Criminalizing the Meme War

This is the creative group responsible for peddling RASHN DEZINFORMATSIYA like the “Draft our Daughters” and Taylor “The Ten-Ton Terror of Tel Aviv” Swift meme campaign.

These people were all kicked off Twitter and Blompf did nothing about it, one of many things that contributed to him losing in 2020. Who knows, with margins being quite narrow in three key states, energizing some demoralized frogs could have “stopped the steal” when it actually mattered.

With the hapless Blompf out of the picture, the Establishment is now going to go on a vindictive rampage against the authors of their 2016 humiliation. Here is the indictment:

Wisdom of hindsight and all, but yeah… Should have stuck to selling this demographic Nike shoes on credit. More profitable, too.

Anyhow, the lesson to take away here is that even so much as memeing about the US elections by American citizens in a way that could be construed as “electoral interference” is now effectively criminalized within the US.

This extends to the entire West and its satellite states, considering that Washington D.C. regards the entire world as its jurisdictional demesne. Serious American dissidents should unironically start thinking about preparing boltholes to countries that are outside the Western sphere..

Incidentally, he identity of the snitch isn’t hard to figure out:

Said candidate defended his initial dox of Ricky Vaughn on this blog a couple of years ago.

In other psyops news, it’s been revealed that Enrique Tarrio, the leader of the Proud Boys, has a long history as a fed. The Proud Boys spearheaded the storming of the Capitol according to a WSJ investigation.

To end this with another meme:


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  2. They’re claiming Mackey was attempting to fool people into thinking they could vote online. I don’t follow the alt light/alt right/MAGA/griftnat scene much, so I don’t know the context. Was he seriously trying to trick people or is the “Avoid the line. Vote from home.” just a joke post?

    Here’s what his dad, a lobbyist, had to say when Mackey was first doxxed: “We were devastated to learn this week of Doug’s beliefs and online activities as reported in the Huffington Post… They are antithetical to the values we hold and with which he was raised. We are still trying to understand how he could have done something like this and hope he will find some way to make amends for the harm he has caused.”

    The leader of the Proud Boys being tied to the Feds is no surprise. Never get involved with groups who encourage you to break the law or otherwise put you in a compromising position. Hopefully people realize by now that Trump appointees have been deliberately luring people to commit acts for which they can be later charged. All of this frustration about how Trump never stands up for his supporters is missing the point.

    The sad thing is that simply being racist could have prevented these people from trusting someone like Tarrio.

  3. The sad thing is that simply being racist could have prevented these people from trusting someone like Tarrio.

    It’s remarkable how little effort they had to invest in it. I just heard someone call them “white supremacists” a few weeks back, IRL.

    And, IMO, if you have to explain that they are not white supremacists because they have black Hispanic leadership, then you have already lost the battle. It is like they purposefully constructed a no-win scenario.

  4. Is this not what leftists complained before they started their march through institutions? Anyone else starting to think this will happen with the right. It seems the system is good at stopping sudden changes but the people they suppress don’t go away they just get smarter/go underground.

  5. Anything to the Right of Project Lincoln will get you expelled from polite society.

    Anything to the Right of Ben Shapiro will get you banned from Big Tech platforms.

    Anything that they can spring a “civil rights” violation on, will get you jailed.

    I don’t foresee this site lasting the entire four years of this term. We are one “terror attack” away from a total crackdown.

  6. Presumably this will scare away a lot of Zoomers from any right-wing activism. Many on the left want even cringe groups like Turning Point USA shut down.

    Previous bans have not made the survivors more effective, they’ve mostly led to infighting and a diminished audience.

    There are two risks:

    A. Disenchantment with politics altogether, or migration to DSA leftism

    B. Rise of “Wokeservatism” as the establishment re asserts control over the Right

    The wild card,


  7. Shapiro’s pit bull has spoken

    So it looks like we are allowed to defend Ricky Vaughn from prosecution

  8. That Would Be Telling says

    They’re claiming Mackey was attempting to fool people into thinking they could vote online. I don’t follow the alt light/alt right/MAGA/griftnat scene much, so I don’t know the context. Was he seriously trying to trick people or is the “Avoid the line. Vote from home.” just a joke post?

