Ephemeral Russian States

Great map of the Ephemeral States of the Russian Civil War:


The state collapse of the old order temporarily brought all sorts of strange new political formations into existence, as is the universal pattern (“the empire long united must divide”).

The Idel Ural Republic. The Republic of North Ingria. Even a “Green Ukraine” in the Far East.

All fleeting entities which nobody except specialists and history buffs know about now, because the USSR declined to sponsor them.

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  1. Spisarevski says

    “Soviet Republic of Soldiers and Fortress-Builders of Naissaar” sounds pretty fucking badass, not gonna lie.

    I like the “Confederated Republic of Altai” too, with their humble aim of rebuilding Genghis Khan’s empire.

    Green Ukraine is just further proof that Ukraine is a type of cancer that will metastasize if left untreated.

  2. Jaakko Raipala says

    Well, the Soviets certainly supported the Finnish Socialist Worker’s Republic. It was actually originally called just the Republic of Finland – the goofy longer name was picked by Lenin.

    “Republics” of Uhtua and Ingria were just border towns trying to join Finland with some support from Finland and certain White Russian leaders. You could add more of these to the map as there was a similar project of ethnic Swedish parts to separate from Finland/Russia and Sweden actually invaded Finland (and some Swedish volunteers in the Finnish White army betrayed it in favor of their ethno-separatist project):


    The Senate solved this by letting the Germans invade Finland; Sweden backed off but this started a rift between the pro-German Senate and the White Army leaders which eventually led to another short-lived state, the German-created Kingdom of Finland…


    …which did not live long enough for the King of Finland to actually visit Finland. The Kingdom of Finland rejected all the republican legislation that had been drafted after the February revolution and essentially restored the monarchy of the Grand Duchy but replaced the Tsar with a German. This state only really controlled Helsinki and its surroundings which had been taken by the Germans (and not the White Army).

    After Germany surrendered in WWI and pulled out, the Kingdom of Finland was taken over by general Mannerheim and the remaining pro-Romanov monarchists so Finland was almost the same monarchy that it was before all the revolutions. But for this version of the state to survive it would have needed to connect with the Whites in Russia and they would have had to win the war there.

    General Yudenich offered to support Finnish independence and to cede roughly the territory marked here as Uhtua to Finland if Finland joined the attack on Petrograd that he was planning. Kolchak strongly opposed this (and Mannerheim wanted to support him regardless which was political suicide). With the lack of a consistent treaty offer from Russian Whites Finland started negotiating with Russian Reds again and the Finnish-Soviet peace treaty in 1920 dropped claims on “North Ingria” and “Uhtua”.