Unofficial Early Voting For The Russian President

[AK: All old polls are gone – reason, but I recall Putin winning with a good 70% or so.]

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  1. Do you think there will be a second round of elections? I see liberasts put very high hopes for that to happen.

  2. Moscow Exile says

    Has there been no comment yet from the US Secretary of State concerning the validity of this poll?

    • Ha, haaaaa!!! That was FUNNY!! I must assume the poll is partisan and worthless, since I did not see a validation comment from the GOLOS observer. I suspect electronic stuffing, and besides, I could not see Anatoly’s screen while I was voting which is a clear attempt to defraud the people of the online community. Why in the name of GOD can’t these charlatans just be honest and open?

      Just a minute; I have Mrs. Clinton on the line right now…Shut UP, will you all, I can’t HEAR!!!! Sorry; yes, Mrs. Clinton, please go ahead…

      Oh my. That’s not good news. She says Anatoly must step down.

      • Putin is leading with 65%, so the vote at S/O station is obviously falsified. Leading lights of the democratic opposition such as Boris Akunin say there is no chance that KGB creep can win. Even Kremlin mouthpiece pollster Levada gives him no more than 37% max.

        You should organize a Skype conference against S/O election fraud. La Russophobe can be the host, Robert Amsterdam will bankroll it. Any ideas about the speakers list? Demands?

        • But wait a minute, you’re letting foreigners vote! It’s obviously voter fraud! 😉

        • Robert Coalson will give the keynote address, I hear, which makes me wonder what he’s been doing since he folded his tent at The Power Vertical. We couldn’t afford Navalny, and he was on vacation again anyway, but Coalson will wear a T-Shirt with Navalny’s picture on it and he says he’ll be there in spirit. Paul Goble will pump up the crowd and act as the moderator after the introductions are over, and then write a review afterward that will be mostly lies, just to keep in practice. Pavel Felgenhauer will wrap up the show with a tremendously funny skit involving a raw cucumber and a certain amount of nudity.

  3. Moscow Exile says

    It’s minus 18C (0F) now (15:00) in Moscow, today’s forecast maximum. Two hours ago it was -24C (-12F).Those protesters are going to get pretty damned cold tomorrow, when similar temperatures are expected. The carrying of thermos flasks onto Bolotnaya Square tomorrow has been banned and some doctors have strongly advised folk to dress accordingly, report some newspapers. Doctors are particularly concerned about young people not dressing properly tomorrow: many youngsrters think its “uncool” to wear “ushanki” (traditional fur hats with ear-flaps) and “valenki” (felt overboots) and one doctor has strongly advised young girls to borrow the appropriate winterwear off their grandmas and to wear fur hats with the ear-flaps down. And alcohol before the demo is a big no-no, according to the docs: a little snorter after is recommended though.

    I’ll be stopping in with the kids.

  4. In interview with New York Times, Putin conceded that he may not win Round #1 outright, but said he would deal with that possibility philosophically if and when it happened and go on to win Round #2. I think Putin’s approach is the correct one: He warns Russians that second round might lead to more disorders, but if it happens, so be it. Que sera sera. Looking now like Round #1 might indeed be a squeaker. If Putin does NOT win outright, then 3 more weeks of listening to Akunin/Navalny bullshit, and then Putin wins second round, then finito. That is in fact what I predict will happen.

    (And please nobody ask me why I had to make the difficult decision of voting for Ziuganov in this online poll. Is very painful decision, I had to put clothespin on my noise, and I would rather not have to explain myself, if that’s okay.)

    • I’ll take that bet; I say Putin wins comfortably in the first round. The day a proud KGB spy has to take a backseat to a few redneck NGO’s in the playing-on-the-public-heartstrings department, I’ll hang up my Hammer and Sickle boxer shorts. Putin might seem clumsy with his condom remarks (although that was vastly overstated for impact, and he really put emphasis on the belief that he thought it was an anti-AIDS campaign; the condom part was a throwaway that the opposition seized on as the insult-du-jour), but he knows his electorate and he doesn’t have to cheat.

      Case of Stella? Winner’s choice? Just please not that bilge water Budweiser (in the unlikely event you win).

  5. By the way AK, why did you put “other” as a category, why not nominate yourself as a candidate for the sublime oblivion party?

    • Because I will only get about 100 signatures, which will in any case be ruled invalid because most of the commentators here aren’t Russian citizens! 😉

      • Well at least we would all be alive! Unlike the kind of persons which Grigorii Golosov implies are unfairly used by Russia’s Minister of Justice to target “non-system” parties:

        I mean can you get a better gem than this:

        Firstly, the Ministry of Justice can decide that a party no longer has enough members to comply with the law. When there was a massive check on all the parties in 2006, Ministry employees carefully checked all the party membership lists: they were looking for members who were underage, dead or not resident at the given address. Given that in a list of 45,000 people there are bound to be a certain amount who fall into these categories, none of the parties can ever feel completely safe.

        Imagine in a list of 45,000 there are apparently bound to be dead people and those who are underage. I’m sure that even in a country with as much people as the United States one can keep a list of 50,000 people and not have dead people and children on it.

        By the way, will there be a post on the Saturday protests (the pro- and anti-government)? Any idea how many actually showed up at both protests (since I know Western MSM is not credible when reporting the numbers)?

        • Oops, mean to to quote the paragraph starting with “Firstly, the Ministry of Justice…”

        • Here is an interesting comparison of what massive crowds look like:

          The one on the left is 100,000 and is clearly much larger than the one on the right. The organizers claimed there were 60,000 or more for the one on the right (from December). Clearly this is BS. I am seeing similar games with numbers this time around. The large pro-Putin demo is being pegged as under 20,000 by some western sources but is obviously much larger and not smaller than the anti-Putin demo.

          Anyway, there is not going to be a white revolution in Russia and the anti-Putin momentum is not there. From what I read elsewhere the anti-Putin demos are composed of communists, nationalists and liberasts of all flavours. The only difference from before is that they have been put in the same place at the same time. The actual number of protesters is not much larger than what was there before for all the component parts.

          • The Korean one looks way larger than 100,000 to be honest. I expert a large percentage of Pyongyang’s three million plus population would have been requested to attend.

  6. To the surprise of probably no-one, my choice is Putin.

    In real life as well as online. I never bothered voting in a Russian election before, despite having the right to do so. However, the liberals have inspired me to take the morning off on March 4th to take a trip down to the San Francisco Consulate.

    Congrats to the Bolotnaya crowd, I guess!