I’m… I’m Gonna Kneeeeel! (Ukraine Edition)

Kneeling before Anglo ambassadors seems to be becoming something of a Ukrainian military tradition.

Ukrainian army officer kneeling before the British ambassador to Ukraine Melinda Simmons.

Traditionally, it was the recipient of a honorary sword for acts of valor who knelt. The only exceptions were when defeated parties knelt and presented their weapons to the victor.

Come to think of it, I suppose that’s not an inappropriate analogy.

Ukrainian general presenting a sabre to US Ambassador Tefft.

It’s pretty funny. The svidomy kneel to the Anglos. Who kneel to the Blacks.

The svidomy are begging their way into a foreign hierarchy at rock bottom and are not even getting paid for abasing themselves so. Very cringe to observe.

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  2. Below bottom, even.

  3. Boomthorkell says

    It reminds me on the descendent of Ghenghis Khan in Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy who lays in front of the bulldozer, tears of acceptance, humiliation, and peace streaming down his face at this final abasement as he embraces his most pathetic nature…all the while, across many layers of reality, Ghenghis Khan’s screams echo.

    Not that the Ukrainians are debased Scythians or anything, lol. Forest Slavs even when they refuse to admit it.

  4. None of this kneeling would have happened, if gays had not been destigmatized. Societies have a body language to tell you that they are cucked and gay.

    How many years ago in Ireland was it that a woman on the road would walk behind her husband? I imagine it was the same in Ukraine.

  5. Kneeling is good for you. You should try it sometime when you next visit the Russian Military Cathedral in Moscow, Anatoly. 🙂

  6. Thanks for making my point! Russians only kneel before God – certainly not before Anglos or George Floyd.

  7. The mulato Lewis Hamilton was furious against Nikita Mazepin because the evil Russian refused to kneel before George Floyd. May be a good zvido would had knee.

  8. Disgraceful. This is what militaries throughout the West have become. Uniformed men on their knees in full dress uniform, not in a Church, but in front of a representative of globo-homo. Disgraceful.

  9. Morton's toes says

    Awkward royal curtsies by Theresa May (and others);
    Two etiquette experts explain where they went wrong – and how to get it right if you ever bump into the Queen;


    Justinian’s wife Theodora supposedly required laying on your face and kissing her big toe for a greeting; I believe that is the world record.

  10. Mwahaha


  11. Blinky Bill says
  12. Russians only kneel before God

    And Xi Jinping.

    And Bibi…

  13. And the Krampus, and the marmot who wraps chocolate in foil, and the embalmed corpse of Lenin that is definitely a corpse and not a killer android who will awaken in Russia’s hour of need, and Ivan the Terrible’s ghost that keeps glitching and clipping in and out of existence in the Kremlin and Ivangorod, and the Peepeepoopoo man…

    Did I mention Santa as well?

  14. Triteleia Laxa says

    What do Russian men do when they propose?

  15. There are far worse things than kneeling before a superior power. You could offer the post of Defense Minister to Lt. Colonel Alexander Vindman. That is, if the story is true, and Vindman is not a reliable source for anything. He won no decoration for bravery just for being wounded by an IED attack and spent most of career as NSC bureaucrat until he hit the big time and began leaking the contents of overheard telephone conversations he was not a party to.

  16. Barbarossa says

    They hit in the head with a potato and cart them off to the priest like real men, of course!

  17. They are begging, what else do they have left? A cargo culture on steroids.

    In a few years they will prostrate on the ground and kiss the big toe. Maidanistas are not done, this is heading to a total debasement. Then they will all pretend that they were not a part of it and beg for mercy of their new overlords. A very sad story.

  18. Caspar von Everec says

    Ukraine has fully failed to succeed as a sovereign nation. Its ironic how Ukraine, a country with some historical rooting has fully failed to become a functioning country whereas Belgium, an artificial British construct has flourished.

    The quesiton must be asked, is there really even anything as a Ukrainian people?

    Afaik, the western part of Ukraine was sparsely populated when it fell under the rule of Poland. A lot of poles settled these desolate lands during the reign of the commonwealth. Southern and Eastern Ukraine on the other hand was occupied by Tatar slavers and raiders.

    A lot of Russian peasants joined Cossack bands in the middle ages and settled left bank Ukraine. These cossacks later rebelled in 1648 against the tyranny of Jewish loansharks and tax farmers and delivered the land to the Tsardom. Southern Ukraine was occupied by Tatars till Catherine the great annexed Crimea and settled Russians there.

    Looks like the Ukrainian nation is mostly a construct of Russian settlers and polish colonists. Overtime they grew a regional dialect and started to differentiate themselves from Russia. It honestly sounds a lot like Dutch and German. The dutch after all are just Germans with a different dialect.

    What’s also interesting looking at Ukraine(and Souther Russian) history is how the place was largely a non-entry till the 18th century. These lands were largely ruled by Turkic tribes and were written off in a sense. They were simply these barren, desolate, no-go zones.

    Yet in the 19th century these lands became the bread basket of Europe. By 1939, these lands were some of the most industrialized and developed regions in the entire planet and the industrial heart of the Soviet union.

    The tatars were a lot like NPCs in video games. You just have to redact them in order for the game to progress. The same is honestly true of a lot of peoples.

    The red indians were the NPCs of America. A real nation and empire was only built once the anglos removed these hostile NPCs. I hold the same view for Sub Saharan Africa.

    The dark continent is home to great rivers, vast forests and abundant mineral resources. Yet these are squandered and wasted by ape like pre human NPCs. Only if someone removes them can the plot continue.

    Perhaps the Chinese will be the ones to do it. Hell, Africa is so dysfunctional, my guess is that a billioare or group of multi millioanires could buy land, settle people and bribe off the government long enough till they have a sizeable armed force and then simply carve out a new state.

