EC Confirms Biden Win

The EC vote threw up no surprises, without even a single faithless elector. I did tell you all not to expect miracles or get too invested in this idiotic drama, not least for the sake of your own mental health (or your financial health – if you took the 10% post-elections odds seriously).

The screeching over voter fraud just what it is, a carnival of clowns who were never serious about overturning anything, loud grifters milking millions from credulous and highly agitated boomers while the campaign couldn’t be bothered interacting with, let alone funding, Trump-friendly data scientists who were willing to do the statistical analysis that could actually get the courts to take a second look. That is because this is all theater to get their base to turn out at the Georgia runoffs on Jan 5.

In related news, Putin has congratulated Biden, strictly following protocol, in which this happens either after one of the candidates concedes (as HRC did on election night) or the issue is formally resolved through the Electoral College.

Looking forwards to the rightoid adaptations of Russiagate over the next weeks, months, and years, which I expect to be just as inane and ten times dumber. It’s already revving up.

Meanwhile, Russiagate: The Original, having been dealt its coup de grace a few days before the elections with the revelation that Steele’s “insides” came from some Cyprus-based alcoholic angry from having lost her job, is already moving on to Chinagate before Biden even assumes the Presidency. Impressively clockwork.

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  2. Clown country

  3. Supply and Demand says

    Imagine spending well over a month of your life ‘trust the plan’ coping to only get this outcome. I almost feel bad for the MIGApedes.

  4. sudden death says

    hey, it’s not over really, recently heard the high level screechers like Flynn or Miller now pushing the script about some alternate reality swing state electors presented by or to Mike Pence in Congress or something like that 🙂

  5. The Spirit of Enoch Powell says
  6. John Burns, Gettysburg Partisan says

    I remember when you were something other than a shill for the zeitgeist.

    The screeching over voter fraud just what it is, a carnival of clowns who were never serious about overturning anything, loud grifters milking millions from credulous and highly agitated boomers while the campaign couldn’t be bothered interacting with, let alone funding, Trump-friendly data scientists who were willing to do the statistical analysis that could actually get the courts to take a second look.

    It is clear that you did not read the Texas brief, do not understand the claims made therein, and do not understand a damned thing about American elections. However, you have this in common with most people on this site.

    It is also clear that you don’t even understand what is happening in court. In virtually all of the court cases, the President has “lost” because he’s been “denied standing.” In Wisconsin, where the state supreme court actually agreed to hear him, they agreed that he was right on the merits of that particular case (the Democrats were registering people as “indefinitely confined” to harvest their ballots). This is one of very few cases where evidence has been heard.

    Let’s look at the Texas case, which was an exceptionally well-crafted brief that proves simple takelings like you wrong in your assertion that Trump’s claims are baseless:

    Although this case relied primarily on clear examples of law-breaking, it made a strong argument that they led to fraud. But the US Supreme Court denied standing and refused to hear evidence.

    First, the Court’s two-sentence explanation for denying Texas standing is totally baseless; they merely made an assertion, much like you, without an attempt to prove it. Secondly, the Court claimed that Texas did not prove it was harmed by how other states “conduct their elections.” Those 3 words are a legal trick. In fact, the plaintiffs claimed they were harmed by how those states chose their electors, since the process not only violated the Constitution, but made fraud easy. There is large evidence for said fraud. Have you ever heard of Matt Braynard, Karlin? Probably not, because you are busy making cringey memes on behalf of a slant-eyed Irish bastard.

    The Court claimed President Trump’s motion to intervene as a co-plaintiff was moot in view of a finding of no standing on the part of Texas. Even if – and I do mean even if – standing were as limiting on the Court’s original jurisdiction as they say, one plaintiff’s lack of standing does not render moot another plaintiff’s claims. Ridiculous.

    Finally, the 4 defendant states collectively argued that all of the nefarious non-legislative actor involvement in making election rules was legal under state law, and therefore fine under federal law. That is the exact type of absurdity the Supreme Court normally loves to punish, but plaintiffs have to be able to do so. No wonder the Supreme Court refused to grant the plaintiffs the ability to destroy this claim in court.

