Raz of Chaz vs. MAGA Viking: Who Did the Techno-Barbarian Aesthetic Better?

But let’s move on to a far more important discussion:

Raz of Chaz or MAGA Viking, who did the techno-barbarian warlord aesthetic better during their occupations of Capitol Hill and the Capitol, respectively?

Both are very strong competitors to be sure.

Points in favor of MAGA Viking:

(1) Storming one of the key power centers of a superpower in scenes vaguely redolent of the fall of Rome and post-nuclear apocalypse America is more inherently impressive than squatting and passing around joints in some filthy tents in Seattle.

(2) Asserted authority by displaying physique, intimidating many observers into submission…

… whereas Raz of Chaz has a generic 1990s gold chain gangsta aesthetic, like President Camacho from Idiocracy.

(3) MAGA Viking was accompanied by his Chad friends who put their boots on Nancy Pelosi’s desk and heroically liberated her podium…

… as well as by gamers, making this a literal GAMER UPRISING. (The tattoo on the hand of the guy in the yellow suiter here is a rune from Dishonored, which I recommend BTW).

Possible long-term impact: The splintering of the Republican Party, LOL.


Points in favor of Raz of Chaz:

(1) Say what you will of the Republic of Chaz, but at least it lasted a few weeks, as opposed to the few hours between when the police let the MAGA trespassers in and Blompf told them to get out…

… even if Chaz didn’t ultimately fulfill the high hopes that many true progressives such as myself initially placed upon it.

Chez also claimed territory and developed many of the rudimentary institutions of a state, such as a police force a militia of gangbangers and borders armed checkpoints.

(3) Raz banged significantly more hos during his reign of power than MAGA Viking, whom we can be reasonably sure banged zero during his raid upon the Capitol. Having a harem is one of the perks of being warlord (for more than a few hours).

(4) Moreover, not only was the warlord Raz of CHAZ physically beating up the Antifacels and sleeping with their womenz, he was also DOMINATING those same rentoids as an Airbnb landlord back during peacetime.


Possible long-term impact: Enriching Seattle tech oligarchs in cahoots with the Seattle City Council by torpedoing property prices in Capitol Hill.


My own assessment is that MAGA Viking wins out for sheer impact, though certainly Raz of Chaz seems to have had a much more fun time of it – he tired back to his career as a rapper and kept his Twitter account, whereas MAGA Viking will almost certainly be charged, possibly locked away, and permanently blacklisted from most interesting career prospects by the assorted NPCs of the country he sought to “make great again.”

Anatoly Karlin is a transhumanist interested in psychometrics, life extension, UBI, crypto/network states, X risks, and ushering in the Biosingularity.


Inventor of Idiot’s Limbo, the Katechon Hypothesis, and Elite Human Capital.


Apart from writing booksreviewstravel writing, and sundry blogging, I Tweet at @powerfultakes and run a Substack newsletter.


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  2. Shortsword says

    Many powerful photos this year.

  3. Bashibuzuk says

    whereas MAGA Viking will almost certainly be charged, possibly locked away,

    If two or more persons in any State or Territory, or in any place subject to the jurisdiction of the United States, conspire to overthrow, put down, or to destroy by force the Government of the United States, or to levy war against them, or to oppose by force the authority thereof, or by force to prevent, hinder, or delay the execution of any law of the United States, or by force to seize, take, or possess any property of the United States contrary to the authority thereof, they shall each be fined under this title or imprisoned not more than twenty years, or both.

    (June 25, 1948, ch. 645, 62 Stat. 808; July 24, 1956, ch. 678, § 1, 70 Stat. 623; Pub. L. 103–322, title XXXIII, § 330016(1)(N), Sept. 13, 1994, 108 Stat. 2148.)


  4. Nothing will ever be the same after 2020. Everything’s now changed, forever.

  5. Actually it turns out the MAGA Viking is an Antifa agent. Thus, they were allowed access to prohibited areas for photo shoots to flash on the nightly news to show the Trump followers as heathens. Mission accomplished.

  6. Shortsword says

    Wrong. He’s a Qtard.

  7. whereas Raz of Chaz has a generic 1990s gold chain gangsta aesthetic,


    Like this?

    (That was the actual magazine cover; not a fake.)

  8. Viking man has 2 tails on his coon skin cap…Daniel Boone only had one. Viking wins the honorary water buffalo award. Dummies should have at least stolen the artwork…rape and pillage…that’s what I would’da done.

  9. Anatoly Karlin says

    Highest black share of the vote for a Republican!

  10. Chez also claimed territory and developed many of the rudimentary institutions of a state, such as a police force a militia of gangbangers and borders armed checkpoints.


  11. Weston Waroda says

    Raz of Chaz and MAGA Viking are both BLM/Antifa assets. It’s a moot question about who did the techno-barbarian asset better, unless you consider nuanced perceptions that amount to little, or you don’t believe in false flag operations.

  12. Glory days. I haven’t seen anything this significant affecting a capitol building since the takeover of the Russian Parliament building when Yeltsin was around standing on a tank. Historic. The gamers have the brains and the time. Godspeed. And I don’t even like Trump all that much.

  13. As the post-apocalypse Barbarian Minister of Letters I hereby award you the 2021 Pulitzer Prize for Political Humor.

  14. The Real World says

    You are correct. The DNC flew in their Antifa thugs, on the payroll, from around the country into DC dressed in Trump gear. The cue for the others in their terrorist group to distinguish each other was that they wore their MAGA hats backwards.

    Shortsword is very naive about how the Marxists operate and where America is today. He will eventually learn that they often pose as others.

  15. The Real World says

    Yes, agreed.

    Frankly, I think this is a stupid article and in poor taste given the magnitude of what has occurred in the last couple months. We are officially a third world shythole country.

  16. Well the right wing populist movement is dead. Not just in the USA but all over the world. All Euro libs got the propaganda they needed without trouble. Thanks Trump losers. America is not the only country fighting against globalist politicians.

  17. We are officially a third world shythole country.

    Its the end result of handing over your country to the Jews and their minions thinking they’ll take care of things. There is something about Jewish power that inevitably leads to chaos and permanent, adamantine division.

  18. I concurred. Pretty awesome when the Capitol is stormed. vs smoking dopes in Seattle and declaring CHOP which was nothing more than a public shithole. hihihi. MAGA.

  19. Hello from Russia, with love!

  20. YES!, and now the republicans are going to roll over and wet themselves like a submissive pooch.

  21. Jesus why is “resistance” in the West so pussy-like? Didn’t see a single mortar or grenade.

    Call me when Syrian-style rebellions start (or when tanks start to fire on buildings). Until then all this is just a Micky Mouse side show operation.

  22. We’re conditioned for short term satisfaction in the internet age, truly momentous events like revolutions against established regimes are often decades in the making, and presaged by many such incidences like this one years beforehand.

  23. shylockcracy says

    The US demos has exactly zero kratos over government action -it’s been the case since 1776- but this fleeting takeover of Capitol is thought to be an updolding of democracy by its cluelessly flag-waving perpetrators. They’re not gonna feel the huge jab of Ziocorporatism’s “Great Reset” until after the onset of the vaccine’s adverse effects, if ever. President Kameltoe will lock them up and hide the key between her legs if they resist.

  24. raven lunatic says

    when can we apply this law to bill kristol?? asking for a friend

  25. (1) Storming one of the key power centers of a superpower in scenes vaguely redolent of the fall of Rome

    A keeper, indeed. And my guess is that on that beautiful day of August 24, 410, when the Visigoths sacked Rome, the tough lads had the same thing in mind — That which is a parasitic drain and no longer remembers what it even exists for should fall, and fall hard.

    Quo Vadis, Washington D.C.?

  26. We are witnessing the end of Western liberal democracy in the world, and the end of American empire, and all AK thinks about is stupid memes.

    Did anyone think a year ago that millions of perfectly healthy people would not be allowed to leave their home or be forced to wear a useless mask? Or even let the gov’t decide how many people of their family they can meet for Christmas?

    Do you think that life is going back to “normal” in 2022?

    Also free clean elections are basically over – a sham. It’s just open fraud now. If anyone still believe that their vote counts, he’s an idiot. It’s all decided beforehand and computers do the rest.

    If anyone believes that Republicans are “on their side”, he’s an idiot too.

    It’s over. It was good while it lasted, but it’s over.

  27. “Well the right wing populist movement is dead.”

    Wrong. It’s just getting started.

  28. Then two years later he fired on the parliament. He still gets called a “democrat” but that is shorthand for “follows Western instructions”.

  29. We are witnessing the end of Western liberal democracy in the world, and the end of American empire

    It’s funny how you say this as if it’s an event we are supposed to lament instead of celebrate. Good riddance to both!

  30. Who did the Techno-Barbarian Aesthetic better? That’s easy!
    Kyle Rittenhouse

  31. you guys are seriously stupid.

  32. I don’t disagree that Yeltsin became a slave to the West, by then he was drunk and corrupt. But he did see the hope in V Putin. I think his admiration for Putin was sincere, perhaps he saw in him something he had wanted to be himself.

  33. A. Hipster says

    Indeed he is, he has an extensive web footprint that proves that …theory that he is an antifa agent comes from the basement dwelling incel autist Qtards. Those image board autists also, maybe surprisingly, didn’t recognize the computer game rune tattoo but to them it looked like sickle and hammer tattoo, proving Antifa/China/Deep State False Flag.

    Which one did the esthetic better? I’d say MAGA Viking.

  34. Putin often seems to be the anti-Yeltsin. To what extent this is presentation rather than essence, I am not sure. Yeltsin was a pudgy alcoholic with a missing finger or two who occasionally appeared drunk on TV, especially in the later years of his presidency. Putin acts like he drinks nothing stronger than orange juice, stresses his physical fitness and comes across as something of a control freak. Yeltsin could shell parliament and the West still liked him and was even indulgent about his drunkenness. Putin is demonised.

  35. Bashibuzuk says

    Your description is accurate. Funny how most people cannot see something so evident. OTOH life goes on. And where is life – there is hope. It’s easy to hope and strive when everything is saine and going in the right direction, but the real strength is shown in the face of adversity. There will be adversity aplenty in the coming years.

  36. Bashibuzuk says

    Bor’ka alkash was a POS. May he rot in hell for all eternity. He killed true Russian patriots in 1993 to much Western applause. Now the chickens come home to roost. What we saw today in DC was a provocation, not as bloody as the attempted storm of Ostankino, but probably more deadly in the long run. It’s just the beginning, just wait and see…

  37. Bashibuzuk says

    when can we apply this law to bill kristol??

    When you are strong enough to ensure your votes are counted and your presidential election is not stolen from you. When you are grown up enough to take and keep power in your own countries. That is- starting from today- never. Because you should have done it 19 years ago. Also see the comments # 26 and # 27 bellow.

  38. @Rooster10 is right. He’s an actor named Jake Angeli – BLM protestor and “climate activist”. The other two plants he’s posing with in various celebratory shots are Philly Antifa

  39. Poor taste and gullible

  40. My first comment on this site is that this article is moronic, should not be on here – a terrible low for the site – and is a gross insult to people of Viking/Nordic ancestry. It’s clear to anyone with even half a brain and more than a couple of hours of real life experience in political activist circles that the so-called ‘MAGA Viking’ and his buddies are anarchist-Antifa-BLM-related goons in a photo shoot setup to discredit Trump supporters. I know because I’ve spent decades in lefty-loser circles – until waking up in 2020 – and known many people like those pictured. I can only conclude the author is a moron or an agent for advancing libtardism.

