Hurricane Floyd Gives Corona-Chan Wings

Hurricane Floyd has likely ended whatever meager chances the US still had of containing its coronavirus epidemic, so sealing the fates of far more people than will die in these riots.

I am not so much talking about direct transmissions between riots, and rioters and their families further down the line, which may not be all that consequential in the large scheme of things (there aren’t that many of them). But this does cardinally shift the media narrative away from the coronavirus, ensuring that people get the impression it’s a done deal – no matter that deaths continue running at ~1,000 per day and r0 seems to be creeping above 1 again. Meanwhile, prominent Dems directly rationalizing riots by their heavily suntanned Russian Nazi constituents has just discredited everything they ever said or will ever say about the importance of social distancing, at least so far as many Republicans are concerned.

Who does the US have to thank for this?

Ultimately, it’s the hacks and quacks who made lucrative careers feeding Blacks’ persecution complex, while harassing and deplatforming “racists” for citing statistics.

Many do-gooders, or concern trolls, like to ask why HBD people are “interested”, or perhaps “obsessed”, with the biological aspects of race differences.

Well, here’s yet another example for them.

[“Hurricane Floyd” is a term made up by David Pinsen. Meme via @MisterAntiBully. Graph from pp.24 of NYPD’s 2012 report on firearms discharge.]

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  2. Boswald Bollocksworth says

    If the Wuhan virus were a major problem, I would expect large numbers of deaths, say more than seasonal average. Instead we saw a huge spike in pneumonia and flu deaths in late March, and then an abrupt drop back to normal. Weekly deaths are in line with seasonal normals. Anyone can confirm, go to CDC’s mortality surveillance data. Wuhan virus was either exaggerated by the Chinese, or mutated into much less deadly strains. It’s not a problem currently for anyone not already booking a room in the house of Hades.

  3. brabantian says

    Speaking of ‘Hurricane Floyd’ – Now that the autopsy report showed that Floyd actually died of a heart attack (like Heather Heyer in Charlottesville), Floyd affected by his heart condition and also cocaine use apparently –

    People on social media and 4chan are doing the # ‘Floyd Challenge’ where you grab a buddy and take turns trying the Israeli restraint technique used on Floyd, putting knees on each other’s necks to see if anyone chokes or even gets miserable

    Also, it turns out George Floyd – who had worked as a Latino nightclub bouncer alongside the same cop who allegedly killed him (!) – also was a porn video star as ‘Big Floyd’

  4. Elmer's Washable School Glue says

    But this does cardinally shift the media narrative away from the coronavirus, ensuring that people get the impression it’s a done deal – no matter that deaths continue running at ~1,000 per day and r0 seems to be creeping above 1 again.

    Ironically enough, the rioting could actually be godsend for Trump’s re-election chances. It, as you say, “shifts the media narrative” away from an issue where Republicans are getting trounced in public opinion– Coronavirus– and toward an issue where they have, and probably always will, excel– law and order. The effect should be especially huge among the crucial suburban wine-mom demographic.

    Of course, this assumes people will even remember the stuff happening now in five months. Which largely depends on whether this shifts into a larger “movement” or just end after a week or so of rioting. But come November, if the public evaluates the risk of getting assaulted by rioting blacks as greater than the risk of dying from COVID-19… Trump will be in a good spot.

  5. Felix Keverich says

    Anatoly, you are going to love this:

    They are ditching masks and reopening movie theaters.

  6. In 2016 Trump was helped by media and BLM when after serval publicized shootings of blacks assassinations of police officers began to happen. Killing 5 cops in Dallas and 2 in New Orleans were the most well known. The Dallas hit was a pretty professional operation. Police did not try to apprehend the shooter. They blew him up with a bomb robot.

    To jump start riots in the US is very easy. Focus media on killings by police. There are 20 killings every week. Pick the most egregious one that fits your planned narrative. Get some provocateurs on the scene. Antifa can always be counted on. They have funding that pays for their transportation and food and lodging. Few guys can start breaking windows and setting fires. Then you have to hope for assassinations of police officers to pop up in different parts of the country or you can arrange them as well thought it would be much more expensive but still very doable.

    Do DNC or RNC know what is going on? Are they behind it? Not necessarily. They might be just as helpless witnesses of what is happing as we are. The events can be steered and precipitated on much deeper level of the Deep State where nobody is talking. To succeed you must have media and know how to manipulate media’s biases and proclivities. Media manipulate us and blacks in particular and somebody manipulate media.

