I’m Now A Libertarian :(

At least in the context of the US Presidential elections according to this nifty quiz. Here are my detailed results for perusal for anyone interested.

PS. Mitt Romney’s VP pick was a good one. Paulites however are (rightly) not convinced and I for one still favor Obama if with no particular enthusiasm.

PPS. The real Obama-Romney difference is much greater for me than 7 percentage points because of Romney’s extremely hostile attitude to Russia. What can I say? This issue is rather important to me.

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  1. I just took the nifty quiz. My top 3 were Gary Johnson (a stunning 89%), Ron Paul (86%), and Jimmy McMillan (77%). I’d never heard of McMillan, maybe I should check him out.

    In the “real world” I scored 64% for Obama and 59% for Romney. I refuse to vote for either of them. So I guess Johnson should get my vote, even though I’m not a Libertarian. In fact I consider libertarianism a naïve and unworkable ideology. Oh the irony…

    • It seems we are politically remarkably alike, down to our mutual liking for libertarian candidates in tandem with a skepticism towards the actual ideology.

      • That said, I also did pretty well with Jill Stein (Green), at 74%. I think the Libertarians scored high with me mainly for foreign policy reasons, which I weighted as more important. I really don’t give a crap about “social issues” which suck up so much oxygen, and was indifferent to some of the questions about economics and domestic policy.

  2. I got Romney at 77%, Ron Paul at 66%, Virgil Goode at 61%, Obama at 59%. I will actually be voting for Romney. Like Anatoly, I disagree with his foreign policy, but I don’t see the difference between him and Obama as very large. The results exaggerated my estimate of the Romney/Obama difference by a lot.

    Ryan seems like a nice guy and his desire to seriously deal with the budget deficit is admirable. Do I think that anything will be done on that front if Romney wins? No.

    • An Obama 2nd term is still gonna be hostile toward Russia or at least go full bore into Syria in 13′. Romney might do the same but there might be enough of a Congressional backlash among Paulians and DeMint types questioning why the hell the U.S. is taking the same side as the Muslim Brotherhood to embarass Romney enough that he won’t go in. Obama like Honey Badger don’t care about Congress.

      Hell, I think the leaks that the Israelis blamed on the Obama Admin in which Foreign Policy breathlessly reported the Israelis had bought an aircraft carrier called Azerbaijan were basically scuppering IAF contigency plans to refuel their jets there for more tempo strikes on Iran, if it ever came to that (I still remain skeptical Iran gets hit due to the economic restraints, not political or military ones). In other words, the Obama Admin was leaking to try to ruin a quiet understanding Israel had reached with Russia that the Russians would denounce a strike on Iran all the way to the bank with instant $140-$150 a barrel oil lasting for several weeks until the chaos settled down.

      There is of course, no way in hell the IAF could transit Azeri airspace without Russian military connivance thanks to the big X-band radar at Gabala which Putin offered Bush the use of back in 07′ to no avail. Of course if the IAF did transit Azerbaijan it would be the long way over northern Iraq via Jordan skirting Turkish air space — not a direct shot like flying over Saudi Arabia and the Gulf would be.

      I know this is blasphemy to neocons and a conspiracy theory to the Russophobes (some of whom overlap with the neocon crowd), but there it is. I also know many members of the Russian general staff have said a strike on Iran could lead to WW3 but oil profits trump that.

      • I think Romney’s saving grace is that he apparently has no strong convictions. This will make it easy for people who do have convictions to push him around. That could be good or bad, depending.

        I doubt he really gives a fig about Russia or anywhere else.