Support the criminalization and confiscation of all guns before SHTF. Your survival as a Khoisan depends on it.

  86. Yes, Hispanics are white.

  87. OT, but why is it that European Whites did not evolve a high IQ subgroup like Ashekanazi Jews or Indian Brahmins, is it because of greater social mobility in Late Antiquity and the Middle Ages? Why is it that East Asians also did not evolve a high IQ subgroup, despite a very heirarchial social structure?

  88. NO. They are NOT. They are mostly mongrels.

  89. I’ve always been amused by White Nationalists’ obsession with Black male/White female race mixing. This combination seems to be rare and the most prolific race mixers are white males, who seem to get the pass on WN circles.

    I certainly do not support white men race mixing with non whites, but surely you are aware why a white women race mixing is a far greater biological offense.

  90. RadicalCenter says

    Of course. But the very nature of a country is a border that others may not cross without permission, and the willingness and ability to use all necessary force to kill foreigners who insist on crossing without that permission.

    Stop sending food, medicine, and any other aid to Africa and India, and kill them if they approach any of our borders and will not turn back. This is not complicated.

    The USA and Europe have the resources to do this, just not the common sense, willpower, and pride.

    Africa and India will naturally subside to a fraction of their current population if we take these simple steps, and we won’t continue surrendering our land, culture, and political power to foreign invaders.

  91. RadicalCenter says

    In recent years, the top grain exporters in the world are RUSSIA and the Ukraine in one order or the other, typically above the countries that you listed.

  92. OT, but why is it that European Whites did not evolve a high IQ subgroup

    They did. They’re called Ashkenazi Jews and Brahmins.

  93. One small problem, India is a net aid donor to the tune of several billion dollars,self sufficient in food and home to one of the largest pharmaceutical industries on the planet.

  94. RadicalCenter says

    There are glaringly obvious reasons why sensible people in the USA tend to be most troubled by nonAfricans reproducing with Africans.

    First, Africans are consistently engaged in a systematic pattern of murder, rape, assault, robbery, and harassment against nonAfricans, over a period of many decades and in every part of our country. This is our family’s personal experience, the experience of many with whom we have spoken, and the weight of the abundant statistical evidence.

    Second, and related to point number one, Africans here are generally trained from birth to hate and resent white people, and to have an obnoxious demeanor, disruptive intimidating conduct, and entitled attitude. This attitude and behavior is reinforced daily by government, government “school” indoctrination factories, large corporations, university indoctrination factories, “entertainment” indoctrination studios (movies, television, radio), social media, billboard advertising, and otherwise on the internet. Conversely, nonAfricans are taught

    Third, every Halfrican (sic) created by the foolish nonAfrican, will have a substantial advantage over the children of all the rest of us in university admissions, job hiring and promotion, and bizarrely, for many a perceived advantage in social and sexual status. In the aggregate, long experience shows that they will go on go kill, rape, rob, and generally make life miserable for all nonAfricans, with their favorite target apparently being those evil white people.

    In real life under our actual system, as opposed to some happy absurd equalitarian theory, people who create more part-african people in our countrry all but ensuring physical, economic, psychological, and social harm to the rest of us trying to peacefully live our lives and raise our families.

    All sensible nonAfricans in the USA should both refrain from reproducing with Africans and condemn and ostracise those who do. I’m more concerned with our children’s safety, economic opportunities, liberties, and ability to live in a reasonably clean, hygienic, quiet, organized, civilized, high-trust neighborhood and society, than about hurting malicious or foolish people’s feelings.

  95. No way, bro. Russia is the number 1 exporter of wheat, not “grains.” 20% of global wheat exports are from Russia, while 7% of global wheat exports are from Ukraine.

    The USA exports 13% of global wheat, Canada 13%. So Canada and the USA are exporting about as much wheat as Russia and Ukraine combined.

    Now let’s see who produces the most sorghum:

    Russia is not even on the list, Ukraine peoduces about 5% of what the USA sells.


    Again, Russia and Ukraine fall far short of the USA.

    Russia is the #2 exporter of barley globally, but is exporting less than half of what the EU produces. Canada produced a bit more than Ukraine:

  96. keep telling yourself that… your level of delusion is …stunning.

    breeding: it’s free to swipe yo ebt

    here, our chanteuse tells that CA is the best state for ‘gibs’.

    violence: literally thousands of vids which contradict your claim to ‘less violent’..