  7. raven lunatic says

    off-topic but serious question: how long would it take south korea to develop nuclear capabilities, given it had the will / political ect. to do so? ive seen serious analyses that place germany, japan and some of the nordics in the category of ‘a few months to a half-year’. are the sorks there too?

  8. Almost Missouri says

    star as ‘Big Floyd’

    Well, if the old saying about the size of a man’s nose is true…

  9. The Wild Geese Howard says

    are the sorks there too?


    They probably already have a design archive and most of the parts that aren’t the, “physics package, ‘ already built.

    These materials are obviously among their most closely held state secrets.

  10. Europe Europa says

    It’s a mystery to me how Brexit supporters in Britain can look at the US and think “that’s the country we want to be”, which is what most of them do. There’s plenty of them who would like to become the 51st state if it was possible, although it would never happen because Americans do not give a shit about Britain contrary to what those who believe in the “special relationship” think.

  11. Europe Europa says

    I’m not a big fan of Americans in general. They strike me as the sort of people who if they saw someone being mugged and beaten to a pulp would just walk past as if they hadn’t seen anything, or stop and watch as a form of amusement but do nothing. Selfish, mean-spirited sort of people and that goes for all races of Americans fundamentally.

  12. Europe Europa says

    Isn’t that largely self-defense though? They shoot a mass shooter so they don’t get shot themselves.

    I doubt many of those people would use their guns to defend anyone in a situation that didn’t pose a threat to themselves.

  13. Korenchkin says

    And what happens when you get sick and visit the doctor only to find the hospital clogged with other sick people and having to wait hours to get checked?
    Doesn’t have to be Corona, just any ailment that requires medical attention

  14. About the relative uppityness of various races, whites seem to riot and loot as much as blacks, ditto for East Asians rioting in Hong Kong, and also remember all of those violent Korean labor protests in the late 90s/early 2000s? I guess that jeopardizrs the theory that only blacks have an elevated tendency to riot? The only ethnicity in modern times that does not seem to have riots are Japanese after WW2, maybe all their uppity types were killed in WW2? Although it was first blacks who started to loot and then whites followed. But then in Hong Kong you also see a lot of East Asian pavement ape type behavior such as beating up old people.

  15. Europe Europa says

    The US is a much more violent country than Europe. All races there are much more violent than their counterparts in Europe. The white American violent crime rate is at least 2 or 3 times higher than the white crime rate in most of Europe, and that’s low by historic standards, the violent crime rate used to be even higher in the US.

    As for Asians, they can be very violent and lawless. Just look at countries like Thailand and Cambodia, they are not exactly known as particularly safe, low crime countries and Hong Kongers/Cantonese racially are closer to South East Asians than Northern Chinese and Japanese so their propensity for rioting is not that surprising.

  16. Well Taiwanese are racially closer to Southern Chinese, in fact they are Southern Chinese, and they have basically no propensity to riot. And about Europeans, what about English football hooligans, err I mean fans?

  17. Felix Keverich says

    US Twitter wants you know that “Black Lives Matter protests spread outside the US to Berlin, London and Toronto”.

    Keep the niggers out of your country, and you will not have BLM protests.

  18. I think blacks in other parts of the world don’t care so much about what happens in America… But London and Paris have had their own share of racial riots, a few years ago.

  19. Brás Cubas says

    This is all very fascinating. Riots in America per se are not fascinating, but this is a major riot during a pandemic. This casts the whole affair in a different light.

    Caveat: I probably disagree with you in a few points about the pandemic control; I don’t agree with coercive measures. I probably would agree with them if the disease had an IFR greater than 10% and were equally dangerous to healthy people; not the case.

    That being said, what I find fascinating is how the effort to stop, or at least slow, the spread was, until a week ago, considered sacred, and very scientifically based. Now, apparently something more sacred has come along. Those that said that the lockdowners’s sole motive was bringing down Trump are now proven right, aren’t they?

    These protests will profit nothing to the left or to blacks. They are a waste of energy. It’s amazing that anyone with a college education (apparently many of the demonstrators) should think differently. They probably don’t, and are acting out of a conditioned reflex. Not taking part on them is tantamount, to a leftist, and even to a liberal, to risking being perceived as insensitive to injustice, or even as a racist. This is a risk they cannot take.

    It was the same with the response to the pandemic. Staying at home, supporting the medical professionals, supplying ventilators in abundance to hospitals, trying to stop the virus (an impossibility), all are conditioned reflexes that stem solely from the horror of being perceived as insensitive. It does not have to do with any real results.

