Corona-chan Hits AIPAC, CPAC, NATO

/ourgal/ has now hit:

(1) AIPAC:

(2) CPAC:

(3) NATO:

How can one virus be so incredibly based?

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  2. sudden death says

    I’d say Iranian parliament still takes the cake in this kind of “politicorona” competition, but French one is trying to catch up at the moment, Italy will be following very soon.

  3. I hope these ZOG servants die like flies.

  4. Good news for China: 44 new cases only and 23 death. (in one day)
    Bad news for China: New cases in China via Italy

    Bad news: 61 deaths outside of China

  5. Daniel Chieh says

    Even worse, the Chinese have mind controlled the CDC to renact the Keystone Cops in real life. How’s the testing numbers coming along? Still hidden from the website?

  6. Well encouraging conspiracy theories do have a tendency to boost site traffic right?

  7. Brabantian says

    When you finally have enough toilet paper after virus panic buying

    A bunker worthy of NATO

  8. Each of these conferences (AIPAC, CPAC) have around 20,000 people attending. So, although it is far an above average rate of infection at the events relative to USA, it is not especially interesting or news. Rate of infection is above average because the people there will be above average travelling demographics (especially for NATO officials who travel around the world – so in NATO even less interesting).

    For example, Iceland has 26 people tested positive for coronavirus, with population of 364,000 people. So 1 in 14000 in the island already test positive.

    In Italy it is now already around 1 in 8000 people. In Lombardy, 1 in 2000 people have tested positive for coronavirus.

  9. Athletic and Whitesplosive says

    I know nothing about how a virus should be spreading in a confined space (of X size, with Y people, and Z infected, etc.), but it’s definitely a different risk profile than an otherwise randomly selected cohort of above average travellers, since we know with near certainty that most’ve them have been in fairly close proximity to a carrier (what with a plurality often being in the same rooms at the same times, mingling and networking, etc.)

    Even if my town had an infection rate of 1 in 10,000, I’m not necessarily in the same room as an infected person at the same time, but most of the attendees at these conferences most probably were.

  10. songbird says

    People who attend these conferences are analogous to cells in the body politic of globohomo. The average infection causes a lot of cells to die, without fundamentally changing a person’s personality or health.

    And I know Bernie wasn’t at AIPAC, but just to use him as an example, or Bloomberg who was, they are old men who have adopted anti-white rhetoric, not necessarily out of their own beliefs but because of the pressures of younger non-white demographics. The leadership of globohomo might skew elderly, but its policy comes from the younger cohorts of nonwhites.

    Still, it is an interesting question if Corona-chan will have any notable political influence. Mostly, it seems like a distraction from more pressing problems in the West. But sometimes, things come about in a round about way, and it is difficult to say how economic effects might translate, or if it has already had political effects, such as at the border with Turkey.

  11. Anyone who thinks this is a “bio-weapon” needs to have his head examined. Probably thinks badgers scratching at his door are Aliens trying to get in, too.

    But yeah, more like this, Corona-Chan.

    Like a character out of Malcolm Gladwell’s The Tipping Point.

    There are “characters” in that pop-sci book?

  12. another anon says

    Still, it is an interesting question if Corona-chan will have any notable political influence.

    Watch Iran. Things could get very bad in the West, but Iran is thoroughly and completely fucked.

    On March 3, 23 out of 290 members of parliament—about 7.9 percent—had the disease. (Unlike ordinary people, these MPs probably had reliable access to diagnosis. State media insisted they contracted the disease not from one another, but from their home districts.) The rate of infection of parliamentarians would, if applied to Iran’s total population, come to 6.4 million cases.

    Let’s consider the other politicians. The senior advisory council has experienced two known deaths out of 39 members; the cabinet has two known infections out of 30. Even if no other council or cabinet members had COVID-19, that’s an infection rate of 5.8 percent. That would mean an estimate of 4.7 million.

    A government website invited Iranians to submit details of symptoms they were experiencing. After 2 million responses, about 9 percent reported COVID-19 symptoms. In the United States, among those whose symptoms and history have led them to be tested for COVID-19, about 10 percent have eventually tested positive. If that rate holds, Iran would have 730,000 cases.

