Chinese, Russian Corona Aid is 80% Useless (Says CIA?)

On March 25, TASS reported that Russia send 15 military aircraft to deliver specialist and equipment to help Italy in the fight against its coronavirus epidemic.

This included 600 ventilators. Although Russia’s ventilator situation is pretty good by international standards, it still represents an investment of over 10% of Moscow’s ventilator stock of 5,000 units as well as almost a month’s worth of its ventilator production capacity. There is a non-negligible chance that it will be needing those ventilators itself in a few weeks’ time. On the other hand, this does represent a very significant upgrade to Italy’s ventilator stock, which stands at just 5,000 units – with the result that a policy of triage has in practice for the past two weeks, with over 65 year olds being denied usage of ventilators. (Although the recent story of the 72 year old Italian priest Don Giuseppe Berardelli giving up his ventilator to a younger man is very moving, the more banal reality is that the hospital in question had no spare ventilators in the first place).

So how does the Western commentariat thank Russia?

Why, by voting this to the top of /r/worldnews: Moscow Times – 80% of Russia’s Coronavirus Aid to Italy ‘Useless’ – La Stampa

“Eighty percent of Russian supplies are totally useless or of little use to Italy. In short, this is little more than a pretext,” an unnamed source told La Stampa.

The source said the Russian supplies consist of disinfection equipment, a field laboratory for sterilization and chemical prevention, and other similar tools.

La Stampa’s sources claimed that Putin is pursuing geopolitical and diplomatic opportunities with the aid package dubbed “From Russia With Love,” while Conte accepted the aid in order to secure a good personal relationship with Moscow.

Here is the original report by La Stampa.

Interestingly, both the Italian Ambassador to Russia Pasquale Terracciano

“It is very important that all this medical equipment includes 600 ventilators, which are critically important at this stage of the epidemic,” the ambassador said in his address to compatriots in Russia, posted on the Italian diplomatic mission’s website.

… and the President of Lombardy Attilio Fontana disagreed.

“I say thanks to the Russians who sent us doctors and other people who can help with disinfection,” he told an online press conference.

The reason I am covering this beyond highlighting yet another tidbit of what might be legitimately described as Western fake news – who are we to trust, two Italian authority figures, or “unnamed sources”? – is that this same 80% figure had cropped up before.

Taiwan News – 80% of coronavirus test kits ‘gifted’ to Czechs by China faulty

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) — A Czech news site on Monday (March 23) revealed that 80 percent of the much-touted traunch of Wuhan coronavirus (COVID-19) rapid test kits “donated” from China are faulty, forcing healthcare workers to rely on conventional laboratory tests.

On March 18, as is the case with many of its other quasi charitable acts, Chinese state-run mouthpieces used the verbs “supplied” and “delivered” to give the impression that the communist regime was donating 150,000 portable, rapid COVID-19 test kits to the Czech Republic. In fact, the central European nation’s Health Ministry paid some 14 million crowns (US$546,000) for 100,000 test kits, while the country’s Interior Ministry footed the bill for another 50,000, reported

The Czech report in question: Rychlotesty na koronavirus z Číny mají podle krajské hygieničky chybovost až 80 procent

Curious coincidence.

It’s almost as if “somebody” is filling these out from a template and sending it out to their pocket media in the colonies.

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    If you are new to my work, start here.

  2. Just Passing Through says

    The story is probably BS, but none of that matters of people believe it. The anti-China propaganda seems to be working on the general population. This is working out well for Western governments, they can

    1. Blame debt bubble popping on the virus.
    2. Use people’s frustration of the lockdown and direct it against China/Russia

    Personally as a White Nationalist, I feel that I must do my duty to promote as much racial hatred against my enemies as I can so Whites will have the moral courage to do the right thing in the coming global race war which will most definitely be the last war ever. As such, I am spamming social media with posts related to Chinese treating animals cruelly to exploit the White affinity to animals, especially dogs and I urge all like-minded people to do the same.