    This is a pretty white line bit of law, I’m surprised by the ignorance … well I guess I shouldn’t be, but it goes like this, such an effort, real or intended as a joke, can result in people being fooled into thinking they’ve voted by sending a text message oer the indictment instead of going to the polls or now mailing in….

    Well, now we’re in Flight 93 territory, for the 9/11 terrorist’s gambit was viable for less than two hours, when people on that flight learned the rules of the game had changed. With US electoral politics now relegated to a set of as of yet unpozzed Red states and various smaller polities here and there, this sort of thing is simply no longer relevant even as a joke.

  9. Chrisnonymous says

    Was he seriously trying to trick people or just a joke post?

    If you read the link Karlin posted, it’s quite clear they are charging him with conspiring to actually deceive people, and they claim that cell phone records show some 4500 votes going to the false text number. This sounds like a clear violation of the law except that (1) their conspiracy charge seems to be based on comments from “co-conspirators” and we know how law enforcement has ways to be persuasive in getting people to cooperate with them and (2) because of the humorous/trolling nature of the posts, I think it’s not clear that those 4500 were people actually trying to vote rather than people joke-texting in response to the meme. The meme that is charged in violating the law was aimed at minority voters and I find it hard to believe many minorities were following “Ricky Vaughn” or his compadres.

  10. Chrisnonymous says

    In other psyops news, it’s been revealed that Enrique Tarrio, the leader of the Proud Boys, has a long history as a fed. The Proud Boys spearheaded the storming of the Capitol according to a WSJ investigation.

    Part of the psyop here is sowing doubt in the Proud Boys group and spreading the useful-to-USG idea that all organizations are infiltrated by non-loyal govt informants. If you read more closely, all of Tarrio’s recorded informant activity was with actual criminal activity (like human smuggling–i.e., illegal immigration) unrelated to (and apparently prior to) the Proud Boys. As the Proud Boys are not actually an anti-government, far-right militia as they are portrayed, but rather a pro-police, pro-law-and-order club, members assisting law enforcement should be no big deal. If the Proud Boys were actually involved criminal activity, they would have been shut down by now with the appropriate arrests.

    I haven’t read the WSJ investigative piece, but it is likely half-truths. Proud Boys do not have a history of inciting violence of that kind, contrary to what news reports often suggest. I suspect there were people in the riot who were Proud Boys but there on their own, not organizing the riot.

    Because Gavin McInness has been banned from so many platforms, it is easy to mischaracterize him and the Proud Boys, but if you actually watch his show (, he is quite boringly typical Catholic conservative. He is clearly not a white supr-/nat-/anything, and he is as likely to complain about porn and masturbation or tax rates as talk about race. This is the context for Proud Boys. Yes, they are street brawlers, but they are not right-wing stromtroopers–just as punks in times past may have been street brawlers, but not stormtroopers.

  11. Chrisnonymous says

    Oh, and BTW, Gavin is staunchly pro-Israel and pro-Jew. The fact that he is accused of anti-Semitism for a satirical video he posted that was actually anti-anti-Semitism, just goes to show the bad faith in which people act with regard to him and the Proud Boys.

    It’s unclear to me why he in particular has been singled out for so many cancellations, but I suspect it has something to do with the fact that he crossed the sacred line separating entertainment from conservative politics.

  12. Dacian Julien Soros says

    I shit everyday on the cognitive dissonances of the Romanian Occidentophiles. I poast stuff like “poor Navalnyi was shot in the neck by the Capitol Police”, or “Putin occupied his capital with the help of 25 thousand armed soldiers”, or “make sure Dugin is not sneaking behind you to steal your WATCH”. (The watch-stealing meme has been used against the Soviet soldiers in Bucharest, and at the taking of the Reichstag.)

    I wonder how much of an idiot you have to be to read the above phrases literally. Even if you are so imbecile as to start looking for Dugin, how much of a loss would you incur? In contrast, this Ricky guy seemed determined to part a few imbeciles from their right to vote. Five thousand morons texted the number he said would replace the vote in person or by mail. It’s not funny.

    Luckily, nobody gives a damn about Romanian votes. If the country would vote for joining another federation, such as India or Indonesia, NATO and EU bosses would give us what they gave to the Irakis: a smile and a “try harder”. I hope I won’t be taken to Strada Mures Nr 4 any time soon, because I am pretty sure I haven’t done any damage.