  41. TheJamesRocket says

    Well the right wing populist movement is dead.

    The hell it is. This event has just Redpilled tens of millions of Americans. They finally understand that the entire political establishment hates them: That includes Democrats and Republicans. An enormous crowd of Patriots assembled in Washington to hear Trump speak. They were dissapointed at the lack of decisive action, and decided to demonstrate in front of the Capitol building. Once they learned that Pence would be certifying the fraudulent Electoral Votes for Biden, their anger boiled over, and they decided to occupy the Capitol building.

    And now, Trump is missing in action, and the Republicans are turning on their constituents. This is not the end of right wing populism, but it is a huge fork in the road.

  42. A big consequence of this is that the chances of “the orange one” himself going to jail have now gone from unlikely to quite likely. Anybody know what odds betting markets are giving at the minute, is it still worth putting money on, anyone place any bets beforehand?

  43. If you make a martyr of him 40% of the country will come to its own conclusions.

  44. That sounds unreal. I need more info or at least much more impactful info than this stuff from the uh Washington Times:

    Facial recognition firm claims antifa infiltrated Trump protesters who stormed Capitol

    That’s still on the level of “Russian Hackers did my Computer, I swear”.

    In truth, nothing much happened and all this drama from people with hands in the air is just, well, drama.

    Some people with weak arms often holding smartphones to film themselves stormed a glorified discussion bunker while some completely postponable holy rites were being held at the time. Maybe someone took souvenirs (previously paid by taxpayers). Deplorably, a lady got executed by police on video.

    There was less handwringing when serious damage was visited on private individuals during the summer months.

  45. Supply and Demand says

    You need to be popular to be a populist.

  46. Supply and Demand says

    Techno-Futurist SpreeShooter was Brevik’s bag.

  47. “Quo vadis, Domine?” “Romam eo iterum crucifigi.”

  48. Onan the Barbarian says

    Life was very different before everything changed.

  49. Reactive Reaction says

    Right, MAGA Viking didn’t have a plan.

    If he, now MAGA Speaker, had chosen 435 MAGA men, sat them down, and sworn them in, declaring themselves the Legitimate House of Representatives, and then began dumping Pelosi’s emails to Schumer and McConnell on the net – THEN, things could have become interesting.

  50. MAGA Viking >>>> CHAZ.

    Organic MAGA Viking vs CHAZ LARP. No contest.

  51. Reactive Reaction says

    Right wing populism is not dead, but it is an infant in need of protection.

    The media coordination around “insurrection” and “terrorism” after mostly peaceful protesters burned our cities and openly executed us in the streets of Portland and Denver means they were ready for us, while we were not QUITE ready to follow through by building barricades, occupying the chambers, and swearing in a government.

    But now, they will cower behind bigger walls and do more of their bipartisan trickery in secret. This is good for us, in the long run.

    The next time we have to climb that Hill, we will have to stay a while. President Harris will certainly be provoking us constantly. But she lacks the skill “Obama” had to make the medicine go down. She is probably not the least qualified VP in history, but when she moves into the White House around when the cherry blossoms come out, she will be the least qualified President in history, and by a lot.

    Her government will be run by what the ineffable Reverend Wright called “them Jews around Obama”, but her skirts are too narrow to hide behind.

    Interesting times ahead.

  52. Onan the Barbarian says

    Reminiscent of Shakespeare’s “Julius Caesar”, where the conspirators have no further plans beyond running through the streets with their daggers and shouting “liberty, freedom, and enfranchisement”. In the end, their actions paved the way to Caligula, Nero, and El-al-Gabal (Heliogabalus).

  53. Temporary Insanity says

    All kidding aside, it’s crystal clear that the White Christian Americans have a death wish and the hegemonic Jewish elites are very obliging. RIP!

  54. Supply and Demand says

    I have said this for years. MAGApedes are too low-IQ to understand what to do with power. 2 centuries of dysgenic breeding with the refuse of Europe (Irish, Poles, Scandis) and negroes have taken their toll on the Amerikwan.

  55. Johnny Rico says

    You are on the wrong website, “bro.” Both ISIS and the Syrian-rebellion were engineered by the CIA and Israel, dontcha know. We have our “pussy-like” rebellions in other countries.

  56. Observator says

    I have nothing but admiration for the “rioters” even though I despise their lunatic leader. Too bad that revolutionary energy can’t be channeled into something more grounded in reality. Not yet, at least.

    The best part is the utter drivel in the MSM, the endless, idiotic blathering about the “desecration” of the wonderful house of liberty. And seeing our courageous lawmakers, bravely returning under heavy guard to complete their work after running away like scared rabbits. What a freak show.

    As a historian I particularly got a chuckle out of the pious comparisons of this event to the attack on the Capitol in the War of 1812. The British burned the government buildings in Washington in 1814 in retaliation for the American destruction of York, the capital of Upper Canada, (modern Toronto) the year before. What goes around comes around, now as then.

    I do wonder why Trump has chosen to throw away his political legacy this way. Maybe it’s part of the deal to keep him out of jail, completely discredit the movement his bombastic rhetoric brought into being. He’s crazy like a fox, has made a lifetime career of escaping responsibility for his nonstop screw-ups.

  57. Ilya G Poimandres says


    Guy is called Jake Agneli, and he is meant to be a Qanon guy.

    And so what if he was antifa this time? He just took some cool photos, had some lols, and didn’t burn down anything.

    Relax a little – whilst the emotion behind the #StopTheSteal is real and justifiable, sometimes you gotta find the funny in the darkest of times!

  58. Really excellent post here, Anatoly. Your use of sarcasm and visual props to make your points are greatly appreciated. Keep up the great work!

    Oh, and Merry Christmas to you and all of your readers here that still celebrate Christmas by the Julian calendar.


  59. Most of your comments over the last few days include the warning “this is just the beginning”. What makes you so sure that these events wont peter out by the end of next month, like so many other earth shattering ones have done in the past?

    Merry Christmas Bahibushuk – go visit a Russian or Ukrainian Orthodox church today and get back to your roots, my good man! If nothing else, I think you need to meditate upon some beautiful gold/silver embossed icons and inhale some beautiful pine scented Christmas incense. God is always waiting to fill your heart with his Spirit.


  60. Daniel Chieh says

    We are witnessing the end of Western liberal democracy in the world, and the end of American empire, and all AK thinks about is stupid memes.

    I’m sure that Karlin is stricken with sadness.

  61. Abdul Alhazred says

    Yes the blathering about the ‘desecration’ of the house of liberty sums it all up!
    The real desecration was Pardoning Pollard!
    & Pushing Warp Speed.

  62. Abdul Alhazred says

    Looks like the author posing with his broad sword could fit the casting call for the next color revolution!
    Remember Nancy was wearing purple!

  63. Daniel Chieh says

    I give them huge props for courage and thymus. It was a doomed effort but they did act when courage.

  64. What we saw was pure CIA theater, which will be used to herd white people into their NWO.

    The US Capitol is one of the most protected places on Earth, yet we’re supposed to believe that some goofy looking characters were able to get past Capitol Hill police, private security firms and the over 6,00o National Guard troops they had on hand?

    Pedo Joe called is an insurrection, meaning he just labeled white Americans as traitors.

    Gird your loins, it’s going to get worse, much worse.

  65. Metaculus has a question on this: https://www.metaculus.com/questions/957/donald-trump-spends-time-in-jail-or-prison/

    Went up from 10% to 14% in the past 24 hours. I’d say that’s quite accurate, I don’t think anything really cardinally changed so far as Trump’s legal situation is concerned.

  66. Mr Jake Agneli resembles NO VIKING!
    More a shaman.
    Always these exhibitionist clowns!
    Ronald macdonald tradition.
    Were arethe patriots?
    Were are the new leaders?

  67. Agreed except for this:

    Maybe it’s part of the deal to keep him out of jail, completely discredit the movement his bombastic rhetoric brought into being.

    I don’t think it actually works like that in the US. There is no one “arbiter” (e.g. like Putin in Russia) who can offer credible immunity guarantees to an outgoing President.

  68. Maga viking is an antifa false flag. He was photographed at a BLM
    rally back in June.

  69. Europe Europa says

    They’ve achieved nothing, in fact they’ve significantly weakened their position and given the elites more than enough ammunition to crush MAGA once and for all.

    Association with “Viking guy” is also a bad look for MAGA, the pseudo-Pagan devil horns barbarian look does not endear people, most normies will take one look at him and think “weirdo”.

  70. Word on the street is that the bikers were on their way to Chaz to take over it. The feds pulled the plug before they got there. Raz would have had is ass handed to him.

  71. The Spirit of Enoch Powell says


    Michael Anthony McFaul (born October 1, 1963) is an American academic and diplomat who served as the United States Ambassador to Russia from 2012 to 2014.

  72. Old and Grumpy says

    I got a chuckle out of both, so do I really have to choose? Guess I will go with simpleton Chaz due to the fact the Q crowd didn’t burn the capital down. Guess you really need the English to pull that off rather than some wannabe Vikings. Who could have ever guessed that one? However I will give the one guy a lot of credit for getting the head garb thru the airport.

  73. That dumb thing yesterday was nothing. Years ago a bunch of Puerto Ricans went into Congress guns blazing. They were serious people. Yesterday was just a bunch of pansies playing around with flags and carrying on a bit. Oh yeah, the girl who got killed – shit happens.

  74. Shortsword says

    McFaul is always gay.

  75. Shortsword says

    He was at the BLM rally to counterprotest. He was carrying a sign that said “Q sent me”.

  76. Jimmy le Blanc says

    The United States of America died yesterday. January 6, 2021 was the last gasp of a long suppressed and compromised immune system, the election votes in Congress its death rattle. Now the parasites will feed on the country’s corpse. Decomposition will be swift.

  77. AltanBakshi says

    Pine scented, so you use pine resin in your incense? We use specifically juniper in our incense, its the Vedic and Aryan way to make incense from juniper, unlike the Hindus who have forgotten proper ways to make incense.

  78. Smarkets is giving 8% on him not serving a full term (being booted before the 20th Jan), that’s probably worth a $50-100 gamble at this stage.


  79. Not Only Wrathful says

    The “mob” killed no one, burned nothing, even though one of them, a woman, was shot dead by law enforcement. They did zero harm to ordinary people and merely made a mockery of Congress; which might be considered bad, if Congress was not actually a mockery anyway.

    Given that this is a year where a supposed story of love and bravery political protest movement burned cities, murdered civilians, pillaged and looted throughout the country, I really don’t get the fuss.

  80. YetAnotherAnon says

    OT – Far Eastern passports get you into more countries visa-free.


    The Henley Passport Index points out that Asia Pacific countries appear to dominate the top part of its ranking in 2021 – explaining that this is a ‘relatively new phenomenon’.

    It says: ‘Over the index’s 16-year history, the top spots were traditionally held by EU countries, the UK, or the US, and experts suggest that the Apac region’s position of strength will continue as it includes some of the first countries to begin the process of recovering from the pandemic.

    Over the past seven years, the US passport has fallen from the number one spot to seventh place, a position it currently shares with the UK.

    Note that these are pre-Covid rankings.

  81. Bashibuzuk says

    Unfortunately you are mostly correct. And the whole take over of the American social body by the parasites has been a lenghty process. Now it is (nearly?) complete.

  82. Irish-American IQ is above the national average and they have done well for themselves in America. Poles will likely have the highest IQ in Europe as Germany now favors diversity over excellence. Lebensborn Scandi nations were near heaven for a time. The refuse of Europe isn’t European. The most toxic refuse is anti-European Jews.

