Je m’en fous de Charlie Hebdo

A couple of Islamist terrorists, the brothers Kouachi, murdered a bunch of cartoonists. Another terrorist, Coulibaly, went on a rampage. All three ended up taking hostages. Counter-terrorists win! Within minutes, everyone had become an expert on Charlie Hebdo’s work, and the typical and inevitably dreary debate began.

Some said Charlie’s cartoons were clearly, stridently Islamophobic, and that although they “of course” condemned the murders, it was understandable why they happened: Cue your standard spiel about failed integration policies, racism, discrimination, the legacy of colonialism. The apologetics sometimes reached nauseating proportions. After all, people “know the consequences” (from Anjem Chodary, so over the top Islamist that he is probably an MI5 mole), and besides, the “sin of provocation” is no less dangerous than “the sin of those who are capable of succumbing to that provocation” (Russian Council of Muftis).

Others, especially journalists, focused on the sanctity of the right to free speech. Though many papers still made sure to cover their asses by pixelating out the offending Mohammed cartoons. It was also widely noted that Charlie Hebdo were, to their credit, at least equal opportunity provocateurs, involving everyone they disliked in their scrotular and scatological fantasies:


Do you still believe in the theory of historical progress?

Equal… but some groups were nonetheless plus égaux que d’autres, at least so far as Charlie Hebdo were concerned. In 2009, the cartoonist Siné, a longtime contributor to Charlie Hebdo, joked that Sarkozy’s son, Jean, would “go a long way, that little lad” on rumors that he was planning to convert to Judaism. For any basically normal, non-SJW inclined person, this would be nothing more than a harmless observation on the Jewish talent for economic success (something that is discussed at length by our own Steve Sailer, not to mention by Jews themselves). But for Charlie and the French Establishment, including the “philosopher” Bernard-Henry Lévy, the appropriate response was to fire him and then prosecute him for anti-Semitism (he was acquitted). On another occasion, Charlie started a signature collection campaign to get the Front National banned. Clearly, their own regard for free speech was very far from absolute.

That didn’t stop the masses from pinning #JeSuisCharlie to their Twitface avatars in their millions, and joining European leaders on their so-called unity march, from which Marine Le Pen – representing about a third of the French electorate – was excluded. On the plus side, it was probably the continent’s biggest collective circlejerk since the Nuremburg rallies. A few days later, a total of 54 cases and counting were opened in France related to pro-terrorism “hate speech,” including against the comedian Dieudonné. Politicians who insisted on going against the multiculturalist dogma, such as the elder Le Pen and Orbán, found themselves castigated for political haymaking (if so what was the unity march?) and using a free speech rally to exercise free speech:

Orban told Hungarian state TV in the margins of the rally, held in support of free speech and tolerance in Europe, that the Charlie Hebdo murders should make the EU restrict access to migrants with “different cultural characteristics”.

Referring to the flow of African and Arab migrants to the EU, he said: “Economic immigration is a bad thing in Europe, it should not be seen as having any benefits, because it only brings trouble and danger to the peoples of Europe”.

“Immigration and cultural questions related to that must be discussed in a much more open, honest and straightforward manner than until now. I hope that a composed, calm analysis of the recent events will guide European leaders and Brussels towards a tough policy restricting immigration”, he added.

“While I am PM, Hungary will definitely not become an immigration destination. We don’t want to see significantly sized minorities with different cultural characteristics and backgrounds among us. We want to keep Hungary as Hungary”.

Reasonable, no? No! It’s nothing but dangerous demagoguery, and statements like Orbán’s are outright harmful. You’re placing yourself onto the same platform as Marine Le Pen, and Golden Dawn. There are other triggers. It’s failed integration policies, especially France’s citizenship concept, that are to blame. Scandinavian countries do better. “We against them” will not solve the problem.

All paraphrased from a real Twitter conversation I had with a bona fide EU think-tank person (who is otherwise a genial and intelligent fellow, not an ideologue).