  97. some ‘hispanics’ as they are generally classified are more caucasoid, some are not… there are more squatamalan type mestizos, than caucasoid hispanics across the span of the Americas.

    omega… have you never filled out a racial profile for job app or census?

  98. ‘I certainly do not support white men race mixing with non whites, but surely you are aware why a white women race mixing is a far greater biological offense.’

    regression to the mean.

    White genes are recessive, any admixture w/POC further dilutes/buries those diverse traits.

    especially admixture with blacks, for White women/biracial sprog all too often ends in abandonment and or murder.

  99. I promise they’d prefer that to squatting in the mud to defecate like the vast majority are forced by their circumstances to do.

    But really, my point was neutral and used words with specific definitions.

    It was an observation not a judgement.

  100. White genes aren’t recessive. Whites actually have fewer recessive genes than nonwhites. Many of the fixed alleles in nonwhites, such as the derived allles on ABCC11 or EDAR370, are recessive.

    So nonwhites regress to a white mean when admixed.

  101. “Vids” don’t contradict statistical facts.

    Actual fact: the black incarceration rate is falling while the white incarceration rate is rising.

    Between 2000 and 2015, the imprisonment rate of black men dropped by more than 24 percent. At the same time, the white male rate increased slightly, the BJS numbers indicate.

    Among women, the trend is even more dramatic. From 2000 to 2015, the black female imprisonment rate dropped by nearly 50 percent; during the same period, the white female rate shot upward by 53 percent. As the nonprofit Sentencing Project has pointed out, the racial disparity between black and white women’s incarceration was once 6 to 1. Now it’s 2 to 1.

    There was nothing in those videos trumping the violence of the 80s.
    It’s over for white nationalists. Over 25 years of chimping out in front of crime statistics you didn’t understand has resulted in nothing but wasted lives and failed political aspirations, while the country continues improving without you. That’s gotta be suicide inducing.

  102. Great headline, a classic …

  103. Not only are we poorer but U.S. life expectancy is decreasing.

    In 1960 the U.S. was eighth in the world in life expectancy and now it has dropped down into the mid forties.

    If you are poorer and live a shorter life you are not better off.

  104. The Saracens were employed by Geemanic tribes such as the Visigoths but they weren’t Visigothic. They were black Negroids, like the Moors,

    Did I wander into some Wakanda tier parallel dimension?

    This thread is reminiscent of a world filled with Africans – a total shitshow.

  105. Erik Sieven says

    It was a typo. I meant “used” instead of “sued”.

  106. JohnPlywood says

    Try reading the link I posted, doughboy. The academic consensus is that they were Negroid or at least heavily mixed with Negroids.

    An accurate depiction of Saracens acting on the order of King Geiseric, in a classical Western painting:

  107. First of all it’s Genseric, not Geiseric
    Second, that is a painting by Russian painter Karl Pavlovich Bryullov made in 1836 depicting an event from 455, it is not likely he had any idea about what Saracens looked like

    academic consensus


  108. No you all poo in the loo and worship cows.

    We inbreeding and cattle killing Euros are the real Aryans.

    You stupid Hindus with your Varna, Jaat and Gotra; just do sibling marriage like us!

  109. JohnPlywood says

    First of all it’s Genseric, not Geiseric


    Geiseric (c. 389[citation needed] – 25 January 477), also known as Geiseric or Genseric (Latin: Gaisericus, Geisericus; reconstructed Vandalic: *Gaisarīx[1][2]),

    Second, that is a painting by Russian painter Karl Pavlovich Bryullov made in 1836 depicting an event from 455, it is not likely he had any idea about what Saracens looked like

    It reflects academic consensus based on historical descriptions of Saracens as described in the following link, which you have failed to read twice:

  110. All too often?

    The rate of white single mothers with a niglet is over 90%.

    They more or less become prostitutes and ostracization is not the answer, the sword is..

  111. Saracen literally means Arab Muslim you fucktarded nigger..

  112. JohnPlywood says

    The original Aryans sacrificed and ate cattle:

    Not killing cows is some kind of faggoty Hindu shit that started after the Nordic Aryans mixed with Dravidian women, has nothing to do with the original Iranian culture.

  113. No you all poo in the loo

    So, that is what you call a street in India?

    But, seriously, I don’t know if exporting cheap antiretrovirals to Africa is really a good thing. I mean, here is something natural that came out of Africa and that could make Africans smarter and more monogamous, and we are doing our darnedest to halt all selective forces there. Probably has something to do with gay tourism.