  3. Spisarevski says

    Asians are ruthless in war. Ask any American who fought in WWII, in Korea, or in Vietnam

    The Anglo cries out in pain as he strikes you.

  4. How different from WW2 when Stalin was grateful that Britain sent advanced but reliable tanks and boots that were a joy to wear with the foot bindings that served as socks for Russian soldiers.

    Just watched Contagion and it has everything afore time: science (chimeric virus from China), lockdown, vectors of infection, exponential growth, crazy bloggers saying it is a bioweapon, Deep State out of its depth, and perfidious Chinese.

  5. Did you enjoy watching this film? I recently thought about renting it…

  6. Felix Keverich says

    That’s yet another reason why helping Western countries is a terrible idea – they’ll just hate us for it!

    Time and again Putin shows his ignorance of Western psychology. If he was hoping to ingratiate himself with European politicians, he will achieve the opposite effect.

  7. Candid confession of who is spewing hatred.

  8. Oddly Enough says

    The Trump administration ran an extensive simulation exercise last year called “Crimson Contagion” from January until August involving a respiratory virus from China that became a pandemic.

    In the simulation exercise, 47 days elapsed from the first case in the US until the WHO declared a pandemic.

    This year, the first cased in the US was declared by the CDC on January 21st. The WHO declared a pandemic 50 days later on March 11th.

  9. Which advanced but reliable tanks did Britain send? That the Soviets liked?

    Britain had no advanced tanks until Comet and Centurion appeared.

    The Soviets liked 6pdr Canadian Valentine and M4A2. Everything else – no.

  10. The story about 80% error rate of tests bough by the Czech Republic is false, if one believes the epidemiologist leading government’s crisis center. Czech article quoting him is here.

    These tests were initially used in wrong way (on people in early phase of the disease) and clickbait article was published. The original article from the press agency was retracted, but a copy is e.g. here. Later, foreign press started to repeat it and now it has life of its own.

    Btw, Czech Republic arranged really huge deal with China:
    – 77 million of face masks,
    – 10.6 million of FFP2 respirators (none in FFP3 class)
    – 1.05 million of tests
    – 250 thousand protection suits
    – 250 thousand googles,
    – 5.25 million of gloves

    The delivery will take six weeks, several million of masks already arrived. List of items with the costs is here.

  11. Belarusian Dude says

    You’re pathetic. Directing last unified vaguely reactionary efforts against the people who are AGAINST the people replacing you with nogs is just cuckoldry of the highest sort

  12. Based.

  13. I thank Hollywood for releasing all the new movies online in an attempt to still generate revenue, as now you can watch brand new movies for free! For instance Bloodshot (released two weeks ago in theatres) is now available to download. Plenty of upsides here.

  14. LondonBob says

    To be fair eighty percent probably isn’t far off.

  15. Philip Owen says

    The Matilda was well received in Russia, more than the Valentine.and was perhaps the best tank in any army during the first part of the war. It was wasted by British generals as an infantry support tank.

    Valentines were made in the UK as well as Canada.

  16. There seem to be a lot of news stories like this. Didn’t the Bundesnachrichtendienst spread one about Trump trying to buy up a German company that was developing a vaccine to secretly buy all the vaccine for Americans or something?

  17. Just Passing Through says

    Yes, I am sure the nice Chinese will liberate us from our Jew overlords and then leave us alone…

    On a side note, China is pretty cosy with the Jews and most likely supports their efforts to undermine the West. It was Jew Kissenger and the Jew-dominated administration of Bill Clinton that gutted the White working class of America, and Israel have been known the sell American military designs to China

    For example, due to Jewish agents in the US establishment, the US was pressured into jointly developing a fighter aircraft with Israel, of course this involved transfer of technology, which entirely benefitted Israel. The final result was the IAI Lavi, whose designs were then given to the Chinese who made the J-10

    It is completely possible to hate both Jews and Chinese, China must be destroyed along with all other non-White nations.

