Here’s How The Donald Can Still Win

(1) Declare martial law.

(2) Arrest Biden, Kamala, HRC, and the rest of the Satanic pedophile globalist elites.

(3) Permanently dissolve Congress and proclaim himself the Living Constitution.

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  2. Kent Nationalist says

    Can you imagine the libtard ownage?

  3. Thorfinnsson says

    Trust the plan

  4. The Spirit of Enoch Powell says
  5. The Spirit of Enoch Powell says

    Trump conceding is a foregone conclusion, when you think about it, only a chad like Biden would pull of electoral fraud. Nice guys finish last I guess…

  6. Trump has quite a few options available.

    The first is that Biden has not won by a large margin. Just a couple of extra hundred or thousand votes here and there. Trump can demand a recount and push for the SC.

    However the only draw back with this is that only so few Republicans are coming to back Trump. Will anymore come out to back him? With his SC picks help him or will they abandon him at this crucial moment? It’s a big question.

    I do get the feeling alot of Republicans would be quite happy to throw Trump under a bus and go back to good ole Jeb Bush politics of slowly talking about lowering taxes and abortions. Trump was too wild for them and they didn’t like it.

    Secondly, Trump needs to start holding mass rallies. If he does this, he can get extra grass roots support and really show how angry the base is.

    Thirdly, depending on how willing he is to fight, he could actually stay past the 20th of January and see how far Biden and Co are willing to go to remove him from office. If he does this, it would provide a huge constitutional crisis. Can they remove him from office by force? Would they be willing to?

    However this option also presents the problem of Javanka. I’m absolutely sure Donald would fight on but Javanka would talk him out of it, “for the good of the country, the Trump name, blah blah blah.”

    I have no idea how far Donald is going or even willing to push. But I believe once he’s gone, Trumpism is gone with it. So it really is a last hurrah.

  7. Republican-controlled legislatures can indeed elect Trump electors to the electoral college. It would be out of character for the gonadless party, however.

  8. Daniel Chieh says

    I’ll be thrilled to see any of that happen.

    Trump will concede in two weeks, I think.

  9. Exposing vote fraud seems to be the only chance here.

    We also may need to look around and find a better champion to back in the future. The Republican party had been taken over by a corrupt crony capitalist class while the Democrats were taken over by the woke left. Since they both oppose free market capitalism, they ended up on the same side and mutually supported each other. The wealthy crony capitalists provided funding for the woke left while the woke left tried to start up a race war or a war between the sexes to distract people from the fact that the crony capitalists are busily looting the economy.

    Trump was elected to try and wrest control of the Republican party away from the current occupiers. He only partially succeeded. He continued to follow policies designed to benefit Wall Street. The trade deficit didn’t decrease. He didn’t start any new wars and you have to give him credit for that but he didn’t cut funding for the military-industrial complex.

    Since Trump failed, he lost support among white males. The working class white guy in Michigan or Wisconsin who didn’t have a good paying factory job in 2016 still probably doesn’t have one in 2020. This (along with the voter fraud) helped to tip these states over to the Democrats.

  10. AnonFromTN says

    Gore won the vote in 2000. Did not get the presidency. Trump won the vote in 2020. Won’t get the presidency. Democracy at work.

  11. Russian Unionist says

    What if there are faithless electors that push the score below 270 or even make Trump the victor?

  12. Morton's toes says

    The CIA and the FBI and the NSA know exactly who the perps are and they have the legal authority to arrest them and lock them behind bars. They also ain’t gonna do diddly squat.

    They could not care less if you hate their guts. Who was the guy who said let ’em hate me so long as they fear me?

    OK I looked it up. Wikiquote has it Caligula, disputed.

  13. 38 of them?

  14. sudden death says

    Trump 2024

    That would be legal, mature, rational and civil decision, and that’s exactly why Trump won’t be doing it 😉

  15. AnonFromTN says

    Grover Cleveland came back after loss to win another term.

