Chechen vs. Algerian Race War in Dijon, France

RT: Speeding car FLIPS OVER amid clashes between Chechen and Arab gangs in Dijon, France (VIDEOS)

According to the Chechens, the Algerians started it by beating up a 16 year old boy at a shisha bar. The Chechens then called in reinforcements from all over France.

Anyhow, my bet is on the Chechens.

It will be interesting to see if the French will be able to reign the Chechens in.

The Chechens have group solidarity + mafia mentality, so attempts to do so in e.g. Russia often flounder after some well-targeted threats to the relevant authority figures.

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  2. Daniel Chieh says

    I root for the Chechens.

  3. Europe Europa says

    At least the immigrants in France are only attacking each other, in the UK they’ve banded together to destroy the native English.

  4. I don’t like Chechans in general – they were already committing terrorism in the US, when there were <100 of them here, but, in this case, I do admire them for fighting against an aggressive group which must have at least 100x their numbers in France. Sort of an underdog situation. Of course, I don't know about the local balance.

  5. I don’t want to sound like a leftist but this is factually incorrect. The migrants in the UK generally commit crimes like with the Rochdale scenario. But there has been no actual concentrated attempt to wipe out the native English by them. If you want to point the finger of blame, focus on the idiot white people for continually excusing bad behaviour and believing in the multi-kulti nonsense.

  6. Also I suspect that the more migrant groups continue to grow in Europe, we are going to see a clash of civilisations take place between them throughout the continent. It’s very similar to what happened during the Fall of the Roman Empire. The invading Germanics turned quickly on each other and started to fight it out amongst themselves once Rome had fallen. I suspect a very similar situation will take place on European soil.

  7. I put the responsibility for this ridiculous state of affairs in Dijon on France’s so called ‘progressives’. I do the same for the Battle of Stalingrad.

    No, not that Stalingrad, but the one linked to below which took place in Paris a few years ago.

    Much unlike the first Battle of Stalingrad, the invaders of this Parisian Stalingrad have yet to be ejected from France.

    The area around Stalingrad Metro station was turned into a refugee battleground as rival gangs of migrants set upon each other in shocking scenes of violence.

    Asylum seekers wearing hooded tops wielded makeshift clubs fashioned from lengths of wood which they used to bludgeon each other as horrified pedestrians looked on.

    The blood-curdling brawl erupted just yards from the Stalingrad Metro station, where a squalid migrant camp has popped up following the demolition of the Jungle.

    It was not immediately clear what sparked the early morning fight, but rival gangs of people smugglers have previously been involved in violent brawls in Calais.

    And despite the horrific brawl, a pro-migrant rally is apparently being organised to take place at the camp at 6pm tonight.

    1. Yea, betting on the Chechens is a smart money bet.

    2. How long before the New York Times (and French media) declare this a plot by Evil Putler (and his naughty sidekick Kadyrov) to infiltrate and destabilize French innocent and vibrant communities of color? A week?

  8. Europe Europa says

    The violence/rioting in London over the weekend was blacks and to a lesser extent Muslims beating the shit out of native English patriots, whereas in France the immigrants are fighting with each other, that was the point I was making.

    I haven’t seen many examples of native French patriots and blacks fighting running battles, although maybe the French don’t have it in them?

  9. Duke of Qin says

    I was going to write one on one the Chechens have the advantage, but the strength of the Chechen isn’t individual but collective. A tribal comitatus stronger than anyone else’s. So 10 on 10 the Chechens definitely have the advantage over the Algerians. However the numbers game is more like 100 on 10 in the favor of Algerians and while they aren’t as bloodthirsty as the Chechens, they are not as passive as the native Gauls would be. So I will wager my 2 kopecks that the Algerians inevitably triumph as their more numerous cousins join the fray from across France as well.

  10. Morton's toes says

    Some of the stories that were posted in the western press about the Russia Chechen war in the ’90’s were the most horrific I have ever read.

    This is one example that I could find with today’s google search:

    There was one story which I could not find where Russian army guys went after some Russian mercenaries who were fighting for the Chechens which I could not find which was the worst.