  18. The disease is the result of a bat virus recombined with a virus from a pangolin making the chimera Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome Coronavirus 2 (SARS-CoV-2). In SARS-CoV-2, the Angiotensin Converting Enzyme 2 (ACE2) receptor binding domain is from a pangolin, and that component of the chimerical virus is the key to how it so easily enters human cells to infect them.
    Few hours ago

    Smuggled pangolins have been found to carry viruses closely related to the one sweeping the world.

    Scientists say the sale of the animals in wildlife markets should be strictly prohibited to minimise the risk of future outbreaks.

    The most trafficked animal in the world is prized for its scales of keratin, which is the same substance as rhino horn and we all know what that is about. So the West turns into a charnel house because China is full of vain and foolish men that wish to be a sexual Tyrannosaurus with a third leg.

  19. The film Contagion was a propaganda movie financed by venture billionaire Jeff Skoll to educate audiences, along with many other films. IIRC Syriana was another one, but I never saw it. (from wiki:)

    Jeff Skoll founded Participant Media in 2004 with the premise that a good story well told can help change the world. As the leading media company dedicated to entertainment that inspires and compels social change, Participant Media’s projects combine the power of a great story with opportunities for global audiences to get involved.

    Participant Media has produced more than 75 feature and documentary films that have collectively earned 52 Academy Award® nominations and 11 wins and have highlighted some of the most pressing issues of our time, including climate change, gender inequity, water scarcity, pandemics, and cybersecurity. Initially founded with a focus on film, over the past decade Participant has expanded to become a multi-platform content company producing and distributing film, television and digital entertainment.

  20. On Jews in China: “October 1 1949, Mao Tse Tsung declared the founding of the People’s Republic of China in Tiananmen Square, Beijing. He was funded by Rothschild created Communism in Russia and also the following Rothschild agents: Solomon Adler, a former United States Treasury official who was a Soviet Spy; Israel Epstein, the son of a Jewish Bolshevik imprisoned by the Tsar in Russia for trying to ferment a revolution there; and Frank Coe, a leading official of the Rothschild owned IMF.”

    Solomon Adler, according to Wikipedia, “worked with Harry Dexter White for the next several years” while working for the US Government. We also read that “Adler…in 1941, he was posted to China, where he remained as Treasury representative until 1948….[reported] from China to Treasury secretary Henry Morgenthau Jr., during the war years…and played an important role in shaping American wartime economic policy toward China.”

    So here we have a Jew, attached to all the other communist Jews, in charge of finances such asproviding support to the Chinese Nationalist forces (they denied funding) running around taking part of Chinese espionage operations. Interesting that “American” Jews in the 1940s were already sabotaging America by promoting communist interests that were clearly the antithesis of their host nation.

    Even when I have been disenfranchised from God and synagogue, I have always been culturally proud to be a Jew. A source of that pride is the Jewish tradition of helping the oppressed, and our involvement in social movements such as labor and civil rights.

    Until I saw the documentary “The Revolutionary” at the Philadelphia Independent Film Festival, I mistakenly thought that China during the revolutionary period was one country that had not felt the Jewish embrace. In fact, 85 to 90% of the foreigners helping the Chinese at the time of the Communist takeover were Jewish.


    It was in the 1930s that Rittenberg rejected a career as a lawyer and became a trade union and civil rights activist. He then went a little further. He became a communist, learnt Chinese, went to China, joined Mao Zedong’s guerrillas fighting Chiang Kai-shek’s nationalists, emerged after the communist victory as a senior party member close to Mao, ran Radio Peking, translated Mao’s thoughts into English, became a leading rabble rouser in the Cultural Revolution – and, by the by, was imprisoned for 16 years in solitary confinement, accused of being a US spy. Then he came back to the US and made a fortune advising American companies on how to get into China.


    Interesting. A committed Communist Jew who later came back to America and underwent a radical transformation by advocating, and helping to, get American businesses into China! I wonder why the American manufacturing industry dissapeared?