    I mean, I know that sounds harsh, but would you want someone to travel back in time three or four thousand years and give welfare to your ancestors, and cure STDs?

  114. Just passing through says

    Actually, stopping Indians would be as simple as not issuing out visas to them as that is how almost 100% of them get here.

    India’s population would still continue to grow as it is no longer dependent on aid, it is a net exported of food and has its own chemical, pharmaceutical and manufacturing industry to make things like fertilisers, vaccines, tractors and crop dusters etc etc.

    In regards to your suggestion that Europe kills those approaching its borders, this is the scenario outlined in Camp of the Saints, nobody in that book had the courage to fire upon unarmed invaders, and I reckon this would be the case in real life.

    Perhaps a more humane solution would be gradually withdrawing food aid and promoting contraceptives in Africa?, and picking up boat invaders and plonking them back on the African continent instead of giving them a water taxi ride to Germoney and other states which give large amounts of welfare to the economically unproductive.

    Although I can understand your anger, it is misplaced IMO

  115. Just passing through says

    Why are we giving those things to European now then?

  116. A book by a random coon is “academic consensus”, okay bro
    Wakanda foreva indeed

  117. Believe me, I don’t support it. Especially, the antiretrovirals. I met people on them having a baby once (though they weren’t white), and it was a really disturbing experience. And that doesn’t even cover how it helps promote homosexuality as a political force.

  118. Vedas ban killing of Cow.

    ‘Iranian’ Zorastrians don’t even kill any hooved animals.

    Desecration of cattle begins with Moses and the Golden Calf.

    Who cares what Scythians do? They’ll reply ritual sacrifice is not McDonalds.

  119. JohnPlywood says

    You do realize that the author of that book was a mainstream historian belonging to several prestigious organizations over the course of his life, right? All he did was quote multiple contemporaneous descriptions of Saracens as black skinned and flat nosed. Go back in time 1600 years and call those authors “coons”. Saracens were Negroid and that’s an historical fact.

    Do you want to comment as to why Karl Bryullov would portray Saracens as Negroid if it weren’t commonly acknowledged truth? Do you think he spent all his time painting that picture as some kind of joke?

  120. Erik Sieven says

    “But the very nature of a country is a border that others may not cross without permission, and the willingness and ability to use all necessary force to kill foreigners who insist on crossing without that permission.”
    There are numerous cheap and easy ways to stop immigration from Africa without the use of violence.

  121. Abelard Lindsey says

    I believe the Moors that conquered Iberia (and were defeated by Charles Martel the Hammer) were of Arab ethnicity, not Sub-Saharan Africans. The Moors of today are an Arab people and the descendents of the conquering Arab armies under the banner of Islam.

  122. Artists got historical shit wrong all the time, get the hell out of here you clown

  123. It’s estimated that 39% of women in Chad are in polygamous relationships.

    And Utah is now moving to decriminalize polygamy, which should make it a good destination for Chadians, other Africans, and Muslims.

  124. JohnPlywood says

    Okay, you’ve provided no examples to support that statement, but did European realist artists violate the general consensus of their era? That consensus is that the Saracens were Negroid, based on contemporaneous historical documents describing them as Negroids. Bryullov’s painting reflects that.

    I notice that Karl Bryullov, notorious for his anal attention to detail, got every other element of the painting, –the architecture, the dress and weaponry of the Vandals, the Alans, the Romans, and those groups’ ethnic features, astonishingly correct. Outstanding for a Northeastern European living in a time before Google image search and facial reconstructions for the extinct ethnicity, the Alans.

    Which means it is a dark and perilous time to be alive and still holding out hope for a Caucasoid Saracen presence medieval European history. Much suicidal ideation awaits you.

  125. Dindu nuffîns observer says

    I enjoy immensely reading this blog. Thank you AK for it.

    I thought this topic about Chadian breeders would be an excellent occasion for me to make my first comment.

    I have been a connoisseur of nigga peoples for a long while and for several reasons, the main one being work.

    I must say that on average I have enjoyed working with them as they are in general entertaining and deferent. Not exactly productive in general but much less toxic than revolutionary Jews or “woke” Whites. The latter category is absolutely unbearable and is the most destructive in my experience.

    A sad trend I have observed is ten emergence of the woke Asian (especially for Asian females). These ones are totally unbearable.