(The additional irony is that Orbán isn’t really a friend to European nationalists. When they and a bunch of their American friends decided to have an identitarian conference in Budapest, the event was banned and people who turned up anyway got arrested and deported. Naturally, neither the EU nor the US State Department had much, or anything really, to say on that particular expression of Orbán’s authoritarianism).

“We vomit on all these people who suddenly say they are our friends,” said Bernard Holtrop, who survived the massacre by dint of absenteeism. Beginning to nod your head in agreement? Don’t. You missed the previous part where he identified the True Enemy: “We have a lot of new friends, like the pope, Queen Elizabeth and Putin. Marine Le Pen is delighted when the Islamists start shooting all over the place.”

Monsieur Holtrop is presumably too self-absorbed to consider the possibility that her primary concern might not be so much his friendship, or even his freedom of speech, but securing the future of the French people and European civilization.

Given this litany of two-faced hypocrisy and concern trolling from virtually everyone, I do not feel ashamed to proclaim:

Je m’en fous de Charlie Hebdo!

Even debates about the relative weights to be assigned to artistic merit, freedom of speech, and upkeeping civility are of secondary importance.

My own partisan bias is that Charlie Hebdo’s crude scribblings would demean a bathroom stall, but many people would disagree with my opinion and that’s fair enough. I may happen to think it would be an example of social and cultural decadence, but that by itself survivable, at least so long as the nation walls itself off demographically from more virile peoples who are generally unable or unwilling to appreciate artistic masterpieces like Piss Christ, the Paris Buttplug, or, well, Charlie Hebdo. Japan is a byword for decadence, but it’s not like it’s in any danger of foreign cultural inundation.

Moreover, since Charlie Hebdo did not forcibly impose their views on the general public – you can always, like, not buy their stuff – they should be completely immune from any “hate speech” prosecution. But I acknowledge that opinions on this matter can legitimately differ: My friend Alexander Mercouris at Sputnik News makes a solid, legally-grounded argument for why it would be legally and morally defensible for any West European nation to prosecute Charlie Hebdo, and my own objections are normative in nature, and not a little self-interested, in the sense that if interpreted sufficiently widely, I too could be potentially prosecuted in Europe, not to mention half the contributors to The Unz Review.

So… let’s start building the case?

The terrorists were Islamists, and they did have a religion: Islam. Trying to insist otherwise strikes me as being rather pathetic, like the tweed-jacketed old Marxists insisting that the Soviet Union wasn’t really Communist. How credible would it be to deny that Breivik was a European nationalist, or that the Crusaders weren’t real Christians?

As Marine Le Pen just wrote in The New York Times, the threat must be named: “France Was Attacked by Islamic Fundamentalism.” They were Islamists, and – even she shies away from making it explicit – they were also Muslims, no more and no less than the brilliant philosopher Ibn Khaldun or ISIS leader Al-Baghdadi.

Progressive outlets like The Daily Beast and Think Progress claim that we are getting it all wrong, that Muslims only account for “less than 2%” of terrorist acts in Europe and 6% in the US. Just a quick scan through the FBI link they give reveals “terrorist incidents” such as the following:

Terrorist Incidents

March 2002 – November 2002

Vandalism and Arson
Erie, Harborcreek, and Warren, Pennsylvania

(Six acts of Domestic Terrorism)

Between March 2002 and November 2002, a series of animal rights and ecoterrorism incidents occurred in Erie, Harborcreek, and Warren, Pennsylvania. On March 18, 2002, Pennsylvania State Police discovered heavy equipment used to clear trees at a construction site in Erie, Pennsylvania, spray painted with the statements “ELF, in the protection of mother earth,” and “Stop Deforestation.” On March 24, 2002, police responded to the same construction site, where a large hydraulic crane had been set on fire, causing approximately $500,000 in damage.

History of terrorist attacks in Europe. Source: The Economist.

History of terrorist attacks in western Europe. Source: The Economist.

Yes, totally comparable to 9/11.

So this is either a case of astoundingly lackadaisical research and critical thinking, or deliberate disingenuousness. Ultimately, it doesn’t matter, because there are other, more relevant measures – the body count (see the infographic to the right). Islamists are responsible for the overwhelming majority of terrorism-related deaths in Europe, despite Breivik’s single-handed archievements, and despite only constituting 5% of the West European population.