    How do we understand this? Well it was already perfectly described in 1958;

    What interest had Western capitalist Jewry in the survival and spreading of Bolshevism? After all, the Western Jew is a capitalist, and Bolshevism proclaims the abolition of capitalism. The Western Jew consistently propagated all the various humanitarian slogans in the lodges, apparently ignoring that the whole system of Bolshevism was an outrage against humanity. The Western Jew appeared to remain faithful to his own religion while Bolshevism was proclaiming atheism. What, then, had Bolshevism in common with Western capitalism? How was it possible for Zionist organisations in New York to hail Bolshevism, and for Jacob H. Schiff to give it money?

    Since then history has supplied us with the answer.

    What Bolshevism and Capitalism have in common is the ghastly fact that both of them are equally Jewish.

    The World Conquerors – Louis Marschalko (1958)

    So if Capitalist Jews were happy to support Bolshevism, then why wouldn’t Communist Jews be happy to support capitalism? Until people understand this everything else is fairly moot.

  21. It is completely possible to hate both Jews and Chinese, China must be destroyed along with all other non-White nations.

    You can hate both if you want, however to blame China because of what the jews did does not make sense.

  22. It’s almost as if “somebody”

    Just how many middle fingers do they need to get before they figure out at generating goodwill from ZOG regimes is pointless? I can’t have much sympathy for clueless people like Putin when they refuse to see that the “somebody” is (((somebody))).

  23. Keratin in Traditional Chinese Medicine is not used as an aphrodisiac or for impotence. It’s used for various mundane ailments like fevers, arthritis, high blood pressure, etc. Traditional Chinese Medicine is used more by women than by men, like folk medicine and healing in general around the world.

  24. The medical consultant for Contagion has been infected. New York and London are heading for catastrophe, so it is a pity Contagion’s director Soderbergh’s did not use his The Girlfriend Experience‘s star Sasha ‘ Punch Me’ Grey and her overused orifices to play the kidnapped WHO investigator instead of that French girl from Kill Bill. The The Girlfriend Experience was originally intended to have real sex in it and given the Ms Grey ouvre, it would have been non procreative. A bit of simulated action would have got more many more people watching and saved a million lives at least.

    Anyway, propaganda would be nothing to do with why Russia chooses this moment to send its its most impressive ship through the Channel, showcasing their technological edge. Perhaps they ought to be more worried about planning the defence of Vladivostok from its former owners than showy excursions past Dover that are obviously intended to blacken the White Cliffs.×285.jpg

  25. I thought it was bad, so bad I even remember one cheesy line: “Someone doesn’t have to weaponize the bird flu. The birds are doing that.” And I probably saw it around 2012.

    But I didn’t understand that it was meant to be propaganda at the time I saw it. Maybe, if I did, it would have been more entertaining.

    May I suggest Outbreak (1995), if you haven’t seen it? I saw it in the theater, so my memory of it is pretty foggy, but it does have at least one entertaining scene.


    More known than the pangolin, the rhinoceros is also threatened with extinction, mostly due to the alleged medicinal properties of its horn, which Asian healers recommend as an antipyretic and a medication for sexual impotence – the pangolin scale is also considered an aphrodisiac

  27. I know, I know, it’s sad, I don’t know how to download new movies. Until recently I used to fulfill my needs at my local library, that actually had a good selection including new films (within 3-4 months after they ran their course at the theaters). This was never really a problem, for I’m much more into older films, even ones “before my time.” But now the libraries here are closed, and I live by the only remaining video rental store in my town so I recently stepped inside and that’s where I saw the “Contagion film.” I can remember when these type of rental stores were everywhere, even with chain store operations – things change quickly! How about in Russia, are video rental stores still around?


    Historically, traditional Chinese medicine has mixed rhino horn with other natural ingredients for treating fever or relieving the symptoms of arthritis and gout. The list of historical uses also includes: headaches, hallucinations, high blood pressure, typhoid, snakebite, food poisoning and even possession by spirits. “Every historical documented use of rhino horn in traditional Chinese medicine was for treating conditions such as fever and infection,” says Lixin Huang, president of the American College of Traditional Chinese Medicine. “It was never used for improving male sexual function or for curing cancer.”