  83. I think he is referring to the main stream, watered down, politically acceptable version. What is needed to take back america is the Michael Collins approach. “any collaboration with the forces of occupation (the zog) will be punishable by death” Guerrilla war, revolution.

  84. Here’s the “secret recipe”. Wonderful scented incense used during the nativity season, in addition to more traditional incense comprised of frankincense and myrrh. A very clean and refreshing scent, kind of like walking through a pine forest during wintertime:

    A deep and rich mixture of fir, spruce, balsam, cedarwood and moss with touches of cinnamon, clove and eucalyptus create a wonderful and complex aroma of evergreen. An especially delightful fragrance during the Nativity season, but wonderful for any time of the year. One of our favorites for the Nativity Season!


  85. Yet another George Soros Production, folks. One question though, why does this attempt to take away the average American’s freedoms, give the republiWONTS yet another excuse to cave on investigating the election?

    EVERYONE knows that Biden would have been lucky to receive 50 million LEGIT votes and that Trump was the winner by a landslide, so why does an orchestrated Antifa or other ACTORS involved ALLEGED attack on the Capital have anything to do with making sure the election was not stolen?

    Shouldn’t we still see IF this election was the HUGE FRAUD that everyone knows it was. All this CONVENIENTLY set up a scenario where America was made to shut up, sit down and accept the obvious lie that Biden was GIVEN the 46th Presidency by MASSIVE VOTER FRAUD. Now that friend, is a third world country banana republic.

    Believe nothing you hear or read and only half of what you see, especially in America 2021.

  86. I see trump as controlled opposition who says some good things and throws a bone to middle america but is otherwise useless or worse. That being said, I think it should be clear to anyone paying attention that there will be no positive change from within the system. Real Americans need to take the red pill full dosage and realize that if we want to take back the US and the west in general from the (((globalist))) scum we need to kill our enemies. It will only be accomplished when people are ready to physically organize and fight back.

  87. Jimmy le Blanc says

    It is complete. It is now open season on Whitey, his stuff, and his history. In fact, I would go so far as to say Jan 6 was the death of Western Civilization. The desecration of the West will now go into overdrive. We have literally stepped over the threshold into a dark age.

    I, personally, am going to start drinking more bourbon. When the filthy, diseased, subhuman mob comes to break down my door I’ll be numb.

  88. Bashibuzuk says

    Thank you for your warm wishes Mr Hack. I reciprocate: С Рождеством Христовым ! You are right that today would have been a good day to go to Church, but the nearest one is hours of drive away and the coronavirus restrictions make attending the liturgy nearly impossible.

    Regarding your question; last spring, at the very beginning of the coronavirus “pandemic” (for the lack of a better word), I had the intuition that what I call globalized West (that is the EU plus the Anglosphere) has entered its Perestroika period. The ensuing events and the documents made available online in the last year have confirmed my impression.

    The radical social change is probably justified and inescapable, just like it was in the FSU. But it will be a painful process all the same. It will be especially painful for the core constituency of the globalized West (quasi-)democratic systems: that is the middle class. The middle class will be actually served an “eviction notice “, it will be radically downsized and its political clout will be annihilated.

    The attempts to resist this transformation through populist movements will be met with an increasing dose of MSM propaganda, subversion and outright repression. This whole thing didn’t start yesterday, it was decades into making, but now we are entering the most active confrontational phase. Due to the specific characteristics of the USA and its prominent position in the globalized West, the process should probably be much more extreme in the US than on the global periphery.

    Much hardships and possibly outright violence are probably planned for the American middle class. That is why I believe that what we are witnessing today is just the beginning.

    But per the Gospel : Претерпевший же до конца спасется.

    Merry Christmas again!

  89. Bashibuzuk says

    One should strive to see the light even on the darkest hour. Despair is not helping anyone’s survival. See my reply to Mr Hack below.

  90. I listened to a few minutes of conservative talk radio this morning. The pied piper hosts are of course condemning the stormers, but its encouraging to hear several patriots calling in and explicitly calling for 1776. Even the schizos who think it was all staged are at least resolved to never vote for a GOP creep again.

  91. We lost because we played by their rules.

    Yesterday, patriots flipped the checkerboard. They sent the parasites running and wetting themselves- completely unarmed!

    Red America has just become ungovernable. There’s no cause for despair.

  92. Commentator Mike says

    Sounds like he’s a professional protester. If there’s a public protest he wants to be a part of it. There are such types. Probably doesn’t care much what it’s all about.

  93. The Spirit of Enoch Powell says

    German Lopez writes for Vox on the 22 September 2020: Riots are destructive, dangerous, and scary — but can lead to serious social reforms

    German Lopez also writes for the same outlet on January 6 of this year: Every person who forced their way into the Capitol should be arrested

  94. Peripatetic Itch says
  95. The late Prof Steve Cohen, a true prince among men, could not contain his disdain (even disgust) with McFaul’s malicious incompetence!

  96. Jan 6, 2021 Scenes From The Trump Rally Before Violence Erupted

    Federalist footage of the Trump rally that preceded the violent riot at the Capitol on Jan. 6.


    January 6, 2021 Facial recognition firm claims Antifa infiltrated Trump protesters who stormed Capitol

    A retired military officer told The Washington Times that the firm XRVision used its software to do facial recognition of protesters and matched two Philadelphia Antifa members to two men inside the Senate.


  97. I have to admit that it was a good time in DC yesterday. Watching the crowd of about a million marchers surround the Capitol amid the smoke and boom of tear gas was as close as I’ll ever get to an epic scene, most likely. It would have been more praiseworthy, however, if the security hadn’t been stripped beforehand. I have been to many large protests and all of them had far more cops and barricades than what was available at the Capitol. Something definitely smells.

  98. Trump is looking more like Emanuel Goldstein every day. Don’t fall for this charade, people. Those were nothing more than ACTORS, Antifa/BLM goons, and maybe a few ACTUAL overly enthusiastic Trump supporters who got caught up in the moment.

    This was a George Soros/Hollywood bad B-movie, unfortunately one poor woman was shot and we need to find the perpetrator who shot down an unarmed White female, who apparently was a military veteran. Something huh, she serves her country for years and is shot down unarmed. That was the only significant violence that I saw from my limited television screen. Besides vandalism, broken windows, and minor scuffles of guys posturing and pushing, it was certainly nothing worthy of being compared to what BLM/Antifa have done all summer long. Yep, for all the overkill and exaggeration by the media, this amounted to some Yahoos, both paid and unpaid, breaking windows and wearing over the top costumes like the Barbarian or Viking. The Confederate Flag was on display, which was a sure fire giveaway that there was an ACTOR, friends and foes. Surprised there wasn’t a swastika or two on display that day.

    STILL, why did this minor event, minor except for the poor woman who was shot, STOP the investigation of VOTER FRAUD. IF these people were actually looking to restore the integrity of America and PROTECT our democracy, the investigation would have continued as it was promised.

  99. He’s The Naked Cowboy of protesters.

  100. Actually it turns out the MAGA Viking is an Antifa agent.

    Absolutely! This whole thing has conspicuous cornball political theatre written all over it.

  101. You are correct. The DNC flew in their Antifa thugs, on the payroll, from around the country into DC dressed in Trump gear

    So, let me see if I am getting this correct; The DNC flew in a bunch of Seattle goofballs, put them in MAGA hats and gave them Confederate flags, and they were just miraculously allowed to stroll through the capital building doors, while a legislative session is going on, and take pictures without getting shot. And the Capitol security authorities had no idea that this was going to happen. Is this your thesis?

  102. Supply and Demand says

    Where did the Jews emigrate from? Oh, Poland.

  103. Michael Collins was very gifted but he met his Waterloo when he went up against the British A Team (Churchill, Lloyd George and the other Chamberlain)!

  104. InnerCynic says

    That MAGA viking seems to get around those BLM marches quite a lot. Funny how he and other antifa troops were all there

  105. Peripatetic Itch says

    [Chaz] also claimed territory and developed many of the rudimentary institutions of a state, such as a police force a militia of gangbangers and borders armed checkpoints.

    Now really, how could you have left out their endorsings of guillotines? And don’t forget their name change from Chaz to Chop, which is not unrelated to the guillotine. (Sorry, couldn’t find any pics of the Chop guillotine.)



  106. InnerCynic says

    When it goes so completely over the top you know its all an act

  107. InnerCynic says

    I was talking with a buddy and told him what I tell everyone… that TPTB only “fear” acquiring room temperature. They’re not afraid of your words.

  108. Shortsword says
  109. It is pretty impressive what he accomplished against the odds, which is why he was assassinated soon after. The (((British))) should not be underestimated in their ruthlessness.

  110. the grand wazoo says

    “In 1898 rabbi Joseph Hayyim Sonnenfeld refused to attend a reception in honor of KaiserWilhelm II of Germany. When asked why he replied: I had heard from my late teacher, R. Judah Leib Diskin of a tradition attributed to R. Elijah, the Goan of Vilna that “… the German nation had descended from Amalek … and how could I bless the divine name of a monarch who ruled over a people whose memory we have been commanded to destroy.”
    Germany has been in their x hairs forever. Along with every other white Christian

  111. Kent Nationalist says

    Lol at the homo neo-con phd candidate talking about ‘the régime’

  112. “cornball political theatre.” WELL SAID, I couldn’t agree more. LOTS of ACTORS, Antifa members and MAYBE a few legit over enthusiastic Trump supporters caught up in the moment.

  113. dindunuffins says

    Well the fact remains that the Vi-KANG didn’t take over the whole block then proceed to rape and sodomize all the White girls.And he didn’t hand out AK47’s from the trunk of his car. And didn’t lead in the number of shootings , everyone of them black by blacks , in CHAZ/CHOP. Did I leave anything out. By the way stop trying to deflect black degeneracy and idiocy onto Whites. Stop trying to equate how black degenerates act on a daily basis onto Whites. blacks are violent LOW IQ morons and all you Whites that vote for and follow blacks are degenerate weak cuck idiots.

  114. si1ver1ock says

    Raz of Chaz vs. MAGA Viking: Who Did the Techno-Barbarian Aesthetic Better?

    Aesthetic ? MAGA Viking all the way. Raz of Chaz has worse fashion sense than Nancy Pelosi.


  115. Bashibuzuk says

    Do you know who the historical Fr Gapon was?

    A person using this pseudonym and calling for an American revolution 2.0 is truly hilarious.


  116. There’s only been one cool viking since Columbus Bro, Sorry.


  117. Who knows, maybe they are just trolling all the do goody christian types by using that character.

  118. Commentator Mike says

    Will there now be street demonstrations throughout USA and abroad to protest the cold blooded murder of unarmed Ashli Babbit by the police? Can we expect to see murals, statues and posters of her all over the place. Will her casket make the rounds of several cities before she is put to rest? Will her funeral be televised nationwide? And if not why not?

  119. Antifa playing MAGA chuds for make benefit of “Fuhrer Biden” is the stuff of 80 IQ boomercon fantasy.

  120. JohnPlywood says

    The MAGA/Qanon dude is not trying to be a Viking, but a native American.

    The faux buffalo headdress, trade spear point, face paint, shirtlessness and imitation buckskin pants are all Native-inspired.


    He could be more accurately referred to as the MAGA wagonburner.

    He does have a Thor hammer tattoo, which is about as ubiquitous as an Asian language tattoo.

