Freedom House: Human Rights Abuse Against Satirists

Freedom in the World 2018 is out now: “Democracy in Crisis.”

Political rights and civil liberties around the world deteriorated to their lowest point in more than a decade in 2017, extending a period characterized by emboldened autocrats, beleaguered democracies, and the United States’ withdrawal from its leadership role in the global struggle for human freedom.

This makes the deep state neocon goons who run that outfit very sad.

My prediction from 2017:

Freedom House lowers United States Freedom Rating [no longer think this will happen. But as promised, carried over as-is from last set of predictions; will know in early February]: 50%

Last minute misgivings aside, this has indeed happened.

While FH still thinks Civil Rights in the US are at 1/7 (where 1 is best and 7 is worst), while Political Rights have been downgraded to 2/7, making for a total score of 1.5/7.

Why? Well, partially thanks to the Russiagate conspiracy theory;

[Electoral Process] Score Change: The score declined from 4 to 3 due to growing evidence of Russian interference in the 2016 election campaign and a lack of action by the Trump administration to prevent a reoccurrence of such meddling.

Incidentally, I will note that – and my observations and analysis carry great weight, since I have been officially recognized as a human rights authority by Freedom House itself – that Russia now scores 6.5/7, down from 5.5/7 even just a few years earlier, a score I ridiculed in my 2013 article What I Learned From Freedom House.

Suffice to say that Freedom House now believes Russia is as unfree as the following polities: Azerbaijan, Bahrain, Burundi, Chad, China, Congo (Kinshasa), Cuba, Ethiopia, Laos, Libya, Russia, Swaziland, Tajikistan, United Arab Emirates, Yemen.

It is also apparently less free than Qatar, Iran (!), Belarus, Egypt, and a plethora of 1980s US-friendly Latin American and Asian juntas.

Crimea, which is treated as a sub territory – like Chechnya was until the late 2000s – scores 9/100 on the Aggregate Score, which puts it on a par with the Central African Republic and Libya. Apparently Freedom House believes Crimeans are as unfree as a country that is in perpetual civil war and hosts African slave markets years after the Americans were done with bombing them into freedom.

Meanwhile, the Ukraine scores a not entirely unrespectable 3.0/7, despite it hosting hundreds to thousands of political prisoners.

Finally, Turkey has declined from “Partly Free” to “Not Free” – it appears that being a record holder in numbers of imprisoned journalists started to matter more after they pivoted against US interests.

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  1. Finally, Turkey has declined from “Partly Free” to “Not Free” – it appears that being a record holder in numbers of imprisoned journalists started to matter less after they pivoted against US interests.

    Typo: I guess it started to matter more, not less.

    How does Russia compare to the USSR under Brezhnev?

  2. Lol Rus Chin get 6.5 while Pakistan/Indian Kashmir get 4.5 Pak Kashmir gets 5.5 India 2.5

    Gaza gets 6.5
    West Bank 6
    Somaliland 4.5
    Somalia 7
    Afghanistan 5.5
    Hong Kong 3.5

    Lol Liberal version of Joshua Project

    This is only thing barbarians understand, Blunt Force to the Mouth।।

  3. Not the least infuriating thing about these leftist propaganda organisations is the way they so shamelessly conflate their own radical leftist agendas with objectively unrelated ideas such as “freedom” and “democracy”, and get away with it without the ridicule it deserves because of the well known leftist bias in the media and elite classes in the US sphere.

    From the report:

    Europe: Right-wing populists win seats and reject democratic values

    Lots of patent nonsense that somehow implies that it’s not democratic or free to oppose immigration to your country, and no mention at all of people being prosecuted in supposedly “free democracies” for expressing verboten opinions, basically because the kinds of people paying for and writing the Freedom House report don’t like those opinions.

    In the section about FH scores for the US there’s a typo, where you repeated Civil Rights when you meant to put Political Rights, I assume.

    I daresay the decline in the US score for Political Rights wasn’t for the shameless institutional failure to protect right wing speech and association from leftist thuggery (aka “demonstrations”), though, as it ought to have been.

  4. Polish Perspective says

    Finally, Turkey has declined from “Partly Free” to “Not Free” – it appears that being a record holder in numbers of imprisoned journalists started to matter more after they pivoted against US interests.

    One of the best outcomes from reading pro-Russian(not the same as pro-Putin) blogs is that you are forced to re-examine the reflexive granting of authority you gave to Western NGOs before.

    Though in my case, I noticed this happening immediately after the 2015 Polish election. It really is amazing how much of it is just politicised and aimed at furthering Western geopolitical objectives.