    African militaries are pitifully small and are well…African in standards. If two Iraqi armored divisions with 30,000 men and 1000 apcs were routed by 2000 ISIS ligh infantry imagine what the score would be with Africa. Iraqi IQ is 83, african IQ is 70.

  19. All peoples are NPCs to the other guy.

    Heck, seeing the way things are going, chances are high that upon the closing of the gib train, a native African entity emerges, or, “de-NPCizes”

  20. Californian Candidate says

    Dangerous way to categorize entire peoples. NPCs, natives, barbarians, etc. the word does matter when the principle is the same. Useless people that need to be removed (“redacted”) for proper utilization of the land and its resources. That exact line of thinking once justified Lebensraum which became an ideological principle of Nazism by providing justification for the German territorial expansion into Central and Eastern Europe. The Nazi Generalplan Ost policy (‘Master Plan for the East’) was based on its tenets. It stipulated that Germany required a Lebensraum necessary for its survival and that most of the indigenous populations (“NPCs” as you put it or as Anatoly would put it, “POC”) of Central and Eastern Europe would have to be removed permanently (either through mass deportation to Siberia, extermination, or enslavement). The Nazi government aimed at repopulating these lands with Germanic colonists in the name of Lebensraum during World War II and thereafter.

    Anyway, such characterizations are so outdated anyway. It’s better to be progressive and buy up any land or mineral rights of NPC nations. Make them a banana republic. They get to live and you get the profits.

  21. No, that’s the worst possible one.

    You get the money yes, but the area keeps being filthy and messy and ugly and an eye sore. Not perfect. Unacceptable.

    The optimal solution is to colonize the area and do mass eugenics so they can exploit it efficiently on your level on their own. The actual win-win scenario.

  22. Bad optics or stupid Ukrainians I don’t know.
    But that beast at the top being knelt to is no Anglo, she might even be a trans-Jew. LOL

  23. South Africa had a white controlled military more powerful than any on the continent save, perhaps, Egypt. He also had 7 atomic bombs and the best 155mm artillery on the planet to give any US or Soviet interventionists pause. De Klerk threw it all away thinking he would become an international celebrity if he caved in to UN sanctions.

    Had he endured the sanctions and hunted down Mandela and the ANC he would have controlled a million square miles of Southern Africa and a surging China would have busted those sanctions just as they did with the sanctions on Iran and Venezuala.

  24. Caspar von Everec says


    As embarassing as it might sound, a lot of wokeness or cuckery by white elites are to gain the favor the international popular people. Just look at Justin Trudeau, trying to impress Trevor Noah on Twitter. He’s the leader of a nation of 35 million and he’s trying to impress a clown on the TV….

    Elites are very status driven. They crave the adoration of the media, they too want to get a pat on the head from the moral authorities: celebrities, pop stars, atheles and media talking heads. A lot of the betryal was so they could get glowing reviews on the NYT and hang out with hollywood celebs.

    Mass culture started by television and to a lesser extent, radio has been one unmitigated disaster. The old martial elite had already lost control of the state with the advent of democracy as plutocrats simply bought up the political class. Mass media caused them to lose hold of the culture as well.

    Now actors and comedians are highest moral authority. A complete inverse of the old world were actors were considered among the lowest members of society, on par with beggars and hookers. The merchant class which was once held to be beneath even the peasant, now is held as the ultimate measure of success.

    People look up to Bill Gates and Jeff Bezos the same way Roman masses would’ve looked on to Caesar or Marius. Its not happenstance that society has turned out the way it has with these values.

  25. Morton's toes says

    People look up to Bill Gates and Jeff Bezos the same way Roman masses would’ve looked on to Caesar or Marius.

    People in the media kissing their butt interviews Does Not Equal millions looking at them like Caesar. Millions do look at Tom Brady like Caesar.

  26. Barbarossa says

    I have often pointed out in conversation the absurdity of moderns feeling so sophisticated compared to peoples of the past. Particularly popular nowadays is to bash the supposed stupidity and backwardness of Christendom.

    However, the only modern equivalent to devotion to the various popular saints in the Middle Ages is devotion to sports and pop stars. On one hand are examples of people enduring impossible privations for their beliefs or caring for the sick or starving. On the other hand are examples of people twerking or throwing a ball pretty far.

    The dumber one sure seems evident to me.

  27. has fully failed to become a functioning country

    The kneeling pictures are cringeworthy but this is nonsense. It’s not 2015 anymore, you know.

    A lot of poles settled these desolate lands during the reign of the commonwealth

    About 10% of the population were Polish settlers.

    A lot of Russian peasants joined Cossack bands in the middle ages and settled left bank Ukraine

    About 0% of Left Bank settlers were Russian peasants. Left Bank settlers came from the Right Bank.

    Russian (Muscovite) presence didn’t begin until the garrisons were put in place after 1650, significant settlement didn’t begin until the late 18th century. It was concentrated in the small urban areas (Kiev city became majority Russian, but Kiev provinces overall including the city was only about 7% Russian) and in the south, not the Left Bank.

    Looks like the Ukrainian nation is mostly a construct of Russian settlers and polish colonists

    It’s rather a mix of original Rus people from those lands plus Polish settlers (about 10% or so), to which were added Russians in the 19th- 20th centuries.

    It honestly sounds a lot like Dutch and German

    That seems to be a close analogy. Further than Swedish, Danish and Norwegian are from each other.

    These lands were largely ruled by Turkic tribes and were written off in a sense. They were simply these barren, desolate, no-go zones

    Kiev had 15,000 people in 1640’s, a bit more than half the size of Krakow at the time (but about the same population as Krakow 100 years earlier). The overall territory, not including Galicia, had about 2 million people. While less densely populated than Poland or Western Europe, it was hardly empty, it wasn’t like the North American frontier.

  28. People peaked intellectually in the 19th or early 20th centuries. Sure, average IQ has increased a lot due to spread of literacy but the smartest 5% or 10% are not as nearly as smart as their predecessors.

    Not considering the Ancient Greek miracle of course.