    On March 4 and 5, two evacuation flights of Chinese citizens were allowed to leave Tehran for China’s Gansu province. Chinese authorities were of course wary of introducing more coronavirus carriers into the country, so they tested passengers and found 11 COVID-19 cases out of 311 passengers. If Chinese people in Iran got the disease at the same rate as Iranians, that suggests a rate of 3.5 percent, for a total of 5.7 million at the time of the flight.

  13. John Regan says

    Still, it is an interesting question if Corona-chan will have any notable political influence.

    Going by a sample of radical Democrat forums, the rising anti-white conspiracy theorist scenario right now is that the Trump administration is purposely bungling the Corona response to fan the flames for a domestic pandemic.

    Then, with hundreds of thousands dying and panic in the country, Trump will use the panic to declare a state of unlimited national emergency, shut down the borders and the elections, rule by decree and Make America White Again, finally realizing his decades old 4D chess master plan.

    So if nothing else, Corona-chan is at the very least already breeding interesting delusions among the paranoid far left. If there is a major outbreak, I can imagine this sort of atmosphere (if not the exact cartoonish supervillainy details) becoming relatively more mainstream. She may well serve to accelerate the ongoing decline of social trust and consequent increasing fragmentation of American politics.

  14. I don’t think this came from a lab. That does not however mean that some people won’t use this virus against their enemies, do you seriously believe that the jew would not use this against Iran?

  15. So if nothing else, Corona-chan is at the very least already breeding interesting delusions among the paranoid far left. – And pronoid delusion among the far right.

  16. prime noticer says

    i imagine Anatoly at his house, rubbing his hands in glee, like the beginning stages of a zombie movie.

  17. Swarthy Greek says

    Franck Riester, the French Minister of Culture was infected. That may mean that other government members may be infected as well. If Covid-19 could rid France of Macron and his clique (not the button pushers in the Assemblée Nationale, but those who are pulling the strings: Kohler, Runacher and Philippe ) then it would truly be proof of the existence of cosmic justice.

  18. songbird says

    The Right are too blackpilled to be genuinely pronoid.

    Anyway, I think the word is better used to describe those crazy, hippy-dippy travelers, who tried to bicycle through ISIS territory in Tajikistan, or that pair of young female backpackers who thought Morocco was safe enough for them to go camping unarmed.

  19. songbird says

    I suppose that Iran would be a special case to watch, especially when you include the drop in oil. I don’t know how big their public sector is in 2020, but if they really drop the ball on this and a lot of people die, then that might cause a big shake-up of their economic model.

  20. prime noticer says

    ok guys, the Washington Democrat primary is tomorrow, as are 5 other states. will the Democrats delay or cancel their primaries? only 12 hours until we find out they’re totally and completely full of shit.

    they can win this issue in the public’s mind easily any time they want, by taking matters into their own hands and then loudly and repeatedly shouting about it on all the television networks they own, which is almost all of them. will they? i bet they won’t.

    also not coming up: ‘smart, intelligent’ Democrat demands that March Madness be called off or delayed, that all NBA games be delayed or rescheduled until further notice. Democrats effectively directly control the NBA, so yeah. we’ll see. don’t hold your breath.

    go ahead Democrats, there’s NEVER been a better time to take control of the issue over stupid, bumbling Trump, and show us all that you’re the better option. or, you can send millions of your own voters out to vote tomorrow, especially in Washington.

  21. That’s mostly a fiction. The number of cases depends on the ability to test and on political considerations. I would not read much into reported data. The virus is out there, we can only estimate any numbers and impact.

  22. You are right on the money with the cosmic justice.

    Corona is a boomer plague. The boomers have acted uber-selfishly, and no amount of warning had any impact. Instead they doubled down, see 2008-9 and 2015-16 on how to sell your children for a bit more boomer fun. With the coming 2020 absurd boomer-bowl among the ruling quasi-octogenarians the universe had to act, thus the corona.