In her article, Marine Le Pen continues:

Yet this distinction can only be made if one is willing to identify the threat. It does our Muslim compatriots no favors to fuel suspicions and leave things unspoken. Islamist terrorism is a cancer on Islam, and Muslims themselves must fight it at our side.

This is an entirely legitimate point, as are her ensuing arguments that sorting out immigration policy is essential for victory in this struggle:

First, the dogma of the free movement of peoples and goods is so firmly entrenched among the leaders of the European Union that the very idea of border checks is deemed to be heretical. And yet, every year tons of weapons from the Balkans enter French territory unhindered and hundreds of jihadists move freely around Europe. …

Second, the massive waves of immigration, both legal and clandestine, our country has experienced for decades have prevented the implementation of a proper assimilation policy… Without a policy restricting immigration, it becomes difficult, if not impossible, to fight against communalism and the rise of ways of life at odds with laïcité, France’s distinctive form of secularism, and other laws and values of the French Republic. An additional burden is mass unemployment, which is itself exacerbated by immigration.

What she wisely doesn’t mention are some of the politically incorrect but no less real factors that make Muslim integration so difficult, and as such the case for immigration control so compelling.

First and foremost must be the simple, inescapable fact that European Muslims are, on average, duller (in the IQ sense) than the native populations. Moreover, while the second generation almost always performs significantly better than the first – a natural consequence of the environmental improvements from moving from a developing country to a developed one, i.e. Flynn-on-steroids – it never converges with native scores.

Below is a table of 2009 PISA-derived IQs for 1st generation immigrants, 2nd generation immigrants, natives, and the national average. (Not all the immigrants will be Muslim, of course, but since many of the other of the other immigrants are from similarly high-IQ European nations, such as the Poles, that would if anything knock the Muslim figures down even lower). Immigration is also a hotly debated issue in the US, including in its cognitive impacts – remember the Richwine Affair? – so I give figures for the US too.

1st Gen IQ 2nd Gen IQ Native IQ National IQ
France 89.4 91.8 101.2 99.6
Germany 93.7 94.5 105.0 101.5
Italy 87.1 92.4 98.7 97.9
Netherlands 95.4 95.7 105.0 102.9
Spain 89.1 94.2 99.0 97.6
Sweden 87.6 92.1 100.8 99.3
UK 95.1 99.3 101.2 100.0
USA 97.2 96.1 100.3 99.4

Lower IQs are almost inevitably associated with higher delinquency, higher crime rates, higher unemployment, and poorer general life outcomes. It has next to nothing to do with discrimination or white privilege, and a lot to do with employers valuing competent workers over incompetent ones; next to nothing to do with cops looking for some brown person to bully, and a lot to do with brighter people being generally better at cost-benefit analyses, e.g. as to the advisability of dropping out of school, selling drugs, or stealing that shiny new iPhone.

Modern welfare states spend a lot of resources just helping the more socially (and, inevitably, biologically) disadvantaged members of their societies stand on their own two feet.

As the blogger at Those Who Can See has found out, all three of the Charlie Hebdo terrorists benefited a lot from those programs:

An old friend from their orphanage has revealed some choice bits, a near-caricature of petty Arab thugs:

‘Cherif was a loudmouth, a fighter, loved to bling out in Lacoste tracksuits and screw girls, hated the ‘Gauls’ (native French) […]  Saïd was different, non-violent, civil and well-liked, though he wasn’t crazy about ‘Gauls’ either…’

An ex-colleague of Saïd’s has also spilled to the press.  He claims the elder brother worked under him for the City of Paris trash detail, but was ‘unmanageable’ (e.g. refusing to shake hands with female colleagues), was transfered five times, then let go.

It is in reading between the lines that one figures out that his job, ‘recycling ambassador,’ was an invented make-work post of the type created to occupy (and pay) otherwise unemployable immigrants. The City of Paris, according to the article, had many such ‘ambassadors’ who went door-to-door to explain the joys of recycling to the city’s residents.  The snitch in the article says a large number were unmanageable Islamists, about which they alerted their bosses often but were rebiffed because ‘the subject was taboo.’

