Translation: Provincial Court Grants Victory to Gay Partners

The Gryaz city court in Lipetsk oblast has voided a Saint-Petersburg registrar’s refusal to accept the intention of Dmitry Chunosov and Jaroslav Yevtushenko to get a same sex marriage.

In the Lipetsk region gays win a court decision in their favour

Today the Gryaz City Court declared the refusal to register a same-sex marriage to be illegal.

Today the Gryaz City Court held a hearing in the civil case of St. Petersburg residents Dmitry Chunosov and Jaroslav Yevtushenko that challenge the refusal of a St. Petersburg registry office to accept their declaration of intent to marriage.

Before starting the process, it turned out that in fact today in Gryaz were being heard two lawsuits made by supporters of same-sex love. 21-year-old Ilmira Shayhraznova and 23-year-old Elena Yakoleva had also tried to apply for a marriage in Moscow, but were refused and decided to challenge this in Gryaz, their registered place if residence.

Today in Russia will be filed another lawsuit to ban same-sex marriage. It is expected that it will take place in a Moscow court.
There was also was also awaiting Chunosov and Yevtushenko another surprise at the Gryaz city court: paratroopers tried to get into the building, claiming that the both the legal action and the people that had submitted it were obnoxious. However, none of the paratroopers, who were celebrating Paratroopers Day, had no passport, and were not allowed into the court. 10 paratroopers remained outside in the street, where they intend to picket the court.

The correspondent of portal has stated that at the end of the trial LGBT representatives called a taxi to the Gryaz court entrance.

After Dmitry Chunosov, Jaroslav Yevtushenko, Ilmira Shayhraznova and Elena Yakoleva had got into a taxi, paratroopers near the court lunged at the car and tried to get the gays out.

There was a brief skirmish between the paratroopers and gays until the police arrived in time. Dmitry Chunosov received a direct blow to the face before the car could get away from the place. However, Chunosov managed to tear off a chevron and symbols from a paratrooper’s sleeves. The Gryaz police did not detain any paratroopers.

To recap: today the Gryaz City Court heard the case of Dmitry Chunosova and Jaroslav Yevtushenko that challenges the refusal of one of the St. Petersburg registry offices to accept their application for marriage. The Court declared actions of Petersburg registrar illegal.

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