    It should be comforting for the Americans, who think their elections are meaningful, that their police makes sure no one robs them from their voting rights. No pity for Ricky. He knew as much, and did his deeds because he knew.

  13. I wasn’t asking a legal question. I was asking what his intention was. Was he joking? In addition to being ignorant of the law according to you, I can also add that I’m not necessarily up to date with the latest memes. So I hoping for some context. I’ve never heard of Ricky Vaughn before this.

  14. Chrisnonymous says

    I feel conflicted. The law is expressly designed to help low-IQ, low-information voters vote. Since the US does not have a system based on universal citizen voting, I don’t know what public interest is served in promoting low-IQ, low-information votes. Ricky Vaughn did not actually “rob them of their voting rights”–he just capitalized on their stupidity and/or lack of knowledge.

    On the other hand, “dirty tricks” are not something we really want to promote either. It is best if all sides in an election argue things out on the merits. The problem is that this never happens. So, it is hard to see Ricky Vaughn’s activities as much other than a corrective to the constant stream of half-truths and deception coming from the left.

    My first take is that (a) he appears to have broken the law and (b) the law should probably be different than it is and (c) but he should still be the subject of journalistic investigation and exposure.

  15. Not so long ago, there was an incredible amount of political freedom in the US. Some part of this was no doubt due to negative reactions to the post-WW2 Red Scare. You can be sure Communists would have been free to march in the parade:

    Some NSWPP activities may seem startling by the standards of 2018. In 1976 and 1977, a contingent of uniformed stormtroopers, led by three drummers and a flag bearer, marched in the annual Arlington, Virginia, Fourth of July parade, along with the high school band, the VFW, the Rotary and other non-controversial participants. As I can personally attest, the National Socialists received both cheers and catcalls from onlookers along the parade route.


    Actual Russian in the replies are angry

  17. Now that the Commies are in charge they are pulling up that ladder….

  18. Felix Keverich says

    I look at this and I wonder how is it that Navalny’s “Anti-corruption Foundation” is still allowed to operate in Russia? How is it that they are not behind bars?

    Russia and Venezuela are probably the last countries in the world that tolerate such ‘non-systemic’ opposition. And their restraint is interpreted as a sign of weakness. It provokes contempt from the West, it invites sanctions…

    Crushing dissidents is the way to go in 21st century and US leads by example here.

  19. reiner Tor says

    That’s just hopium, unlikely to happen. More likely people will try to stay away from right wing politics. Something needs to happen at the top before the system could crack again.

  20. the useful-to-USG idea that all organizations are infiltrated by non-loyal govt informants.

    Ironically, the USG itself is stuffed with non-loyal govt employees.

  21. The meme martyrs shall never be forgotten!

  22. The Alarmist says

    Gee, in 2020 he could have put a vote collection box on his front lawn and probably gotten away with it.

  23. Crushing dissidents is the way to go in 21st century and US leads by example here.

    This. The US is openly becoming a one party state. Which means that others should be too.

  24. Excellent. Monsters and hungry swines eat even their children, only an utter fool can love a monster. Hear that American patriots?

  25. Athletic and Whitesplosive says

    All the precedents they site also involve real conspiracies to actually assault/murder/intimidate people, which is what the law he’s being charged under was meant for. More professionally published and much more convincing voter suppression infographics are made by the usual “non-government” suspects every year. His meme was pretty obvious satire, you’d have to be retarded to fall for it. This is pure retribution on spurious grounds, no way around it.

  26. Athletic and Whitesplosive says

    Why feel conflicted? The other side ignores the law whenever they feel like it, even if the case was solid (it isn’t) you should oppose the prosecution of those on your side on principle, since their side would never be prosecuted on the same grounds. My stance is both principled and pragmatic, following the rules when there is no reciprocity from the other party isn’t principled, it’s retarded.

  27. James Forrestal says

    They’re claiming Mackey was attempting to fool people into thinking they could vote online.

    The primary “crime” that the feebs arrested Ricky for appears to be “illegal construction, deployment, and use of fully automatic weaponized memes,” with a secondary count of “conspiracy to employ said memes to carry out a meme massacre in various social media venues, possibly resulting in thousands of digital casualties.” According to the major semitic narrative promotion agencies, these “crimes” are apparently punishable by up to 10 years in prison.