    But boomers are narcissists and cosmic warnings are wasted on them, they don’t see much beyond their own belly-buttons…so the universe will have to escalate.

  23. another anon says

    Yes, Democratic primary is here, and Bernie is endorsed by very based and redpilled imam.
    100% guaranteed win 😉

  24. The CPAC attendee (“Corona-PAC”) who was carrying the virus and interacting with all the top people there, has been named as Alan Berger. See here:

    Corona-PAC attendee named.

    The attendee of CPAC (held Feb. 27, 28, 29, March 1) who was likely carrying the virus during the conference and may have infected others, has been named as influential Jewish political activist, social butterfly, and MD in New York, Alan Berger, age 55.

    Alan Berger was named by the Daily Mail on March 9 as the attendee, about ten hours ago as of this writing. (Who is it that says, When you want US breaking news, go first to the UK’s Daily Mail?) [….]

    Word had started spreading in some circles on March 8 that the “CPAC attendee” who had closely hobnobbed with top R-teamers, inducing many of the R-team’s top political names now into self-quarantine, was Alan Berger, but CPAC itself refused to name him. CPAC attendees requesting COVID19 tests were being refused tests because they couldn’t name the person they’d come into contact with:

    This was just text to me from a high profile CPAC attendee:

    “Went to doc today, VA. Referred to health dept if I want a test for COVID-19. Doc told me health dept won’t give tests without full name of the person diagnosed that you came into contact with. Symptoms irrelevant.”

    ( from Daily Mail: )

    New Jersey authorities have confirmed that a 55-year-old man from Englewood was quarantined for a presumptive positive attended CPAC. He was in stable condition and has been hospitalized since March 4,

    was head of Cruz’s ‘Jewish leadership team’ during his failed 2016 run

  25. I just remembered the Team America musical song “Everyone has AIDS”.

    Fitting soundtrac for the year of the airborn HIV flu…

  26. Of course, it was inevitable that somebody would do a parody
    of the 1979 classic “My Sharona” by The Knack.
    It’s called “My Corona” by the Los Angeles group Papa Bakes.
    It goes, “Ooh, my little deadly one, my deadly one, …”
    It’s on YouTube. I couldn’t stop laughing …

  27. The Gaia mechanisms have identified humanity (i.e., smart chimps)
    as the predator-in-chief that needs to be taught a lesson. Our population
    explosion (e.g., India adding 16-17 million people to its population
    each year, China – 5-6 million, due to population momentum) and the
    degradation of the environment are disturbing the homeostasis of
    the Gaia superorganism. The punishment will be swift – an army of viruses
    and bacteria will do what’s necessary to teach us some humility.

    I’ve been warning about this very thing on this blog for a couple of years
    now. Part of being holy/enlightened is to live in harmony with nature.
    For example, it was shown that increasing GDP (PPP) per capita beyond
    $32,000 IIRC does not increase the level of national happiness so
    it’s the wrong goal to set for any country. Pursuit of wealth made
    sense 1000 years ago but with our enormous population it’s
    an effective way to kill the planet.

  28. anonymous coward says

    a) Humans aren’t chimps.
    b) Chimps and humans aren’t predators.
    c) If you think American buckaroos are a real thing and not just globohomo victory points then you deserve what’s coming for you.

  29. Autists Anonymous Rehab Camp Fugitive says

    If another animal species (e.g. wolves) achieved basic civilization, what makes you think they wouldn’t exploit the environment and destroy ecosystems?

  30. Daniel Chieh says

    Greta’s religion gets a militant order.

  31. “So last year 37,000 Americans died from the common Flu. It averages between 27,000 and 70,000 per year. Nothing is shut down, life & the economy go on. At this moment there are 546 confirmed cases of CoronaVirus, with 22 deaths. Think about that!”

    I’ve had similar thoughts now for the last couple of weeks. Is Trump on to something here, or is the whole world overreacting to this Corona virus thing? Didn’t Karlin predict “millions of deaths”?

  32. anonymous coward says

    Didn’t Karlin predict “millions of deaths”?