    That was a long time ago. Maybe the president was still elected by voters back then. Not any more.

  16. AnonFromTN says

    Trump 2024

    There is a different explanation: in 2024 Trump would be older than senile Joe is now.

  17. That would be legal, mature, rational and civil decision, and that’s exactly why Trump won’t be doing it

    Good point. But consider the GOP lineup in 4 yrs. Remember last time? It was pathetic with the possible exception of righteous Negro Ben Carson(who was so low energy though). Kasich? Rubio? Ted Cruz got smarts but is a dork. And Jeb Bush. LOL. He was put forth as the great hope.

    So, what will the GOP lineup will be next time? Likely, just as pathetic.

    And look at the Democratic lineup this time around. It was downright sad with the exception of Tulsi Gabbard. If it came down to Trump vs Tulsi, the latter might be preferable. She has heart. But Dems rejected her. They shut her out. The party of ‘change’ chose whom? Joe Biden, life-long insider and corporate neo-liberal politician? And the entire Wall-Street-Media-Deep-State-Medical complex had to conspire to drag him over the finish line.

    A problem with US politics is Jewish Power. While US presidents were rarely great, they are more pathetic than ever before they are always looking over their shoulder to Jewish Power. They are like comprador cucks serving imperialist masters. In contrast, even though past presidents depended on Big Money, they felt as proud white men than as cucky-wucks.

    Trump acted like a real man… though alas in power, he was such a sucky-cuck to the Jews… who stabbed him in the back just the same.

    Long live Soleimani. The silver lining in this is Soleimani is in heaven looking down and laughing at what Jews did to Trump.

  18. That was a long time ago. Maybe the president was still elected by voters back then. Not any more.

    True, but Republican voters in 2016 defied GOP bigwigs and went with Trump over Jeb and others.
    And Trump won against all odds in 2016.

    In 2020, the Powers-that-be went anti-Trump 100x than in 2016, and he still almost won because his base is truly on his side.

    So, if Trump plays it right, he can make a comeback in 2024. Biden won’t be running again in 4 yrs, and the Democratic field is pathetic.

    And if Trump will run right through GOP candidates in 2024 because they’re cucks in style as well as substance. Trump is a cuck too in substance but has style of a cocky than cucky.

    One thing for sure, all cons must go to Alt Tech that must become FreeTech. No longer rely on facebook and twitter.

    That is the MOST IMPORTANT thing. Alt Tech as Free Tech, the information base for conservatives.

    Say NO to Monopoly Capitalists.

  19. the Democratic field is pathetic

    The Deep State learned its lesson in 2016. They would never allow this happen again. They just dragged a pathetic senile semi-corpse across the finishing line, so pathetic is no problem.

    Say NO to Monopoly Capitalists.

    I agree that every sane person should avoid Facebook, Twitter, Google, Wiki, and the rest of that scum.

  20. The Deep State learned its lesson in 2016. They would never allow this happen again. They just dragged a pathetic senile semi-corpse across the finishing line, so pathetic is no problem.

    The Power is powerful, but one should never over-estimate it. The Russian Tsarist system seemed all-powerful but it just crumbled. British Empire seemed to last forever but was gone overnight.

    The problem with the current Power is this. Jews who got the real power won’t show their face. Their cuck servants are craven toadies. When the master won’t show his face and his enforcers are just craven toady careerists and opportunists, it’s a demoralized power that can operate only be deceit and manipulation. No one believes in anything… just like no one believed anything in the Soviet Union in the 80s. Also, what is their highest ideology? Worship the black rapper and holy homo. Hardly the stuff to build a system on.

  21. sudden death says

    Maybe the president was still elected by voters back then

    That’s rich, when Trump is two time in a row loser of total voter count 🙂 Meanwhile Grover Cleveland was three times in a row winner of total vote count, just lost the second term to the guy who got less overall votes.

