Economist Democracy Index 2016

Today has likewise seen the release of The Economist Intelligence Unit’s Democracy Index.


The US has been downgraded to a “flawed” democracy. The report is subtitled “Revenge of the Deplorables.”

Will Freedom House follow suit?

PS. To be fair, the scores were compiled before Trump’s victory. The US has been hovering around the border between what they call “full” and “flawed” democracy for a number of years now.

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  1. Philip Owen says

    Russia is authoritarian and Malaysia is merely flawed? Not my observation from in country. Both mildly hybrid at worst. 20 years ago, The Economist was a Russia fan.

  2. Verymuchalive says

    Amusing to see Canada top-rated. If Trump had been a Canadian politician, he would not only have been smeared by the MSM- as in the US – but massively fined and jailed.
    Objective reality is not something the Globalist ideologues at The Economist bother much about.

  3. South Africa is as democratic as France? Yeah sure. And what about Latvia and Estonia? Shouldn’t they stop treating a large part of their population as literally second class citizens before being counted as democracies?

  4. Rule No 1: Everything The Economist publishes is pure garbage

    Rule No 2: In the highly, highly, highly unlikely event The Economist publishes something not entirely garbage Rule No 1 comes into effect.

  5. Watch out for Trump tweet downgrading The Economist to “fake news”!

  6. jimbojones says

    Change “Democracy” to “Cuckocracy” and then the map makes perfect sense.

  7. Daniel Chieh says

    It immediately allowed me to find the most cucktastic nations.

  8. The United States is decucking itself at a prodigious rate.

    Trump has announced he will be listing immigrant crimes. Putler’s Reich doesn’t even release ethnic crime statistics.

    I think we can soon officially say that Russia is more cucked than the US.

  9. jimmyriddle says

    They were Yeltsin looting spree fans.

    They wrote approving editorials on his shelling of the Russian parliament, gloating at the prospect of the last defence to the rape of Russia being removed.

  10. Let’s see if the US will do something about those crimes before we proclaim the uncucking.

  11. I’m too lazy to sign up so that I can read the original from the Economist. Does anyone know what kind of data and criteria are used? Some of the characterizations are simply incredible.