  29. reiner Tor says

    Some more pictures and a video (he’s reciting a Scottish poem in Hungarian) of the deceased deputy ambassador.

    He should’ve decreased the amount of carbs in his diet and worked out more, but otherwise seemed like a perfectly healthy 37 year old. He might’ve been a servant of globohomo, but he was probably a nice guy, and he learned to speak Hungarian, so I cannot but feel sympathy for him.

  30. To download free movies is easy

    1) download and install a torrent client, I use uTorrent but most should be fine to use
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  31. The Big Red Scary says

    “the central European nation’s Health Ministry paid some 14 million crowns (US$546,000) for 100,000 test kits”

    I see. The Chinese government sold 80% faulty goods to the Czechs, because they believed that would be good PR. At the same time, the Chinese are diabolically clever and on the brink of taking over the world, because no one will notice that they are being sold faulty goods.

  32. The Big Red Scary says

    Breaking news:

    Russian military medics in Italy pal around with fascists and infect sex-workers with coronavirus.

    You heard it here first.

  33. Boswald Bollocksworth says

    Seems unlikely the bat eaters would send faulty tests to the Czechs. Zero upside to that and Chinese are by all appearances quite competent at making said tests.

  34. Haruto Rat says

    Italian wannabe neonazis are friends with Ukrainians, so they are unlikely to keep company with Russians:

    (not that it would stop MSM from producing BS, of course)

  35. yakushimaru says

    The French girl in Kill Bill is something Dreyfus, I think. The WHO investigator in Contagion is Marion Cotillard.

  36. Korenchkin says

    in the coming global race war which will most definitely be the last war ever

    Like a Commie awaiting the global revolution lmao
    If you clowns knew what was good for you, you’d be rooting for China to dismantle the Anglo-Atlantic bloc and have them reform themselves into something less satanic

  37. Korenchkin says

    It’s astounding how much money a person can save (and how much fun they can have) when they know their way around tpb, skidrow and putlocker
    Serbia has an extensive movie piracy service, to the point where you can google +”online sa prevodom” (“with subtitles” in Serbian) and you’ll get it in the first three results 90% of the time (stream or download, user choice) ofcourse you might have to chase away a few ads or watch 15 seconds of some Indian rappers YouTube video before clicking “skip ad” and turn off the Serbian subtitles

    Imagine giving money to Hollywood or some libshit game company like Actiblizz, you pay for some pixels and the product is usually defunct
    I understand if it’s for a cinema, that experience is unique and you gotta take your girlfriend to a scary movie then and now but come on

    We truly live in a world full of suckers

  38. LondonBob says

    High BMI is correlated with the severity is symptoms you suffer, and Steve has already covered the gay angle.

  39. The Big Red Scary says

    I should search via Serbia. Using which search engine? In Russia, you can find any film online, but poorly dubbed over by some muzhik. Since I understand both English and Russian, the two cancel each other out and I can’t understand a thing.

  40. Chimeric viruses from China have been an obvious threat for a long time.

  41. Korenchkin says

    We don’t dub
    Google is fine, Yandex too

    The site I use is
    Though only for streaming

  42. The anglozionist propaganda bullhorns are getting desperate.

  43. Korenchkin says

    Of course they’re desperate, they can smell their death, and the sound they’ll make rattling their cage will serve as a warning to the rest.

  44. Peter Frost has argued that “coronaviruses have coevolved with the Chinese population, to the point of developing a commensal relationship”. The mutations in SARS-CoV that produced SARS-CoV-2 are ones that computer models suggest would not work. Such a counter-intuitive feature being marker for evolutionary search that will alway hit on things consciously directed design misses. But the traditional Chinese medicines use of horny scales from the little anteater resulted in recombination. So now we have a new chalenge to herd immunity even in China SARS-CoV-2 with its Pangolin-derived wedge much mure effective at getting into human cells:
    Q: What is the theoretical relationship between ACE2 and COVID-19?