  121. The protestors are great Americans who still care about INTEGRITY. They are fighting for something far greater than Trump, they are fighting for the soul of America. Trump is a blowhard and a con man who does not deserve the loyalty of these people. As Ann Coulter pointed out today, he is all talk and no action. All those who kept claiming he was playing 3D chess, 4D chess are just as stupid as he is. The man is a moron. A smart leader walks softly and carries a big stick. He is the opposite. Instead of fighting his enemies quietly behind the scenes by pulling together like minded people he could trust like Kris Kobach, he loudly tweets out every thought and complaint he ever has. As soon as he tweeted something, I knew it would not get done, like his EO on ending birthright citizenship, or the EO on ending H4B spousal work visa, or ending the H1b abuse…4 years later, we’re still waiting.

    Patriots deserve a much better leader. Let’s regroup around a real patriot over the next 4 years, someone like Kris Kobach, who is the real deal. But before then, we need to primary out all the treasonous rats in the GOP so whoever we put in the WH will have the support of his own party.

  122. Trumpstein dancing to Village People retro hits from the Seventies like “Macho Man” and “YMCA?” The (((MAGA VIKING))), who looks like a modern day replacement for the new and improved Village People. The Pavlovian response by (((the media))) at the ACTOR carrying the “infamous” Confederate Flag, ( surely no Antifa member would carry a Confederate flag, DUH.)

    The “CORNBALL” over the top (((reporting))) by the media, blowing this event up all out of proportion with 24/7 coverage.

    As one poster already noted.


  123. WitnessOnly says

    False Flags pay big. Long before 9-1-1, Nazi Germany, e.g., and all over the planet lots of actors needing jobs. MAGA another well orchestrated Agenda via House of RotsTheChild Et Al, for the Big Monied Western Interests, Et Al Et Al Predatory Vile to profit. This too shall pass. But, culling the herd, is full spectrum dominance, best study what Taoists did in the worst time of Chinese emperors. Be like water, Wu Wei

  124. False Flags pay big. Long before 9-1-1, Nazi Germany, e.g., and all over the planet lots of actors needing jobs. MAGA another well orchestrated Agenda via House of RotsTheChild Et Al, for the Big Monied Western Interests, Et Al Et Al Predatory Vile to profit. This too shall pass. But, culling the herd, is full spectrum dominance, best study what Taoists did in the worst time of Chinese emperors. Be like water, Wu Wei

  125. The Real World says

    Yes. Why are you surprised? Have you been out of the loops for months? They did the same last Summer thru Fall. They were flying and bussing their paid thugs to city after city.

    Yesterday, I saw the messaging from an Antifa organizer about how they should wear the MAGA hats they were provided – backwards. Today, I saw a video clip of Capitol Hill police ALLOWING Trump supporters in past the outdoor barricades. That was CONTRARY to what the scum media claimed, “they breached the Capitol”. They set them up by letting them in and likely knew who was mixed-in with them….paid thugs were.

    Seriously, were you born yesterday? Or have you been in a cave for a year?

  126. Niebelheim says

    I’m wondering how much of what we were shown was just another instantiation of the Reichstag Fire.

  127. The Real World says

    With an intentional kill of one Trump supporter by Capitol police.
    All quite nicely filmed and reported on to keep the plebes thinking twice and at bay.

    I’ve seen the tape of it. The cop did it on purpose. Nothing will happen to him. She is dead. She was stupid but didn’t deserve to die for mere trespassing. Despicable swamp….

  128. Da Troof is a bit thick. You have to cut him some slack.

  129. Complete TRAGEDY. She, like many others of White Americans, were clinging to the FAKE CHARADE that Trump really cared for them. Heart and condolences go out to this poor woman. I heard it reported that she was an ex-Vet who served what she thought was her country. Someone definitely needs to be held accountable for the shooting of any unarmed person, especially a woman. Last time I checked you legally couldn’t only use deadly force if you felt your life was in danger. I doubt that woman posed any sort of threat. Shame. God, help this nation.

  130. Kent Nationalist says

    How spineless are you that your comrades do something inspiring like storm the headquarters of the pig American government and you try to give the credit to your enemies

  131. Robert Dolan says
  132. AnonFromTN says

    rape and pillage

    Rape who? Pelosi? Are you a pervert?

  133. “stuff of 80 IQ boomercon fantasy”

    “below 70 IQ service to Leftoid fantabulous delusion”

    The IQ fetishists are not very creative when it comes to invectives. On the level of the kindergarten sandbox.

    What puzzles me is why Karlin is so taken by techno-punk memes and lingo? He can write well and express complex thoughts clearly when he wants, so he possesses adequate apparatus to describe and explain complex phenomena as long as he avoids the crutch of the simpletonish IQisms.

    But when it comes to positioning himself with respect to a social event where people involved are driven by strong passions he for some reason is compelled to dismiss and demean them using cartoonish sarcasm. This is a sign he hasn’t grew out from his youthful aspiration to reach the state of the liquid helium super-cool to escape the greatest fear of his which is the embarrassment from being found out that he actually may care about something.

    Who is his imaginary audience for which he feels compelled to play the role of the super-cool guy? Why did he create the audience of immature nerdy geeks for his own theater?

  134. AnonFromTN says

    Frankly, I think this is a stupid article and in poor taste given the magnitude of what has occurred in the last couple months. We are officially a third world shythole country.

    We became a third-world shithole more than two months ago, on Nov 4th, when large-scale election fraud started. Remained that ever since.

  135. Looks like they removed that article already, despite it still appearing in the most popular list.

  136. Commentator Mike says

    Yesterday, I saw the messaging from an Antifa organizer about how they should wear the MAGA hats they were provided – backwards.

    Anyone can say whatever they want on the Internet but whether true or false is another matter.

    I suppose there are agents provocateur in every demo, as well as undercover cops. But also some people protest on issues. So presumably there could be some who turn up at BLM demos to protest police brutality and at MAGA demos to protest stolen elections. And here we have both linked in that protesting stolen elections provoked police brutality.

    They set them up by letting them in …

    Yes, I guess that is more likely than that those cops manning the barriers were sympathisers of the protesters letting them through not knowing what the response of the cops inside would be.

  137. You got in one. The Russian Bolsheviks were 84% Jews. Educate yourself what this shower did to Russia and Europe. Read about the Ukrainian Huldamor where the Jews starved 8 million people in a engineered famine. They put their authoritarian stamp on Poland, Romania, Hungry, Lathfia. Estonia, East Germany. The principle driving force of these decievers is their hatered of Christianity. Beware America

  138. The Spirit of Enoch Powell says

    He has realised that taking this stuff seriously is, to put it in techno-punk lingo, cringe.

  139. Robert Dolan says
  140. @Getreal:
    1. Not sure about Viking point of view you mentioned, but from my (central) European perspective: The ability to crack jokes and see the funny side of even most serious developments is considered crucial for survival and success and highly appreciated.
    2. After your decades in lefty-loser circles and waking last year I would expect understanding for a bit of detached view … on the other hand rage against totalitarian regimes is serious bussiness and odds do not look well, that is correct.

  141. “Romam eo iterum crucifigi.”

    Typical of who gets crucified again: An Iraq War veteran with 14 years honorable service. Her last words on twitter shows she was also serene and even confident.

    “Nothing will stop us….they can try and try and try but the storm is here and it is descending upon DC in less than 24 hours….dark to light!”

    Durden’s whole post is illuminating.


  142. @ getReal

    My first comment on this site is that this article is moronic, should not be on here – a terrible low for the site – and is a gross insult to people of Viking/Nordic ancestry. It’s clear to anyone with even half a brain and more than a couple of hours of real life experience in political activist circles that the so-called ‘MAGA Viking’ and his buddies are anarchist-Antifa-BLM-related goons in a photo shoot setup to discredit Trump supporters. I know because I’ve spent decades in lefty-loser circles – until waking up in 2020 – and known many people like those pictured. I can only conclude the author is a moron or an agent for advancing libtardism.

    I may not always agree with A.Karlin, but I like to read him, he’s very clever and often funny.

    Your command of sarcasm, and humour in general, packs you into a quite different category. One who should stick to not commenting. Would you kindly pack your wanting neurons and leave, please !

    BTW Ragequiting after decades of sexual frustration with lefty girls is not considered ‘waking up’

  143. ConqueringFools says

    Nothing much happened? Really? A 14 year veteran of the Air Force was shot dead by a DC law enforcement GOON! She bled out in front of thousands and now millions can watch the video. She was unarmed and posed no threat at all except breaking and entering. I’ll remember that next time I shoot some jogger breaking into my house! What happened yesterday proves that when they come to take the guns, which they will, NOTHING will happen. All the tacticool clowns from Oath Keepers, to Black Rifle Coffee Clowns, to Proud Boys……………will stand down and do nothing! The average Syrian 15 year old has more courage than any so called “patriot” in America. Including our politicians. And you can start with that coward Rand Paul. He’s a limp wristed nancy boy who thinks there is no place for mob violence in America? Our entire F’ing country was born out of mob violence and bloody revolution. It’s in our blood! Well, some of us. American people are now the laughing stock of the world. Even the French would probably have put up a bigger fight than the fart in the wind scuffle that happened yesterday. I am amazed at what country I’m even living in anymore. The America I grew up in and respected absolutely died yesterday. And both parties were shown to be what they truly are…………traitorous tyrants owned by foreign interests be it the Jews or the Chinks.

  144. ConqueringFools says

    Well said! Unfortunately the cuck idiots, many on this site, who think they are so intellectually superior are weak and the blacks will come for them. Can’t wait to see all these white cucks go down like in South Africa. They deserve it! Selling out their race.

  145. That is truly sad. She was killed by a cop, but she was sent to her death by Q Anon.

    Should MAGA have taken the MSM’s claims that Q was a hoax more seriously?

  146. AnonFromTN says

    And if not why not?

    You are behind the times. Ashley Babbit is not black. She is not a drug addict. She is not a convicted felon. She is not even a lesbian. Lives of white straight law-abiding people don’t matter.

  147. ConqueringFools says

    I agree but “normies” are the problem in America right now! Normies will never stand up until things get so bad their lives are on the line. Normies never won a country, a battle, a revolution. It was god fearing, salt of the Earth, hardened farmers in the South that actually won the US revolution for the most part. They also rose up and took on the government a century later. The real heroes of America are people like Jessie James and Bloody Bill Anderson. Ted K and Randy Weaver are heroes. Those are the type of Americans who when push comes to shove will take back the republic and put up a fight. Not some suburban, over educated, softy “normies”. You are either on the side of victory or you’re a victim. Americans who are soft, and coddled by their consuming lifestyle are going to be in for a bloody wake up call in the next decade.

  148. Bill Jones says

    Syrian-style rebellions

    Only start with the support of the local US Embassies.

  149. The only point of large crowds at political events is the implied threat that they could go full mob.
    So anyone saying this was a maga disaster is just a mindless pimple.
    Yeah, AF probably suckered maga into it, but, at the end of the day, who cares?
    This will bring consequences, but that is a good thing.
    The cycle is and has always been the same:

    Large crowds that just chant are dumb.

    If AF actually spearheaded the event, this is great. A Bernie bro maga alliance is the best outcome ever.
    I have a feeling the Bernie boys are going to get high on the power of maga behind them and probably fall in love with the movement, leaving behind their limp previous disaster soy party.

  150. Will the media point out that someone was waving the Star of David/Israeli Flag at the “MAGA” rally? I mean they keep showing and talking about that ACTOR and/or Antifa dude waving the Confederate Flag.

