Comments Policy

I welcome discussion and debate on my blog posts at The Unz Review and strongly encourage readers to participate in order to inform and enlighten.

My main “specific” rule is that I don’t allow anonymous commenters. It only takes a few seconds to create a nickname and fake email, but it does help tremendously to weed out low quality commenters.

There is no pre-moderation and I rarely censor or ban. When I do, it will almost inevitably be for one of the following reasons:

  • Abuse. Including gratuitous ad homs, personal attacks, and/or slander against me or other commenters.
  • Legal threats or implications thereof of any kind.
  • Spam.
  • Doxing.
  • Idiotic unfunny trolling. I tolerate intelligent trolling, and I tolerate funny trolling, but not both. But if you are neither intriguing us nor entertaining us, then you are just taking up space.
  • SIFs (Single Issue Fanatics). If you want to spend all day claiming IQ is a bourgeois pseudoscience, or spamming your Holocaust denial forum, please do it elsewhere.

What is allowed:

  • Criticism. So long as it is civil, and preferably grounded in verifiable data, statistics, and logic. It is in fact encouraged.
  • You don’t need approval to comment. Unfortunately, the flip side is that sometimes, the spam filter gets a false positive (especially if your comment really does sound spammy). In these cases, I will probably eventually stumble upon your comment in the spam folder and approve it. That said, I can make no absolute guarantees.
  • Swearing. This is allowed, since we all sometimes need to make a strong point that can’t quite be adequately conveyed within the boundaries of “decent” language. That said, I do encourage you to rise to the challenge.
  • All ideologies. Conservatives, liberals, nationalists, socialists, Communists, libertarians, anarchists, Greens, neoreactionaries, Islamists, SJWs, cypherpunks, the Alt Right, the Alt Left, Neo-Nazis, and Cult Mechanicus adepts are all welcome, so long as they follow the rules.

Please note that every so often I will make “effortposts” that are longer and more serious than “normal” poasts. On these, I will enforce reasonable quality and topicality standards as time and energy permit.

Please note that I make absolutely no guarantees of free speech and reserve the right to interpret these rules any way I wish. At the end of the day, my blog is my “safe space”, and that means I can ban you just because I don’t like you for whatever reason or none. There have been no such “arbitrary” cases to date, and I don’t expect there will be as I am a reasonable person and it’s really very difficult for basically civil, decent people to run afoul of the minimalistic rules here.