This anecdote may seem neither here nor there, but in the larger narrative, progressives rail endlessly that France isn’t doing enough to integrate its Arabs.  Here we have the City creating cushy do-nothing jobs for them in order to buy social peace, and the unhappy Saïd still manages to get himself fired for incompetence.  Integration failed–but who is at fault?

Peter Frost, who also writes here at The Review, assigns higher Muslim crime rates and terrorism to their more macho and “alpha” cultural upbringings, deriving as they do from regions that had not managed to suppress violence as did Europe.

Murder was increasingly punished not only by the ultimate penalty but also by exemplary forms of execution, e.g., burning at the stake, drawing and quartering, and breaking on the wheel (Carbasse, 2011, pp. 52-53). This “war on murder” reached a peak from the 16th to 18th centuries when, out of every two hundred men, one or two would end up being executed (Taccoen, 1982, p. 52). A comparable number of murderers would die either at the scene of the crime or in prison while awaiting trial (Ireland, 1987).

I am somewhat skeptical of this explanation. Civilization in the Maghreb, to say nothing of Egypt or Mesopotamia, is far older than anything in Europe north of the Mediterranean… Even if they were less effective at stamping out violence, they had a heck of a lot longer to do it. “Our empire was old before dragons stirred in Old Valyria…”

My thesis is that the roots of the deep ailments that affect most Muslim societies lie elsewhere: In their extensive rates of inbreeding, which goes all the way up to the double cousins. The latest research indicates that first cousin matings could lower offspring IQ by as much as 30 points. (It need hardly be said that this is astoundingly bad; basically, it’s a drop from normal to retardation). Now consider that 37% of Pakistani marriages in the UK are between first cousins. The rates are not dissimilar amongst most other European immigrant Muslim communities.

The institution of cousin marriage is not integral to Islam per se. To the contrary, it was likely an outshoot of Mohammed’s instructions that daughters should also get a share of the family inheritance, thus creating a perverse economic incentive to keep wealth within the family by cousin marriage. Andrey Korotayev wrote a brilliant paper on this, which I highly recommend checking out if you’re interested in the historic origins of the Muslim family type.

Extensive first cousin, including FBD, marriage can explain a lot.

It explains the emphasis on keeping women veiled and accompanied by male guardians. Since future partners are, in many cases, “prearranged,” there is absolutely no need for extracurricular dalliances. Men, too, can experience specific problems under this system… with a significant percentage of the female population “wardened off” so, where do they seek release? Not everyone has a guaranteed wife, or a high enough SMV to game non-Muslim girls. Porn satisfies many but not all. After this, only more and more unorthodox solutions are left.

It explains the “clannishness” that Peter Frost notices.

It explains the massively depressed IQs seen throughout the Muslim world, especially relative to their estimated genotypic potential. Average IQs in oil-rich Saudi Arabia and Qatar, where first cousin marriage is particularly endemic, are not substantially higher than in dirt-poor sub-Saharan countries.

And because of the critical import of IQ to virtually all aspects of human behavior, it explains a whole host of other domains – crime, unemployment, etc. – in which Muslim immigrants continue to underperform.

The solution is obvious enough, right?

It might not work straight away, but if strictly enforced, it will work eventually. Cousin marriage rates will fall, as they did in southern Italy or Japan in the 20th century, though those two countries had the advantage of starting from far lower bases. IQs will rise. We will finally get some measure of integration. Multiculturalism might even stop being the byword for social dysfunction that it has become today.


Wrong. You’re forgetting IQ is a social construct. And HBD is just what the old school racists now call their racism. Cousin marriage is a venerable tradition, and you have no right to tell Muslims whom they can or cannot marry. It would insult their religious beliefs (even though they have nothing in common). Besides, gays marry, so why not first cousins? Einstein did it. And what about the Darwin-Wedgwood clan? That one example completely disproves everything!