    This of course raises an important question: if we get to a place where Western NGOs are no longer considered saintly, who/what will replace them? There are fair cases to be made that Russian or Chinese or even Indian organisations would also reflect their respective society’s objectives to some extent.

    This may be another niche in the waiting for entrepôt states to fill, just as they have previously been financial centers, they can now churn out political/media/civil society ranking reports and nobody will be able to accuse them of bias. Singapore’s humanities grads should sigh with relief!

  5. So, Russia now is the same as the USSR in the 1970s and 1980s. Never mind economic freedom, the existence of opposition press and blogs, the fact that occasionally tens of thousands take to the streets to protest Putin, that Russians now have passports and are allowed to leave the country, etc. etc. Even China is freer than the USSR in the 1970s and early 1980s.

    This is a bad joke.

  6. Lars Porsena says

    Thanks to a link from these forums I spent part of last night falling back down the rabbit hole that is the old blog of The Last Psychiatrist. I read him way back when he was actively blogging, but let me see if I can apply some of pre-propaganda awareness to intuit what’s going on here.

    An outfit like Freedom House, despite appearances, does not try to promote freedom and democracy around the world nor does it try to convince people to want freedom and democracy around the world. It targets people who already want freedom and democracy for the world and tries to convince them that FH’s foreign policy foes are out of sync with the empty values they already had, and FH’s allies are all in line with it.

    Bahrain believes in the things you believe in, but Russia is against the things you believe in. Freedom and democracy around the world is not the goal it is the demo. “Make the idiots hate our enemies” is the goal.

  7. You can look yourself here:

    But in short, USSR was usually between 6/7 and 7/7, largely in sync with the degree of Cold War tensions. So yes, modern day Russia is about as unfree as the Brezhnev-era USSR.

  8. Thanks, in the meantime I have found it myself, as I wrote in #5. It’s a bad joke.

  9. Which is why the higher your score the better. 2.5 for India suggests the civilization is in GREAT DANGER!

    Good question though so far,

    Chinese soft power has centered around Maoist, Muslim & Mormon (rhymes but Evangelical) organizations in Subcontinent & Indo China.

    Rus was supporting leftists before since becoming Federation Idk.

    India has advantage of Dharma so organizations like Rodnover or Asatru become aligned quite naturally without needing to be ‘geopolitically submissive’

    Indian Monarchy of 10-20 yrs from now? Idk those would be good organizations probably.

    Each society has a different bias because the traditional societies don’t view themselves as monopolizing truth or righteousness।।

    So their influence is of a different nature.

    Rather than dividing a society they add to it.

    American or (((western))) influence is like replacing the base ingredients while Eastern influence is like adding spice but the base remains your own.

    How much of this is money & how much is displaying competency/credibility?

    Ie people will say American Ally/Christian country are best/richest so they are best.

    This narrative or influence has been battered a bit by recent blunders in Mid East but notice as long as it was Yellow Heathens in Vietnam or Japan narrative didn’t change

    On mass mobilization level,  whether Neoabsolutist perspective of organization requires elite requires money or simply the greedy man/strong horse hypothesis,

    How much does the fact of EU USA having plurality of world economy play into perceptions of foreign elites into buying into Anglo American Zionist culture?

    Simple fact is, whether true or not, perception is that modernity of past 300 years is an Anglo Zionist invention।।

    There’s not a single society unaffected by it & any major or sub major power pole has to adopt some less ideal things to compete ie women working.

    Obviously elite subversion is only method to victory  BUT

    China is not necessarily a friendly power. Its history of spreading Islam in Malaysia for example or funding Huns against Hindu Buddhist Kingdoms of Xinjiang.

    Polish Perspective how or what do you view as Japan’s role?

    Recently it’s moving closer to India & has become a major Patron of Hindu nationalism. Russia & Japan are among the few major countries in the world with a positive view of India.

    Hilariously many Western European countries have a more negative view of India than Pakistan does.

    With a focus on EurAsia, because who cares about American fat cannibals (white & yellow amerind) or Monkeys

    Do you think a G2 scenario is more likely or will we be able to break out of this?

    G2 refers to a reconfigured world order whereby USA provides security China provides trade. Australia being good example,

    see Saurav Jha @sjha1618 or delhidefencereview

    Own bias perspective is that an India with a per capita income in roughly 10-15k PPP range is only hope to counter this.

    Japan + Rus together too small Iranic bloc too Unstable.

    Do you see more sub national (national referring to New empires of RF,+CIS+EEU India, PRC, EU etc) like V4 forming & where is this possible?