    The Supreme Court relied on trickery to avoid taking on a case that proved beyond a shadow of a doubt that 4 states chose their electors by completely illegal and thoroughly dangerous means, and Texas would have been able, in court, to prove that those means led to fraud, as their brief indicated.

    This is the summary of my argument: 1) You haven’t heard of Matt Braynard or any real analysis, 2) You know nothing of the bizarre behavior of American bellwethers this year, which are inexplicable by any reason except fraud, 3) You know nothing of American history, which is full of Democrat schemes that show how easy it was for them to use mail-in fraud, 4) You, like a doofus, totally misinform people on the nature of the claims and the court cases.

    Unfortunately, the cranks like Lin Wood and Sidney Powell allow such fools to look away from things like the Texas brief, which you, like most, would never commit time to reading.

    Those of you who allow a perfectly reasonable disdain for aspects of Trump to make takes as shitty as Karlin’s are an embarrassment.

    On the question of the American so-called election, you, sir, are a shitlib.

  7. Supply and Demand says

    Are these the ones that got bullied off 4chan by the tranny janitors, or the ones that got bullied off reddit by the Trannissary moderators?

  8. I do acknowledge that the election was stolen, but now that the EC have spoken, anyone banging on about “””hEwEs hOw tWuMP cAn StIwW wIN””” is lying to themselves.

    To whignat accelerationists, enjoy Kamala the Kunty Homewrecker turning the US into Venezuela. You got what you wanted (Trump losing).

  9. The Spirit of Enoch Powell says

    The latter, although many of them also migrated after their 4/pol/ safe space was invaded by Biden bros.

  10. Err dueling electors?

  11. “… high level screechers like Flynn…” – He turned out to be a yahoo. After some of his recent statements now I think that taking him out of action by the Deep State in February in 2017 was perhaps a good thing though at that time I thought that Trump should have fought for him and by letting him being taken out by the Deep Sate he sealed the fate of his presidency. Would we want presidency with a yahoo as national security adviser?

  12. Supply and Demand says

    It was the principle of not ratfucking your loyal subordinates that Trump failed the hardest at. Even if he’s a yahoo, he was Trump’s yahoo.

  13. Lol, is there anything more fake, gay and sell-out than a ‘Biden bro’?

  14. Not once has Karlin addressed the actual arguments and posible “paths” for victory. I carefully read everything he writes on the subject to see if he says something other than “Ha, ha, ha, retards, it´s all cope”. But he doesn´t. That really is all he has to offer/say. Lowest point in his career and I cannot even think of a single reason why he would do this (maybe vanity? he takes great pride in being a good predictor, and he swallowed the fake polls, so now he has to go along not to look like a fool?).

  15. The Spirit of Enoch Powell says


    is there anything more fake, gay and sell-out than a ‘Biden bro’?

    A: Zion Don acolytes and sycophants.

  16. “We the people voted. Faith in our institutions held. The integrity of our elections remains intact. And so, now it is time to turn the page. To unite. To heal,” President-elect Joe Biden said during a speech Monday after the Electoral College affirmed his victory.

    Let the healing begin. Oh wait.

    President-elect Joe Biden accused President Trump of an “unprecedented assault on democracy”

    While some might think several of the statements above belong to the category of DARVO, that is part of democracy too, and in the end the democrats did win with complete integrity. There is no evidence that anything untoward ever happened. Let the healing begin.

  17. If you liked Zion Don, you’ll love ZOG Biden.

  18. Some would dare say, Clownistan

  19. Meanwhile, Russiagate: The Original, having been dealt its coup de grace a few days before the elections with the revelation that Steele’s “insides” came from some Cyprus-based alcoholic angry from having lost her job, is already moving on to Chinagate before Biden even assumes the Presidency. Impressively clockwork.

    Didn’t you hear, naughty Russians are snooping in the US Treasury, and made Novichok a staple of Navalny diet?

    Russiagate is dead, long live Russiagate!

  20. based.