So the second logical alternative to the HBD explanation is the cultural one: That Islam really is an innately sick culture, and all societies that follow its precepts are doomed to economic irrelevance and social retrogression. They hate us for our freedumbs!

And this is how you get neocons, Breiviks, and multi-trillion dollar foreign adventures in far off deserts.

Or maybe Muslims really are kept down by the Man. He refuses to hire them, wages war on their coreligionists, and props up oppressive dictators. Because he wants Muslim oil and answers to Jewish shitlords. Islam isn’t the problem; it’s the solution. Allahu akbar! Behead those who insult Islam!

And this is how you get Islamists, ISIS, and terrorist attack after terrorist attack.

"An act of exceptional barbarism..." "That's not what you said when you sent them to me."

Not a Charlie Hebdo cartoon, naturally. “An act of exceptional barbarism…” “That’s not what you said when you sent them to me.”

Marine Le Pen, again:

Third, French foreign policy has wandered between Scylla and Charybdis in the last few years. Former President Nicolas Sarkozy’s intervention in Libya, President François Hollande’s support for some Syrian fundamentalists, alliances formed with rentier states that finance jihadist fighters, like Qatar and Saudi Arabia — all are mistakes that have plunged France into serious geopolitical incoherence from which it is struggling to extricate itself.

And these guys, jihadists, are sent off with Western blessings (and money, and guns) to destabilize yet more Arab states…against those same dictators whom Islamists believe the West supports. Dictators who are usually the only power keeping those disparate, clannish states together and offering any hope of effecting lasting reform. But we better! We know from Fukuyama-via Marx-via Hegel that liberal democracy is universal, equally suited for an advanced high-IQ European or East Asian society, and a low-IQ ethnic medley where 75% of the populations wants the death penalty for apostasy.

And the resulting wars and anarchy displace more and more people, many of whom end up as immigrants on European shores.

And the cycle of invade/invite the world continues.

The way it sustains itself, one has to admit, is really quite elegant, if ultimately disastrous for everyone concerned.

Iraqis, Lybians, Syrians, and other victims of Western universalism get their countries wrecked by jihadists picked up from European banlieues and Arab street gutters, sometimes in conjunction with American bombs. The European peoples get to be enriched by more and more diversity in an offer they can’t refuse. The American taxpayer gets to pick up the tab.

But at least the American gets to walk away from the whole mess. La Raza Cósmica sure beats Eurabia.

Anatoly Karlin is a transhumanist interested in psychometrics, life extension, UBI, crypto/network states, X risks, and ushering in the Biosingularity.


Inventor of Idiot’s Limbo, the Katechon Hypothesis, and Elite Human Capital.


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  1. Razib Khan says

    lot to absorb, appreciate work that went into this post.

  2. Thank you for that very interesting piece.

  3. “I may happen to think it would be an example of social and cultural decadence, but that by itself survivable, at least so long as the nation walls itself off demographically from more virile peoples who are generally unable or unwilling to appreciate artistic masterpieces like Piss Christ, the Paris Buttplug, or, well, Charlie Hebdo.”

    Okay, I gotta admit. I fucking lost at this one.

  4. Btw, I’m from Iran and I’m interested in starting a program to raise IQ’s by encouraging high-IQ people to have more children, and redistribute their extra children to lower IQ couples. How many years would it take to converge economically? Obviously there would be a almost generational gap to see improvements in economics and education.

    I’ve written these type of comments on many HBD blogs, but they all seem to think I am trolling. Any time you want to improve yourself or your situation in life, people pay no attention to you…

  5. Lauris Kaplinski says

    The cited paper about the effect of inbreeding is pretty interesting. They report relatively high (for India at least) IQ of 96.5 of non-inbred Indian Muslims.

    IMO here we may see the purifying effect of inbreeding. While inbreeding significantly reduces the average phenotypic fitness of population (by increasing the homozygosity and thus the probability of coincidence of two deleterious mutations) it actually increases the genotypic fitness by exposing these same deleterious mutations to selection.