    Everyone eventually dies, so in principle it’s always a correct prediction. (Just don’t specify time periods too carefully and you’re good.)

  33. Just a cold. Albeit with a high r0.

  34. The Grim Joker says

    You must be one of just a few people using their heads these days. Lets see :

    27000 -70000 deaths per year from flu =====no shut down, all normal
    22 corona deaths====shut down, stocks down, oil down, toilet paper and mask inventories down

    I dont know why you find this so hard to understand. It makes perfect sense to me.

    You must be one of those old fashioned geezers who went to schools where they taught students to think. You better get with the program…better to be an idiot like everyone else than smart all by yourself !

    ON another note, Karlin goes on and on about the virus. If there was no virus he would have been relegated to the dustbin of writers. having nothing to write about.

    In his bio we see him fighting off the Corona germs in battle gear of an armless and grubby Salvation Army shirt with his sacred sword. His frowsy appearance is meant to frighten the attacking germs. After defeating the Corona horde and saving mankind from complete decimation he is now faced with another formidable enemy host “CORONA CHAN” soon to be followed by “CORONA CHUNG” and then “CORONA CHIEH” (lol)

    You cannot make this shit up. In any case we have to find another topic for this talentless writer to harp about. Thoughts ?? How about the effect of sweet and sour dog on the genetic make up of nobody Russian bloggers ?

  35. Daniel Chieh says

    I’m wondering about the effects of collapsing content-free spam in his comments.

  36. Daniel Chieh says

    Please lead the way as an example for others.

  37. “Sweet and sour dog”? We didn’t study this phenomena in my old school school?…

  38. You may start your “collapse” by responding to my inquiry #33. Most of your opinions are insightful.

  39. Daniel Chieh says

    There’s so much speculation that its hard for me to state any definitive though I have personally made significant preparations; enough that I think it will be serious. It could end up not spreading significantly due to warmer weather, humidity, etc, however – so all of that would be positive despite what we’re seeing in Italy.

    I do think that Karlin might have been vaguely click-baity when it came to “millions” but to some extent he is playful with his headlines, so I don’t see a reason to begrudge him that as it is part of the joy of the blog – the flirtation with 4chan culture, so to speak, is one reason why RR stands out in Unz. A youthful thymos, if you would; and part of that is indeed a slight fondness for exaggeration and “habbenings.”

    However, I do think that this is not the flu. There are a few major differences to note:

    • The flu has a fairly well understood disease pattern and does not consistently cause overrun of ICU.
    • Most of us have some resistance to the flu already, due to its consistent persistence in society. Coronavirus appears novel enough that there’s no resistance.

    • COVID-19 is very heavily focuses on the lungs, innately a more dangerous area. For most, it doesn’t get too far but if it does get deep enough into the lungs, it can cause permanent damage even to survivors. It also begins to require intensive care, the kind that the flu does not require nearly as often.

    So I’ll lean that this is something of quite different magnitude with potentially much greater harm, especially to those with preexisting conditions. If it manages to “blend into the background” and remain as a cold virus, as many coronaviruses do, then its increased virulence may lower the life expectencies of nations. That’s not trivial.

  40. You first. Go Boldy Forth…..

  41. Daniel Chieh says

    Fwiw, I do think that had it been, say, the 1920s the response might very well be Iran’s “ignore it and we’ll be fine.” And it would indeed be fine: even at 5% death rate, it won’t end humanity or anything like that or have the epochal effects of the Black Death.

    However, I think our tolerance of death has significantly decreased. Thus the increased scale of importance as a species we are no longer willing to let go of family members suddenly and accept it as an act of God.I consider the pain that women go through now when miscarriages happen(a tragic thing indeed), and yet how not even in the far past, my wife’s mother tolerated a stillbirth as an inevitable part of life in a large family as God’s mysterious ways.

    Our kind host Karlin himself has indicated that there’s a certain Pinker component to this. Once upon a time, a sudden spate of death of 60-80 year olds would probably cause nothing like our current events; but our current sensibilities have also altered.