  21. Good analysis

  22. Jus' Sayin'... says

    Contrary to what the MSM and Joe Biden seem to believe, there is a constitutional and legal process for electing the President of the United States of America. For those unfamiliar with this process – and most are – I recomend reading the Congressional Research Services description here:

    This process is not yet from complete. To quote from the above document:

    “On January 6 … the Senate and House of Representatives assemble … in a joint session … in the Housechamber, to count the electoral votes and declare the results(3 U.S.C. §15). The Vice President presides as President of the Senate. The Vice President opens the certificates and presents them to four tellers, two from each chamber. The tellers read and make a list of the returns. When the votes have been ascertained and counted, the tellers transmit them to the Vice President. If one of the tickets has received a majority of … electoral votes, the Vice President announces the results, which “shall be deemed a sufficient declaration of the persons, if any, elected President and Vice President.”

    Left out of this description is that a strong case can be made that the President Pro Tem of the Senate (Vice President of the USA) counts electoral votes and can invalidate those from certain states as long as he elucidates plausible reasons for doing so. The Constitution, the relevant parts of the USC, and historical precedent all support this view: Several times in history, the President Pro Tem of the Senate has chosen the President by choosing not to count the electoral votes from certain states because he deems them invalid. Thomas Jefferson became President by doing precisely this. Another instance nearly occurred during the election of 1876 when a constitutional crisis was narrowly averted by a sleazy, back room political deal.

  23. On Rod Dreher’s blog, he is saying the what the Trump legal team is bringing to the courts, and what they are telling the public, are worlds apart.

    Apparently, Trumps legal team, even when facing Trump appointed judges sympathetic to their case, has no case.

  24. Btw, just curious: are you a true, unironic, organically developed Biden bro?

    None of my semi-woke coworkers have really mentioned Biden unprompted, much less expressed any actual enthusiasm for him. They still curse Trump, naturally.

  25. Lol, I do wish it will happen.

  26. Daniel Chieh says

    I believe that AK’s greater point here is:

    “War does not determine who is right. Only who is left.”

    Assuming that you really do believe that the election is fraud-ridden to the extent that it has been portrayed, it is even more shameful and exposes even more so the weakness of the Trump coalition that they cannot expose it, and have demonstrated no capabilities in breaking the hold of the Woke.

  27. The Spirit of Enoch Powell says

    No, caring about political leaders is a waste of time and non-metapolitical discussions should be avoided. People try to create this impression that so and so are great leaders worthy of devotion from the masses but they always disappoint, Trump is no exception and neither will Biden be one.

  28. John Burns, Gettysburg Partisan says

    I do not care what his “greater point” supposedly is. Again, his quoted paragraph is pure mainstream characterizations. Karlin is still one of the smartest bloggers around, but he’s obviously getting his news from shitlibs, which is why this take is garbage in, garbage out.

    His quote:

    The screeching over voter fraud just what it is, a carnival of clowns who were never serious about overturning anything, loud grifters milking millions from credulous and highly agitated boomers while the campaign couldn’t be bothered interacting with, let alone funding, Trump-friendly data scientists who were willing to do the statistical analysis that could actually get the courts to take a second look.

    The Texas case proves that Trump-friendly lawyers were serious, and it proves that the courts that matter will never let him get a fair hearing.

    Moreover, Matt Braynard showed up at lots of Republican hearings; the party doesn’t support him, but the campaign did.

    Our host’s wrong on the important counts. And he’s also been downplaying the fraud for months now.

    For honest election news, all you really need to do is follow Robert Barnes and Richard Baris on social media. They’re far more trustworthy than most. But HBDers have been wrong on the contemporary political stuff all year long. I’ll give Steve Sailer credit at least for usually coming around to truth. The rest, meh. And even Steve’s got a thread now where most of the community is trying to understand the bizarre discrepancy in votes between demographically similar Midwestern states without realizing that it’s because one state has legal ballot harvesting and same day voter registration (with no ID requirement), while the other doesn’t. That’s just this year, man.

  29. John Burns, Gettysburg Partisan says

    As I said to Daniel Chieh, Karlin is good on most things, but the whole HBD community has been trash on contemporary political stuff since the flu started.

    And Biden memes are simply unacceptable. They are boomer-esque in their unreal cringe.

  30. AK may be right, but I hope not.
    I would love to see the general fecklessness of the convictionless Russian be exposed.

  31. So, it’s official: president-unelect was “elected”.

    As Biden rightly said (maybe it was his lucid moment): “We have put together I think the most extensive and inclusive voter fraud organization in the history of American politics.”