  6. so much pain from the author, that certainely called the French “Surrender-Monkeys in other times, but he is blind, the mecreants will attack him, since he also is a westerner

    Charlie Hebdo” was a pretext for the terrorists, but not their goal, which is to divide the French society, so that they get more home grown fanatics

    “The idea, as stated in the jihadi strategy document “Management of Savagery,” is to “transform societies into two opposing groups, igniting a violent battle between them whose end is either victory or martyrdom.” The best way to make sure the intended audience understands the justification for the attack is to make the attack itself self-explanatory, the strategists behind the document say. Clearly, the targeting of Charlie Hebdo, a magazine well known for printing images that many, if not most, Muslims would find offensive, but were seen as part of a cherished European tradition of free expression, fit very comfortably in this strategy.
    …the attack is sharpening differences between communities and isolating European Muslims from their countrymen.
    How a group sees its place in wider society is a key factor in recruitment to extremist organizations. When a community feels victimized, an opportunity presents itself for champions and saviors.”

  7. Antoly-

    A few thoughts:


    “And because of the critical import of IQ to virtually all aspects of human behavior, it explains a whole host of other domains – crime, unemployment, etc. – in which Muslim immigrants continue to underperform.”

    Things are more complicated than this.

    Some nonsense Jayman posted on twitter about how the CH attacks are best explained as “violently clannish people being violent” prompted me to take a longer look on the actual crime stats we have available. Today I have been reading through the data in the 2010 UNODC report on global crime and have been a bit surprised with what I’ve found. SS Africa is of course a pretty violent, crime ridden place. But the Near East isn’t. Rape, robbery, murders — on everything but kidnappings M.E. countries are safer than Latin America, Eastern Europe, Russia, and in some measures, China (!). Folks in the Middle East might be clannish, but they are not unusually violent.

    It is possible that these statistics are flawed, of course. (But it’d be nice if we could that avoid that unfortunate tendency to only question the stats that fly against our priors. Alas, HBD folks are not immune from it…).

    But lets say the stats are correct. Where does that leave us? Why do global IQ levels correlate poorly with global crime rates, violence, and terrorism?

    There are other factors — sociological or genetic — that need to be part of this discussion. IQ doesn’t take us the whole way.

    1. Also, re: all the attention CH received — to me this seems rather obvious but I haven’t heard too many people say it outright. Politics is tribal. Western progressive types have deluded themselves into thinking that the world is divided between evil conservative oppressors and a multitude of oppressed minorities, whose cause they champion. It is only in this context that comments like Russel Brand’s deceleration “Fox News is more dangerous than ISIS!” have even a semblance of sense. Fox News is the enemy after all, ISIS are just those guys over there. And when terrorists attack — well it is in response to what tribe Fox News is doing.

    But none of that worked with CH. No conservative in their right mind would be caught holding a magazine like CH in their hands. CH is tribe liberal in its most vulgar extremes. What the attack made clear is that no matter how much folks like Brand want to divide the world into evil-conservative-capitalist tyrants and an oppressed band of minorities representative by themselves, it just ain’t so. The Islamists do see a world divided— but they put Brand and his ilk on the same side of the line as Fox News.

    Had the terrorists gone and shot up some small church somewhere (assuming a small church in France could be found!) we would not see a fraction of the hashtags or hand-wringings. Islamists have declared a war against Western civilization. What we have seen this week is Western liberals’ realization that this includes them.

  8. T. Greer,

    I think a lot of what we would call violent crime is ignored in homicide statistics for the middle east. In a lot of reports and maps I’ve seen, the relevant variable was “Terrorist attacks” in which the middle east, north africa, and several Islamist hotbeds in Nigeria, Indonesia and South Asia, were far and away the most affected. Just do a quick google search for “car bombs iraq” and see how much stuff will pop up. Or look at this link:

    It looks the number of civilian deaths from violence in Iraq picked up during the US-led invasion.

    Of course, what Jayman is saying: violently clannish people being violent, isn’t exactly news to anyone. It’s a tautology. Yes, most of the violence will be done by violent people. No shit. But “violence” doesn’t mean anything by itself. The violence in Islamist hotbeds is highly politically motivated. The gangrape of a woman in a slum in Brazil is not.