  20. Europe Europa says

    I don’t think black British identify very much with black Americans, I’ve actually heard they don’t tend to like each other much. They have their own distinct forms of rap music, mainly grime and drill music, which is just as violent and nasty as American rap music if not more so, but I don’t think black British actually listen to American rap music very much.

    That said black British have a similar propensity to being violent and anti-white, just their form of “ghetto culture” is significantly different to the black-American form of it. A similar incident in Britain would easily provoke violent riots, but what happens in America is of no concern to British blacks.

  21. VinnyVette says

    The “plandemic” has been played out and that’s all it ever was…

  22. AceDeuce says

    And, since it’s spring, putting screen doors back on their submarines…

  23. Felix Keverich says

    That being said, what I find fascinating is how the effort to stop, or at least slow, the spread was, until a week ago, considered sacred, and very scientifically based. Now, apparently something more sacred has come along.

    This is very true. Social justice trumps social distancing for the liberal types. But where does that leave us? Should our countries still remain in lockdowns now that the liberal idiots found something else to occupy themselves with?

  24. Anuxicus says

    Don’t forget though Black British are split into two distinct communities – Africans, most of whom have arrived in the last 30 years, and Caribbeans who came to this country mostly between 1945 and 1980. These two populations are like night and day when you look at things like musical tastes, crime rates, iq, education, political beliefs, etc. Caribbeans are much more compatible with British culture.

  25. Amazing how a minor event involving a rogue cop and a negro ex con dominates our so called news media while the fact that this nations most powerful law enforcement agency, the FBI, has and is being run by criminals is ignored!

  26. I was hoping for “Baby, the Rain Must Fall”, but we got “Burn Baby Burn”.

  27. EldnahYm says

    Hong Kongers/Cantonese racially are closer to South East Asians than Northern Chinese and Japanese so their propensity for rioting is not that surprising

    Totally wrong. By the way, if any Southeast Asian country is close to southern Chinese, it’s Vietnam, which is a low crime country. You should stop making up things about Americans and East Asians.

  28. If East Asians are not violent, how do you explain the Hong Kong riots, or beating up people who remove their barricades? Demonstrations in China also routinely turn violent against the local government, you just never hear them on the news.

  29. EldnahYm says

    I see zero utility in descriptions of the form “group X is violent, group Y is not.” Pretty much all humans are capable of violence. The propensity to committing criminal acts of violence or behaving in a war like fashion is caused by genetics, and also influenced by circumstance. Competence at using violence is also caused by genetics and environment. Groups have different average propensities, so do individuals. I don’t see what’s difficult to understand here. Your posts at times seem to imply a need for arguing the premise that humans respond to external stimuli. I don’t know who here disagrees with that premise.

    Regardless of the above, southern Chinese on average are more similar to northern Chinese than they are to Southeast Asians. Moreover, comparing Cantonese to swarthy, curly haired Cambodians is absurd. Next we’ll be comparing light skin northern Thai to negritos.

  30. prime noticer says

    was it ‘idiots’ starting the riots though? in most of the cities it was the usual jewish enemies of european civilization who are coordinating things.

    America is in a civil war, and this week showed that phase 1 is effectively over. the Republicans are defeated as a political force, won’t move to stop leftist violence, and will be swept out of office in November, permanently.

    time to start thinking about what will happen starting in January 2021.

  31. The problem with the discussion about blacks and Jews is they are never wrong, always right. And whites are usually always wrong, even when they didn’t cause the problem.

    In the US, we don’t say a certain group is always right when it comes to most groups. For instance, if tensions were to arise between Armenian-Americans and Italian-Americans, we would not automatically jump to conclusions and defend one side while excoriating the other. We would try to look at the facts of the crisis. And based on those facts, we would say that, in this particular case, the Armenians or Italians are more to blame. We would go on a case by case basis based on facts. So, Armenians could be more responsible for Crisis A but Italians could be more responsible for Crisis B.

    But the media and academia have so ingrained our thoughts and senses with Jewish sacredness and black holiness that, no matter what happens, our minds automatically jump to the conclusion that Jews or blacks must be right. (The only problem is when it’s black vs Jews, in which case the mind starts smoking and shooting sparks.) In just about every case of Jews vs goyim, Jews are right and goyim are wrong. The goyim could be white, Arab, or whatever. The narrative is holy Jews vs ‘anti-Semites’.
    Same with blacks. No matter what happens, blacks are in the right. We don’t even need the facts. The Insta-Narrative says Magic Holy Negro wronged by ‘racists’. Even when blacks attack other groups, they are not condemned and judged but apologized for, excused, and justified, as is happening now.