    If the walking dead survives until inauguration, the US would become the second country in the world, after Zimbabwe, where election fraud made corrupt senile half-corpse president.

  32. Biden memes>Trump memes. Remember, 44 states swung toward Biden.

  33. Ari Eisenberg says

    AK isn’t convictionless on matters of interest to Russia, i.e. Lenin as a traitor and parasite, endless digs on Svidomy, etc… He’s just not emotionally invested in American politicians. Neither is Saker or other Russian expats here.

    Is failure to adopt American Civic Nationalism evidence of a character flaw? Why would a Russian that saw a Soviet multicultural empire fracture on tribal lines during his lifetime turn around and believe in its American analog? Maybe, just maybe the problem lies not in the faithless Russians, but rather in the utopian American creed itself?

  34. he takes great pride in being a good predictor,

    Well thats kinda important isn’t it? Thats the whole point of intelligence, knowledge, science and stuff, to see how future will unfold.

    As far as Trump goes, its kinda like standing on the rail tracks in front of the approaching freight train. You may well have the moral and legal right to stand where you are standing (if government confiscated the land for the tracks via eminent domain or something), but it doesn’t matter because the freight train will have the right of way regardless.

    Trump is standing in front of the institutional power train and he won’t be able to slow it down this time. Similar to 2008 with the banks, 2016 was an aberration where elites lost narrative for a second* and they won’t let that happen again.

    *higher probability explanation

  35. More like Chinastan.

  36. prime noticer says

    Syria about to get hot

  37. This comment section should be called “Copium Wars”

  38. Morton's toes says

    I pledge to not start any fires. Not that anybody would notice. Not that I am not sore about losing [getting ripped off] but I am not a savage.

  39. There are few lessons to be learned from the “election” fiasco in the US. As Henry Ford used to say – about the model T, I believe – you can have any color as long as it’s black.

    Similarly – in the US you can “elect” any president as long as he is deep state approved. Trump obviously wasn’t, and they wanted to demonstrate that you can’t beat the deep state twice – even with the Russian help.

    Oh, yeah, what happened to that? Why didn’t the Russians “help” Trump win a second time? That just points to the fact how ridiculous those accusations were the first time around. Russia had the capabilities and ambitions to fix the American elections, but the US deep state didn’t? Sure.

    I think that there is another giveaway with letting Biden “win” this election. That he won’t be in charge. The deep state wants to send a message that it doesn’t matter if a senile old man is being used as a mascot of the US “presidency”, because it’s they, that will be really in power, as opposed to Trump who had wrong ideas about the presidency and who is really supposed to be in charge.

    Clausewitz said that war is continuation of policy by other means. In US politics, the presidency is continuation of rule by the deep state by other means (new “president”).

  40. Morton's toes says

    Also: would be interested in a link to the most compelling case the pro-Israeli war faction has recently put together for bombing the living crap out of Iran. What briefing material are jack off joe and the skank ho getting this week?

  41. Maybe, just maybe the problem lies not in the faithless Russians, but rather in the utopian American creed itself?

    Maybe, just maybe, you are onto something there. I can tell you how a Russian who moved to the US in 1991, about six months before the collapse of the USSR feels. I’ve seen one empire falling apart, and now I see another doing exact same thing. I did not enjoy it back then and I do not enjoy it now. Massive fraud in 2020 destroyed the credibility of the US electoral system beyond redemption. Corrupt senile half-corpse “at the helm” is obviously a nonentity, a fig leaf of the real rulers. “American democracy” was exposed as a ruse for the gullible for all to see. “Shining city on the hill” showed its true colors: a banana republic without bananas. If I lived on another planet, I’d be able to gloat. Living on Earth, I remember that this monstrosity has enough nukes to wipe out the human race.

  42. Well, if you’re not picking bananas ($) here, then what the hell keeps you living in this real hellhole as you describe it, now for 30 years? Surely, if it were even half as bad as you describe it Tovarish, you’d have left long ago and gone home to mother Rasha? Where your feet go (and stay) speaks louder than your empty and foolish words.

    Go home Moskalchik, your kind isn’t welcome here!

  43. your kind isn’t welcome here!

    Speak for yourself. NIH and scientists working in my field (including at least three Nobel laureates, two of which were born and bred in the US) do not share your opinion. What’s more, they don’t give a hoot about your opinion. LOL.