  29. If I were living on the Crimean peninsula…that kind of stuff might worry me. The next olympic games is about a month down the road…and Putin may have just pushed the “reset button” once again.

  30. Mr. Hack says

    Good reply (touche)! 🙂

  31. Triteleia Laxa says

    The National Party became serious about dismantling Apartheid as soon as the USSR broke and the threat of communism receded. This shows what they actually cared about, given the circumstances.

    You can see further evidence for this in the fact that they did not split themselves off, instead of keeping South Africa united. They easily could have, were they willing to give up their middle class lifestyles.

    The problem for a racialised government was that, while South Africa was 20+% white in 1911, they were just 10% white by the end of Apartheid.

    It is extremely hard to hold together a ruling cohort based on that percentage if that cohort expect anything, but the roughest, toughest of lives. Even Sparta didn’t suffer from those ratios.

  32. Dreadilk says

    It’s mostly because of logistics/communication gap disappearing. You can’t avoid the state the same way anymore by just going to the woods. The new ways of doing this has smart fraction hiding on plain sight. But that limits to what is visible to the observer.

  33. As I recall, the European population was closer to 15% within the borders of South Africa when De Klerk said ‘no mas’. Plus the coloreds and Indian population. Rhodesia kept control of 5 million Ndabele and Shona Africans with just 270,000 whites. It wasn’t an optimum situation but it was a survivable one particularly since, as you said, the USSR was falling apart.

    The USSR and China had put a lot of firepower into African hands, mostly in the form of AK-47s but they require constant resupply and given UN Sanctions and South African control of the ports that was hard to do. South Africa needed to accelerate the Bantustan policy and keep control over its external borders and make it clear to the so called ‘independent nations’ above it they would be attacked if they facilitated the transit of munitions to ANC extremists.

    Those nations had nothing to stop a column of South African troops from moving across their border with batteries of Gerald Bull designed artillery and unleashing a barrage of fire on Kenneth Kuanda except a UN General Assembly vote condemning the action.

    There were, as now, plenty of local African strongmen available, willing and able, to take control of a Bechuanaland sized fiefdom under South African hegemony IF South Africa maintained the will and firepower to keep them from being deposed. The world would of grown tired of the problem just as the world grows tired of worrying about Chinese Muslims.

  34. We are in a race to the bottom and we have overshot our goal…

  35. The solution was to shitcan the entire eastern half of the country and split it into a couple of “giga-bantustans.” The Nguni bantustan, the Sotho-Tswana bantustan, the Venda bantustan and the small Tswa-Ronga bantustan. All viable, all with some collective identity and basically consisting of dialect continuums. The rest is to be kept as a White + colored + whatever, workable state.

  36. nokangaroos says
    • Ever since Catherine the Great took the rundown wasteland of Noworossija
      from the Turks, and more so since Alexander I, German settlers had been the productive backbone of the realm (followed by the Tatars, if for no other reasons than they were not allowed to imbibe – and land in debt slavery to the YKW – and a strong Crimean Goth admixture).
      The Donbass industrial miracle was a favorable coincidecence of vast amounts of coal, iron and manganese, but again the miners and engineers were German and Russian.

    • Now the Khazarian reconquista is complete, and the Ukie muschiks heed
      the Arab saying “it is apt to kiss the hand you cannot hack off”.
      … Bandera and Sconprynka must be spinning in their graves 🙁

  37. nokangaroos says
    • All good ideas (and of course militarily they could have held out forever),
      but the depressingly familiar border situation would have doomed them anyway.
      When tens of millions swamp your fences (>25M in the case of ZA) clamoring to be racially oppressed there is not much you can do – kill them all, then poison the wells for 250 miles to the other side and institute a free-fire zone?
      Nothing not backed by your own population pressure is going to work;
      it may be heartless to say “an empty sack does not stand” but look it in the eye 😛
  38. the fat controller says

    “arise, sir loin of beef”


  39. the embalmed corpse of Lenin that is definitely a corpse and not a killer android who will awaken in Russia’s hour of need, and Ivan the Terrible’s ghost that keeps glitching and clipping in and out of existence in the Kremlin and Ivangorod,

    “So it’s true,” whispered Grishka and fumbled with the clip of his AK-47.

    “No, comgade,” said Android Lenin, placing a gentle but firm hand on Grishka’s shoulder. “This is between me and them.”

    Smoke from the ring of burn out buildings blotted out the sun, as Biden clones continued pouring out of the charred remains of the White House. Twenty, thirty, fifty! Fifty clones in aviator shades, licking ice cream cones with imperialistic sneers. Twenty Merkels. Twenty-five Boris Johnsons. Five limping Trudeaus dressed like native american transvestites.

    “It would seem genegade Kautsky was gight about his ultga-impegialism,” said Android Lenin and his eyes began to glow crimson. “Cgedit wheag cgedit is due.”

    Grishka crossed himself and slung his rifle on his shoulder. Old Ivan’s ghost flickered in and out of visibility in the artificial smoky dusk, mute as ever, enraged as ever.

    Lenin picked up a iron pole with a hefty chunk of concrete still stuck to one side, and swirling it above his head, ran at the gathering cloned lackeys of world capital.

    Ivan’s ghost’s face twisted in a grimace of triumph and he shook his translucent fists, as the first row of Bidens were thrown up into the air by a mighty blow.


  40. Mr. Hack says
  41. Blinky Bill says

    Haiti, Poland and Israel refuse to kneel before Anti Muslim Racism in China.


    The map of 40 countries that released a statement at the UN Human Rights Council about the situation of Muslims in China .

  42. Anon, Anon says

    The svidomy are begging their way into a foreign hierarchy at rock bottom and are not even getting paid for abasing themselves so. Very cringe to observe.

    Really leaning into the stereotype of Eastern Europeans cleaning toilets for the West. Ukrainian jannies do it for free. Very sad, many such cases!