  11. So who will win in the end, assuming whites are completely gone? The blacks have the numbers but they don’t have the brains and martial prowess. The Maghreb/Arabs are more intelligent but their fertility rates are dropping heavily. The Caucasus/Central Asians are too small a number to make a difference, but who knows, if they are supplied with enough firepower from their homelands they could conduct massive ethnic cleansing of their enemies. The South Asians have the brains (or at least a significant chunk of them to make a difference) but they don’t strike me as the types to resort to the brutality required to achieve victory.

  12. Europe Europa says

    Doesn’t Chechens vs Algerians destroy the notion that Muslims are a collective block with the sole aim of claiming Europe for Islam, an idea common with many European nationalists?

  13. Felix Keverich says

    Keep in mind that Chechens in France are literal terrorists: militants and members of their families, who were given asylum in Europe after losing the war. These are not your average Muslim rapefugees.

  14. Western civilization ended at the battle of Stalingrad, so naming that station Stalingrad where blacks are rampaging is appropriate.

  15. Hyperborean says

    Doesn’t Chechens vs Algerians destroy the notion that Muslims are a collective block with the sole aim of claiming Europe for Islam, an idea common with many European nationalists?

    You grant too much influence to “counter-jihad” Zionists.

  16. Belarusian Dude says

    I’m undecided on who will win. Chechens are indeed savages with strong tribal mentality, and their herds will definitely do nasty shit hunting down individual Algerians one by one. However, Algerian criminals are generally higher human capital, and while some modern Chechens have turned to doxxing and such for to defend honour, they don’t have the same resources as Algerian gangs and their connections to drug trades and human trafficking, etc.

  17. Ah, true, but all wars are won by logistics and reserves. Algerians may be more numerous, but can they deploy to the battlefield when needed in the strength required?

    In this particular case, can a mighty Algerian Army afford bus tickets to travel to the soccer fields of Dijon to give a proper battle to the Chechens? This important operation will probably have to be financed by the moms and aunts of the Algerian fighters, how long before they tell their spawn to stop with the nonsense and halt the flow of funds? War fatigue is real, and no money for bus tickets means no ability to mass shock troops, which spells certain doom when faced with smaller but more agile and skilled Chechens. It will be worse than American sanctions. Chechens will pick them off one by one.

  18. I’m banking on the Czechoslovakians.

  19. songbird says

    It would be kind of a fun movie idea to remake The Warriors (1979), but instead of placing it in NYC put it in a European city like Paris, and have all the different gangs be ethnically-organized, non-Europeans. It might be a good idea to make our protagonists Chechens or Georgians so that Europeans can abstractly relate to them.

  20. Muslims fought against each other since the earliest Islamic times.

  21. Hartnell says

    Well, considering the doomsday scenario you have presented, I would say that an Iran sort of scenario would emerge after the chaos has died down. The remaining whites (most in such a drastic scenario would flee east) would convert to Islam and would sort of join together with the intelligent Arabs and form a caliphate. If you look at modern day Iran, the elite on the top are usually quite pale where as the masses tend to be brown. I would expect this situation to occur.

    However, if I am honest, personally I don’t think it will get to this stage. Why are Muslims and blacks in Europe en masse? Because they want money. Europe is running out of money to pay for those cozy welfare states. I suspect somewhere down the pipeline identitarian parties will take power and basically just cut off the money supply. Most will go home.

  22. Among the Arabs, Algerians (who are actually of an Arab-Berber mixed ancestry) are considered as more warlike than their Tunisian and Moroccan neighbors.

    Since the earliest times, the modern day Algerian territory was at a crossroads, continually invaded by different Empires and a therefore Algerians have developed a very combative spirit.

    The French had quite a hard time conquering Algeria and had to maintain a strong military presence to quel several insurrections (la Légion Étrangère was started there).

    The Algerian war of independent is well known, but the civil war in Algeria between 1994 and 2004 was also terribly brutal.

    In fact, Chechens and Algerian mountain tribes of Chaouis and Kabyles have a somewhat similar psychology (especially Chaoui Berbers from the Aurès mountains).

    That makes for an interesting feud to follow.

    I am preparing a big bowl of popcorn…

  23. Albanians behave similarly to Chechens (and other uncivilized mountain trash). This means you deal with them in a similar manner.