  44. Agree

    Just another commie on UNZ.

  45. So you’re milking the system for material gain. I’m sure that you don’t share your opinions with your fellow researchers and keep them to yourself. If they only knew how disparaging your are of your host country?

    However, its not the opinions of your fellow American co-workers that I was interested in (whom I’m sure you’re quite up to the task of masking your true feelings, while scarfing down a plate of bar-be-cue ribs and fries). It’s how do you feel? How can you stand to live in the US, with such animated feelings of hatred towards your host country? You’re smart enough to see that it’s not about to change for the better, at least not for the next 4 years, so how do you cope? Does a bottle or two of Stoli really help much?

  46. Astuteobservor II says

    If voter fraud can be done on that scale, I would actually be impressed.

  47. A123 is onto something here.

    While I dont see Iran deal being resurrected (Israel lobby won’t like it), I also don’t think there will be a continuation of excessive pressure on Iran because domestically, overt attacks on Iran will be seen as too “Trumpist” and contrary to the memory of the Obama-Biden legacy.

    Similar with China – Trump waged trade war on China and its easy for the Democrats to portray freezing Chinese conflict as being anti-Trump. Chinese also paid a ton of money ($billion deals) for Bidens’ cocaine, this has to buy some goodwill.

    In contrast, Biden is well connected in Ukraine and Russian kickbacks have been miniscule, relatively speaking – not enough to buy protection. The entire Western liberal establishment and techno-managerial elite has been thoroughly brainwashed to crave Russian blood to “avenge” inflicting Trump upon their safe spaces. And Russia is portrayed as so weak that “one good kick on the door and the whole rotten structure will come crashing down”. You generally don’t need to do all this for a few measly sanctions.

    I hope I’m wrong, but once you add in the satisfaction of the military industrial complex with Biden win, Obama-Biden administration being rather aggressive in foreign policy before, and recent stories about US Treasury and “Russian hackers”, I also expect Ukraine being made into a flashpoint. Also probably why Putin decided to stick around.

  48. I also don’t think there will be a continuation of excessive pressure on Iran because domestically, overt attacks on Iran will be seen as too “Trumpist” and contrary to the memory of the Obama-Biden legacy.

    A befuddled old man in office is a ‘get out of jail free’ card for CIA & friends.

    Everyone loves ice cream.

  49. Average and Harmless says

    Take a Xanax, you delusional Boomer hysteric. Just as bad as back in February, when bald fraud Ron Unz was masking up while sitting at his computer to post about the tens of millions Corona fatalities that will soon litter the streets of a shattered America.

  50. sudden death says

    We should give people benefit of doubt, maybe he is some kind of inspired scientific spy really working hard for the true motherland all that time instead of just milking the system for material gain in the hated country 😉

  51. I disagree. Legally, Trump can win easily. Only two things are needed: (1) Pence doesn’t choose any electors from states that have sent competing slates of electors; (2) Less than seven Republican states cuck out when the matter goes to Congress.

    I think Karlin (normally brilliant and very rigorous) isn’t even aware of this. Strange.

    Incidentally, the Electoral College hasn’t “confirmed” anything (see link to the website of the electoral college, below). It seems Karlin is getting his info from mainstrean media LOL

  52. Supply and Demand says

    Watching you become increasingly delusional over the past month or so has been hilarious.

    Unz’s equivalent of the 2017 Inaguaration Screamer.

  53. I would attribute this to personality. If he stayed in Russia he would have plenty of things to bitch about there and perhaps he would be happier. Being an immigrant in America even if you are professionally successful often does not compensate for the loss of the social status comparing to one back home. And when you add to it negative attitudes about Russia that only intensified since 2014 one can feel hurt and betrayed. However hoping the worst for your new country is clearly irrational and indicates some deeper pathology and desperation. He is not Arminius who was kidnapped by Romans in childhood. He was not wronged by America. He came here out of his free will. But apparently he blames America that he had to come here. And like Arminius he wants to see his new country destroyed.