    There is I believe something fundamentally FUBAR in the genome of many Whites and we will have to go through some evolutionary bottleneck to weed out the suicidal / self-hating traits that now seem to dominate the White collective psyche. The only important question of course being as to whether said bottleneck will turn out to be or not to to be a dead end.

    Disclaimer: per 23andme’s assessment I am 100% NW European. That’s whitest white, as white as it possibly gets. And yet I am extremely critical regarding the survival abilities of most of my kin. Sad.

  126. Just passing through says

    LOL, 23andMe is an Ideal front used to collect DNA of goyim which will then be used by Israel to create race-specific bioweapons. The company is owned by a Jew.

  127. JohnPlywood says

    23andme is owned by GlaxoSmithKline (goy) who paid the $300,000,000 price tag the company is worth.

    If you’re referring to Anne Wojcicki, she is just the CEO of the company. Meaning, she’s the one who chose to sell it to GSK.

    The other people at the top level finance management are all goys; mostly white;

  128. Israel to create race-specific bioweapons.

    Why reinvent the wheel? Africans trained to accuse us of racism seem to work well enough, but not so well on other people.

  129. Blacks are more intelligent than (most) whites.

    Here is black Children with a level of genius incomprehensible to even grown whites.

    They realize truths that white society recoils against and even banishes members who utter it. Watch and learn,

  130. anonymous coward says

    Based Moses. I like him.

  131. Europe Europa says

    White women generally seem to prefer blacks or at the very least have no racial preference from what I’ve seen. The average black man in a majority white country seems to do better with white women than the average white man does in the same country.

    I’d also question the idea that the most common form of race mixing in white man/Asian woman because in Britain at least I would say white women with non-white men is the most common form seen. Also when white men race mix it seems to be almost exclusively in the form of white man/asian woman, whereas the race mixing of white women seems to be far more diverse.

  132. ’d also question the idea that the most common form of race mixing in white man/Asian woman

    The most common form of race mixing is white man + Latina woman.

    because in Britain at least I would say white women with non-white men is the most common form seen. Also when white men race mix it seems to be almost exclusively in the form of white man/asian woman, whereas the race mixing of white women seems to be far more diverse

    Maybe that’s true in England, where there are few Latin Americans and where East Asians are barely 1% of the population. After all, England’s nonwhites are mostly blacks and South Asians, whose migration patterns have involved a male sex bias to England. England is neither diverse nor balanced.

    In the United States however, where there is actual diversity and balance of the sex ratios of nonwhites, the majority of interracial pairings involve white men, and white men are in more diverse relationships than white women.

    To suggest that white women have a preference for black men or no preference at all is laughable. In the USA, for sure, that is definitely not the case. If that is the state of affairs in your country, I pity you.

  133. Dindu nuffîns observer says

    I certainly hope for you that you are intelligent enough to understand the manifold options that you might used to anonymize your tests, in particular involving sampling in one country, mailing from another one, checking your results via a VPN and also using a single use debit card to order your kit — amongst many other such things.

    I also hope for you that you understand that, as was the case for me, when such tests match exactly everything you already knew from your family’s recorded genealogy over 3 centuries AND many phenotypal traits then you may conclude that such DNA testing has more than a sliver of plausibility. It’s just one piece of evidence in a broader picture.

    The fact that the company is run by some Ashkenazim rather than by a White is only additional anecdotal evidence , if needed, that the former are on average way smarter than the latter. By the way you don’t seem to be too intelligent either.

  134. Ireland got an early dose of Multi-Culturalism in the 19th century, which much like today revolved around ‘cheap labor’/’mass immigration’, ie ‘wage slavery’ to be more accurate.

    Ireland’s experience then is sort of a genocidal template for what is being done today to the peoples and nations of the world.

    In 1851, the London Times published an editorial (linked and excerpted below) declaring that due to the enmasse predation of the Irish people as wage slaves (cheap labor) by the United States, and due to the associated ‘mixing’ in North America, they (the Irish people) would be ‘known no more’ as a people.

    The Irish were going to be biologically replaced within Ireland itself by imported immigrants who the Times describes as having the desired characteristics of being ‘more mixed’, ‘more docile’, and ‘which can submit to a master,’ much unlike the irksome organic Celtic Irish.

    Specifically, and with all due respect, the slave replacement population for the Irish which the editorial described was a reference to the historic ‘plantation’ population of Northern Ireland today, the past ‘immigrants’.