    The feebs are also trying to claim that Ricky conspired to engage in “voter fraud” (wait, I thought that didn’t exist?) by posting an obviously satirical tweet “encouraging” potential Hillary voters in the Negro community to avoid the lines on election day by texting their “votes” to a particular number.

    The weak response to this action on the part of the Federal Joke Police is the DR3 one: “What, they believe that Blacks are too dumb to get the joke?”

    It’s more useful to note that, under systemic semitism, there is no rule of law in this c̶o̶u̶n̶t̶r̶y̶ economic zone. The only law is “Who, whom?”

    Here’s a prominent [and virulently anti-White] Twitter account engaged in exactly the same sort of satire/ mockery… but directed at an officially-approved target [ordinary White Americans], rather than an officially-sacralized one*:

    Here’s an archive in case she deletes it — but she won’t. This is a deliberate flex; she knows she’s not running any risks by attacking an establishment-approved target. No one in power at the FBI, the major narrative promotion agencies, or even Twitter believes that there is anything “Wong” with this — moral particularism/ double standards are the very essence of systemic semitism. Not only is there no chance that she’ll be arrested (or even questioned) for the exact same behavior that Ricky is facing 10 years in prison for — there’s not even a chance that she’ll lose her Twitter account, or even her “verified” status (she’s a member of the Blue Cheka, of course).

    As a side note — for Asian women, spewing anti-White vitriol helps them to gain (and maintain) establishment-supported sinecures. As long as they endorse the hegemonic anti-White narrative, they count as “woke WOCs,” with all of the intersectional privilege that status entails. Or, to frame it in the officially-mandated terminology of critical race theory, if they make an “active choice to identify in solidarity against matrices of oppression,” express “racial solidarity with African Americans,” and “work in solidarity with other communities of color for a racial justice agenda,” then they fit into the progressive stack as what the intersectionally-woke refer to as an “honorary Negro.” (OK I made that last one up)

    But if they should ever fail to toe the party line — AKA if they make “efforts to climb the U.S. racial hierarchy and obtain the privileges of whiteness” — suddenly they magically morph into “yellow trash”. Oops, that’s not the right term… they’re called “multiracial White supreemists.”. No, I’m not kidding. That one I didn’t make up. Clown world indeed.

  28. reiner Tor says

    So if someone takes an Onion article seriously and makes some real life decisions on it, is The Onion legally responsible for the idiocy of that reader?

  29. Chrisnonymous says

    But the Onion is clearly for satire, and the charges as filed make it sound like they have either evidence from Twitter DMs or testimony that Ricky Vaughn’s real purpose was tricking people.

    However, the charges also include a description of how Ricky Vaughn used Twitter other than his “illegal” activity, and they cite some mysoginistic meme he made. It seems pretty clear they went after him because he is “a terrible person”, not just specifically for this crime.

  30. Dr. Krieger says

    The “Congressional Candidate” was Paul Nehlen. He doxxed Ricky Vaughn.
    Doesn’t anyone here know the shot?
    You guys seriously need some TDS and FTN. Then you’ll know the shot.

  31. reiner Tor says

    I did follow Ricky back then and I remember those memes. (To be honest I didn’t even remember those were shared by him, but whatever.) It never occurred to me that the memes in question could ever have a purpose other than the lulz. It seemed (and still seems) absurd to me that a large number of blacks or other low information Dem voters would ever see those memes for that to make the slightest difference.

    So unless there was a huge effort on their part specifically to somehow stealthily smuggle those memes into Black Twitter or POC Twitter, I fail to see how they could even spread it among blacks.

  32. reiner Tor says

    There’s a Hungarian website similar to The Onion, and it was once sent a notice by an attorney to rectify an article (which they promptly did, issuing a long apology about their “mistake” of writing “things which were not true,” resulting in a much much wider readership and even more hilarity), I’m wondering if they could be prosecuted for defamation in such instances. After all, they knowingly write falsities which some idiots might (and probably do) take seriously.

  33. The situation in the US has gotten worse. Nonetheless, if you’re smart enough about it, you won’t get Michael Flynned as has been conclusively proven.

  34. Actual Russian in the replies are angry

    Because the subset of Russians on Twitter who follow Nick Fuentes are a representative sample of Russians.