The Great Debate

Just wanted to point out there is an on-going four-way debate at Streetwise Professor‘s blog between him, commentator Michel, myself and (at times) Timothy Post. In SWP’s words, it is about “(a) the breadth of Russian prosperity, (b) its dependence on oil prices, and (c) the likely future course of oil prices” and despite the subject matter and our ideological differences, it has been generally civil and very interesting.

The Great Debate

Check out Michel’s Comments
(and Russian Poverty, later offshoot) – not really

The Debate


EDIT: It’s a fast evolving situation…I find it easier to give a few more links of interest on international/Russian finance.

“One Babushka Said” – Timothy Post, an “on the ground” kind of person with well-argued (optimistic) post meshing stats, personal observations and analysis.

The contrarians (SWP) – never let it be said DR doesn’t link to opposing views…

Moscow Housing, Boy, I’m Glad He Cleared That Up!, Better and Better, Information Management – Flirting with Catastrophe, The $64 Question.

EDIT2: During the fallow period at Da Russophile before I moved to Sublime Oblivion, I spent (too much) time banging my head against the wall in the following SWP threads. This post however is now coming to a definitive end since now I have a new, vastly revamped blog to fill up with sublime goodness…

In chronological order since the last edit:

I Know There’s Some Leverage in There Somewhere, Human Capital, Nick Eberstadt is Not a Long Wolf*, The Price of Political Risk,The Market Price of Risk, More Generally,Roger That,Worser and Worser,If you believe that . . .,Life on a Volcano,That Was Fast,Like Minds,Hostages,The Financial Crisis in Russia Begins to Bite.

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  1. I thought you may want to have this blog in your links section: Russia Economy Watch. They also have articles on the demographics of Russia on their other blog

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    Thank you, nobody. It’s a long time since I’ve updated the Links. It’s probably about time.

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    Done and dusted 🙂