    A: SARS and the virus that causes COVID-19, SARS-CoV-2, are very similar in genetic makeup. Both have the spike that would connect to the receptor. That’s where the coronavirus gets its name; corona means crown in Latin, and the virus has crown-like spikes.

    Linda Saif, a virologist and distinguished university professor at Ohio State University, wrote in an email that several studies have reported that SARS CoV-2 has higher affinity for binding to ACE2 than SARS and this contributes to its more efficient transmission in humans.

    Pangolin payback. Once you cannot get it up, you are close to death, so reversing a cardiovascular condition is a treatment for impotence. I wonder if seeing Western men with Chinese girls gives rise to prurient thoughts among the males that they need to up their game.

    Any virus from China (as the 1918 Spanish Flu was) is a threat, especially if you believe the Chinese about it. They announced on the 7th Jan that they had identified the virus as a Coronavirus, but it did not spread between people. They will lie to the West again about the virus because human life means nothing to them. Ask the 3 million in China’s concentration camps, especially the ones having their organs harvested. Pretty obvious where the second wave (“The pandemic peaked in the U.S. during the second wave, in the fall of 1918. This highly fatal second wave was responsible for most of the U.S. deaths attributed to the pandemic”) is going to come from.
    COVID-19 may evolve greater virulence by circulating in a population of people kept in close, unhygienic quarters, such as the estimated one million Uighur Muslims being held in detention camps in Xinjiang, north-west China. To understand how this would be possible, it’s helpful to look at how one instance of influenza — the 1918 flu pandemic — evolved its extreme level of virulence and was responsible for the deaths of at least 20 million people.

    That strain of influenza, which is thought to have infected much of the world’s population at the time, had a mortality rate of at least 2.5% — significantly more than that of seasonal flu, which is about 0.1%. Yet a unique quality of 1918 flu was the circumstances in which it evolved. The close quarters of trench warfare and the transport of sick people, which allowed the virus to be readily transmissible from people who were immobilised by their illness, created the conditions under which the virus could become both highly contagious and unusually deadly.

    So the initial outbreak in China, taken to the Western front with unsanitary conditions of trench warfare and crowded trains and troopships, then it becomes much worse for the second wave. Which the Chinese having got herd immunity from the original mild outbreak are immune to.

  45. AnonFromTN says

    Sure, the most useful is the US aid to its satellites: zero, zilch, nada. That certainly cannot harm them in any way.

  46. Daniel Chieh says

    How’s your work been impacted?

  47. AnonFromTN says

    Slowed down, but not stopped. Myself and normal people in the lab (from Russia, Ukraine, China, and Sri Lanka) keep working, the only American mostly does not, following the university “advise” to the letter. I knew I want to fire him for uselessness even before the virus, so I am not surprised.

  48. Since Mr. Hack lives in the US I would also strongly suggest he get a VPN (e.g. NordVPN) and download through that.

  49. Just use qBittorrent with the standard addons. Will find almost any movie. (Again, VPN recommended – the ISPs won’t go after your ass here, but the fags at Roskomnadzor has become more assiduous about blocking piracy websites).

  50. Oscar Peterson says

    Why do you say that?

    The Italians seem pretty grateful. And who cares, at this point, what the US media says about it?

    Putin has played a waiting game, anticipating the onset of an eventual Western decline dynamic. It’s similar to China’s game, but he has fewer cards in his hand to play.

    Now his patience is on the verge of bearing fruit.

    He’s cautious, but I see no ignorance of Western psychology–not at this point anyway.

  51. At least you’re honest. That I can respect.

  52. You had a good article about the merits of piracy vs buying a couple of years ago, Anatoly.

  53. Source? And don’t tell me it’s La Stampa (the rag that spat in the face of Russia’s gratitude).

  54. Ayatollah Smith says

    “A Czech news site on Monday (March 23) revealed that 80 percent of the much-touted traunch of Wuhan coronavirus (COVID-19) rapid test kits “donated” from China are faulty, forcing healthcare workers to rely on conventional laboratory tests.”