    When talking about age, Trump may be even more senile than he himself or Biden is now, but that won’t be any significant distraction for his voters. Of course, objectively it may be that corona certainly did not help to increase his overall longevity or he may simply die or become absolutely incapacitated by the 2024 by just natural health reasons which are becoming relatively common at old age despite best available healthcare quality.

  22. So, if Trump plays it right, he can make a comeback in 2024.

    He’s an old man now. If the best candidate the Trumpists can come up with in 2024 is a 78-year-old Trump then that would be proof that Trumpism really was nothing more than a cult of personality built around one man.

  23. Were one goes, we all go!

  24. TheWandweer says

    Yeah… does it not strike the author that the course of action suggested would be illegal and unconstitutional?

  25. sudden death says

    “The illegal we do immediately. The unconstitutional takes a little longer.”

    ― Henry Kissinger

  26. No, it would just mean they didn’t have a better candidate, which would be true. There’s no one else in the party who can draw tens of thousands of voters to small airports anywhere in the country.

  27. The Republican party had been taken over by a corrupt crony capitalist class while the Democrats were taken over by the woke left. Since they both oppose free market capitalism, they ended up on the same side and mutually supported each other.

    While your above sentences contain no empirical errors, they are none the less misleading. And because they apply to one of the most crucially important aspects of today’s world, it is useful rationally to analyse them, in order that people might properly understand the dynamics that they deal with. You make three, more or less separate observations in the words I quote.

    1. The GOP is controlled by what you describe as ‘crony capitalists’.
    2. The Democrats are controlled by what you describe as ‘the Woke Left’.
    3. Both of these oppose what you describe as ‘free market capitalism’, and thus find themselves on the same side.

    In point of fact, the actual dynamics are more complex then your simple observations suggest, and it is vitally important to get to the bottom of what is really going on.

    First, ‘crony capitalism’ stands opposed to ‘free market capitalism’ because the latter is actually what is known as ‘Industrial Capitalism’, whereas the former is the economic system that is underpinned by the hegemonic Neo-Liberalism of today’s West. The name of this economic system is Finance Capitalism.

    In light of this, it is no surprise that your third observation is true: the Second World War, no less, can be seen as a fight to the death between these two systems of Industrial Capitalism (Germany) and Finance Capitalism (the ‘Allies’). Wherever Industrial Capitalism (which is to say, a system whose aim is to benefit the many, not the Jew) rears its head, the forces of Finance Capitalism will immediately enter ‘whack-a-mole’ mode. This is because Industrial Capitalism represents an existential threat to Finance Capitalism.

    Your second point, regarding ‘the Woke Left’, is simply a question of a minor tactic of Finance Capitalism, namely the old trick of Divide and Rule. The Marxist Left (to which not a few of these ‘Woke’ chappies erroneously believe themselves to belong) sets one class against another, in order that the ruling caste might prevail. Finance Capitalism long ago grasped the fact that if you try to lift the ‘proles’ out of poverty, they will quickly switch their allegiance to the party of the right (Margaret Thatcher knew this, and enjoyed unprecedented success by applying this doctrine). So instead, it created ‘Identity politics’, whereby what ought to be a functioning, coherent, Hobbesian ‘organic society’ with harmony in all its parts (as Oswald Spengler memorably put it) it becomes instead like a body afflicted with cancer, where cells begin to attack one another until it dies.

    In other words, to employ the modern vernacular, the ‘Woke Left’ is little more than Finance Capitalism’s bitch. It is a dismal cohort of idealistic yet duped youth, fighting to defend rule by the oligarchs. Few sights can be more depressing.

    That the Marxist system’s inherent link to Finance Capitalism is not widely understood does not detract from its essential truth: Marxist Communism and Finance Capitalism are little more than the two sides of the same coin. Under the former, the government owns big business and controls the media, whereas under the latter, the government is owned by big business and controlled by the media.

  28. He’s an old man now.

    True, but Ron Paul was sharper than younger candidates in his last campaign.

    And think of De Gaulle and Adenauer.