    But there is hope for AnonFromTN. I found an interesting document about Slavic (chiefly Russians from the USSR) community in Oregon. They apparently feel discriminated and attribute their luck of success, though this luck of success might be very subjective, to the discrimination. And here comes the most hilarious part: the ‘suffering’ of Russians in Oregon got attention of the Coalition of Communities of Color which “has formally recognized the Slavic community as a community of color.”

    The Slavic Community in Multnomah County: An Unsettling Profile.

    The data presented in this report begin to help us understand the challenges facing the Slavic community. While the results are indeed unsettling, there is opportunity to create a new policy environment that supports communities of color. Our main priority is to advocate for policy decisions that improve the individual and collective outcomes of the Slavic community and, in so doing, improve outcomes for all Oregonians. We hold an empowered racial equity coalition as central to addressing racial inequities. This report builds an important knowledge base from which to advocate and to educate. Educating our community and the community at large about the Slavic community is crucial to achieving racial equity.

    One of the biggest threats to the Slavic community is its invisibility and marginalization that flows from the lack of data on their experiences in many walks of life: the school system, child welfare, criminal and juvenile justice, health and social services. The fact that no data are collected on this community in mainstream institutions is deeply troubling and needs to be remedied immediately. This community is the largest of our refugee groups. We must serve the community better – the journey begins with documenting and rendering visible their experiences.

    It is a little unusual to consider the Slavic community as a community of color, for conventionally the community is considered White, and in all databases reviewed for this research, the community is included within the White community. So why this variation? The Slavic community has arrived in this part of the USA facing similar forms of discrimination and exclusion as did the Polish, Irish and Italians many generations ago. These communities struggled with language, employment, education and social exclusion. In much the same way, the Slavic community faces these barriers to parity and to equity. As a result, the Coalition of Communities of Color has formally recognized the Slavic community as a community of color.

    Would AnonFromTN spirit was lifted if the Coalition of Communities of Color extended its helping hand to him? Would he get out of the shell of the disgruntled immigrant and let America enter his heart by shaking off the superficial identity of being Russian and accepting the true identity of being a person of color?

  54. Supply and Demand says

    I embrace the fascism of Fuhrer Biden because I am a fascist. Thank you for telling me what I already know! I don’t take that as an insult.

    It is rather funny that you’re using a line of argument that would be leaving an “SJW”‘s lips if I was unfortunate enough to be teaching in an American university, and not a Chinese one. The last time I encountered such an accusation was when I visited the Texas university we’re partnered with and had a blue-hair accuse me of genocide denial regarding the Uighurs.

  55. Maybe just for this election, they should have renamed the Electoral College. Because it sounds so academically overachieving – based on what they really managed to accomplish. Electoral elementary school sounds more appropriate, and even Electoral Kindergarten wouldn’t be totally out of place.

  56. accepting the true identity of being a person of color?

    Why use libtard terminology? Consult any dictionary: white is a color. I’ve never seen a colorless human in my life. Have you?

  57. Niccolo Soldo says

    I note that Karlin has a lot of autists here who can’t count elites and still actually place faith in governing institutions.

    This election was decided months ago and was stolen fair and square.

  58. Yeah, because there is no magic in Detroit and Philadelphia.

  59. I mean since the voting is all electronic, people can just change the results with a few buttons.

  60. Look, a black African, Jean Sagbo, was able to carve out an important and satisiying nitch for himself in Russia and even got elected to public office and has been able to help his fellow Russian citizens. He hasn’t sat around bitching and moaning about life in his new found country, like expat AnonFromTN. The good professor is obviously one of those individuals who’ll never be happy wherever he finds himself. He should realize how good he has it and should be thankful for the opportunities that his new country has afforded him.

  61. It could be, but he’s already drawn way too much attention to himself to be a Russian Boris Badinov. His handler would have a difficult assignment trying to reel in the negative antics of Boris. 🙂

  62. The screeching over voter fraud just what it is, a carnival of clowns who were never serious about overturning anything, loud grifters milking millions from credulous and highly agitated boomers while the campaign couldn’t be bothered interacting with, let alone funding, Trump-friendly data scientists who were willing to do the statistical analysis that could actually get the courts to take a second look.

    Matt Braynard, a non-grifter, Trump-friendly data scientist, found evidence of illegal votes and got it to Trump’s legal team and Trump-allied lawyers. None of it got the courts to take a second look.