  42. Swedish Family says

    You must be one of just a few people using their heads these days. Lets see :

    27000 -70000 deaths per year from flu =====no shut down, all normal
    22 corona deaths====shut down, stocks down, oil down, toilet paper and mask inventories down

    I dont know why you find this so hard to understand. It makes perfect sense to me.×900

    On a serious note, Corona is at least 10 times deadlier than a common flu and — if unchecked — will infect billions of people in the coming twelvemonth. We might also see Corona-related deaths from the healthcare resources it eats up, as we have seen already in Lombardy (people with “normal” illnesses who are forced to go untreated from lack of hospital beds, etc.). And this isn’t even getting into deadly mutations that might come of it.

  43. Swedish Family says

    By the way, I found this check list helpful:

  44. However, I think our tolerance of death has significantly decreased.

    And yet the trend of increasing life expectancy (except for a slight dip recently in the US) is almost axiomatic?

  45. Daniel Chieh says

    I mean, isn’t that expected? The less that you have to deal with something, the more that you can put it off, then your tolerance for having to deal with it accordingly decreases.

  46. YetAnotherAnon says

    Or that girl who tried to hitch from Italy to Israel in a wedding dress as a “peace statement”. She got as far as Turkey.

    Or the volunteer for no-borders NGOs, still a student at 28, who hitched a lift with a Moroccan driver.

  47. YetAnotherAnon says

    Or that girl who tried to hitch from Italy to Israel in a wedding dress as a “peace statement” – she was pretty pronoid. She got as far as Turkey before being gang raped and killed.

    Or the committed volunteer for no-borders NGOs, still a student at 28, who hitched a lift with a Moroccan driver.

  48. another anon says

    As for political effects of coronavirus, watch this place.

    To make any political difference, the list needs to get much longer.
    As of today, only nine people recognized as notable by Wikipedia succumbed to the virus.

    (Notable, as deserving their own Wikipedia article. It is very exclusive club, only 976,237 of 7,7 billion made it)

  49. Berger was presumably also one of the two at AIPAC with the disease.

    Berger attends the synagogue in New Rochelle that the Manattan lawyer with the disease also attends.

  50. another anon says

    It makes perfect sense to me.

    It makes perfect sense to many people.

  51. (Notable, as deserving their own Wikipedia article. It is very exclusive club, only 976,237 of 7,7 billion made it)

    I was going to say that, when looking up an old European village, sometime ago, I had noticed a tranny under notable people. You see, I wasn’t sure if the tranny had its own page, so I went back to the page of the village, and noticed that the name was gone.

    Good riddance!

  52. Does liberalism make coronavirus more deadly?

  53. John Burns, Gettysburg Partisan says

    If there was no virus he would have been relegated to the dustbin of writers. having nothing to write about.

    Karlin has things to write about; he just chooses to write about this damn virus instead.

    But maybe it will mutate maliciously, or something, and he will laugh at our arrogant dismissal!

    Either way, just to be safe, better make an homage to our new virus overlord: I LOVE YOU, CORONA CHAN

  54. I don’t know what 20000 people conferences are like or how people interact. I doubt they are all kissing each other, but perhaps they shake a lot of hands, and don’t wash hands inbetween.

    As I understand, if someone is infected with coronavirus (or is later tested positive), and was on a plane, train or bus – it’s not the usually case that everyone in the same space is infected simply by sharing air – otherwise there would be millions of infected people already.

    Virus spreads more usually if the person is coughing in their hands, and then shaking hands. If the person is touching surfaces, that other person will touch (that’s why surfaces on metro trains and other public transport can spread it). Or if they are coughing into air while virus shedding, and releasing the virus in airborne water droplets (these usually spread further with lower air temperatures and therefore lower absolute humidity), which other people will breath.

    Coughing stage is only at a certain point of the infection though, and not necessarily all infected people have that symptom (or don’t sufficiently cover their mouth when coughing).

    I guess/imagine metro trains will be really bad for transmitting the virus by surface touching. Even the handrails on the escalator can be touched by thousands of people each day.

  55. Just Passing Through says

    Imagine if the virus started spreading at Trump’s White boomer rallies? He would surely lose the next election.