    Lee Kuan Yew was active as elder statesman into his 80s.

    It all depends on how Trump manages his health.

    As it is, Dems are the tweedle dee party and repubs are the tweedle dum party. Trump failed in the end to turn it into tweedle don party.

  29. Chrisnonymous says

    Gore did not win the vote in 2000. That is a myth.

  30. That’s rich, when Trump is two time in a row loser of total voter count

    You mean, in a totally fraudulent voter count? In 2016 fraud was insufficient to steal the election, so fraudsters learned their lesson and dragged corrupt senile walking dead over the finishing line by fraud on a much greater scale. The only analogy is Zimbabwean “elections”, where another corrupt senile half-corpse “won” every time. The difference is, Zimbabwean military had the balls to kick their Alzheimer-in-chief out in the end, whereas the US military has no balls, as “diversity is their strength”.

  31. Gore did not win the vote in 2000. That is a myth.

    Sorry, but after all the shit that hit the fan in 2000 was dry and did not smell any more, FL ballots were recounted. The recount showed that Gore won FL. Hence, he should have won the presidency, if the winner of the election is supposed to become president. This did not happen back then. It won’t happen today. Democracy, my foot!

  32. Don’t worry, the election went as planned and the deep state (Military, intel agencies) won. Their partners in the Treasury / Federal Reserve are going to hold things together for as long as possible to allow the looting of the country to continue.

    Both candidates are just for show. The Congress decides absolutely nothing that hasn’t been ordered by the deep state. The Congress is there strictly to allow the lobbyists to funnel bribes to them. The Supreme Court could be replaced with a rubber stamp.

    The military spending will continue as before, the corporations that bribe the most will continue to get laws written for them, and the average USian will keep plodding along at an ever lower standard of living until some black swan event craters the US Dollar. Once the Dollar goes, the Fed Gov will dissolve itself, just like the USSR did because there’s nothing worth while left to steal.

    Don’t you get it? The entire Fed Gov is just a criminal enterprise asset stripping the country and will discard the rotting corpse for greener pastures in Asia when their scam terminates in the not too distant future.

  33. ThisIsAnon153Replying says

    They would just steal it again

    They only barely pulled this one off and it was super obvious, trump was approaching 2008 Obama turnout. 5% or more steal

    It would be a piece of cake in a normal election year. In fact democracy has been proven to be fake now.

  34. There was a joke in 1980s Soviet Union: “pessimist is a well-informed optimist”. Looks like you are well-informed optimist.

  35. They would just steal it again

    This is why Trump has to call for investigations and use the legal route. Not to win. It’s impossible to win now, but he can at least expose much of the corruption that happened in Philly, Detroit, Atlanta.

    Dems understood that Hillary lost crucial states because of lower black turnout. So, they focused on ramping up black votes in the most corrupt machine-driven places. There is a pattern here.
    So, even as Trump’s hopes are dim and hopeless when it comes to electoral victory, he needs to call attention to the obvious corruption that happened.

    As for 2024, who knows? If the economy is roaring, it will be hard to beat whoever is president. But things could go badly south in the next 4 yrs as the Dems have been playing with fire.

    If Donald Trump running again in 2024 is out of the question, there is a chance for his son Eric Trump who was really out there. A real fighter.

  36. He can also win through the courts. It is a real possibility although probably less than half a chance. Ain’t over yet.

  37. Total vote count doesn’t matter, at least according to the Constitution. There is an electoral college. Google US Constitution.

  38. Hard to imagine Trumpism going anywhere. It’s not an ideology, rather just a set of basic common-sense principles like not invading other countries for no reason or importing a replacement population. Those things will always be popular with a good chunk of the population.

  39. Don’t count Ted Cruz out in 2024, his whole demeanor changed when he grew that beard. Oh wait, we have mail-in voting now, nevermind… Been nice talking to you gents see you on the darkweb when this site gets shut down!

  40. Ralph Seymour says

    Isn’t that the truth.

    But people don’t get it!