    This essentially means Jews and blacks are above the law, above the norms of facts/justice, and favored as god-folks among us. Jews and blacks yammer endlessly about justice, but what we have in the US is Justice Nihilism. So-called Social-Justice-Warriors are really Justice-Nihilists who believe that certain groups are so holy that they are always right, even when wrong.

    Jews act out this nihilism in world affairs, wrecking and burning down entire nations. Blacks carry out this nihilism in the streets of America and Europe. But they are always protected and promoted by the dogma and PC sacraments. Jews destroy the Middle East, but they are always praised while we must blame it all on Iran and ‘butcher Assad’. Never mind Israel and Jewish-run US have enabled terrorists in Syria.

    And white Antifa(funded by Jews) is also part of this Justice Nihilism. On grounds that they are combating ‘fascism’ or ‘nazism’, everything they do is supposedly justified. They could act like total thugs, but as long as their thuggery is said to be about ‘fighting fascism or white supremacism’, their acts are tolerated and even praised by the megaphone.

    But sometimes, things have a way of getting out of hand. Mao called on the Red Guards, but their violence went far beyond what Mao had imagined. And it seems the violence among blacks and antifa scum is now getting so out of hand and even boomeranging on the powers-that-be, like the attack on CNN headquarters. Attack dogs can be used to attack the enemies. But as blacks and Antifa(or Antifacts) are rabid, they can go out of control and attack anybody.

  32. prime noticer says

    between 1968 and 1969 a flu killed about 100,000 people in the US, a TOTAL non-event that you can’t even find in history books. during this time the Olympics were held in Mexico, Woodstock went off without the slightest care, NASA launched 3 men to the moon while literally millions of people gathered around to watch without social distancing, and GDP grew 5%.

    to reach the same non-event with a year 2020 population would require about 160,000 people to die. it doesn’t even become a blip on the radar until you get to that. and that’s only when it BECOMES a blip. that’s not when it becomes a world stopping crisis.

    this has been my position since the beginning. but furthermore: this virus is killing mainly Democrats, and that’s a GOOD thing. i’m supposed to act like it’s a bad thing when the enemy gets killed? roll on virus. continue your good work in Democrat cities.

    the virus is amazing, and has even caused economists to not be able to do math. the virus is costing us trillions in human capital with 100,000 deaths? wrong. the virus mainly kills old boomers, who are…GDP negative. old people are very expensive and suck down billions a year in SS and MC/MC as well as medical care. boomers also occupy real estate and jobs that the younger generations desperately need them to relinquish already, so the rest of us can have something. in a vacuum, every boomer remover gone tilts the nation towards positive GDP balance. not enough to make a dent really, but it’s still happening.

  33. Europe Europa says

    Most people consider Norwegians and Greeks as the same “white” race, so using the same logic Chinese and Cambodians must be part of the same “Asian/East Asian” race.

  34. EldnahYm says

    These riots are likely to produce many more Darwin Award candidates.

  35. EldnahYm says

    Sure. But if you then say the Dutch are more similar to southern Europeans than northern Europeans, and that’s why Albanians and Dutch do allegedly similar things, you would be in error.

  36. The Alarmist says

    So, are these riots protests Russian meddling, Chinese meddling or what in this election year? With whom is Trump colluding this time?

  37. John Achterhof says

    So true, AK. For being a mere bag of molecules that some scientists don’t even regard as a living thing, this virus sure is clever and resourceful. You’ve got to give her a grudging respect: under siege by her host population, Rona transitions into a viral mind riot, first identifying then working insidiously upon existing social vulnerabilities of her host to liberate her physical aspect to again run wild. I don’t know that my fellow Americans, bereft of their prime opiate, sports, and who in my observations are apt to give up a New Year’s resolution around the middle of the second week, have what it takes to keep this thing, this hybrid presence, from raging out of control.

  38. Kent Nationalist says

    No, the genetic distance between Chinese and Cambodians is much greater than between Norwegians and Greeks. You can also tell this if you have eyes.

  39. Kent Nationalist says

    I don’t have anything against you personally, but I am amazed at how frequently you are wrong about various topics.

  40. EldnahYm says

    I recommend giving Andy Ngo’s twitter account a look. He’s posted some photos of some of the Portland rioters who were arrested. Those interested in physiognomy will have a good laugh. These photos among other data points I’ve seen give the impression mixed race people are overrepresented among the rioters.

  41. Europe Europa says

    Anyone with eyes can tell the difference between Norwegians and Greeks. Can you cite an actual study that shows that Chinese and Cambodians are more distant? I would be very surprised if Chinese, especially Southern Chinese are genetically more distant from Cambodians than Norwegians and Greeks are from each other.