  9. Here is another useful wikipedia article:

  10. Btw, I’m from Iran and I’m interested in starting a program to raise IQ’s by encouraging high-IQ people to have more children, and redistribute their extra children to lower IQ couples.

    I can’t tell if this is truth or satire.

  11. It is the most heartfelt truth every uttered in the existence of the universe.

  12. “Not everyone has a guaranteed wife, or a high enough SMV to game non-Muslim girls.”

    To be honest If I was a Muslim girl condemned to marry “inside my family” I would seriously consider escaping to Syria and joining Islamic State where I’m guaranteed to marry outside of my family. Maybe this is one of the reasons that pushes some young people to join these fanatics?

  13. The Hebdo cartoons were puerile, gratuitously insulting and of no intellectual value. Of course the massacre was a horrific act of violence.

  14. It is certainly true that many countries in South America and the Caribbean have very high crime rates – much higher than the Middle East. The US Virgin Islands with a 90% Afro-Caribbean population and a per capita GDP of $35,000 has one of the highest homicide rates in the world.

    As for the crime rates of North African and Middle Eastern immigrants in Europe compared with the crime rates of their homelands I think its an ingroup-outgroup thing. For North African and Middle Eastern immigrants in Europe commiting crimes against white Europeans is acceptable in a way that commiting crimes against their own group is not.

  15. I really liked our article. I appreciate the work put in and more than that, the courage to say things which are true but not politically correct.
    Unless, people get over their egos and start accepting truth , things will not change.

    I wrote an article yesterday in case you are interested…much simpler than yours but on similar lines I.E. WHY DEVELOPED COUNTRIES IN THE WEST SHOULD STOP THE CARTOONS and another on 16th called I am Charlie… My two cents.

    Marriage among relatives is common in many Hindu families in India rural and south India. May uncles marry their nieces(girls marry their maternal uncles or their sons). This is because they can give little or no dowry and also because the mother believes the grandmother who is now the girl’s mother in law will not ‘ill-treat’ her; if the girl marries into another family, then the mother in law may ill treat her and also higher dowries to be given.

    IQ is low in rural and economically deprived Indians due to many reasons such as poor nutrition, poor medical services for pregnant women and mothers. This is because corruption is endemic in India and though government hospitals are supposed to be free , the doctors demand bribes and so care is denied to the most vulnerable. The politicians and government bureaucrats are corrupt and 90% of the money meant for the poor is diverted into their pockets. The schools are terrible in rural India with one teacher to run the whole in the school!(I think this has changed now)
    Unless nutrition, health care, quality of preschool education and school education in rural and poor urban areas improves, the vast majority of the Indians will be denied access to quality of life.
    Unless every single politician changes, India is doomed. India and Indians are doomed not due to lack of resources but due to lack of ethics in 99.9% of the politicians

  16. What is odd is that the author of this piece is a self styled expert on human intelligence, but is not quite bright enough to realize the obvious: the Charlie hebdo incident was a staged false flag. The people they say did it (now conveniently dead) were just patsies.

  17. “Charlie Hebdo’s crude scribblings would demean a bathroom stall”

    I’m not terribly sorry that they are dead , they are no loss to us.

    ” He who writes upon these walls rolls his shit in little balls . He who reads these words of wit eats those little balls of shit.”

  18. Good parents will not abandon their children to be raised by imbeciles. Think of something else.

  19. @Vendetta

    What if the children are taken right after birth?