    Pass the popcorn, Marge. Look, babe, this movie is almost as bad as all those comic book movies that (((Hollywood))) puts out.

  151. When will the gullible Trump-supporters wake up?
    Antifa false flag made a fool of them, 060121, at The Capitolium.
    A shaman-pretender skunk represented them.
    But maybe that is the result adorning the iewe anti-christ israel.

  152. Morton's toes says

    And now, Trump is missing in action, and the Republicans are turning on their constituents.

    I would hope that he has one nanogram of self-respect and disappears to his florida golf course mansion until he croaks and he never says one more word into a microphone. This appears real unlikely and he is almost sure to be back but only the stupidest jack asses, the fewer the better, will ever give him another vote.


  153. IF Biden aka 46, ( not a big Trumpstein supporter but hey, what is good for the goose..) REALLY WANTED to restore order and faith in OUR “democracy,” HE WOULD MAN UP and admit to all of America that the election was a FRAUD. Everyone with 2 brain cells to rub together knows full well that Biden isn’t capable of doing anything, that is why he became a career politician, he probably couldn’t hold down a job at McDonald’s, same for Caramel Harris. TRUTH be told, Joe and Caramel probably received in the vicinity of 50 million LEGIT votes. Whether you like Trumpstein or not, I don’t really care for Biden or Trump, but Trump won the election.

    Biden needs to step up and be a man and say he cannot accept the office of POTUS because his conscious will not allow him to assume the office knowing that he NEVER was really elected.

    Alas, I don’t expect something like this to happen given the morals and integrity in Washington, however, IF we had a person who truly cared about this nation, that person would step up to the plate, Joe ain’t the man or woman, he will have no problem being our most incompetent boob who ever assumed the office of POTUS. You think Trumpstein is a “loooooooser?” What until Joe and Caramel take office.

    These leftard commenters are hilariously dumb. Oh my gawd.

    We out of here. PEEEEEEACCCCE.

  154. Robert Dolan says

    Antifa/BLM riot and burn and loot and murder for nine months and the police do NOTHING.

    White Trump voters protest a stolen election and the cops murder an innocent young woman.

    Yesterday was C’ville 2.0…….a repeat of the anarcho-tyranny established years ago.

    In a Jew run world, non-whites/anti-whites are free to break every law on the books and even attack and kill whites, while whites are not supposed to defend themselves.

    We have no voice, no representation, no power whatsoever…..and yet we are labeled as “domestic terrorists.”

    The Jews have painted our people into a corner and this is a MAJOR mistake.

    People who have nothing left to lose will LOSE IT.

    Keep in mind the Jews are destroying a people and a civilization that has treated them with kindness and generosity…..and allowed them to attain positions of power.

    Organized Jewry thanks us by wrecking our nations.

  155. SeekerofthePresence says

    Official MAGA Haka by Techno Viking
    (long lost cousin of MAGA Viking)…



  156. AnonFromTN says

    Biden needs to step up and be a man and say he cannot accept the office of POTUS because his conscious will not allow him to assume the office knowing that he NEVER was really elected.

    A politician with a conscience? That’s a contradiction in terms.

  157. The real or feigned emotion of cringe unmasks the pretentiousness behind the whole construct of the no so private theater where the techno-punk play is being performed. An ostentatious shout: I am not them! Do not mistake me with them!

  158. The point is not, “which one of these two groups of morons; Antifa or MAGA “invaded the white house”, the point is; “was it a scripted event with the police playing along?”

  159. Well, I guess the advice, “don’t try to breach one of the world’s most heavily protected buildings while congress is in session” would apply here.

  160. LOL, The right-wing hokees, are more-or-less comprised of ex-cops, military, and tradesmen, and most of these people are way too scared to go to jail and lose their homes to do anything that would be… (gulp) illegal.

  161. When are you going to apply for Iranian citizenship?

  162. Peter D. Bredon says

    “President Kameltoe will lock them up and hide the key between her legs if they resist.”

    Definitely the last place anyone would want to look.

  163. Man, I didn’t have so much fun and laugh so hard since Trump made it in 2016!

    Look, you can belittle Qtards all you want, or call covid deniers “covidiots” together with the globalist libtard establishment. Yes, they may be goofy, confused, generally not terribly smart and are psyoped AF, BUT: boy do they deliver a show! Can I get an optics check?!




    For real though, seeing Anatoly’s collage made me question the value of history for life again. Let’s get fucking real: pc master race gaming had a lot more influence on our concrete lives than WW 2, the holocaust, Vietnam or whatever. We think of the same stuff: the Fallout 3 capitol mission and super mutant shootout, Cesar’s legion and the Ancap-Fashygoy utopia of a fallen US boogaloo post-apocalyptic world. That’s why “the world” (mostly Western Europe) is trapped in America’s culture war, why the chans, Unz and other burger media suck in Yuropoors and Gopnik mutuals. Because, for better and mostly worse, we are trapped in the same cultural ocean of piss.

    And degenerates like Richard Spencer belong on a cross!

    However, America’s 1st amendment may reliably proof as a trap. Yes, you can post your happy merchant and jogger memes and not go to jail. And bait speech-cucked Brits, French and Krauts to do the same. However, when the chips are down and ZOG takes off the gloves, you get railed in harder than most Yuropoors.


    At least for now no one has gone to jail in Evropa for burning a BLM flag. Or gotten over 450 years in prison for a glorified car accident. I wonder though: a woman got shot point blank and 3 more have died afaik. 45% of Republicans, probably more, support the storm on the capitol. Are burgers really gonna pull it off? Or will it just shrivel away again like the rest of the reality TV star limp-dick presidency? This right now is all we hoped for, but it’s just foreplay. God, the teasing makes me mad! Remember: evil empires can fall! 1989 has proven it. And if the US Empire goes down, the rest of the dominos will follow.

  164. The Real World says

    No kidding. Why do you simply echo what I already said? It’s boorish.

    Btw, significant election fraud has been common for many election cycles. Both of the Governors in the last two states I’ve lived in were swept in that way. Dominion scanners…..

    Where the hell have Americans been? They’ve been so dialed-out!

  165. johnnyuinta says

    Absolutely correct Rooster…..the clown(ringleader) in the coon-skin hat with horns is the same dude who was at an ANTIFA riot in Arizona earlier this year wearing the same garb….Plenty of images out there on the ‘net.’
    Images are also out that show the Capital cops opening a barricade for the ANTIFA clowns(actors) and letting them thru after chatting them up……the Trump demonstrators just followed. The ANTIFA guys were the ones who actually breached the Capital door.
    That said, I have no doubt Trump supporters will be railroaded as the leaders.

    ANTIFA Barbarian…….NOT MAGA Barbarian.

  166. Philip Owen says

    Surely he is a Native American medicine man not a viking?

  167. Ah yes, speaking of which. There is a certain class of people who have been telling us for 4 years that there is no political solution, that there is no hope and nothing can be done. And now the thought of big bad Kamala and killer Biden gives them a no-no in their tummy, that ZOG is NOW using this as a pretext to crack down on them – which it totally wasn’t going to do otherwise! – or koshervatives saying that “this is not who we are” and that Trump’s base are antifa and BLM in disguise!!!

    Some of those who were fedposting just yesterday, or planning revolutions, are now scared their precious Twitter account could get nuked. “But BLM better not come to my neighborhood….!” All these guns and ZERO spirit. Imagine if the people in 1989 before the wall came down had thought this way: NOOOOO! Don’t you get it?! This is what the central committee wants! Please, everyone go home and be peaceful and watch TV! Don’t protest! The KGB and Stasi will use this as a pretext to go after dissidents, nooooo!!!

    So either the US establishment is illegitimate, corrupt, bought off, evil and criminal and you want to get rid off it and then you WILL have martyrs who get arrested and shot. Or you just wanna go back to play videogames and watch homosexual negroes on Jewflix as you are slowly circling the drain, then send your daughter to Al Goldstein’s drag queen story hour. And that’s the whole problem with the Q-stuff: someone else is going to do the hard work! A big savior from above. “God’s in control!” “Patriot’s in charge!” “Trust the plan!” “Trust Sessions!” “Trump will win!” “Storm is coming!” No. Either YOU are the storm or no one will be. Or have we all in the West become so decadent, really, that the only way we can protest is to consoooom?

    Ashley Babbitt should be your Benno Ohnesorg. Not for Drumpf, but for your people. And for the rest of the West. All the disgusting globohomo and merchant corporations which endorsed antifa’s reign of terror and months of BLM looting, all the Janissaries in the political class, all the Zog shills, AIPAC, WJC, traitors and bought off scumbags are coming out against it. Harder than against Cville even. Our own traitor government did, too. And that’s why this goofy revolution for a corrupt reality TV grifter, is, right now, the most important revolt against the modern world that we have. Because his base, his promise represents something they fear. Not Trump himself, but what he unleashed. And that genie is not going back into the bottle! And I don’t want to hear any black pilling no more!

    They are not invincible and if 45% of Republicans support you, good luck arresting millions of Americans!


  168. elmerfudzie says

    I sternly warn the legislative and judicial branches of our government that just as 1993 WTC bombing (seemingly) was a prelude to 911 so it is with yesterdays citizen storming of the Capitol.

    The stuffed black robes of the supreme court of injustice has lit a fire in the hearts of our well armed militias that cannot be quenched. The court abused the law of “standing”, so persuasively outlined by Ralph Nader @ https://nader.org/2000/08/23/standing-law/. This right to bring a lawsuit forward in this case against voting fraud, thus refusing to expedite legal proceedings to decide the actual merits of a lawsuit(s).

    Two quotes from our founding father Ben Franklin. The first quote is applicable to both the NDA and Patriot Acts; Quote, “Those that can give up essential liberty to gain a little temporary safety deserve neither liberty nor safety.” So I say repeal these Acts immediately! Failure to do, WILL result in armed insurrection and revolution. The second to a persistent lack of true, authentic, campaign finance reform that has spawned indefensible corruption within the legislative bodies
    “When the people find that they can vote themselves money, that will herald the end of the republic.” (in this particular case, lobbying monies straight into the pockets of senators and representatives). In short, end all lobbies in the beltway…revolution is near!

    Since Katrina, the citizenry at large have witnessed a liquidation of the The Posse Comitatus Act. It is a United States federal law (18 U.S.C. § 1385, original at 20 Stat. 152) This law prevented the dispatch of any military force against domestic unrest(s ) of any sort. I now must quote again, another founding father, “Oppressors can tyrannize only when they achieve a standing army, an enslaved press, and a disarmed populace.”- James Madison.

    Lastly, our founding fathers encouraged revolutionary overthrow when the government no longer represented the people, this is based on the wider concept (France, Russia, Iran) “Right of Revolution” or the right of rebellion.

  169. Whatever comes, whatever happens. These have been some of the most entertaining and eye opening years I’ve ever had. And more: yesterday Trump’s people have shown that the enemies of the people can be defeated! That Trump’s base can win, WILL win. They know it, I know it and pretty much the whole world knows it.

    Can I get a round of applause? What an amazing people! I love you!


    God, I’m pumped!


  170. SeekerofthePresence says

    Sorry to Truth #123, I should have read thru the comments before posting #163.

  171. With an intentional kill of one Trump supporter by Capitol police.
    All quite nicely filmed and reported on to keep the plebes thinking twice and at bay.

    I saw the video too and, I don’t know, not convincing to me at all. I think it was just more show business staged for the purpose of serving as a warning that this is what any future crowd can expect.