  43. The Big Red Scary says

    the Ancient Greek miracle

    Aristotle’s formalization of logic and Euclid’s formalization of geometry were valuable, and I know of nothing comparable from other civilizations. But most of the rest of ancient Greek culture is rather overrated, being well-known until recently because it was pushed as a humanistic substitute for Christian culture. The woke substitute for humanistic culture now being pushed does, however, retain one predilection of ancient Greek culture– pederasty.

  44. Jim Christian says

    Anatoly? What’s svidomy? Heh, “kneeling before Americans, who kneel before blacks”. Farging HILARIOUS!

  45. AltanBakshi says

    Well Helots were Europeans, not subsaharans, if the West could have at least kept neutral relations, Rhodesia and Apartheid SA would still exist.


  46. AltanBakshi says

    It seems that Japan is the only true ally of USatan in Asia outside of the Gulf countries… How befitting, let’s all pray that one day temples of heretics will be purified…

  47. Indifferent contrarian says

    While the only advantage Ukraine has over Russia is that their women are hotter, these sorts of posts just seem bad form and sad in a way. You can do better, Tolya.

  48. Bashibuzuk says

    On June 21 in Odesa (sic) aboard the HMS DEFENDER missile destroyer of the Royal Navy, Defence Procurement Minister of Great Britain Jeremy Quin and Deputy Defense Minister of Ukraine Oleksandr Myroniuk signed “a memorandum on maritime partnership projects between the UK industry consortium and the Ukrainian Navy,” the ministry said.

    In particular, the memorandum provides for the joint design and construction of warships in Ukraine and Great Britain, the reconstruction of Ukrainian shipbuilding enterprises and the construction of two bases of the Ukrainian Naval Forces.

    The signing ceremony took place aboard one of the most modern ships of the Royal Navy, HMS Defender, and was witnessed by the Secretary of the National Security and Defence Council of Ukraine Oleksiy Danilov, the First Sea Lord Admiral Tony Radakin and the British Ambassador to Ukraine Melinda Simmons.

    They also observed joint training activity of Ukrainian, UK and US Special forces.

    HMS Defender arrived in Odesa (sic) on Friday. This magnificent warship is the second Royal Navy ship to visit Odesa in the last couple of weeks after HMS TRENT.


    Careful with the link below. The content is very shocking. Better not look into the details too closely.


    This is of course similar to what happened in Moscow in 1993.


    Provocation, murder, cover up and the goal posts moved instantly beyond what was imaginable just a few days before.

    When we analyze these types of situations, we must try to keep in mind the causal chain that led to these events and situations. The same causal chain unites the three situations together leading to the future Black Sea control by the Globalized West with the help of Turkey. Or to the control of Black Sea by Russia with Turkish help. Or the control of this zone by Turkey with Russian assistance.

    The same causal chain also ties the RusFed elites into the Globalist network. The fact that the RusFed elites are caught into this network as a fly in a spider’s web, led to RusFed being unable to defend those who who stood for the Russkyi Mir in Odessa. It led to Gorlovka Madonna’s and her innocent child’s death. It led to the downing of the Malaysian airliner. It leads to the useless (from a human standpoint) ongoing violence and deaths in Eastern Ukraine.


    All these situations are just little steps into a lenghty process and we should not arbitrarily stop a causal chain at some important historical point. This process did not start in 2014, 1993, 1991, 1939 or 1917, not even in 988 or 867. This causal chain goes way back, hundreds of years, thousands of years back and links into a causal network of human history. A network inevitably extending into the future. That is why I write that without the roots you find no branches.


    That is why reality is sometimes represented as an endless knot. This is how the Unetice – derived folks saw it for many thousand years. This is the Path (the Dao) we have to travel, we are ourselves this Path.


    Each one of us is a node in this network, a peg in this mechanism, a drop into this stream. Any “entity” is just an impermanent element into it. We can laugh about it, cry about it, even try to destroy the whole thing, as some hot heads (or cold hearts) do, it doesn’t change a thing. Even lmmanetizing the Eschaton would probably be just a part in the Process.


    Conclusion: we must choose wisely whom we kneel and sacrifice to. Whether we remain human, go higher or drop lower depends entirely on our small and everyday personal choices. The Grand Tragedies are made of small peoples’ actions. Compassionate actions make for a better existence.


    May those who went in the past, go through today and will go through suffering tomorrow find an everlasting Peace on the Other Shore. May our compassion and respect for their pain sooth their memories and lead them to a better state.

  49. Bashibuzuk says

    It is true that today the women in Ukraine are probably hotter than in RusFed. Sad that they are massively exploited in the sex industry, including in RusFed. The hottest (or luckiest) Ukrainian girls export themselves to Dubai and perhaps dream of repeating the Roxolana historical precedent on a more modest scale. Of course, most of them will end up alone, childless and morally broken. Some will die a horrible death.


    They should have been made mothers to healthy Slav children instead. But when men are foolish, the women end up whoring. There would be no sluts if there were no men forfeiting their rights and duties to the females.

  50. Sick of Orcs says

    Echoes of the gay muslim kenyan bowing low to everyone, including the Mayor of Tampa. (?)

  51. AltanBakshi says

    Yup, but to many Ukrainians, Ukrainian nationalism is more important than the welfare of Ukrainian poor and women, if Ukraine would be part of Russia, there would be much less human trafficking, or Ukrainians working as hookers in Germany and Dubai, but then Ukrainian nationalism and having own church are more important matters than protection of one’s women, manufacturing and industries…

    Ukrainian women have better figure, that’s true, but Russian women are slightly fairer and in my opinion have more sympathetic faces.

  52. Blinky Bill says
  53. sher singh says

    IQ doesn’t change due to education, collectively sure better nutrition & less incest but not really.
    Due to greater fertility in the Sub-Continent, LatAm & SSA Avg IQ actually peaked in the 50s globally




  54. sher singh says

    They should have been made mothers to healthy Slav children instead. But when men are foolish, the women end up whoring. There would be no sluts if there were no men forfeiting their rights and duties to the females.