  20. I think it’s clear that average iq in MENA fell during the Islamic Golden Age and this decline of iq caused the decline of MENA and the end of the Golden Age. (Reason can’t be Mongols as they didn’t invade North Africa but North Africa declined at the time of Averroes’ death too)

    When you look at the Non-Muslim Middle Easterner iq (by looking at their succes levels) it looks like at least 95. Maronites, Copts, Alawites, Druze, Syrian Christians are all more succesful/intelligent than Muslim Middle Easterners. Maronite iq for example seems like 100-105. (Lebanese gdp per capita in US is about same with East Asians)

    Ashkenazi spatial iq (which was irrelevant for success at moneylending/state management etc.) and probably was not selected for during Middle Ages is around 98-100. Sephardi iq seems to be around that level or maybe higher looking at their Nobel success. Parsis probably have the highest iq’s after Ashkenazi (but their iq likely increased like Ashkenazi)

    I think it is very unlikely that iq’s of all these separate endogamous Non-Muslim groups increased. I think they stayed same while iq’s of Muslim Middle Easterners fell to the original (Gulf ) Arab level, from 100-105 to 80-85. I wonder if inbreeding or some kind of selective pressure caused this.

  21. PandaAtWar says

    “SS Africa is of course a pretty violent, crime ridden place. But the Near East isn’t. Rape, robbery, murders — on everything but kidnappings M.E. countries are safer than Latin America, Eastern Europe, Russia, and in some measures, China (!).”

    China has more rape, robbery and muders than the Near East in some measures?! This alone will discredit your source 2010 UNODC report on global crime , on China at least, as anyone who has ever travelled to or lived in China for a while would most likely tell you that China (and most of the Far East btw) is de facto one of the safest places on this planet as far as violent crimes are concerned.

  22. What I’m wondering about this brilliant plan is; don’t high IQ women resist having THEIR OWN children, and usually cap out at 2 or less?

  23. Some nonsense Jayman posted on twitter about how the CH attacks are best explained as “violently clannish people being violent” prompted me to take a longer look on the actual crime stats we have available … But the Near East isn’t. Rape, robbery, murders — on everything but kidnappings M.E. countries are safer than Latin America, Eastern Europe, Russia, and in some measures, China (!). Folks in the Middle East might be clannish, but they are not unusually violent.

    The populations of the middle and near east were settled farmers for a long time and if settled farming selects against violent genes then they might well have been fairly peaceable before the Islamic conquest. In which case if the Arabs introduced the clannishness then it wouldn’t be surprising if the end result was clannish but (relatively) non-violent.

    The interesting question for me is are clannish people more inclined to crime for reasons of us-and-them-ness?

    If so then populations who are clannish but non-violent would be over-represented in non-violent crime like fraud and corruption.

    Only populations that were both clannish & violent would be over represented in both violent and non-violent crime.

  24. I might recommend my own cartoons on the Charlie Hebdo massacre, here and here, which mock the nihilistic and ultimately self-destroying fools.

  25. The FN’s official policy regarding immigrants is that of assimilation. Of immigrants becoming ‘French’. Obviously this doesn’t take into account the sheer numbers involved or their unwillingness to become ‘Gauls’. The Establishment response is of course to side with the immigrants against their own people. Valls the French PM has stated he wants to move those in the Banlieus into the countryside, a forced metissage, which will only re-create the problem somewhere else. The real problem is with the political class and the media. But how can it be resolved? Without the forced repatriation of the millions of Muslims in Europe the problem will only get worse.

  26. Neil Schipper says

    In 2009, the cartoonist Siné, a longtime contributor to Charlie Hebdo, joked that Sarkozy’s son, Jean, would “go a long way, that little lad” on rumors that he was planning to convert to Judaism.

    First, a nit: it was 2008 (Guardian article linked below).

    Some context: The joke was based not just on that (false) rumor, but also on the fact that that he was marrying into Jewish money (his highschool sweetheart was from a family that owns a big retail chain).

    Of greater interest was the episode of a

    1982 radio interview, shortly after a terrorist attack on Jews in central Paris, in which the cartoonist said: ‘Yes, I am anti-Semitic and I am not scared to admit it… I want all Jews to live in fear, unless they are pro-Palestinian. Let them die.’ Siné later apologised.

    “‘Anti-Semitic’ satire divides liberal Paris”

    If any Charlie Hebdo writer ever said or wrote something like:

    Yes, I am anti-Muslim and I am not scared to admit it… I want all Muslims to live in fear, unless they are pro-Enlightenment. Let them die.

    .. even if they later apologized for it, that would have been a pretty big deal.