Immigrant Crime Rates in Germany

One of the problems critics of mass immigration face is that there aren’t that many concrete statistics on their crime rates (substantially thanks to European institutions being in the habit of forbidding the gathering of said race/ethnicity data).

But things do leak through every now and then and more often than not they tend to confirm the hateful stereotypes.

Latest example: The German Federal Criminal Office compiles data on “nationality of suspect” across different criminal categories current up to 2014 (see Table 62). In the last year before the Great Migration, immigrants – accounting for less than 10% of the population – were responsible for 18% of rapes and 30% of murders. One enterprising fellow who presumably prefers to remain anonymous compiled a big infographic combining the criminal and demographic data to produce estimates of criminality rates by different crime categories and country of origin. (The infographic is attached at the bottom of this post, which the stats for perhaps the two most important/topical indicators, homicide rates and rape rates, are reprinted).


Murder / 100,000

Country of Origin Murder Rates
Lebanon 23
Tunisia 14
Algeria 12
Afghanistan 9
Albania 8
Iraq 7
Somalia 6
Morocoo 6
Iran 6
Russia 6
Turkey 5
Serbia 5
Pakistan 4
Syria 3
Nigeria 3
Eritrea 3
Bosnia 3
Kosovo 3
Poland 2.9
Brazil 2.6
Greece 2
France 2
Vietnam 2
Romania 1
Italy 1
USA 0.9
Germany 0.8
Spain 0.6
UK 0.4
Netherlands 0
India 0
Thailand 0
China 0


Sexual Assault/Rape Rates / 100,000

Country of Origin Sexual Assault/Rape Rates
Algeria 36
Tunisia 32
Somalia 29
Aghanistan 24
Lebanon 24
Pakistan 21
Iraq 18
Nigeria 16.7
Albania 15
Eritrea 15
Iran 14
Morocco 13.4
Serbia 10
Romania 10
Syria 9.3
India 9
Turkey 8
Kosovo 7.4
Bosnia 7
Brazil 5
Italy 5
Poland 4
Greece 4
Russia 3.9
Spain 3.6
Netherlands 3.5
Vietnam 3.5
Germany 3
France 3
Thailand 3
UK 3
China 2.5


Frankly even I was rather surprised by some of these figures – perhaps not so much the figures on rape, but I do find the killer performance of the likes of Lebanon, Tunisia and Algeria in the homicide rates to be unduly impressive. After all, according to international homicide rate statistics, the Maghreb is actually rather civilized – 2.2/100,000 in Tunisia and Morocco, and a mere 0.7/100,000 in Algeria (lower than in Germany itself at 0.8/100,000). Lebanon for all its chaos is also at 2.2/100,000. Homicide rates are the one major type of crime that can be reliably measured across countries, so that actually makes them safer than large chunks of Eastern Europe, including Poland before the 2000s. But for some reason when they come to Europe their homicide rates soar by an order of magnitude.

What could be the cause? Lower migrant quality relative to their average population? Being overwhelmingly drawn from ethnic groups with a higher relative proposensity towards violence? (hbd*chick noticed that a disproportionate number of Muslim terrorists in the Paris Attacks had Berber backgrounds; does this extend to “ordinary” criminal violence?). Or perhaps this is one case where it is not so much a case of ethnicity as of culture – namely, traditional and/or authoritarian societies being better at keeping a lid on violent crime than the dissolute anomie of Western urbanism? I don’t know, but this discrepancy has to be explained.

Note that 70% of prisoners in French jails are Muslim. Of course most French Muslims are from the Maghreb. Originally I thought there might be some scintilla of truth to liberal claims that this proves that France is structurally racist towards its Muslim minorities because I was aware that the countries where French Muslims come from aren’t that violent overall so it’s strange so many of them would be in jail. But if they acquire the criminological profiles of American Negroes on coming to Europe, then the preponderance of French Muslims in orange becomes perfectly explainable.

It also becomes easier to see why the latest wave of immigration has been such a shock to Europe and elicited such strong headlines in the right-wing press. The current wave of migrants into Germany and Europe tend to have rape rates around 5x the native German norm according to its own police statistics. Moreover, this refers to presumably established migrant communities – with relatively more women and older people – whereas the current influx has generally been acknowledged to be primarily composed of young males. This means it is entirely plausible for even relatively “small” numbers of those immigrants (the million or so who came into Germany in 2015) to have a hugely disproportionate impact on crime rates that would be noticeable even in a country of 80 million.



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  1. Among SOME (or, a lot of) uber-endogamic people, intra-group criminality rates seems lower to very lower, just look at roma gypsies. I don’t have stats about them but SEEMS they are less violent among themselves (despising extreme poverty and trash where they usually ”produce” for themselves) than for other people. Not just immigration but emmigration… if many german people decided to immigrate to Lebanon or Algeria *

    Fewer people and living in special neighborhoods usually is not very good at analyzing, but we wonder if…

    Of course there are structural factors in how that society is permissive to violence and often, societies that are more repressive with violence, tend to reduce the fertility of those who commit it with great frequency in the long run, that’s what it seems.