    Cuck take, spare the rod spoil the lass.

    https://twitter.com/jvalaaa/status/1400691828907659268?s=20 (Blinky Bill, pride pays dividends)


  55. sher singh says

    Memes aside, as you can see here: https://blog.reaction.la/science/the-spike-protein-is-cytotoxic/

    Once you give up on killing for honor you rapidly descend into pedophilia.



  56. Bashibuzuk says

    Yes. But women only get to live honorable lives when men around them behave in honorable ways. If men become dishonorable, women automatically follow suit. When many Slavic men of FUSSR started only thinking of their narrow-minded pleasures and interests (having fun, getting high, getting drunk, making moneys, frolicking around with easy girls), women were left to find their own ways into the late Soviet/ post Soviet mess. A good woman deserves a good man, a honorable man deserves an honorable woman. Sometimes, it takes a lifetime to some folks get to this simple conclusion. It’s kinda funny in an ironic way, but it’s tragic for all those involved.

  57. Bashibuzuk says
  58. AltanBakshi says

    Sher Singh I once a long time ago saw a beautiful Sikh painting, which depicted Sikh warriors on the horseback defending Brahmins from attacking Muslims, have you seen it?

  59. 2,066 Americans were asked to point out Ukraine on a map.

    Some of the Americans surveyed clearly worked for CNN as well.


  60. Mr. Hack says

    when men are foolish, the women end up whoring. There would be no sluts if there were no men forfeiting their rights and duties to the females.

    Men, naturally, are smarter and more honorable in RusFed.

    If only Ukraine’s leaders would kiss the big toe of older brother, their women would quit whoring….

  61. Mr. Hack says

    Only RusFed can save. Read the last comment in Open Thread 152…

  62. Donbas is the prostitution capital of Ukraine though. Not the nationalistic parts.

  63. There are Russian whores in the Middle East too, a lot of them.

  64. Precisely, and in other parts of the world too Thanks for making my point

  65. Bashibuzuk says

    Please see my comment # 57. I did nowhere imply that Ukrainian women are any worse than their Russian counterparts. But the economic and social situation in Ukraine is worse, which makes the plight of these women more difficult. Many Russian women (including some of my childhood female acquaintances) were in a similar situation in the 90ies, some are to this very day. It is unfortunate that in their narrow-minded and aggressive attitude RusFed and Svido Ukraine have started killing each other instead of working together to improve the lives of their native populations, women and children included. If true Slav nationalist organizations were in charge of the Russian- Ukrainian dialog and cooperation, things would have evolved otherwise. Of course, the enemies of the Slav are well aware of it and did their possible to prevent such an outcome.

  66. AltanBakshi says

    Per capita Ukraine has definitely more.

  67. AltanBakshi says

    It’s the nationalism which is the root of problem. Ivan IV and Peter I well understood, that Slav’s role is as a servant of the empire.

    In the end what Ukrainians hate in Russia – they hate in themselves. If some Russians got an inferiority complex towards the West, some Ukrainians got….

    However, maybe Bashi’s “don’t you see how the white man is trying to keep us down and divided” -tactic is better? Maybe I am stuck in the paradigms of the past? Still to noviopys like me, Slavic nationalism is a bit too exclusionary…

  68. Bashibuzuk says

    Any Slav whore from FUSSR is considered Russian abroad. The majority are Ukrainian nowadays, some are still ethnic Russian and a growing minority are Belarusian (Nastya Rybka is an example of the latter). As I wrote previously, all Slav men should start being more honorable again and rebuild their families, clans and tribes. Then the women will be content and peaceful. It starts with men, the fish always rots from its head first as Comrade Trotsky used to say.

  69. Any sports fans out there? The Phoenix Suns just won their 9th game in a row in the playoffs. They’re as hot as the temperatures here, 112 – 118 Fahrenheit. Last night’s game will go down in sport’s history. They won the game within the last second. Watch at 9:25:


    Plenty people of all skin colors were kneeling at Deandre Ayton’s stature after his last second “Valley Oop”. 🙂

  70. All men should.

    But from what I have read the abortion rate in Russia is about 50%, and the divorce rate is 85%, so it is not going to happen.

  71. AltanBakshi says

    Yes, we do know that for you people of Donbass are just Sovok Untermenchen, with no value, like a cancer in the body of Ukraine. Anyway there are almost no people in the northern Lugansk. Nationalistic or just agrarian and sparsely populated?

  72. Bashibuzuk says

    You are unfortunately correct. My assessment from my discussions with my relatives, childhood friends and just people I come across in RusFed in the few last visits I made, is that couples, children, families are not that important for many of them. Younger adults find many spurious reasons to not settle down in steady relationships leading to family life. They believe that career objectives are more Important, life is too expensive, traveling abroad for vacations is of paramount importance..
    They sometimes literally call children ” личинки ” (larvae) and “спиногрызы” (back-gnawers). Except for the Muslim, practicing Jewish and religious Orthodox people I know, others have no problem resorting to abortion. Women end up aborting more than they would have children. All this happening even before the Western feminism has really made inroads. It’s bleak. And guys do not seem to see a problem in any of this, they go with the flow or even enjoy it because it’s easier to get laid in this “laissez-faire ” atmosphere. It’s a shame really.
    But frankly, in Ukraine it is worse. At least in Odessa where I visited in 2019. Sad.

  73. They are not no value, but negative value. Hopefully Russia will assimilate and save them, Ukraine failed to do so.

    Northern Luhansk is more agricultural.

  74. Bashibuzuk says

    Being Noviop is a state of mind.

  75. Ukraine overall has a lower abortion rate than Russia, but Ukraine has huge regional differences so particular regions within Ukraine such as Donbas are worse than Russia. The horrible experience you had n Odessa isn’t typical of Galicia.