    It demonstrates what I think is in reality the utter contempt held for ‘immigrants’ by the powers that be…ie they seem them as slaves, and as wage slaves (so called ‘cheap labor’, ie monetized chattel slavery) that is indeed their function.

    The Irish at the time called this enmasse predation of their people as wage slaves (so called ‘cheap labor’) ‘extermination’, and members of the British aristocracy in Ireland who were promoting it were being shot for doing so. [The 1847 Spectator of London article entitled, ‘Extermination and Vengeance’, which can be found linked below, documents this.]

    The subject of the editorial was the US ambassador to the UK, Abbott Lawrence, and his then tour of Ireland. His ambassadorship might of been an early example of public/private partnership as Lawrence was the patriarch of a family of Massachusetts textile factory magnates.

    It was his family which had financed the construction of Lawrence ‘Immigrant City, Mass in the 1840’s. It was this same family which (not coincidentally) had financed the construction of the ‘abolitionist’ center Lawrence, Kansas during the 1850’s.

    Almost certainly some of the very same Irish Lawrence would see in Ireland would soon be working as wage slaves (ie ‘cheap labor’) in one of his Mass textile mills.

    Lawrence ‘Immigrant City’, Mass is the same city the super ‘progressive’ Elizabeth Warren launched her 2020 presidential bid from.

    The new boss, same as the old boss.

    [See the linked ‘comment’ post below, particularly under the ‘More’ section, for more on this subject.]
    Galway, Ireland – 1902

    ‘known no more’

    London Times (Sept 30, 1851) – The American Minister in Ireland

    “The prosperity and happiness he [Lawrence] speaks of may some day reign over that beautiful island. It’s fertile soil, its water-power, its minerals, and other materials for the wants and luxuries of man, may one day be developed; but all apearances are against the belief that this will ever happen in the days of the Celt.

    That tribe will soon fulfill the great law of Providence which seems to enjoin and reward the union of races. It [the Irish people] will mix with the Anglo-American, and be known no more as a jealous and separate people. Its present place will be occupied by the more mixed, more docile, and more serviceable race, which has long borne the yoke of sturdy industry in this island, which can submit to a master and obey the law…”

  135. The problem of Chad (I have spent time there) is that the French are not fulfilling their duties. They have soldiers there guarding the uranium but they fail to make order and govern that enormous country. Chad is very large and has unexploited water resources, but they need European governance. Once. when a spade was called a spade, it was called the White man’s burden.

  136. The white man’s burden is just to destroy Hindu Dharma।।

  137. Europe Europa says

    I find it bizarre how Britain is regarded as the quintessential “colonial oppressor”, and yet France fits that definition far more in the 21st century than Britain does. If the British army was in some dirt poor African nation guarding natural resources and the corporations extracting them while leaving the natives to fester there would be international outrage, but the French are judged by different standards it seems.

    The French seem to have tricked the world with their famous motto “Liberté, Equalité, Fraternité”, not for all though it would seem.

  138. Another German Reader says

    Still waiting for John Plywood’s reply to my comment – Nr.18 in this thread.

    Still waiting for John Plywood’s vision for all those underclass/working-class young men in developing countries with massive youth bulge and zero perspectives.

  139. Vishnugupta says

    UK colonies have been much more successful post independence which is why the crimes of the UK are scrutinized more and articulated by countries whose public opinion matters.

    It’s similar to why there are so many monuments to remember the persecution of Jews by the Nazis but next to none to remember the persecution of Gypsies.

    Jews as a community are rich and powerful, Gypsies are poor and weak.

  140. Just passing through says

    This social justice stuff is way more prevalent in the Anglosphere, it tends to be minimal in non-English speaking countries.

    Usually it originates from America and then spreads to the UK and then onwards to Australia and New Zealand.

    There is also a possibility that there is outrage but we English speakers don’t hear about it because we don’t follow Francophone news outlets. I do recall Matteo Salvini once blamed France for economic exploitation which leads to migrant flows into Italy though.

  141. Surely, the French did a lot of uplifting, and population estimates on a time scale bear this out.

  142. Groovy.

  143. Commentator Mike says

    Looks like Africa needs the Black Death. Like the one that swept Europe in the Middle Ages. That would thin them out.

  144. JohnPlywood…….?

    Corby gots hisself a sock puppet.