    Arab coalition is quiet right now but not sure a 53 country Islamic alliance is something to be taken unseriously.

    Do you think we’ll be in pseudo post Petro Dollar world in the non gay section of the Planet Ie roughly Poland to Japan & South to India/Australia + N Africa (maybe)

    Do you see Yuan as dominant or do you see Russia being able to break free & a possible Australia, Japan, India, Iran, Russia + CIS common currency or basket of currency model possible?

    Do you see China breaking away from upholding the human rights sham or merely being a counter USA as it done recently.

    Ie USA supported dictators & selectively enforced its liberal bs. Problem was that over few generation need to uphold narrative affected domestic politics. So far China is following USA path.

    Do you see any power configuration atm capable of overturning this liberal consensus? Ie by 2030 let’s say.

    What role do you see Western Christian organization playing in upholding this narrative ie many refugee ngos are christian even in Japan.

    Jinping is sympathetic to Buddhism do you see China moving away from Maoist consensus among academia?

    What role do you think Korean Peninsula will have? Will they join Aus Rus Ind Iran Jap bloc?

    Do you foresee tighter economic integration with Nork as way to chase growth by SK & also encouraged by China to weaken American hold on Peninsula?

    Do you foresee issues in Russia especially in more rural areas due to growing Rodnover population?

    Don’t know about rest of Slavic world..

    Karlin has talked about predictions for next millennia & how this hinges on next 50 years & that hinges on next 15..

  10. Turkey – the US pivoted away from Turkey first. This was apparent in a host of articles and BBC pieces several months before the coup. Indeed Turkey only swung away from the US after the coup, which is about as late a change of mind as you can get.

  11. Actually the USSR was, with the exception of 1975-76, better than Russia is now. It was 6/6 almost throughout. Soviet citizens had better political rights and the exact same civil rights back then.

  12. Lots of patent nonsense that somehow implies that it’s not democratic or free to oppose immigration to your country

    In fact, increasing the share of foreign population is anti-democratic.
    After all, these people do not have legal voting rights in their host country or at least much less than the citizens of the country.

  13. Comment discussing own thoughts marked as spam?

    Will edit here if Karlin thinks comment too long or something let me know.

    Own thoughts are this:

    Lure of West ie even ‘peasant’ having living standard of pseudo elite is irresistible to other places.

    The people who Rulers depend on to run the country ie upper middle class have a significant portion who want to leave in India China Russia.

    This competency drain means that any ruler can’t really go fully against West simply because the men working for him have significant relations there. We too often forget the human element in political maneuvers, which is the main component of influence in the medium term ie up to 15 years..

    There really is no counter narrative right now because Communism is a flip side of Capitalism ie

    Personal opinion on most of Europe is that it’s too small & fragmented to be relevant. Countries in Balkans or around Poland (like Austria) with fewer than 1 crore (10 mil) are simply chips to be won.

    Poland as a buffer, Germany UK, & Rus UKr are the main powers in this region.

    France Italy Iberia are relegated to secondary status. (Middle)

    Forget which anglo said it but a Christian Caste or Heirarchy of Protestant Catholic Orthodox was believed.

    High Low vs Middle is the power configuration.

    C Asia incl Iran Afghan are irrelevant

    Arab world till Morroco is full of Gay. Birds in Kandahar cover their asshole & men in Kunar Valley had forgotten how to reproduce, being so used to faggotry।।

    Burma to Australia Idk shit about.

    Traditionally competition between India China. This can return with Japan helping former,

    Largely a geopolitical spoil though with Indonesia likely to descend into civil war, Thailand Unstable due to new Prince & other states being small/marginal (ie Laos, Cambodia)

    So Main Players to focus on are:

    China, Japan/SK (more on this later), Russia, EU (Germanics/Celts), Bharat.

    USA is the outside influencer

    Areas of conflict are obviously C Asia Mid East SE Asia.

    Believe that the dual threat of USA China will force Japan & SK closer together & secretly closer to Russia in a decade or so.

    Do not believe that Russia has power to keep lid on C Asia but neither does USA. Both are slowly passing it on to India China although this is marginal atm & proly for next 2 decades.

    Immigration doesn’t necessarily affect the ability of the state to function & therefore be a geopolitical threat in the medium term so not mentioned।।

    Can see V4 capitals getting some ‘diversity’ in next short time by w/e means although it won’t spread to countryside, yet.

    Ukraine Moldova etc are a write off.
    Burma Laos Cambodia Afghanistan & C Asia beside Kazakh as well।।(economically)

    Past that Idk.

    Genetic inheritability of ideology means even in America the differing ideologies are more segregated than you think.