  63. Jim Christian says

    your kind isn’t welcome here!

    I insist you stay, Anon. Maybe Hack can go back. NIH-types, eh? Does Fauchi have the complete rule over papers and peer review that they say? I used to service a lot of phones over there back in my Bethesda days. So, Anon, ask ya something: I knew a few over there (NIH) that were most concerned over the effects of all the RF they were creating and that was thirty years ago. They were silenced. Criticizing 5G will get you fired in most technical circles and there are directives on the Hill against same. Still seeing any of that? I’m retired up to Boston now, been out of DC for quite awhile but read some credible (to my layman’s eye) reports about RF. And SOB, everyone’s dying of cancers. Thoughts?

    In a twist, somehow no one is interested in the ozone holes as they launch hundreds of chemical rockets to orbit what, tens of thousands of satellites collectively. Does ozone matter?

  64. Jim Christian says

    So you’re milking the system for material gain.

    That’s actually a very Soviet attitude ya got there, old-style-wise. Not bustin’ balls, Hack, yer a pip, but we all gotta make a living, derived from the value of our work. Tip-Top of the medical/research food chain is a comfortable place to be, but most aren’t making a killing.

  65. Predictions for US-China relations under Biden?

    The consensus seems to be that Biden will be a loyal deep statist and that that the innovative foreign policy cupboard is completely bare. Under this view Biden represents 4 fewer years for the US to mould IR norms that will serve its interests when it is no longer top dog. On the other hand having a geriatric at the helm demands heavy delegation – you never know what some upstart might get done.

    Another one: long term US political legitimacy significantly hurt by this episode?*

    *The “no” view being that it’s on the cards anyway:

  66. “and Texas would have been able, in court, to prove that those means led to fraud, as their brief indicated.”

    Not quite.

    And when we have Trump lawyer Sidney Powell citing a former “Military Intelligence expert” in her court filings and his testimony is offered to support one of her central fraud claims, only to find out that he never worked in military intelligence, you know who is running on the Banana Republic platform, friend.

  67. Cold war spy stuff was classic, the best:

  68. First, a disclaimer: I am not a virologist or epidemiologist.

    General thoughts about Fauci. As a rule, a person in “leadership” position for 40+ years becomes totally disqualified professionally. His flip-flops on masks (from “masks are useless” to “masks should be mandatory” within less than a year) tell you all you need to know about his qualifications and moral fiber. I wouldn’t trust him an inch.

    Unfortunately, this applies to many other people and institutions. Say, recent FDA approval of Moderna and Pfizer vaccines w/o any peer-reviewed publications about them is outrageous scientifically and medically, but makes perfect sense from the point of view of greedy businesses. Recent adoption of a law by Congress that indemnifies makers of covid vaccines confirms my darkest suspicions. Personally, I would avoid those vaccines. If vaccination is made mandatory, I would seek something from my physician to avoid it. Pretend to be prone to allergies, or something.

    Don’t know much about 5G in particular, but in general I know that in recent decade or two all US regulations aimed to help businesses and totally disregarded the people. All for profit companies, from pharma to weapons manufacturers, are in exactly the same business: making money. They care about their profits and don’t give a hoot whether you live or die. Besides, cancer patients are good for medical and pharmaceutical business. So, I won’t be surprised if they do something to increase their revenues. When it comes to profits, morality is nowhere to be found.

    Ozone went the way of Darfur: from front pages of all bought and paid for MSM to oblivion. Tells you everything you need to know about the credibility of the stories pushed previously, MSM in general, and the stories they spread today.

    As to that Hack person, I don’t think Russia would take him. He maybe can go back to his beloved Ukraine. However, to the best of my knowledge Ukrainian “patriots” much prefer to love their country from afar, the farther away, the better. For a good reason.
    Business confidence in Ukraine is nothing to write home about:
    Industrial production stats, even though they are based on phony numbers cooked by the Ukrainian “government”, look grim:
    But, as the example of failed Georgian president Saakashvili and many others shows, Ukraine is a good place for losers and crackpots of all kinds.
    No wonder they elected “president” a clown of playing piano with his dick fame. Very fitting.