    There’s an easy solution, notably used by some WW1-era Chetnik – probably Voja Tankosić, known for bitch-slapping Churchill.

    Since there always is a “main guy” – if he gets uppity, target his family. Never kill – take hostages. Unlike Stalin, they are very concerned about their progeny, and therefore will do whatever you want.

    If that fails, well, hunter-killer drones are good for tracking down pests in the remote areas.

    It’s how the ancient empires did it. Never be nice.

  24. The Tibetan Buddhist Kalachakra Tantra prophesied a global Islamic Caliphate ruling all the Abrahamic religion people by 2400. This Caliphate will be defeated in a war with the Dharmic Kingdom of Shambhala.

  25. Daniel Chieh says

    2020 never ends, but instead magnifies every year in Habbenings

  26. Oh, but they won’t be gone.

    Some of the new groups will be bleached/europeanized africans/arabs – equivalent of the French being formed from a core of Latinized Germans.

    Others will be arabized/africanized whites.

    You have to remember that these people have no qualms about going full ooga booga, while whites went out of that phase a long time ago.

    Due to the mixture of distant genes – extreme outbreeding, the new arrivals will invariably become less tribal. Due to a slight IQ raise due to white genes they’ll start making connections. Remember they’ll still have the “kill people i don’t like” thing going on

    End result? A “farewell to alms” scenario of ludicrous proportions. Why? Well, let’s see how these people will think:

    query: society poor, dysfunctional; causes
    cause: prevalence of stupid people
    solution: exterminate

    In Africa and the Middle East, the only reason step 3 did not occur is because of high in-group preference (ME), or the fact there are far too many stupid people to do it effectively, but there is a slow tendency towards it (Africa)

  27. Well we certainly do live in Interesting Times.

  28. Pumblechook says

    The Corsicans will be left to stand alone at the top of that bombed-out crater between Spain and Germany.

    In all seriousness, definitely the most clannish Western European ethnic group – I knew a few Corsican lads from my time in Paris (great people) and were all RWDS material.

    Every year or so, they remind the Arabs (mostly Moroccans, not Algerians) that they are in Corsica, not Alsace or Paris.

  29. I have no doubt that Macron and all the other ZOG puppets will not dare to do anything about non whites walking around with weapons, they are too busy monitory online chatter if any white has said anything racist.

  30. Europe Europa says

    What percentage of France is native French now? I’d be surprised if the percentage of unmixed native French people was higher than 50%, I get the impression a lot of “French” people have Arab or black admixture to some extent.

  31. From the linked article:
    Finally, why do you think Putin is so respected in Chechnya? Because he proved that he would not blink and would level the whole republic with heavy artillery and missiles, if he felt like it. This is the only argument they understand.
    Why don’t the French authorities know that truth? Why doesn’t Trump realize that.

  32. Pumblechook says

    No, it’s higher than that. The best proxy for non-Euro newborns in France is the tests that they carry out for sickle-cell disease, which must be performed if at least one parent is from a susceptible region (conveniently, everywhere apart from European populations with the slight exception of deep southern regions like Sicily, Cyprus etc.). Caveat that some hospitals just run the test either way, no matter origin of parents though.

    The French right-wing movements used it as a decent proxy of the % of non-Euro births and you can see its progression by region over the last 10 years or so

    Unfortunately, the govt. stopped publishing these stats after 2016 largely to prevent a fairly credible breakdown of non-native births being publicly available. So a minimum of 60% of newborns are to 2 European parents, and taking into account the hospital blanket testing plus South Europeans, probably around 65% total. Maximum. UK is better at around 75%

  33. Thulean Friend says

    Hundreds of arabs out of a population of 5+ millions in France doesn’t mean anything. This isn’t a ‘boogaloo’ – and it won’t ever come either. It’s just a right-wing cope fantasy. Furthermore, wasn’t the right-wing scaremongering about an imminent islamic takeover? So much for islamic solidarity.