    Americans think one pseudo riot in Charlottesville is akin to civil war.

    One theory is that Centralization reduces crime & that this crime free European descended world is historical anomaly. Either way German Syrian rape disparity doesn’t matter in geopolitical maneuvers involving 100s millions, so can be ignored.

    TL DR Still don’t see the ability of western civilization to function & therefore spread faggotry being seriously affected for atleast 25 years.

    No counter narrative or properly reactionary position is likely to arise for 30.

    I don’t mean feel good Trump bs.

    I mean straight up like saying if you’re born a peasant that’s likely what you have the capability for, if you’re a nigger you shouldn’t cross the Mediterranean, if you’re a woman you should expect a tan if you talk back to father/brother/husband.

    By arise, meaning is institutional depth।।

    As we can see it is takes 10-15 years of ‘rule’ to thoroughly infiltrate bureaucracy & change government ie be in power. This means hopefully within next decade the ‘black pill’

    Hence rechristened R1Aryan pill will become mainstream।।

    Fuck using term rechristened, one time thing.

    Hence ReSanskritized R1Arya is better।।


  14. Daniel Chieh says
  15. Unless you make them citizens & then they become a loyal voting bloc as they depend upon the state for status/survival resources

    What does something being democratic even mean in reality?

    You may feel your ruler has an obligation toward you in return for your loyalty.

    You may extrapolate this to the citizen state dynamic.

    In reality Democracy means Your Wife & The Guy she’s fucking is Two votes to your one।।

  16. It’s safer to assume transhumanism won’t happen & train accordingly।।

    Ksytria Dharma exists only in the present ie the enemy in front must be ripped open.

    The throne who sent him is irrelevant until the obstacle is passed.

    Fact is, most of these HBD nerds don’t lift or even try to reach the pinnacle of current human genetics let alone an enhancement।।

    This is just an outcrop of the Monkey vs Kitten Paradigm.

    When a Monkey Mother puts her offspring on her back, He must still hold on by his own effort – Master Morality

    The Kitten is picked up by the white lady & saved – Esa Kike Slave Morality

    That transhuman stuff is interesting but irrelevant when the local muslim ghetto comes at you with sticks & says GTFO.

    Plus, electricity is not guaranteed.

    If war is a battle of will then the population willing to exist in relatively worse conditions, within the same locality, will come out ahead.

    Ie the soccer mom won’t put a shank to a power substation & therefore will do w/e the Sullah says in order to keep the TV on।।

    Another thought is the role of ideology in conflict.

    Massed wealth is subject to state control. Ultimately commerce cannot exist without order.

    Therefore the polity decides what ‘deserves’ massed funding ie technological development.

    This is proxy for military organization.

    Ie the difference between a Bandit or a Soldier is state Patronage.

    The Shudra & Ksytria are always close because without a state they exist together while the other two only exist within government.

    Means, ideology is when the Brahmin gives approval to Vaishya to release funds for Army।।

    Means with subverted ideology victory is always difficult as much of your resources will be earmarked for worthless causes.

    Edit Subverted ideology = subverted state. The state is the instrument of rule neither the ruler nor ruled is part of it. You can only do so much with a fucked programming language for ex. Ruler = Client, Ruled = Product, State = Programmer, Ideology = Programming Language


    Perun will save Europe not Esa & whether this is done by Transhuman Cyborgs or Sword/Axe wielding Arya is irrelevant।।

    Technological fetishism is homosexual because it’s better to exist in the Iron age among your own people than have futurama with niggers।।

    Edit Also see the Isegoria posts on ww2 the recent ones.


  17. If you read that (((Freedom))) House report they first mention how democracy is about people getting government to do what they want, then later in the article they mention how elections like places like Austria represented “undemocratic values”…

    One would want to laugh about what a joke such outlets are, but sadly one cannot as the people that write such garbage are no doubt whispering in the ears of many politicians.

  18. Daniel Chieh says

    Perun will save Europe not Esa & whether this is done by Transhuman Cyborgs or Sword/Axe wielding Arya is irrelevant।।

    Technological fetishism is homosexual because it’s better to exist in the Iron age among your own people than have futurama with niggers।।

    The Emperor protects the faithful, and I am therefore led to understand that Imperator Titan crews are the most faithful of all.

  19. Most of the “analyses” broadcast by Freedom House are work for hire by US propaganda agents. The future ratings of US depend on how much will Trump feed them.

    This is the mirror image of Stalin cult of personality, with many things upside down. In USSR, everyone, groups of workers, gatherings of opera singers, random people assemblies had to praise Stalin. In today’s US, the sycophants are better defined, and the object of praise – more diffuse (“human rights”?). The balanca of sticks and carrots is also shifted, but it still works, since most Americans find it a Gulag-like experience to live in a smaller apartment.