  69. However, to the best of my knowledge Ukrainian “patriots” much prefer to love their country from afar, the farther away, the better

    I thought that you were a Ukrainian, at least on your mother’s side? Your father must have been a KGB guy to instill in you such a lopsided hatred of Ukraine? I can’t believe that he’s still around, as you never bring him up? I’m pretty sure that he had no copy of “Kobzar” lying around within his own private library…

  70. Daniel Chieh says

    On this note:

    Vae victis! If the election was indeed stolen, it was stolen fair and square. Whatever happened is as final as Bitcoin. 2020 remains a chef’s kiss from history’s meat-kitchen. You do get a year like this every few decades.

    The Supreme Court has sent a clear and lovely Schmittian message. No court or other official authority will ever consider the substance of Republican allegations of voter fraud in the 2020 elections. All will be rejected on procedural grounds by the courts, and mocked with maximal hauteur in the legitimate press. Maybe some agency will even have to go through the tiresome kabuki of investigating itself.

    These tactics will always work. They always do. There will never be any kind of neutral, official, systematic or forensic investigation into any real or apparent irregularities—not even one that goes as far as the comical 2016 Jill Stein recount. (Which had to stop because it found that someone, presumably Russians, had been stuffing ballot boxes (or more precisely, tabulators) in Wayne County.)

    Moreover, no one should have ever expected anything else. Carl Schmitt told us that “the sovereign is he who decides the exception.” There was no exception here—so the sovereign has decided. Schmitt, a German and a gentleman (if a bit of a Nazi), would never have said: the sovereign is he who can say, “fuck you.” But he’d probably agree.

    The world works this way. It has to work this way. It should work this way. We do have a few things to say—but first, you have to deal.

  71. I also expect Ukraine being made into a flashpoint. Also probably why Putin decided to stick around.

    Willing to bet, that would be the end of Ukraine as a independent state

  72. Based on his statements about Iran or what? Just curious.

  73. Who knows if it was based on hard work or merit. Russian officialdom is absolutely desperate to prove itself not-racist and worship the negro as every other white country seems to these days.
    Although naturally, any African whom chooses to reside in Russia over places like France or Britain would probably always be an exceptionally rare case.

  74. Muh Commi Russia!

    US right wingers and Trump-tards are the dumbest people possible. I say that as a conservative person.

    Trump Tard actually did far more against Russia than the Democrat Obama.

  75. Sure, but unfortunately neither US nor Ukrainian oligarchs care about Ukrainian state or Ukrainian people.

  76. Autists Anonymous Rehab Camp Fugitive says

    Assuming that is true, so what?
    Constantly complaining about mythical lawsuits doesn’t win people to your side. Shows of dominance do. Appearing like he doesn’t give a fuck was what got Trump in the white house. And now him, and his supporters, can only focus on autistic rabbinical laws that nobody gives a fuck about.

    Sorry, I’m sure that Trump supporters are wonderful people and not deplorables. But they, and I guess you as well, seem to have a sort of autistic mindset. In which, if you show everyone the truth, they will have no choice but to support your beliefs.

    Maybe it’s the american belief in democracy. East Europeans can usually understand a concept like “The guy cheated, but he’s the one who rules”. While you’re expecting all cheaters to lose due to divine providence.

  77. AK isn’t convictionless on matters of interest to Russia, i.e. Lenin as a traitor and parasite

    He may have conviction but he is wrong about Lenin being a traitor – if anything he was more of a patriot than the Tsar was – Lenin saw what was wrong with the country (as many revolutionaries at the time did – hence the founding of the Petrograd Soviet and why it had power equal to the Provisional Government) but unlike the rest of the revolutionaries Lenin had the organizational acumen and a clear vision of the future (hence why he recognized the need to rapidly industralize and electrify the country). In fact, if we assume that Lenin is a traitor – how does one explain the DEVELOPMENT of a very robust schooling system for children that not only expanded on Tsarist policies but innovated on them too. What about the creation of a centralized library system in Russia based on the cutting edge (at the time) Dewey Decimal System? And what about the avant-garde art and sculpture coming out of Soviet Russia at the time? This is not the action of a traitor as Karlin claims. Rather he seems to have a poor knowledge of Russian history – and mainly draws his info from shitlib news (which is not surprising considering he grew up in the US and takes the US version of Soviet history at face value).