  56. The anti-Greta was actually at CPAC, but they shunted her off to the side, without giving her the main podium.

    I think that is really the problem – there can’t be a true anti-Greta because there is no way that one would get the same promotion. And that would be doubly true, if they found someone who was victim to the same syndrome, and who had the same dwarfism and autistic glower.

  57. There probably won’t be that much airborne transmission in Southern United States in the summer weather (when air temperatures can be extremely high), over the election campaign of the summer.

    Do people shake hands a lot in these events?

  58. sudden death says
  59. The Grim Joker says

    Good advice indeed. I have set up an altar in my home to Corona, Corona Chan, Corona Ching , Chung, Cheech and Cheong, Ying and Yang and the soon to be unveiled Corona Fung.

    Did I miss anyone ? Do you think I should have these holy places in the US or should I move to Mexico.

    I mean Corona is a product associated with or neighbours south of the border. I never heard of a Mexcian Chinese before. The whole thing has moved past a monstrous and bizarre hoax an is fast becoming a comedy.

    Everyone who ever blew their nose onto the sidewalk is now an expert including you know who, alias AK (hint hint)

  60. The Grim Joker says

    Right ! Just so you know I have bought 4 tractor trailer loads of toilet paper, have started collecting old news papers and am no longer throwing out my confetti shredded bills. Once those goals have been maxed I will start on cardboard. One never knows. My friends and neighbours now avoid me as they think my hoarding is irrational, bizarrre but as I told one ” I have toilet paper and you don’t nah nah na nah nah!!”

    I have also bought the book Swedish Family Robinson in case I have to flee to a desert island. When the virus infects billions air travel will cease but I have also prepared for that. I will put on my WW1 leather flying helmet, dollar store gloves, homemade cardboard wings (cardboard boxes glued together and reinforced with toilet paper) , load up my sanitary paper inventory start the propellers on my Taiwanese flip flops (I sterilised these by the way ) and fly away !

  61. The Grim Joker says

    LOL. Is that DANIEL CHIEH hiding among those toilet rolls ?

  62. Don’t forget to stock up on some Kleenex tissue paper too. You don’t want to infect any crabs or lobsters (bats?) sunning on any rocks on your desert island with your loose phlegm and buggers when you cough. 🙂

  63. The Grim Joker says

    It fun to get after Chieh who is a self righteous and sanctimonious troll. I know the type well.

    I used to work with a Chinese guy from a prominent Hong Kong family. He had what was called a classical education ie one studied Confucius. The poor fellow just could not understand that we folks in the west do not have a 4000 year old civilization and thus could not give a shit about Confucius and his philosophy. This dong subscribed to the philosophy that he should always be obedient to a higher authority and we could never get him to actively discuss, agree or disagree with anything crucial to the business. He would be appalled when I got into it with my boss and other executives and even more appalled after we had it out that we could get along and work toward company goals without any animosity ie all our arguments were forgotten. This was considered extremely disrespectful and the Chinese, superior race that they are, could never forgive “losing face”.

    He came across as intelligent but the problem was not that he was the strong silent and wise type but just that he had nothing to say. He floated whereever the wind blew and was a mixture of white bread and putty. Like Troll Chieh the most stupid twaddle and drivel would come out of his mouth and no matter what you said his face always remained the same…………blank. Meetings where he was involved was like Saddam pulling your teeth without an anesthetic. The best that could be said of him was that he had the stamina to play Majong from Friday afternoon until Sunday even losing his car at one session. He was not unique. We had a few like him in other departments, educated asses the lot with their obsolete Confucian mumbo jumbo, well respected in Hong Kong and blathering idiots in the West.

    One day my Boss finally lost his shit and instructed security to pack him up and ship him out. That started the ball rolling. You got to love these guys, they are so clever and superior that they hunger to live in the US and take English names to combine with the unpronounceable babble names their parents give them.

    Imagine The Joker visiting China and rechristening himself Cheong Gong Ginseng Grim Joker because these fools never attended elocution classes. That is the mould (and the mold) Danny boy was ejected from and infected with why most of what he says is well………….never mind.