    The useful, informative, or truthful content of Freedom House publications is comparable with that ocoming from US representatives at the UN. Pretty much zero.

  20. Daniel Chieh says

    There are fair cases to be made that Russian or Chinese or even Indian organisations would also reflect their respective society’s objectives to some extent.

    At the end of the day, even well-meaning organizations ultimately reflect the biases and beliefs of those who constitute them; when funding and political leverage is involved, such distortions will only increase.

    This is why multiple sources of information are valuable, and the proliferation of information including our kind host’s blog helps with that.

    This may be another niche in the waiting for entrepôt states to fill, just as they have previously been financial centers, they can now churn out political/media/civil society ranking reports and nobody will be able to accuse them of bias. Singapore’s humanities grads should sigh with relief!

    Luxembourg’s future is assured now, too.

  21. reiner Tor says

    most Americans find it a Gulag-like experience to live in a smaller apartment

    No, they’d have to move to a worse part of the city, where minorities will make life hell for them and especially for their children.

  22. Swedish Family says

    This all makes sense once you accept that the function of think tanks is to lend information warfare a veneer of scientific objectivity. It’s outrageous, yes, but you have to admire the Machiavellian brilliance of it. These people are masters at gaming our enlightenment tradition.

  23. The Big Red Scary says

    Minorities are not, per se, the problem. You could live in China town, for example, and probably have no problems, so long as you don’t mind the smell of fish sauce. My sister and her husband lived for a while in a traditional Hispanic neighborhood in a big US city and had no problems besides loud mariachi music. In particular, they thought it was an especially child-friendly neighborhood. (My own experience with Hispanic people is consistent with this.) The statistics are clear, however, that a majority black neighborhood will on average have a high rate of violence and so it is quite reasonable to move out if you live in one and have the means to do so. This applies to black people as well.

  24. Freedom House has jiggered with their scales over the years, making longitudinal comparisons not really possible. They haven’t for their readers documented the changes in how they measure. It’s merely grossly evident. Their ratings for Algeria today are as bad as the ratings they were giving Ceausescu’s Roumania 40 years ago. Totally bizarre.

    This makes the deep state neocon goons who run that outfit very sad.

    Freedom House was long the least untrustworthy organization of its kind. (Compare with Human Rights Watch, which was always a sham, and Amnesty International, which was certainly a sham by the year 2000 if not earlier). It’s not a troublesome organization because it’s been taken over by Republicans. Quite the contrary.

  25. Finally, Turkey has declined from “Partly Free” to “Not Free” – it appears that being a record holder in numbers of imprisoned journalists started to matter more after they pivoted against US interests.

    The scales and subjective judgments are weird all over the place. (See their evaluation of the Maghreb states, which aren’t unfriendly to the United States). By way of example, they say flat nothing about the suppression of political dissent in Canada, Scandinavia, and the Low Countries. Court ordered dissolution of non-violent constitutionalist political parties is AOK as far as Freedom House is concerned (search for ‘Vlaams Blok’).

  26. One thing you see in the decay of these organizations is that a concern for a properly maintained matrix for pubic deliberation and for meticulous procedures is replaced in stages by the Freedom House board’s conception of who the angels are re substantive public policy. “Freedom” comes to be defined as immunity to capital sentences, or as access to abortions, or as immunity (for journalists) from public criticism by politicians. Procedural problems in the United States concern misbehavior by the administrators of state universities, misbehavior by judges, declining probity in electoral contests, &c. You wont see har-de-har human rights lobbies complaining about any of this.

  27. Polity IV, V DEM, and even Economist Democracy Index are all far superior since they at least make their methodology open.

  28. Then contemplate the words of the Emperor O Hua (Arya):


    Dohra।।Dadu Smaa Bichar Kay Kal Ka Leejay Bhaiy।।Je Ko Maray Eett Ddheem Pathar Hnay ReSaii।।

    Dadu in contemplating the state of our Age of (Kaal) Darkness।।If one strikes you with a brick ferociously retaliate with a boulder।।


  29. reiner Tor says

    I just checked all the 2018 scores, apparently Syria is the least free country in the world. In the “aggregate score” category (it’s not explained well, at least not in a user friendly manner) they got -1 (negative) score. I hope it’s a typo, but it’s the same in the Excel sheet and the country report, so maybe not. I think the Syrian score is just as absurd as the Russian score. I guess in 2003 Saddam’s Iraq got the worst score.