  76. Shortsword says

    This is one of those posts you just know is going to be flooded with Ukrainian cope comments.

  77. Women end up aborting more than they would have children.

    This is simply a lie. They are at 1/3 of live births with the Putin era seeing a collapse in that indicator.

    But don’t let facts get in the way of your obsessive anti-Putin agitation.


  78. Shortsword says

    Suspect that there is no post-Soviet increase to accompany the fertility collapse.

  79. Coconuts says

    According to some intelligence researchers (e.g. Michael Woodley of Menie) apparently the average IQ of British people in 1850 would have been about 120. This was just before the effect of the Industrial Revolution on infant mortality began to make itself felt and core general intelligence levels began to fall.

    The apparent rise in IQs as mass education spread, the Flynn Effect, was observed because formal education made people more and more familiar with answering the kind of questions included in IQ tests. Despite the Flynn Effect, average British IQ has actually gone down by about a point a decade (or more) since the early 19th century.

    People in 1850 had more symmetrical faces and were therefore better looking, and also had stronger immune systems.

    Something similar probably applies in other European countries before industrialisation.

    These ideas are quite funny; if they are true it suggests people in the past would have been the opposite of what many people today often assume, almost a superior type of human person compared to today.

  80. Barbarossa says

    As a very superficial and broad observation, people can survive nowadays despite being very stupid and non-functional. The world is generally a kinder place to the foolish than at any other point in history.
    Even back in the 1800’s or early 1900’s one had to be a lot more capable to survive.

    Even though I’m somewhat dubious on the empirical usefulness of IQ as a metric for human competency, I would not be the least bit surprised at the validity of your point.

  81. The US would have crushed them. They gave up Apartheid five minutes after the USSR collapsed for a reason.

  82. The apparent rise in IQs as mass education spread, the Flynn Effect, was observed because formal education made people more and more familiar with answering the kind of questions included in IQ tests.

    Those kind of questions and tasks are associated with skills necessary for functioning in a complex, abstract modern environment. Performance on such tests is correlated with stuff ranging from generating income in such an environment to avoidance of automobile accidents.

    Intelligence has both environmental and genetic bases; it may be that Flynn effect/improvement of literacy measures the environmental -based improvement (due to mass literacy and education) which compensates for decline in the genetic component. In that case, though, it would be incorrect to estimate a higher average IQ from 1850 because all of those uneducated people would fail to understand abstract tasks even if they are a bit quicker. But they might be a bit quicker, a bit more cunning.

    OTOH, the educated people of those times could very well be ahead of modern educated people.

  83. reiner Tor says

    Weren’t contraceptives and condoms more readily available basically right from the collapse of the USSR?

  84. reiner Tor says

    The US didn’t crush several pariah states like North Korea, Cuba, Iran. Granted, they did crush Iraq, Serbia (kinda sorta), and almost crushed North Korea (apparently the Sorks vetoed it), but none of these had actual nukes. So I’m not sure.

  85. Bashibuzuk says

    Yes, but these statistics are fake in that they undercount the number of abortions.

    The head of the Union of Pediatricians of Russia Alexander Baranov said:

    We don’t have five hundred thousand abortions [a year], as the Ministry of Health says. According to expert estimates, we have at least three to four million abortions. Private gynecology clinics “thrive mainly on abortion”. There are at least 700-800 of them in Moscow.

  86. Bashibuzuk says

    This is how it’s done:

    […] нам выдали таблетки, инструкцию и попросили отказаться от врачебного наблюдения во время процедуры — такова была политика частной поликлиники. Это означало, что я должна была самостоятельно принимать таблетки, у себя дома, без присутствия специалиста. Через неделю после аборта нужно было вернуться в поликлинику для проверки моего состояния. Я просидела два дня дома у парня, принимая таблетки. Это было ужасно. Такой боли я не чувствовала никогда. Я плакала и видела, как плачет мой парень, потому что никак не может мне помочь и очень беспокоится. Он предлагал вызвать скорую, но я отказывалась.

    we were given pills, instructions and asked to refuse medical supervision during the procedure – this was the policy of the private clinic. This meant that I had to take the pills myself, at home, without the presence of a specialist. A week after the abortion, I had to return to the clinic to check my condition. I spent two days at the guy’s house, taking pills. It was terrible. I have never felt such pain. I cried and saw my boyfriend cry, because he cannot help me in any way and is very worried. He offered to call an ambulance, but I refused.

    No medical supervision means no medical responsibility and no obligation to report to authorities. No reports – no statistics.


    BTW, a lot of people ignore that the preservatives are only 90 to 95% efficient at preventing the unplanned pregnancy.

  87. From a quick search, Baranov is an anti-abortion activist who wants to ban abortions being paid out of health insurance and even opposes IVF treatments. He also claims that abortions reduce fertility rates, which is a characteristic belief of right-wing charlatans. I would sooner trust official state statistics on the matter (which correlate with what happened in other post-Soviet countries like Ukraine and Belarus) than unsourced (his?) “експертные оценко”.

  88. Mr. Hack says

    I’ve known a couple of Ukrainian women who underwent abortions when living in Ukraine as younger women Both of them have felt guilt and remorse at doing so. I heard about yet another one that was quite active in the Communist party in her region who had upwards of 30 abortions throughout her lifetime! The Orthodox churches in both Russia and Ukraine must be busy counseling these poor women? These sorts of things come back and haunt these women later in life, as attested to by many women around the world.

  89. Anatoly please remove my “e-mail address” from my comment above. Don’t know why it started to appear? I don’t want my adoring fans here to start sending me e-mails. 🙂

    AK: I’m not seeing it.

  90. Oh, so ResFed medals and credentials suddenly matter to you? How convenient.

    I didn’t say anything about him being a “bigot”, that’s your own invention. His ideological slant is not irrelevant, given the wild and demented claims he is making (namely, that the rate of abortions since the end of the USSR hasn’t gone down, which contradicts not just statistics but all casual observations).