    I’m not saying this to be provocative at all, and if I turn out to wrong I’ll be the first to admit it. So let me put it this way:

    After everything the hostile elite has done in general and in the last 20 years in particular (from September 11th to Covid, to Georgy Floyd, to Election Fraud and now this), in short, after everything the hostile elite has done in what will go down in history as the most protracted coup ever staged, we’ve earned our right to be sceptical – of everything.

  172. AnonFromTN says

    Well, I guess the advice, “don’t try to breach one of the world’s most heavily protected buildings while congress is in session” would apply here.

    Did you see any sign of “heavy protection”? I didn’t. It looked like a staged event or a trap. The questions who staged it and who set up this trap have the same answer.

  173. Bashibuzuk says

    You are correct, except for one important aspect: the Eastern European Communist nomenklatura wanted to dissolve the system, privatize the public property (that is 90% of the economy in the Eastern Bloc) and join the Western bourgeoisie. They were ready to help the system crumble as long as they enrich themselves.

    OTOH in the globalized West the oligarchy, which is lording over the “democratically elected” politicians, is firmly in control and is slowly but surely turning the middle class into enthralled corporate serfs. They will never let go without a major fight.

    Also, in the 80ies there was a competition between the Western and Eastern Blocs for the minds and souls of the populations. Today there is only one system: corporate capitalism (a very different beast from the free market capitalism). There is no one to give you political asylum if you flee political repression. And they don’t even need to act against you on political grounds, they can cancel you: make you lose your livelihood and turn you into a pariah. They will pretend that you just haven’t been smart enough to be part of a competitive environment.

    More than a hundred years ago Jack London warned us about an international oligarchic power becoming totalitarian. Jack London was unfortunately right, he was just well ahead of his time.


  174. W*stern “elites”:

    outsource your jobs
    *reduce you to dehumanized economic unit, your nation to nihilistic economic zone
    *start wars for Israel that kill millions of people
    *flood your country with refugees
    *Bolshevize your history and culture
    *reduce you to hated minority in your ancestral homeland “Haha, your grandkids will be br
    wn! This Jew will replace you!”
    *agitate the imported darkies that you are their oppressor and colonizer. “Who cares, if your son gets killed and daughter Rotherhamed? Look at big line!”
    * “Oh there will be 4 billion Africans? Prepare for a billion refugees!”
    *humiliate, gaslight, mob you and literally rape your psyche
    *”eat the bugs, get in the pod, drink the soylent, watch sassy Kweenz and gay Kangz as the heroes of your history, because hey that’s who we are!”
    *”enjoy the BLM power fist fireworks by your muslim mayor of London as you are locked up for Christmas! Happy Hanukkah!”
    *”become a Noahide, goy, or else”
    *”chop off your dick, take the hormones, send your kids to drag queen story hour, watch Cuties”
    * pass you scraps as they make Jeff Bezos the first trillionaire! “Oh you thought you deserve health care and social security? That’s for Israel!”
    * “you will own nothing and be happy!!”
    *larp as cyberpunk mega-villains
    *send (((“hate” monitoring NGOs))) after you, if you object and go to jail for wrong-think. “Nazis deserve death, killing them means giving life.” Brought to you by Antifa sponsored by Sony and Burger King.



  175. Coming after politicians is beyond the pale. Heaven forbid one of them was uncomfortable!

  176. Yes, it was a staged event. Very good. And at the end, a woman who supposedly got shot in the face from five feet away with a .45 or a 9mm, bled a-quarter oz. of blood out of the side of her mouth.


  177. Bashibuzuk says

    Globalized elites are neither Western or Eastern. They have no national affiliation. I am not even certain that they see us as their fellow humans. Perhaps they already see themselves as a superior species, Homo deus or whatever the f*ck this Harari prick has prophesied in his imbecile books.

  178. I agree with every word 100%. And that is why this time the counter-revolution needs to be equally global. Their vision and “Great Reset” is on a global scale and so equally we must fight them everywhere. In America, in Europe including Russia, in the Middle East and in East Asia even. It is a monumental task for this century and it will be a marathon, not a power-lift. What matters is that Trump’s platform of 2016: anti-globalist, anti Goldman Sachs, anti MIC and Neocon, patriotic implicit nativism still has a base. Even if it all was a game on their side, we know now that the desire for it is there. For millions and millions of people. And for now we have peak optics. It may be merely a show of force, a moral victory, but a victory nonetheless. Greater things to come!

    It’s not about the Danald, it’s about…sending a message. And the message is: everything burns!


  179. MAGA Viking’ and his buddies are anarchist-Antifa-BLM-related goons in a photo shoot setup to discredit Trump supporters. I know because I’ve spent decades in lefty-loser circles


  180. IMO, ‘our’ country was bought and paid for and SOLD to China, Israel et al by Capitalists! .. all with the approval of our political stooges (anyone who stood up, was assassinated, one way or another). Maybe they don’t want what’s left of this country anymore, and We can take back ownership. Hmm…

  181. Handgun emerges into the frame and shoots at the “victim” with several heavily armed SWAT officers behind her directly in the line of fire. Look for the video by Jayden X https://mobile.twitter.com/JH14_80/status/1347128518589763585

  182. Bashibuzuk says

    Problem is they got us divided. That’s one of their greatest strengths, to divide, manipulate and scare into submissive “indifference “. People are not really indifferent – they feel that things are changing for the worst – but they pretend they are unconcerned to avoid problems.

    What the majority of people fail to understand is that they are already in deep trouble. The Masters of the Universe (sarc) decided that there is too many of us on this tiny blue planet. Something gotta give, it is a who whom situation. They hope to drastically reduce our political clout, our standards of living and actually our numbers. They want us and our children gone so they and their offspring inherit the entire world.

  183. This is not the 1917 full revolution moment. This is just the warmup like in 1905. Lots of pain ahead before people are really angry enough to storm DC.

  184. Tony Massey says

    You don’t have any clue how much that poor, defenseless woman bled.
    I’m sure she most likely had an arterial wound and when her heart beat she gushed. She was covered up in a jacket and scarf.
    I just ain’t able to connect the dots, i guess.
    I’ve talked to people that believe planes didn’t strike the wtc. Sandy Hook didn’t happen. The Las Vegas shooter was a psy-op to get…bump stocks banned, i suppose.
    I really regret they’re people masquerading as Allies to my side that push that QAnon bs. That might’ve been what got ashlii killed? She was posting Q shit.
    I know a few Q people. I don’t want them on my side. Unless they’re willing to strap a bomb on and go mingle with the crowd of our enemies. Then, yeh, ok.
    I thought we were all supposed to be sheep and just dead-end losers (like myself) that couldn’t be troubled to overstanding the big pic?
    Why would tptb goto any trouble to elaborate such a heist when we’re just babes in the crib?
    Most plans seem Togo out the window right after go time.
    It doesnt seem likely it was a surprise to anyone that was paying attention.
    These false-flag narratives are a complete waste of fucking time in consideration of the things that are plainly verifiable by our common enemies. I’ll allow you to discern what is plainly verifiable. If we have the same common enemies that is.
    I don’t get it.
    It’s just not believable that the people in charge are any more capable than we are. I doubt an ivy league degree is gonna bring you any more overstanding when you’re prone, helpless,bleeding the fuck out, and you know that much is true, than it will help white trash like myself.
    Before the real bleeding begins, yeh, sure, they have more prestigious degrees. Guys like me ain’t gonna be asking for their credentials.
    Gotta keep it simple.
    If they can conspire the world into utter confusion it seems like you’d just stop believing in conspiracies and get serious about the biz at hand.
    Let them play their 9 dimensional chess. Some of them are gonna get taken out. Eventually.
    Once they see what happened to their esteemed colleagues, from both sides of the aisle, they’ll be to goddamn busy conspiring to save their own skins they will have lost a few more. And then a few more.
    I regret Babbitt throwing her life away over stupid shit. She would’ve made a great logistics officer and helped us kill or maim many.
    A 1/4 oz ya say? Do you think that was Hollywood die pack blood? Why wouldn’t just show her open wound instead? Babbit was gushing blood, dude.
    A 1/4 oz? I shit a 1/4 oz.

  185. “To crush the p*liticians, see them driven before you and hearing the lamentations of the lying media!”


  186. IMO, ‘our’ country was bought and paid for and SOLD to China, Israel et al by Capitalists! .. all with the approval of our political stooges (anyone who stood up, was assassinated, one way or another). Maybe they don’t want what’s left of this country anymore..hmmm

    BTW, does anyone here really think Trump actually won the 2016 election, fair and square.?

  187. Tony Massey says

    Trinity, i don’t care how old or feeble you may be but you’re the one i won’t to follow to what is prolly a very unpleasant ending. Or someone like you.
    I may differ with ya but i would eat my own shit before i said anything to ya.
    Unfortunately, men such as yourself may be to few and leaders are the most critical to reign in the rabble like me and actually achieve objectives.
    Sheesh…i fear we missed by 20 years. I am actually more ruthless now tho and much more willing to listen to a man that can hold the troops back until its time.
    Don’t make any goddamn speeches about founding fathers or gawd or soil or, well, just keep it to the mission.
    If you do I’ll friendly-fire ass.
    Speeches are soooooooo fucking yesterday.
    Like we need motivation? We’re all gonna die anyway.

  188. It’s almost like they want dummies to know at this point.

  189. shylockcracy says

    Yes, but then again, MAGA hatters have that hat so tightly wrapped around their thick skulls they’re now even less capable of thinking straight than in 2016 when their Trumpet won them over with sonnets of “lock her up and drain the swamp”. It’s been turned into a huge mountain of bullshit:


    The people were remarkably non-violent and it’s looking more and more that they were being expected, if not outright led, to “storm” the damn Capitol to give the Ziocorporate media, and those than handle them from higher up in the pyramid, fuel to vomit more of their already unrestricted bollocks and lies.

    There was no reason that girl’s life had to be wasted in vain for this shitshow, not when the crowd was mostly being misled by mass partisan stupidity. Can’t have a clear goal if you misunderstand what you’re fighting, would be fantastic if your brothers in arms knew better, to storm and takeover the offices of MSM, the bankster cartels, the Ziocorporate war-profiteering machine, Big Tech data miners and manipulators, and the rest of the scum, rather than taking over the workspaces and cubicles of AIPAC’s and Wall Street’s stooges in the Knesset-on-Potomac, who can telecommute anyway. With this divide et impera crap still going on after 2000 years they can at most expect to join the Great Reset in their republoc of Texas or postmodern Chaz anarchic utopia.

  190. I don’t think divisions are really a problem, if the larp turns into something serious. At least for sane folks and not the dysgenic, spiteful mutant freaks who just want to tear everything down, because they hate everything healthy, successful, strong and beautiful. Some people, like antifa, you can only tell to eat shit.
    But look at Syria: multi-cultural and multi-religious 2nd world state. Supported only by another 2nd world country, Iran, and a respectable but not all too powerful regional power, Russia. Ganged up on by the USA, Israel, Saudi Arabia, Qatar and all of their state and semi-state sponsored proxies. Even my cucked country played a small, but hardly glorious role in that tragedy. Wall Street goon Obama and psycho Killary unleashed hell on earth on it. ISIS “went full medieval on its ass”, including the peaceful head choppers and “torture kids to death” games. And yet it held out. On a more serious level Syria has demonstrated us that the empire, more precisely the hostile elite, is not invincible. You will have to make sacrifices, but can remain unconquered.