    This is simply a tiny speck of violent lumpenprole men at the very bottom of the social ladder trying to add some meaning to their pathetic lives. They will invent any reason to get into trouble. In any sane society, the normal way to dispose such trash is to send them far afield to die in some useless war. Given France’s quagmire in Mali and surrounding areas, send them – and their white counterparts – to the jungle on a one-way ticket.

  34. Hartnell says

    This is interesting but it does sound like the Buddhist version of the Gog and Magog prophecy in the Bible.

  35. Anonymous (n) says

    Eh, I think it’s more complicated than that. As long as the various invader groups together do not constitute a large enough force to go after the grand prize, which is overall control of France, they will instead battle among each other for lesser prizes such as control over local territories, drug traffic, etc. The reason they are fighting each other over such control rather than the natives is that the natives are effete eloi who aren’t even in the game, lol.

    However, once demographics are advanced enough to allow the invaders to think of having a crack at the jackpot, they will definitely unite to do so. It’s the old story of “me against my brother, my brother and me against my cousin, me my brother and my cousin against the world.” However much the Sub Saharans may hate the North Africans and the North Africans may hate the Sub Saharans, they realize that subjugating the whites is the end game and that an alliance will the necessary to achieve it. This is already apparent today in voting patterns and anti state authority organized violence, where blacks and Arabs form mixed mobs to attack the police, burn vehicles and buildings, and deliver beatdowns to whites.

    Once the whites are subjugated I’m sure cracks within the alliance will be apparent almost immediately, but that will be of little comfort to the whites at that point.

  36. Max Payne says

    Can’t I just have my war with Iran? Everyday I have to endure this illiterate low-spectrum warfare of mobs and gangs and its TORTURE. How can the world be so HEAVILY armed and yet be so pussy when it comes to REAL violence? It boggles the mind…

  37. Daniel Chieh says

    Maybe you can’t win a war with Iran

  38. AnonFromTN says

    I root for the Chechens.

    If I were a betting man, I’d bet on Chechens. Arabs are remarkably inept, their only strength is total absence of scruples, but Chechens have this strength, too, and more.

  39. AnonFromTN says

    The invading Germanics turned quickly on each other and started to fight it out amongst themselves once Rome had fallen.

    Did it help Rome?

  40. martin_2 says

    I doubt that many, if any, of those attacking the English men were Muslim.

  41. The French (even if “French” in this case) rarely disappoint.

  42. Do not underestimate Algerians.
    They are not your average Middle Eastern Arabs.
    These guys are the descendants of the Fatimid, Almoravid and Almohad warriors and Barbary coast pirates. They terrorized South-Western Europe for centuries. Besides, genetically speaking they are mostly Arabized Berbers. One of my Arab acquaintances once told me that among Arabs you have three populations able to fend for themselves: Yemeni, Libyans and Algerians.

  43. Agathoklis says

    There are certain contemporary and historical sub-groups in the Hellenic world which are similar in clannishness and martial pride. Today, most like the Maniots and Pontians populate the military; especially the special forces and officer class, in higher proportion than their numbers in the general population. Certain areas of Crete somewhat maintain that sort of lifestyle with the occasional intercepted illegal gun shipment or vendetta.

  44. AnonFromTN says

    I don’t know details, but I had one Arab-Berber post-doc from Algeria. She said that Berbers consider marrying Arabs as something degrading. Her father was dispossessed and boycotted by his family for marrying an Arab woman.

  45. songbird says

    Where do you get a lead pipe in 2020? Is this Clue?

  46. Berbers usually don’t like Arabs. This is especially true in the Kabyle regions. Still, they lived side by side for a thousand years and the majority culture shifted from Berber to Arabic. Algerians are probably 70% of Berber origin, but today only some 30% self identify as Berber.

    Even though the Berber dynasties ruled Maghreb for the most part of the Islamic period, Arabic was the language of business and religion. So people become Arabic-speaking and gradually adopted Arabic customs.

    The proportion of Berber ancestry population can be estimated by the proportion of the Y haplogroup E. It is around 60 to 70% in Algeria. Berbers are overwhelmingly Y haplogroup E M81.

    Y haplogroup E is only around 12% in Arabia and of different clades, namely M123, which is shared also with Jewish populations and is probably directly descended from the Natufian neolithic populations.