  91. Blinky Bill says

    The main subscription page may be accessed via the top menu or through links provided in the body or comments of the articles of particular writers. A popup subscription window will also occasionally appear, reminding readers of that available option.

    Ron Unz


  92. Blinky Bill says
  93. Bashibuzuk says

    Also see my comment # 49.

  94. Yeah right, I’ve seen the dedovshchina videos of Russian conscripts being abused by Chechen manlets, not even mentioning the huge jizya that Putin pays to Grozniy

  95. Bashibuzuk says
  96. Disgusting, but par for the course across Europe and N. America. A culture that doesn’t deny outgroups access to its women is not long for this world. Asiatics would never allow an infidel European man to touch their women; ofc he wouldn’t anything to do with those hairy, unibrowed creatures in the first place, that’s why they’re pederasts or lust for our women.

  97. The swarthy Karlin is a-ok with Putin’s submission to Chechnya and Eurasianism but has a seething hatred for Ukrainian Slavs. Go figure

  98. One of the definitional aspects of my blogging is that I rely on first principles, and don’t pay much attention to credentials and expert fallacy of any flavor, especially when they go against them and proclaim obvious absurdities.

    One such first principle is that abortion has a near zero impact on realized TFR. The late USSR, with an abortion rate 2x that of live births, had a TFR of ~2. Poland a few years ago, with some of the tightest abortion laws in the world, had a TFR of ~1.2 (neighboring Czechia was 0.2-0.3 higher). You can ban all abortion in Russia, the TFR will go up by half a children for 1-2 years, then return to the preexisting trend but with your approval ratings destroyed amongst the youth demographic.

  99. Grindr Greg is missing a buttboy – run along now.

  100. Bashibuzuk says

    All genetic lineages, clans, tribes, peoples, nations, cultures and civilizations naturally behave as assortments of “selfish genes” and “memetic packages”. The majority of non – denatured people understand instinctively that they should keep the alien component in their genetic lineages and cultures at an acceptable and even beneficial level.

    Slavs have ended up denatured to a greater extent than Caucasus clans, Tuva and other Siberian tribesmen and Central Asian ethnic groups. It is not a problem of these archaic populations, they are right in dominating the weakened Slavs, just like Slavs / Rus in their time dominated the weakened Vlakhs and Byzantine populations or Germanic tribesmen dominated the Roman and Gallo-Roman populations.

    This is not the fault or problem of these archaic populations, they do the natural thing to do : asserting their dominance upon the weakened and degraded population. This is a problem of Slavs and the fault of their elites accepting and even promoting this degradation. If Slavs (or White people generally) do not stand their ground, then the “Barbarians ” are right in taking it from them.

    Also please see my comment # 49. It is a long rant, but it is basically how I see things.

  101. I agree with Tacitus, Caesar et al who saw the potential for decay in being civilized. In particular, outsourcing corrective violence to the state is beneficial in many ways, but what do you do when the state has been “captured?” Inbred, 80-IQ Pakis still have communal justice, so they wouldn’t have let rape gangs anywhere near their girls like civilized, technically capable northern Europeans did

  102. AltanBakshi says

    Don’t you remember? Shoigu is just 1/4 Jewish. anyway dedovchina is old news, after shortening the duration of military service to one year, the old army culture of USSR and 90s Russia has disappeared.

  103. AltanBakshi says

    Tatars, Bashkirs, Buryats, Kalmyks, Altais, Maris, Komis, Evenks and dozens of other various ethnicities are not preying upon Slavs or asserting their dominance upon them, stop your feverish slandering of peaceful folks. DICh is DICh, an exception, they just need to be kept in tight lease, and only a strong Russian state can keep them under a control. Heck even Kazakhs or Kyrgyz are not making problems to average Russians.

  104. Bashibuzuk says

    True. And it happens literally everywhere accross the civilized White world. I believe that Civilization devours and digests clans and tribes until it ends up with an indigestion. That’s where we are today. A lot of folks expect to be saved by the technology, but it might not happen. Perhaps it is better if it doesn’t happen. Hence, Archeofuturism.

    Faye theorised that futurism alone was not an antidote, and criticised the technological sciences where ‘the futurist mentality may prove suicidal owing to the deifying of technology as something that can solve anything’. This deification is today commonly found among the technologists in Silicon Valley (and other places), who place an overriding trust in the ability to use software to solve pretty much any issue in human nature and society. By abandoning the biological reality of human and earthly organisms, technologists risk catastrophic meddling in processes they refuse to understand, and only an arche could provide the sort of moral base to prevent thi


    Notice that the blogger writing here is probably of Muslim origin, or a convert to Islam according to his alias. They also think, analyze and offer potential paths towards what they see as a better future. If we don’t develop ours, we will end up having to adopt and adapt to theirs.

  105. Bashibuzuk says

    I only wrote about DICh and Tuvans. I have never met Tuvans in person, but I believe they are probably not as crazy as some stories filtering from Tuva would suggest (ultraviolence, anti-Russian racism, rampant criminality). The DICh people I know enough to understand that they despise ethnic Russian weakness, but do not hate Slavs on a racially motivated or religiously motivated basis. Paradoxically, they would probably have wished for ethnic Russians to stand their ground, even be a role model of development perhaps. Russians used to be that way, but it was before Sovok and post-Sovok degraded their moral core.

  106. Servant of Gla'aki says

    Montenegro was all hot & bothered to join NATO, and now they can’t even support the Western stance against Uighur genocide?

    Seriously, to Hell with Montenegro! Buncha damned ingrates.

    I hope they get invaded by Albania.

  107. AltanBakshi says

    Well Tuvans are quite violent, even Khalkhas joke about how they always carry a knife and want to start a fight, but my only close Tuvan friend is a woman who studies Tibetan studies in India, she’s quite calm.

  108. Svidomyatheart says

    We just need weapons from Americans to get rid of our enemies. Thats all.