  64. Daniel Chieh says

    I’ve always known that I’m attractive, but this is thrilling and flattering to know how quickly you’ve gotten obsessed with me. Please commit to your love in the next Open Thread.

  65. Daniel Chieh says

    The idea of a Gaia superorganism looking to punish humanity is a pretty religious setup for a militant order; the kind of idea for an extremist environmentalist organization that used to be popular in fiction. Greta herself is interesting and I think increasingly resembles the proteges for the Children’s Crusades.

    I can’t really imagine an true anti-Greta: there’s an ideology for apocalypse but much less one for anti-apocalypse, for obvious reasons. I would initially think that that most obvious route would be subversion – if she is replaced by a prettier, more functional version of herself that preaches a more sane version of environmentalism(there are certainly real issues with microplastics and general contamination in the world).

    Or perhaps I’m wrong there: reinterpreted in the lens of bioleninism, this needs to be reversed: someone more “holy”, therefore more insane, less functional, and more developmentally disabled – but with a good set of lungs to be able to scream “HOW DARE YOU?!!”

  66. Daniel Chieh says

    Still one of the funniest things I’ve seen in awhile:

    Coronavirus Conference Gets Canceled Because of Coronavirus

    The Council on Foreign Relations has canceled a roundtable called “Doing Business Under Coronavirus” scheduled for Friday in New York due to the spread of the infection itself.

  67. yakushimaru says

    COVID19 is not the flu because flu does not overwhelm the hospitals the way COVID19 does.

    For COVID19 to become a “normal” disease, you got to have hospital capacity. That is the essence.

  68. IMO, Greta exists within the right microcosm of looks. A notch prettier and she would discomfit the egalitarians. A notch uglier and she’d be too hideous to paint on the side of buildings. IMO, it’s too hard to compete with her, within that microcosm.

    She has to look like a child, and not like a bombshell, in order to cover up the fact that it is an astroturfing operation, as well as to appeal to the mother-instinct, and in order to not trigger the competitive intra-hostility of women.

    BTW, I think you’re right that a true anti-Greta is impossible, on the level of deeper psychology. A shame because I really like the phrase due to the religious undertones of the movement.

  69. for-the-record says

    The death toll yesterday in the USA

    influenza (estimated) 600

    hospital acquired infections (est.) 270

    deaths from pneumonia (est.) 140

    deaths from suicide (est.) 130

    deaths from guns (est.) 100

    coronavirus (actual) 1

  70. He seems like a higher quality stalker than Gerard.

  71. sudden death says

    influenza (estimated) 600

    hospital acquired infections (est.) 270

    deaths from pneumonia (est.) 140

    If only USA had the capability of South Korea or Singapore for testing, there certainly would be some coronavirus cases from those categories.

  72. Just banned him, hope I didn’t spoil anyone’s fun.

  73. reiner Tor says

    Coronavirus Conference Gets Canceled Because of Coronavirus

    Checkmate, humankind!

  74. reiner Tor says

    By that logic, we shouldn’t have cared for any of the WW3 scares recently (like the Syria Cruise Missile Diplomacy in Response to Assad Gassing His Own People Crisis in April 2018), because no one died.

    Covid-19 is more infectious than the flu, kills ten times more people in proportion to those infected, sends fifty times more people to hospital, we have no vaccine nor even partial immunity to it (because it’s new), therefore we have a choice: either we shut down our economy for a couple months (which is a minor disaster in itself, certainly as momentous as any economic crisis in recent history), and allocate enormous resources to fighting it, or we just let it run its course. The latter choice means that maybe half the population will get infected, with 5% of the population requiring hospitalization and over 1% of the population in need of intensive care. With nowhere near enough hospital capacity, over 1% of the population will die. This is not controversial, it’s based on what we know of the illness. Actually, it might be an underestimation, because it could infect more people, and probably more than half of those infected will get sick, so deaths could be 2-3 times that.