  47. I told you not to underestimate Algerians.

    They can be kind of crazy.

    Chechens vs Algerians is like Alien vs Predator.

    Both are kinda nasty.

  48. Agathoklis says

    A fascinating glimpse of our future.

  49. According to former govt demographer Michelle Tribalat who has done an exhaustive study on this France is 85% European.
    Jean Yves le Gallou estimated a similar 80%
    And on births the best French demographers put births at 65% ethnic French 10% other European.
    If you speak French try the Michelle Tribalat blog it’s full of interesting data.

  50. Grahamsno(G64) says

    Anatoly OMG WTF? I was going to post a reply saying that the Chechens don’t have a fucking chance because Algerians are already semi-French and they own Marseilles etc etc, but this video of Algerian Gangs brandishing automatic weapons which are surely illegal, where are the Cops? France has lost badly they no longer control the streets, once you cede control of the streets to an Alien group (culturally or ethnic) you’re lost. Taking your streets back will be almost impossible. Americans despite their perpetual muh guns bullshit are even bigger cowards they just ran away from major cities. The British still have a Chav/Yob/Football hooligan presence in the streets to still fight.

    The will has been just bled dry in the West and you just have fat white cattle mooing about muh civilization and doing nothing else. The alt-right has got all the conditions for its precious ethno-state in the US, massive economic collapse, social breakdown etc. But what do they do about it nothing but just shitpost on the internet anonymously because these risible revolutionaries are too scared to be doxxed! Not one of them turned out to protect muh heritage from the Vandals. A pathetic bunch.

  51. Even so, in Alien vs Predator, the Predator is the superior one.

  52. Did you fail to notice the part where the government is diverting all its resources and time on attacking the alt right? It was obvious for a long time now that the government does not care about policing anyone but white people, it is was also obvious for anyone who bothered to look that this was done in service to the jews. At this point the only thing that could save the white race are nuclear strikes on places like Washington and Israel, the complete destruction of the USA (fighting Algerians on the streets achieves zero). Most people don’t have the stomach for this, so one can take the black pill and admit its over.

  53. I am unfortunately not an expert in exobiology, but I would certainly prefer seeing them squaring off behind the tv screen, not right there as the movie scenario character. Same goes for the Dijon situation, it is fun watching from afar these barbarians beating and shooting each other up, but God forbids living among them.

  54. Europe Europa says

    I notice this has got zero coverage on the sort of right wing sites that usually widely report this sort of thing, like Breitbart. I suppose Muslim vs Muslim doesn’t fit the narrative these sorts of sites like to promote?

  55. The Chechens don’t have a chance. They are not in the Caucasus mountains any more.

    The Chechens are built like MAGA while the Algerians look somewhat like Antifa.

  56. The Wild Geese Howard says

    I lived and worked in Algeria for almost five years.

    I concur they are a bit crazy.

    The young women can be quite nice though.

  57. A Chechen elder and some Maghrebian community leader have talked it out and decided to decrease the tensions.

    Peace has returned to the Blessed Oumma and Fitna has been healed in the Firanji Emirate…

  58. Young people of both communities have reached out in a brotherly intercultural dialogue based on their common values of mutual defense against the Infidel Crusaders.

    The light of the blessed Qur’an illuminated their minds and they put their arms to rest.


  59. Lars Porsena says
  60. The Wild Geese Howard says
  61. another anon says

    Nah. Onion was there first, when it was still funny.

    UNITED NATIONS–In a bold gambit hoped to resolve dozens of conflicts around the world, the U.N. announced Monday the establishment of Ethniklashistan, a multinational haven in the West Bank that will serve as a new homeland for Irish Protestants, Hutus, Serbs, and other troubled groups.

  62. NazbolFren says

    Chechens will win without a question

  63. Well they didn’t, three Chechens in Nice have been machine gunned, a dozen Maghrebians got beaten up and then the senior figures in their respective communities talked it over on the phone and declared a truce.

    Please see my comments #61 and #62 above.

  64. Thumbhead Forney says

    Cry harder, lol. If Western civilization died because some insane German fantasy to exterminate and resettle Eastern Europe was defeated, then that civilization deserves to die