    And these humiliating images just give an even bigger incentives to hate and get rid of Russians. No Russians=no need to kneel for no one.

    Just need somebody ..anybody…anything… just get these Russians subhumans out. I want them all out.

    I want to close my eyes and when I open them…then.. there are no Russians in Ukraine. Those Donbass animals who still worship their USSR Sovok and Stalin and Lenin(quite literally). I wish we’d go on them like Bolsheviks actually did. Or at least do 25%-50% on them of what Stalin actually did. Or even just Lenin. We’re nice guys.

    No salvation for Bolshevik progeny, nobody is subhuman enough to vote for Bolsheviks. (and yet these Russian Donbassers still even celebrate it). Imho subhuman is too of a kind word. I dont think there should be a stronger insult irl than Bolshevik. And yet here we are with Russians who were the original Bolsheviks.

    Ive thought about this matter for some time, and in the end, all roads of our misfortunes lead to Russians. Its all been pinpointed, no matter what whenever its Bolshevism, WW1, Stalins and Lenins, Famines, Chekas and OGPUs and their various other offshoots, WW2, and more and perhaps even WW3(which Putin was threatening about ).

    Here btw.(I think I’ve seen more of those images before and irrc there was a based black in one of them too. I really regret not saving it. So Russians were kneeling to Floyds waaay before).



  109. Svidomyatheart says

    Also btw,


    This is mostly for the Rus or Rus speaking audience. For the English only speaking audience this is a blog, kind of like CoalFax but in a LiveJournal style. Even if you cant read Russian, you can look at all the Caucasian perpetrators images there.

    Do you understand that just about every day or every other day a Dich Caucasian or a Central Asian kills/maims/rapes in Russia? Its exactly like in America but possibly worse a lot of cases go unsolved and unpunished.

    And we’re trying to get away from this….from all of this..from all of that diversity. We keep telling Russians to fuck off and leave in the purest Russian language but they wont listen.

    You take all your Finno Ugrics, take all your Tatars, take all your Caucasians(or for American audience- Cacasus people) and leave.

    We dont need your apologies or reparations, dont need your riches or your land(yes Russia is vast and quite possibly the richest in the world in terms of mineral resources) dont need your women(yes they’re pretty, whatever), power,(a chance to rule as the head a Ukrainian can usually get by and rise in the ranks).

    We just want Russians to leave us alone but instead they’re massively interfering into our affairs and keep screwing with us

  110. AnonfromTN says

    Reminds me of a joke about Afghanistan:
    Mahmoud sits on the side of the road and watches Abdulla’s wife going first, followed by Abdulla on a donkey.
    He says:
    – Abdulla, the Koran says that you should go first and your wife should follow.
    Abdulla replied
    – When Koran was written there were no land mines on the road

  111. Rattus Norwegius says

    How do you think the economy of South Africa would evolve if it had been under Cuba, Iran or North Korea style sanctions since 1990? South Africa would still be a resource rich country. More critically it would have a large populatation disinclined towards the government. Aswell as being forced to create new autarkic supply chains. Would South Africa collapse, struggle along or even ‘thrive’? Should South Africa ‘thrive’ it should be able to maintain it’s living standard relative to countries in North America and Western Europe.

  112. Good to see you back

  113. AnonfromTN says

    I am out of town and country until July 1. Will be back soon

  114. Blinky Bill says
  115. Blinky Bill says

    Ukraine and China are working on preparing a visa waiver agreement between the two countries, Chinese Ambassador to Ukraine Fan Xianrong has said.

    He said this at a press conference dedicated to the 10th anniversary of the strategic partnership between the People’s Republic of China and Ukraine, an Ukrinform correspondent reports

    “Your president signed a decree providing our citizens with [temporary] visa-free regime. He wants the citizens of our countries to travel as conveniently as possible. This is a very good idea, so now we are actively working on signing an intergovernmental agreement on visa-free travel between China and Ukraine,” Fan Xianrong said.

    The ambassador also predicted that due to the visa-free regime, the flow of Chinese tourists to Ukraine will increase.

    The diplomat also said that the idea of launching direct flights between Kyiv and Beijing is under discussion, and “this is also a real thing.”

    As reported, on March 23, President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelensky signed a decree “On the temporary introduction of a visa-free regime for citizens of the People’s Republic of China who enter Ukraine for tourism purposes.” According to the decree, from April 1, 2021 to September 30, 2021, a visa-free regime is introduced for entry into Ukraine and transit through the territory of Ukraine for citizens of the People’s Republic of China who enter Ukraine for tourism purposes if their stay in Ukraine does not exceed 30 days within 180 days.

  116. Shortsword says

    Smart by them. Why bother with pro-Western posturing if you’re not rewarded for it?

  117. Xi-jinping says

    And yet you married a non-slav women….

    The problem is twofold 1) slav women consider foreign men superior to their own (and women go for social status) 2) insufficient beatings from men. If public beatings where reintroduced – alot of feminism, fertility issues, whoredom, etc would be solved.

  118. Xi-jinping says

    Which is part of the reason why I am against Russian Fed. Just demonstrates further incompetence of capitalist gov.

  119. Xi-jinping says

    Everyone knows that in criminatity and violence Tuvans surpass DICh – which is why claims of Asians being oppressed or seen as ‘unmasculine’ in the West is surprising to me. The Asian men I know could probably tear the head off of a chechen.

    And your assertion that it was ‘sovok culture’ that ruined Russian moral core causing them to be cucked by DICh and others is false – Soviet military culture was about creating toughness (as it was in sport – which is why when the old Soviet era coaches retired, Russian sport fell into the shitter). I’d argue that it was Tsarist era romantic poetry and writing and later post-Soviet capitalist corruption that led to this state of affairs. While Soviet trained, tough Chechen/Ingush veterans were concerned about fighting, Russian commanders where more interested in making money and thus put discipline/training of a new corps to the wayside in favor of $$$.