FINAL POLL: Russia Voices Or RossPress?

For background see here, here.

Russia Voices is good because it powerfully hints at what the project is all about: Giving the Anglo-sphere some sense of what Russians from all sides of the political spectrum are saying. But downside is it’s similar to Voice of Russia (a radio station), and besides, the more “intuitive” has already been taken.

RossPress is succinct and powerful; my innumerable thanks to the glorious Craig J. Willy for suggesting it. Only downside is that many Westerners don’t know that Russia, in Russian, is Rossiya.

I can’t say I’m 100% happy with either choice but c’est la vie. This issue should be gotten out of the way sooner rather than later.

RossPress ( 24
Russia Voices ( 17
Other 3

Only vote “Other” if you really hate both of them (preferably provide an alternative in that case). Thank you all for your participation.

Finally, I’d like to note that today I have translated the first two articles ever specifically for RV/RP. They are:

I have chosen to translate liberals because to date I have mostly only translated “patriots”, conservatives, and Putin supporters. This is to demonstrate and affirm that the site will be a non-partisan affair to the maximum feasible extent possible.

Edit 2013/2/2: As there is strong support for both options, I will test them out via Google Adwords and come to a decision by next week (which is when I plan to launch the site anyway).

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  1. I take it or are already taken?

    “Only downside is that many Westerners don’t know that Russia, in Russian, is Rossiya.”

    I don’t think people like get the Ross association with Russian they will think it is an actual person named Ross.

    Problem with RussiaVoices I think most people will automatically think and remember it as RussianVoices that get directed to a totally different website.

    If it is not already taken I think would be the best web domain title.
    It is nice and memorable outlining what the website would be about in the title and it would probably come up near the top of Google search when people are searching for info regarding the media in Russia would likely type in “press in Russia” or something similar like “free press in Russia” or “free media press in Russia”.

    • Meant to replace like with will.

    • As someone who does not speak or read Russian, but is interested in Russia, I am pleased to now know that Russia, in Russian is Rossiya.
      I like
      I agree that Google searches will not pick up on it, at first. I,for one, will be posting links to it on Facebook, Twitter, etc, etc, etc.

  2. What about the domain, which is available. Perfect if you’re looking at this as a non-profit and you could probably pick up the .com at a later date.

  3. Dear Anatoly,

    I have been tied up with my eye operation but now that I have caught up with what you’ve been doing may I first give my enthusiastic support to the idea of an Inosmi in reverse? I cannot think of a better way to respond to the trolls, the Luke Harding/Miriam Elder/Julia Ioffe/Ed Lucas brigade and their legion of admirers who regularly claim that Russia is a dictatorship where independent voices are suppressed then to provide them with translated examples of articles in the Russian press that prove the opposite.

    By the way I have voted for Russia Voices. “Russia” is useful for anyone doing a search and Voices describes exactly what the articles that will be translated are.

    This is a massive undertaking. May it live long and prosper and may others in time come round to help you with it.

    • They had a link on this Russian site to an article were Russia was ranked 148th place in the world for press freedom.

      I think people will be more interested in statistics in regards to Russia like who owns what media, the percentage Putin and his party get of air time compared to other opposition candidates, who finances opposition media and how much money they receive, etc. as compared to translation of opinion articles by Russian writers or news articles unless it is specifically referenced in a anti-Russian or critical western opinion piece or news article where you can check the source for yourself.

    • Thank you for your warm words Alexander.

      I think I will resolve this Russia Voices vs. Russia Press issue by testing it out on AdWords for a week…