    Yes, the Czech news site did indeed say that, and all the pro-Western media immediately picked up the story. Unfortunately, it was false.

    For one, the tests were not actually described as ‘faulty’ but as not being sufficiently sensitive to detect the virus in all cases. This statement was the immediate response by the Director of Czech Health Services, who also said the hospitals were not properly applying the tests.

    The Chinese supplier said the Czechs didn’t know how to apply the test and were doing it incorrectly, so they prepared an instruction video that they sent to all the hospitals with a recommendation to re-test using the proper procedures. The government reported that the hospitals did so, and the tests were just fine thank you very much and are now being used.

    Maybe read more than one article before rushing off to propagate yet more misinformation.

  55. Ayatollah Smith says

    51.Anatoly Karlin says: • Website

    @The Big Red Scary

    “Just use qBittorrent with the standard addons. Will find almost any movie. (Again, VPN recommended – the ISPs won’t go after your ass here, but the fags at Roskomnadzor has become more assiduous about blocking piracy websites).”

    This comment is totally off-topic. Please remove it and post it to the open thread and ban yourself from further comments – after contributing some necessary bitcoins to the authoritarian author’s welfare fund.

  56. Most impressive russian ship recently performed a hypersonic launch. First in its class, first in the world.

    Aircraft carriers are literally dinosaurs masturbated at by impotent anglo.

  57. I could still understand if you performed some butthurt gymnastics over quite recent transfer of US radar and F-35 technology, as pathetic as both are, but future J-10 design was a purely commercial transaction, of the sort US itself does. Then again, muh WHYTE NASHUONALIZM is just anglo globalism by other name, so who the fuck even cares. The more anglo suffers the better.

  58. I know that Russian tanks had the capacity to lay smokescreens by injecting diesel into the exhaust, but as a matter of prestige one shows the flag, not the oily rag. It really is for show now, as Yuval Noah Harari, says the elites cannot even imagine what a successful war against a major power would be like

    Germany has shown the way that a modern state can flourish. Virtually nothing on defence, massive medical infrastructure, and supplying capital goods to China, while Tesla factory robotics is the work of a German firm. Germany is taking hundreds of patients from other European countries. Maybe from Russia soon. Get to the Chopper!

  59. look at that prosperous occupied cuck country actively extincting itself!
    when not literally murdering its remaining industry with energy prices, that is
    industry that is literally on its knees in Russia right now, begging to be let on to the market
    we should all strive to be like that, in thrall of 56% mongrels, who are in turn thrall to the kike
    oh, and let us forget all the ventillators russians have in disposal as Mr. Karlin pointed out, as these are bad for our kiked “argument”
    russian NBC units are totally not in Italy right now as well
    also look at muh kike historian he said a thing!
    and let`s masturbate at carriers more for good measure

    Again, for the morbidly obtuse: carrier is officially dead as a thing. Big ship is next. In recognition, USN is cutting the number of surface combatants already.

    Russian military prestige is being actively demonstrated by continuously reaching political goals in ME, not hightailing with the whole CBG when things can actually get dangerous, as happened near Iran recently.
    …and producing epic anglo hysterics when actually working IADS complexes are sold, of course.

  60. sudden death says

    btw, it seems that despite having domestic epidemic arriving at home gates, Putin is still making strictly normal times tactical decisions when offering help – Italy&USA are both set to have elections this year, so in theory this aid from RF should help boost both Salvini and Trump, whereas no aid earlier was sent to Iran which deteriorated bit earlier and is kinda more akin to be allied with RF at the moment.

    Those are quite understandable calculations, but strategically looking these days are not normal times at all, so that aid might not have such desired effect in the end of this worldwide clusterfuck, but that remains to be seen.

  61. And you should know Bob, that’s a nicely crafted piece.