    A constant provocative culture can also have a supersonic effect on impressionable heads.

  2. In Germany the traditional social norms no longer prevail. This could mean a number of things. Let me provide a few in random order (I have no idea of their relative importance).

    1) easier availability of alcohol and social norms prohibiting its consumption getting weaker

    2) in general the strict societal controls (mostly exercised by the elderly over impulsive youth) getting corroded by individualistic Western culture

    3) less risk of retaliation by kin of the victim (if the victim is ethnically European)

    4) corrosion of the “fear of vendetta” mindset when among ethnic Germans, which leads to less guarded, more aggressive behavior even when among themselves, in other words, they spend so much time bullying Germans that they forget that they cannot do the same to their ethnic kin, leading to violent conflict between their clans)

    5) corrosive Western mores lead to more honor killings b/c their womenfolk will more often do things they wouldn’t even think of back at home

    6) self-selection of aggressive immigrants for whatever reasons

    7) they drop in the socio-economic hierarchy (i.e. at home they were average, now they are closer to the bottom), which they resent, or

    8) they escape (or try to escape) it by breaking the laws of a society which they despise anyway, forming criminal gangs, conflict among which then often lead to murder

  3. I could not find contact information for the author, but this is the kind of data needed to do spatial transferability studies. If the author reads this, please contact me.

  4. As far as Lebanon is concerned, I think the presence of kurdish mafia/criminal gangs might explain it. A small community in Lebanon, Kurds made the headlines in Germany for having a disproportionate criminal footprint there.

    And indeed, your numbers are unusually high even compared to the high numbers of other mideasterners.

  5. Regarding 1), I do remember that the reports of the NYE Cologne attacks claimed the perps were drunk. This kind of thing seems to happen a lot during contact with the West, cf. American Indians or Australian aboriginals.

    Steve has long suspected that the reason blacks do particularly badly in liberal cities like Milwaukee is because the generous welfare systems attract the dregs of black society. The same might be true regarding the quality of Muslim immigrants in Europe.

  6. We know that 18-24 year olds are 3 or 4 times as likely to be murdered as other age groups.
    I would imagine that 18-24 year old males are 10 or 20 times as likely to be murderers as say your 60 year old woman.

    So I don’t really see how your analysis means a thing without some measure of demographics being included, as surely immigrants are very likely to be 18-24 year old males.
    Also 18-24 years olds are the group I guess that Germany wants to encourage.

    The other major factor well-known to be related to committing crime is security – that is a young man with no home, no partner, no job, no imaginable future is far more likely to commit a high risk act (such as theft, rape or murder) than one with these things.
    This changes your topic from “should we prevent immigrants” to should we get them jobs and integrate them as quickly as possible”. The second topic is the one to address.

  7. I have known for some time that Arabs (from Lebanon especially, but also from northern Africa) are on average the most violent people in Germany. Turks in comparison are much much more tame, and Germany should have been thankful to have Turks as the local form of muslim mass immigration instead of Arabs like in other countries. This is one of the things which really made me wonder about the enthusiasm for arab immigrants beginning in large scale last year.
    Why is this the case? I have two hypotheses
    a) arabs have on average a imperialistic attitude a strong ingroup / outgroup thinking, which is often influenced by a civil war in their home countries, especially in the case of the Lebanon where the proximity to the palestinian regions plays a role. The rise of Jihad in the last decades also plays a role in this context.
    b) in western countries following US cultural norms there is a strong demand for somebody who plays the black men. Arab men obviously have taken that role in many european countries.
    I am a little surprised by the low rates for Nigerians.
    In the end it is of course important that the threat for private and public security can only roughly be measured by crime rates. Many criminal acts which can have a heavy impact of the life of individuals or of the public life are often not reported and almost never brought to justice. This is for example the case for simple just-for-fun beatings.

  8. The rape stats are still very low compared to those of Sweden which has people from Muslim countries as 23 times more likely to commit rape than ethnic Swedes. That was in 1996 at which point the government stopped keeping record by origin.

  9. The age and gender distribution is the killer which is then further magnified in some cases by additional ethnic and cultural factors.

    If the vast majority of crime that ppl particularly notice / are scared of is committed by males aged 18-30 and that group are 10% of the population then 1% young male immigrants would increase the total population by 1% but crime by 10%.

    If you add in scary crime is skewed blue collar and the immigrants are mostly blue collar then you can easily double the increase in crime per 1% increase in population to 20%.

    That’s just from an increase in numbers but there is also additional crime that results from changing the gender ratio. More males competing for the same females leads to gangs, sexual violence and forced prostitution to satisfy demand. This can add a huge percentage depending on how macho the incoming culture is so increasing the 20% to anything from say 25% to 50% increase in crime per 1% young males (declining as the original population moves out).

    And that is without any racial or cultural aspect at all – two identical source and immigrant populations will have that effect.

    And there are racial and cultural aspects on top of all that which increase (or sometimes decrease) the percentages.