    The indirect effects are harder to estimate: the overwhelmed hospitals won’t be able to treat heart attacks or cancers, so many people will die that way. Essential services might stop working as nuclear plant operators will drop sick, and of course doctors will be the most vulnerable to it, receiving enormous viral loads. The economy will eventually shut down without government intervention anyway, as growing panic will simply freeze economic activity, with no-one traveling, patronizing restaurants or cafes, etc., whose employees and owners will in turn reduce their consumption, airlines going bankrupt, etc.

    This is not happening with the flu, because we have effective antivirals and partly effective vaccines, and it’s less infectious, and way less deadly. But yeah, because we don’t shut down our economy over it, it can infect 5-20% of the population each year. Big deal.

  75. reiner Tor says

    And I wouldn’t be so sure that already there haven’t been more people dying of Covid-19. Here’s this interesting snippet:

    Rouda followed up and asked, “So we could have some people in the United States dying for what appears to be influenza when in fact it could be the coronavirus?”

    The doctor replied that “some cases have actually been diagnosed that way in the United States today.”

  76. You are right about the seriousness of coronavirus/Wuhan Flu but there have been exactly zero recent WW3 scares. That’s all in your head.

    BTW for the past month I’ve been watching Chris Mortensen on YouTube about this. On tonight’s show (at the 21 minute mark) Hungary was singled out as a country that seems to be doing most things right in preparation for coronavirus, in contrast to Canada and the US.

  77. reiner Tor says

    As I have written several times, each of these crises had a very low likelihood of a world war. But one of them is bound to produce a world war, sooner or later, unless we can slow them down to once a decade instead of once a year, on average.

    We now know for example that during the Cold War, when neither parties wished for a world war, and moreover, they more or less explicitly recognized each other’s core sphere of interest and had no desire to risk a war fighting for it, there were at least two occasions when war was a possibility: when the Soviets authorized the use of nuclear torpedoes for their attack subs in 1961, and in 1983, when the Soviets (erroneously, but sincerely) believed that the Americans were just about to attack them. Just a few things going badly could’ve resulted in a nuclear war in both cases, but obviously peace and diplomacy prevailing was always the far likelier outcome.

    Now we have something like one crisis per year on average (the two Syria strikes in 2017-18, the Iran issue this January, the Turkish-Syrian conflict in February-March, the North Korea situation totally depends on the nerves and internal political stability of Kim Jong Un, whatever), and it works like a charm desensitizing people to the risk of a general conflagration. Peace can only be kept long term if top leaders are scared shitless of the risk of war. So, basically, if all high-ranking politicians and officials agree with me, then they’re wrong (and so am I). If they agree with you (and it appears to me so), then I’m correct, because the crises will come and go once a year, and eventually one of them is going to go wrong.

  78. reiner Tor says

    It’s pretty strange to me why people come here under a Karlin Coronapoast to comment that they think this topic is undeserving of attention. Normally I’d be commenting under the Lenin statue post, but currently I wasn’t that interested (just enough to read the post itself, I don’t really agree with it, but I’m just like, meh, I’m more interested in Corona-Chan), so I’m not commenting there.

  79. another anon says

    this topic is undeserving of attention.

    If anyone thinks the virus is boring, do not worry. We are returning to regularly scheduled programming soon.

  80. reiner Tor says

    A war with Iran could save the fracking industry!

    Will anyone please think of the fracking industry?

  81. Calculator says

    Most topics are undeserving of attention but people read the papers and look at the news and have opinions even if the topic is really of no interest. This is reality and not strange at all. Who really cares or is affected by the latest underwear purchases of the Kardashian ladies ? Yet these tidbits are lapped up and talked about and commented on by millions of people with opinions for and against the colors and design. The Kardashians and their handlers know this and encourage the most irrelevant “secrets” to be exposed. Bloggers should welcome all comments and criticisms especially if they increase controversy and therefore traffic and therefore income. Its the American way Dude part of our political system and anyone who is uncomfortable with this should excuse himself from any and all media platforms. If afraid of criticism and personal attacks stay home and enjoy your rocking chair although even that will attract wagging tongues and sharp comment.