    The irony is if I said Norwegians and Turks are very genetically distance, you would probably agree despite the fact that Greeks and Turks cluster closely in a genetic sense.

  42. Europe Europa says

    Most right wingers are fixated on the idea that it’s Muslim terrorism, most of which are false flags, that will destroy “Western civilisation”, yet in reality it’s clear that it will be blacks. While they endlessly whine about “Islamisation” in their echo chambers, it’s blacks that are burning their countries to the ground, robbing white people and bashing their brains out.

    Black violence is the thing that most of them are clearly deeply scared of acknowledging, like the very foundations of their beliefs and world view depends on denying it. I’ve seen endless comments on right wing sites blaming China, Russia, ANTIFA, the Democrat Party, just about anyone or anything but blacks themselves.

  43. Felix Keverich says

    Russian journalists were victims of police brutality in Minneapolis.

  44. Europe Europa says

    If the wimpy Russian journalists can’t handle a bit of pepper spray getting in their eyes maybe they’re in the wrong job reporting on extremely violent race riots?

  45. I think it’s really because “Muslim terrorism” and “Chinese/Russian interference” or even “Jewish subversion”, all those are somewhat logical or concrete movements, that can perhaps be counteracted or confronted, but with black violence, and black crime, and black riots it’s nothing, it’s just… blacks being blacks. So it’s really something that you can’t fight on an ideological basis. There’s not much to do with Africans, except perhaps send them back to Africa, or at least hope that not too many of them come live near you. It’s too bad, but, it seems to be like this.

    But to be honest the worse thing about Africans is them copulating and having children with white females, large scale miscegenation is really the main problem, it can turn everywhere into Brazil.

  46. Philip Owen says

    At this moment, the US refuses to certify Chinese KN95 masks as compliant with the identical US N95 specification. I have seen no public announcement but this is the buzz from China. Buy shares in 3M now.

  47. Philip Owen says

    Dan Hannam for example.

  48. AceDeuce says

    That’s the cure for the CONIG-20 Virus.

  49. songbird says

    It is an interesting ethnological question what role Somalis are playing in the riots and looting in Minneapolis and in St. Paul, but I haven’t heard anyone discuss it so far.

    BTW, speaking of “suntanned Russians”, I once read a John le Carre book where he, being extremely pozzed, actually used the term “suntanned Irish” to describe a fictional Congolese half-breed who had an Irish father. I still consider it to be one of the funniest unironic things that I ever read. How can a guy born in 1931 be that pozzed? I can’t understand it.

  50. Felix Keverich says

    lol But they are not black!

  51. ThreeCranes says

    Whites in the USA need an ally. Our natural one would be Asians, far east Asians. Of all the minorities, they are the only people available who are intelligent enough and who value social restraint as much as we do. They have nothing in common with blacks, detest them in fact.

    Let’s see how today’s alliance of Jews and blacks does in a culture war against united Eurowhites and Asians. We will have the brains and citizenship, they will have the Grift. Jews like to deal with blacks because of their similar nature. You can only swindle a person who is corrupt to begin with. Jews like swindling blacks because, being corrupt themselves, they know how to appeal to black’s corrupt nature.

    Jews hate Whites because Whites won’t go along with their swindles. Germanic Whites return lost wallets. What good are they if they can’t be swindled, exploited? Hence the hatred, especially of pious Midwestern types who, being disarmingly honest, can’t be tempted by the prospect of illicit gain.

    Tbeir’s is the unity of the brains and cunning of the Jew with the dumb, animal strength of the Groid. Our union with Asians will pit our Integrated Mind/Body Middle Way against their dumbbell shaped Master/Slave association. It would be interesting to see which would win.

  52. There was an actual hurricane named Floyd in 1999, but it wasn’t as damaging as this one.

  53. The other Charlottesville angle is that so far there have been several cases of cops driving through protesters to avoid getting Reginald Denny’d, and no charges filed against them that I know of. Though one trucker did get arrested for it.

  54. To quote what someone said to Karlin on twitter, “I wonder, how many “stay the fuck home”‘s were erased from nicknames/bios in a last couple of days”.

  55. suicidal_canadian says

    write a book and send me the amazon link. You’re a great writer.

  56. That may be so, but that’s because the law takes a dim view of your using your weapon except in self defense.

  57. Felix Keverich says

    “Health experts” have spoken: America is officially done with social distancing.

  58. Jaakko Raipala says

    Corona was primarily a moral panic over whether people were following the assigned rules and rituals so no surprise that it was immediately over when an even bigger moral panic came up.