    I am more worried about the testosterone levels of the average cuckservative tbh. “Noooo! Everyone who dares something is BLM and antifa in disguise! Let’s appeal to MSM which wants us dead and gone and vote parties which say they are not wrong!” It’s pathetic quite honestly. Especially with all these guns in their country… Even we pulled it off better with Pegida. Granted, the average c*nservative also treated it like the second holocaust or spun conspiracy theories about Russian hackers or whatever the Kremlin.

    You got millions of people, right now, who are ready for a literal revolution and these are the people who watched almost the full year a reign of terror by antifa, BLM, their treasonous government and they. did. nothing. NOTHING! And they lost everything, gave up every position, but hey they lost with grace, bruh! These are people, and I’m speaking of all Western c*nservatives now, who are more happy to lose with the black vote than win with the white one. If you ever wonder: “Hey, why did we lose against the left and the globalists over the last sixty years, hell, maybe the last century?” There is your answer. They are chickenshits. And yes, the left got the MSM, corporate and billionaire class and deep state backing, BUT this energy, this movement of millions is so great, if you only gave them the leaders who actually are what they were promised with Trump, then you can’t stop it. And this could change the whole West, maybe the world order. Forever. At absolute minimum be one of the first great blows against this murderous, evil cabal of traitors. While Trump himself, obviously, was totally worthless. In a way indeed a trap. And I also know that Fuentes and other media personalities and grifters will lead people to jail. A fate when they will be abandoned by everyone. Like so many before.

    But instead we are supposed to what? Sit and watch! Conservatives are voyeurs! They like to watch! Watch – but don’t touch! Touch – but don’t taste! Taste – but don’t eat! Eat – but don’t enjoy! Conserve THAT?! For what?! Tax cuts for Wall Street and another billion for greatest ally? Arguing that post-leninists are the real transphobes? Paying for holocaust or white guilt by giving away another piece of home, heritage or the future of our children? Because I know, if we follow them, we will go down with them. This includes Trump.

    Yes, you can make the case that Ashley was lead to her death by a bunch of grifters who set up this larp to go out with a big bang at the end of a corrupt reality TV show star presidency. BUT: how many people have died, in America, Europe and the Middle East, because of the cowardice, incompetence and weakness of conservatives? M I L L I O N S. And the energy, the will, the hope, the passion of the millions of those opposed to globalism – it all remains real. It was real in 2016, it is real now. In fact we have been waiting for decades. And you are going to let this moment go to waste? Because the media, which wants you dead and gone – in America and Europe, is going to call you names? So, if you think that you can do better, now or never is the time to step up or shut up. Tulsi stepped up and so can you. Fight, or step aside!

    All that said, Captain Obvious has to have the final word here:


  191. It looks as though she was a patriot and there for her own reasons. Her duties in the war shows a bright woman, her crime being she believed Trump could make a difference.

    And the local news is playing this as “accidental” on the cop’s part. The clip shows no accident. We see a careful aim at a harmless target, then a killshot.

    Q Anon is totally discredited now. No savior’s hanging with the cherry blossoms on the Potomic. At least tha’s been cleared up but it wasn’t worth a good veteran’s life.

  192. shylockcracy says

    There’s no meme funnier than reality itself:

    “Trump denounces ‘heinous attack’ on US Capitol, says he is fully committed to ‘smooth & orderly’ transition (VIDEO)”

  193. The Spirit of Enoch Powell says
  194. Robert Dolan says
  195. sudden death says

    For next two weeks at least there will be plenty of people claiming he really meant smooth & orderly transition to 2nd Trump administration 🙂

  196. SeekerofthePresence says

    wúwéi 無為
    Actionless Action…


    “Be water, my friend.”

  197. Trump himself was worthless (most likely a Kushner/Likud trap and psyop from the beginning), the people are not. Yes, this was one larp coup to prevent a Zionist millionaire mic shill from taking office, so the billionaire king of Israel dropped by them all like a used condom could remain in. His personality cult was, basically, unbelievably harmful for totally serial politics. I’ve dunked on Drumpf the Zognald more than anyone here most likely. And still: are you telling me in a country of over 300 million there is not one guy, not a single movement which can do it better? To tap into this giant potential? I have the same question for the almost 700 million EU, too, btw.

    But while Cville was a setup by the local police dept. I don’t think this all was one big PsyOp. Unless of course the whole Q movement was a PsyOp, which is absolutely possible. But right now, to me, it was simply the Q army agitated forward by Trump, Lin Wood, Fuentes, Posobiec and a myriad of other grifters to be the storm they were promised to come. As one last grift to make many, many shekels. Did you listen to Trump’s speech just now? “Our amazing journey is only just beginning…” As his supporter was shot dead by a cop, he promises that his supporters that bought into him, will be persecuted, to save his skin, while he prepares the next grift, Drumpf TV or whatever.

    Nevertheless the clip you posted is just one video without context and feeds just too nicely into the “sit and watch” audience. I’ve seen A LOT of material the last days. And most of it was Maga rally tier brawling with the police, demonstrating and on the other side the riot cops taking out the knight sticks, breaking flags and bones and kicking ass while spraying cans of mace. “Buffalo bill” is also not antifa, but some Qtard performance actor.

    So I don’t buy it.

    Ultimately, what this all shows me, is: “Democracy” IS superior to communism (and fascism), because in communism you have an identifiable authority and thus oppressor you can target. We in the West now are always fighting basically mist and it is almost impossible to explain to the average normie what the shot really is. What kind of tyrant is Coca Cola?! So even such great energy like now pushes forward and…into nothing. That’s an intentional feature, not an accident. Equally the deep seated hatred and disdain, the feeling of betrayal by millions, the loss of faith in the entire system won’t go away. Sequels tend to be better than pilot episodes and I am confident that 2021 will top 2020. Bigly!

    For now: “Mostly peaceful protesters are lead by austere pagan scholar Buffalo Bill to the temple of democracy and demand a fair election!” Buy my book on the case for rioting and looting. Your New York Times bestselling author.
    – Q


  198. Bashibuzuk says

    Amen to everything you wrote brother!

    But if the flesh proves weak and the masses prove cowardly, then perhaps we will have to Ride the Tiger and be a light unto ourselves. A law unto ourselves, living in our own Eumeswil. An awakening unto ourselves in the solipsistic vastness of our own Inner Mongolia.

    It was great exchanging with you.

    Бог в помощь!

  199. Gamergate did this.

  200. Autists Anonymous Rehab Camp Fugitive says

    Chaz had better optics for the left, Capitology had better optics for the right. It’s a sign of growing and irreparable ideological divisions.
    Objectively, the Capitol storming looks like something you’d want to be a part of, while Chaz doesn’t. When a normal heritage american sees the videos from the event, he identifies with the boomer lazily smoking a joint in a Sacred Institution. Much more than the weird masses of flesh wearing plastic bags and looking scared of a MAGAmom vet.
    If Trump had balls, he’d be playing clips from the raid and asking viewers if they want to have this much fun. What are they going to do? Defame his upstanding reputation?
    Once he betrays his Qanon maga cult by admitting that he is not the messiah, he won’t have any brand left. The only logical thing is to go low and double down. Instead he’s doing some weird GOPe appearances game.

  201. Bashibuzuk says

    People and sheep are both mammals

    JP being inclusive.

  202. John Johnson says

    Saw some politicians on TV today that actually looked nervous.

    Haven’t seen that in a long time.

  203. If thousands of tons of ammo and weapons were air dropped or randomly left laying around.
    Then under employed youth from central America were paid well to fight.
    There would be a serious fight.

  204. Tony Massey says

    Vater, you should. be one of our world leaders vs the cabal.
    First, we do America, then we go to Israel.
    I’m willing to take a real trim for a leader that knows what has to be done.
    Don’t make any fucking speeches. Save them for V-Day. I don’t care what you say that day.
    It’s a global fight but the main battleground is…eh, ya know where.
    Sounds like a conspiracy

  205. Tony Massey says

    I think he did, Nan.
    I think he lost the 20 ejection fair and square.
    That makes me ok 1/2 the time with what i consider are my natural allies. They think I am insane and i don’t dispute that but they all admit I’m lucid most of the time.
    Elections don’t matter. They never did.

  206. Tony Massey says

    I drink 2 cases of coke a month. Pemberton is my all-time fav Southern civil war general.
    He was dismissed and re-enlisted as a private.
    He didn’t give a fuck about slavery.
    I wish the Pemberton descended forth could get their Heroes share.
    I’d eat my boots to serve under a man like Pemberton.
    Pemberton never obeyed a fool and he didn’t care about the outcome.
    Hell, he wasn’t even Southern.
    I wish we would’ve had 10 of him.
    He held out.

  207. Robert Dolan says
  208. RadicalCenter says

    Isn‘t it better to stay sober and have better aim?

  209. Trump himself was worthless (most likely a Kushner/Likud trap and psyop from the beginning),

    Yep. It should be obvious to people by now.

  210. shylockcracy says

    What the Tumpet did the last 4 yrs was facilitating the CIA/FBI’s job of profiling the internal “enemy”, just like what they’ve been doing abroad with the US’s al-Qaeda/ISIS tools, nothing else.

    There’s no bigger psyop than “democracy”, it spans continents across different oceans, and Trumptard supporters have generally been peaceful people; most of them won’t ever know they’ve been used as props in a stage.

    2021 is the onset of forced vaccinations and great reset, and the slaughterhouse is undergoing extreme makeover, you even got your first president with a Kameltoe, so 2020 is likely to pale in comparison.

  211. redmudhooch says

    Bless their hearts. If only we could get the Bernie Bros this excited, and get the two sides together without the Trumpers wanting to kill the Bros because they’re communists and vice versa. Anarchists are idiots and have always been the not so useful idiots on the left. Most Trumptards are perfectly happy with the status quo as long as its their cult leader doing it.. They just hate the Demonrats doing it. Perfectly happy with capitalism. Seriously believe the #1 threat to them is imaginary commies, chicoms and Marxiss. Its sad that few on the right know of all the gains and rights communists and socialists won for American workers the past century, it didn’t used to be this way, then Red Scare/Cold War happened, Reagan Revolution and Clinton, now we’re back to Gilded Age level inequality and rights.

    These are people that still believe we have democracy in this country and that theres a difference between the “two” parties. Perfectly fine with most of their citizens being indebted, kept in poverty, dying from opioids, losing their homes, no healthcare, deaths of despair, trillions to oligarchs while the proles get crumbs.. They’re more outraged that the guy who did nothing but cut taxes on the oligarchs, and pander to MIC, Israel and Saudis is leaving. I have several in my family, very stubborn, 1D thinkers. These people are as low IQ and delusional as BLM who really believe the biggest threat or problem they have is “racism” or “white privilege”. Haha

    The sooner people realize that the only purpose of these “two” parties is to maintain and protect the global capitalist empire, while keeping the proles fighting over meaningless bullshit the better. They do not work for you or this “country” Puppet politicians are only there to keep your attention focused on them and not the real rulers. Make you feel like a boss when you “vote” them out every few years. Capital is the ruler under capitalism, not the people. Same with media. Most of these Trumpers get all their “news” from Fox Infowars or Breitbart perhaps even some Unz with the commie obsession most of them have.

    MAGA Viking or QAnon Shaman obviously does. Haha


    Imagine dying or going to jail for Trump, a guy who if you’re not Kelly Loeffler tier rich, hates your guts, and wouldn’t piss on you if you were on fire. A guy that encouraged his brainwashed cult to do this then called in the gestapo on them and hid in the basement bunker. Hahaha

    It all feels like a psyop to me. Like clockwork after every one of these events seems like everyone on the opposite side is calling the other terrorists. Each side demanding the police kill the other, that the police aren’t being as tough on them as the other. That sides protest is totally illegitimate and uncalled for. Two sides of same coin both these groups of people. Almost like the capitalist overlords and their sockpuppets are orchestrating all of it themselves exactly for this purpose.

    I’ve said all along that the only purpose of these events is to make every American dissident into a terrorist. Any event being televised and promoted by those in power and by mass media should be considered a trap, especially if it has a racial/divisive/partisan twist to it. I’m not saying these people are actors, just saying their real grievances are being exploited by the ruling class, and they are being manipulated and used for nefarious purposes.

    All of it is identical to what they do to cause chaos in other countries targeted for war or “regime change”. Look at Hong Kong, Ukraine, Libya, Iraq, Syria, Belarus, Venezuela, Bolivia and you’ll see the same kind of events as we’ve been seeing have been used. In my opinion they’re doing this in anticipation of the real one, to put more security measures into place before it actually happens. It doesn’t look good. Something bad is coming, they know it and are preparing. Censorship is definitely at the top of the list for now.

    Honestly you’d have to be mildly retarded to believe that this wasn’t allowed and encouraged to happen. No way these morons could have gotten into the most protected and militarized places on Earth unless it was allowed. Trump and his cult announced weeks ago that this was the plan, it wasn’t a secret that something was going to go down. Just like 9/11

    Israeli flags and Rabbi at Trump protest. Hmmm


  212. Oldtradesman says


    Thank you.


  213. Robert Dolan says
  214. Robert Dolan says
  215. SaneClownPosse says

    I was going to say that Yeltsin was constantly too inebriated to be much use to anyone.

    Yeltsin was Guilty of GWI – governing while intoxicated.

    Ukraine’s Poroshenko was guilty of GUI governing under the influence of the Central Bankers and their puppet government leaders.

  216. The Real World says

    The point does matter WHO was committing the violence and went there for that purpose. If you have a shred of honesty, you know what the answer is to that.

    FYI…they weren’t at the WH!

    It was both scripted and spontaneous. Good grief, who could front the ridiculous idea that 100K people could behave in scripted fashion.

    I do think the cop shooting that lady was intentional because it was an insane move AND an Antifa jerk was positioned and ready to film it, from start to hit. Yeah…..I’ve seen that video too and a pic of that fool who is from out West..

  217. AltanBakshi says

    I really dont get how Harari got so famous, his thinking is so unoriginal. He is quite good case study how these new elites have stripped Dharma from its original purpose and utilised this pseudodharma as a tool for improving their mind and quieting the rare pangs of their guilty conscience.

  218. Eric Novak says

    Did moron Richard Spencer tell you that?

  219. Bashibuzuk says

    Yes, you are absolutely correct. These people, sitting in their ivory towers need make-believe “intellectuals” to justify their pretense to the superiority of their “global vision” for a “shining tomorrow”. So they just take whatever suits them from the scientific and technological lingo and build a narrative that “we the sheeple” must follow bleatingly.

    Harari is typical in that regard: he wrote nothing original, made no significant contribution to his scientific field (that is if can truly consider History as a science) and yet this boring and untalented person is made into some guru of historical interpretation and futurism.

    Just because he recycled some tropes to please the Davos crowd and wrote some books of soccer mom level of simplified analysis.

    No breakthrough, no true inspiration, no vision: nothing. Hollow and dull.


  220. Uncle Remus says

    Yes. The blood of the martyrs was (is) the seed of the church. Today images, not words, define everything. If they recreate Trump as a martyr they will re-image themselves as Nero and Babylon.

  221. Bashibuzuk says

    Trump should disappear from public life and go into occultation. MAGA people could then worship him as the American version of the Hidden Imam. MAGA would become the American equivalent of Shiah and the American normies would be American Sunnis living by the American hadiths presented and interpreted by the MSM. Then Trump Jr would become the next leader of the sect a.s.o.


  222. @Rooster10 is right. He’s an actor named Jake Angeli – BLM protestor and “climate activist”. The other two plants he’s posing with in various celebratory shots are Philly Antifa

    Before Lin was censored on twitter he posted a photo of him standing next to Matthew Heimbach. That was all I needed to see to know the whole thing was staged.

  223. The Real World says

    Well, trust your lying eyes, Rich!

    The “cop” (if he even was one) had his gun pointed right at that broken window and whomever was coming thru, he was going to shoot for simply trespassing. If that makes sense to you, I don’t know what to say about your mentality.

    ADD this, very important, that a known Antifa member was poised with his camera positioned to capture it from start to finish. Hello? Pls don’t say the ridiculous thing that people commonly do which, “well, everyone is always filming things”. NO, they aren’t or with such precision.

    Headlines should have said, “Black cop shoots unarmed white woman”.

  224. Bashibuzuk says
  225. It does make for some nice imagery but these MAGAs have no plan and got betrayed by their leader, shitshow all around.

  226. And before Poland?

  227. “Jesus why is “resistance” in the West so pussy-like? Didn’t see a single mortar or grenade.”

    The Westerners have no Party, no guerilla fighters, their terrorists are lone wolves, they lack a vision of geography, of country-building and of history. All humanity (aka Eurasia) knows these things, from Turkey to the DPR of Korea. But Americans have been trying to turn their queer World Island into a planet onto itself, an anti-state, an anti-nation of individuals. This is the ultimate conclusion of Christianity, the religion of mockery (“crucified loser god”).

    Turks may be racist, Syrians sectarian, Koreans nationalist and Hindus religious, but they all behave like humans, and they take pride in violence and strength. Americans love empty statements, virtue-signalling and fart-smelling. They are begging for their suffering to end. No worries, the vegetation outside their orchard is wild.

  228. Unfortunately I have the disadvantage of not being a billionaire. Maybe ask Notch? He made his Meinkraft fortune with the Chans after all. And the last time I was involved with party politics, I dropped in disgust witnessing all the Zio dual-citizen shenanigans. Not sure where to go from here myself. Best Goymany is a vassal state and the people on the actual right here have all given up after 50 years of going nowher, or just make podcasts, or are in trouble with the feds, or in jail. Big politics is like a hurricane and if you are a normie, and it doesn’t matter how strong or smart you are, you are a leaf in it.

    Yuropoors know that burgers have to make a substantial move first. For many reasons:
    1.) It is for now the center of the real power elite
    2.) For now they have the first amendment
    3.) There the pressure is the highest and the revolutionary potential the greatest
    4.) Guns, lots of guns

    And if it becomes like 1989 there, it will be the domino that switches over the other countries. Including even mine. The second American Revolution could easily affect Europe like the French Revolution did, but in a positive way this time. First we take Manhattan, then Berlin…

  229. No, what I actually see is burgers sitting on their couch, consoooming interwebz for a decade and spinning all kinds of elaborate conspiracies, instead of developing a will to act and self-responsibility. On the one hand Qtards to trust the plan and keep living an American Dream that no longer is, as they are lead to their demise by grifters and the wicked; on the other hand the ‘wignats’ and oh so enlightened who sit at the sideline to smugly tell the mislead who sacrificed: “I told you this would happen.” While doing exactly nothing themselves. And wanting to do nothing, as their nation circles the drain. The USA today is a sinking Titanic which right now drags all of Western Europe down with it.

    All the arguments brought forward against the capitol happening could have been equally said about 1989 when citizens who had enough, finally saw an opportunity, and took to the streets. “Don’t you understand, anon? Those demonstrators are paid by the CIA! They are here to disrupt our glorious socialist republic!” “No, anon these demonstrators are a trap by the KGB and Stasi to get dissidents arrested! Let’s stay inside and watch TV!” And back then the KGB and Stasi were even more dangerous than your FBI and cops.

    In a way the internet and conspiracy scene have also been a curse: another opium for the masses, like porn, or vidya. I understand anyone not wanting to sacrifice for Blompf or the Q psyop. But sooner or later you will have to. Hopefully not with your life, but at this point you have to realize that all of this insanity and tyranny will not go away by itself and you can just go back to grill. Germans, who are commenting here, always have the question in the back of their head: is this enough to get me arrested? And several dissidents are in jail right now, just for speech.

    So you still have more options. Use them. Being a smartass about everything helps no one. Or do you honestly think that without this or Cville the ADL wouldn’t have shut everyone down? And I am especially tired of novelty-take Karen and metrosexual dandy Richard Spencer who at this point may as well be a fed. At least as harmful as professional retard Baked Alaska.

    Right now we have a group who has all the courage and will to act and is totally blind, and the other has clear-sight, or at least claims to, but zero will to act and capability to build. The moment they meet, we have change.

    What kind of ideology is being black pilled anyway?

  230. Tony Massey says

    Well…ya gotta look out for#1.
    I think it’s useless.
    We’ll all be dead soon enough. I try to keep that thought in mind.

  231. Tony Massey says

    Sometimes i think a million murderous grifters with the end in sight are much more dangerous to them than their well organized masses are to us.
    You can’t defeat a suicidal person.
    I believe their are many that are just that.

  232. You can have a rabble, and they will end up achieving nothing if they have no clear goal or objective.

    The Capital siege proves that, they go in, mess it up a bit and go home when Trump (the very one that told them to come in) tells them to go home.

    It is very important to build a vanguard group, you need clear leaders and policies, a party to rally upon instead of charging in blind.

  233. InnerCynic says

    What I’ve discovered in my nearly six decades of existence is that when such characters go over the top in this way you can bet they’re as fake as a three dollar bill. This clown is a distraction

  234. InnerCynic says

    That theatric taking the knee BS is so pathetic.

  235. http://dissident-mag.com/2021/01/11/trumps-post-election-pentagon-shakeup-ensured-trap-was-sprung-for-patriots-at-the-capitol/

    Good write-up by Jazzhands.

    Whole event was a trap from beginning to end, and we know who to blame, Trump and his jew handlers.

  236. Bashibuzuk says

    I agree that it was a trap. I think there’s more to come around the time of the inauguration. That would justify the outright crackdown on American dissidents.

  237. Astuteobservor II says

    Trump is fucked. But I am 100% sure his daughter is safe because of jewish husband n kid.

  238. By your standards the Black Israelites are MAGA agitators?

  239. InnerCynic says

    I’ve been too busy working to reply. Black Israelites are evil puppets. I suspect they play their role as useful idiots to keep the hoi poloi agitated and clamoring for protection from the very powers that attack them. The usual dialectic.

  240. steinbergfeldwitzcohen says

    Your “work’, really. Is that what you call this garbage?

    Go marry Ilhan Omar.

  241. steinbergfeldwitzcohen says

    I share your sentiment.
    I will go further.
    Karlin is a total, complete, utter POS.
    May he burn in hell.

  242. steinbergfeldwitzcohen says

    You mentioned Nick Fuentes
    People like Nick Fuentes should never be referenced without a note. The note being that the man is a Deep State agent. He is a closet homosexual and, quite likely, a sephardic Jew. IOW, he is highly compromised. Even worse, he didn’t build anything. He just appeared out of nowhere. Open agents, like Charlie Kirk, appear from somewhere and have a clear affiliation. Covert agents, like Fuentes, appear as though they are legitimate, organic entities but are not.
    Same with Candace Owens. She is, imho, your standard ‘ethnic’ conservative who is their to give whitey the impression that non-whites are on their side and have the same values. They aren’t and they don’t. Michelle Malkin is another fake.
    I just think it’s important to point out who the agents are so everyone is aware.