    That is if it’s nearly all male.

    The true scale of what is happening in Germany and Sweden will be horrendous. It will be like what has happened in UK or France over 30 years crammed into 1.

    One of the problems critics of mass immigration face is that there aren’t that many concrete statistics on their crime rates (substantially thanks to European institutions being in the habit of forbidding the gathering of said race/ethnicity data).

    That is the dog that doesn’t bark. The powers that be know the truth and deliberately hide it. If their spin was true they wouldn’t need to.

  10. It would be interesting to see crime rates for the 15-25 male demo by country of origin.

  11. German_reader says

    The figures for people from Lebanon don’t surprise me, they’re probably due to Mhallami Kurds from Lebanon who were highly criminal outsiders even back in Lebanon. They came to Germany as asylum seekers in the 1980s and have formed criminal clans, trying to dominate organized crime in cities like Bremen, parts of Berlin etc. They have extremely large families, are unemployed and welfare-dependent to a large degree, and in general regard German society as prey…really the worst type of immigrant you could get.
    Germany really is a pathetic joke today, I hate this country.

  12. @Karlin
    Interesting post as always.

    But for some reason when they come to Europe their homicide rates soar by an order of magnitude.

    There could be a quite rational reason for that. It could be the social structures in place in the Maghreb that help to constrain this aggressive behaviour and/or the fact that when you arrive in Europe you’re in the “other’s home”. That was my impression growing up with fellow immigrants. There was a real sense of not being part of the community here in Denmark and so people are less inclined not to burn cars club houses,etc. Not to mention the lackadaisical Danish policing. Of course this would apply more generally for the Middle East and not just Maghreb.

  13. German_reader says

    “This changes your topic from “should we prevent immigrants” to should we get them jobs and integrate them as quickly as possible”.”

    There are no jobs in Germany for millions of low-IQ Muslims, many of whom are actually illiterate (more than 50% of Afghan migrants, even for Syrians an estimated 15%).
    Germany will either get rid of most of the people who came last year or perish. There is no alternative, the current system has to be brought down.

  14. jimmyriddle says

    This problem isn’t going away any time soon.

    A case to study is 19th century Irish immigrants to England who, after 150 or more years (and being white English speakers from a few 10s of miles across the water), are still disproportionally represented in the criminal underclass.

    I have seen figures from ~2000 that showed 20% of the prison population in England & Wales was Roman Catholic v 7% of the general population (before mass East European immigration RCs in England were mostly of Irish descent).

    The odd thing is that post WWII Irish immigrants are indistinguishable from native English in terms of social measures.

  15. Wikipedia tells me the Mhallami are ethnically Arab, not Kurdish. Otherwise an interesting point.

  16. It’s the same with Chechnya in Russia. Chechens have a fearsome reputation of testosterone-overdosed, violence-prone brutes, and yet Chechnya itself ranks as the safest, lowest-crime region in the country, year after year.
    It’s all about old, deeply-rooted traditional societal norms (including blood vengeance) that serve as violence breakers. Once an individual (or a group of individuals) is taken out of such a repressive matrix and transferred into a far more permissive environment, the behavior defaults to its natural, more unruly pattern.
    If German stats are correct, Arabs may very well be naturally predisposed to violence, and can function peacefully only under the strictest rules (hence the tyranny in the Arab world, both governmental and religious).

  17. German_reader says

    As far as I know they’re somewhat ambiguous…originally they’re from southeastern Turkey and immigrated to Lebanon only in the 1920s after some failed Kurdish uprising. They basically were stateless people, marginal outsiders even in Lebanon, with a tribal mindset that regarded all non-clan-members as enemies and/or prey to be exploited. Really the worst kind of immigrant you could get.

  18. Cue that Seinfeld monolog that Steve Sailer likes to trot out:

    My own crazy opinion is that Germany would be more likely to get good immigrants if they didn’t have a welfare state to mooch off of, but politically I imagine there’s even less chance of that than in the US.

  19. German_reader says

    The problem is the whole asylum nonsense which is something of a holy cow for the left (and for the God squad) in Germany…plus total lack of enforcement of deporting people who have no claim to asylum as it was originally intended (which is more than 90% of those who come). Basically anyone who’s determined enough can game the system and avoid deportation indefinitely. Given the demographic expansion in shitholes like Somalia or Afghanistan it’s a recipe for national suicide…unfortunately most Germans seem too stupid to realize this.

  20. Right, right. Honestly I think just a head tax on immigrants would do wonders (on the Hoppean grounds that practically every advanced country has public roads and public spaces that anybody can access and travel through, so it’s reasonable to charge outsiders for their use). Blanket bans, on the other hand, fail to adequately discriminate between those immigrants who are actually welcome and those who are not.

  21. Adolf_Verloc says

    “Or perhaps this is one case where it is not so much a case of ethnicity as of culture – namely, traditional and/or authoritarian societies being better at keeping a lid on violent crime than the dissolute anomie of Western urbanism? I don’t know, but this discrepancy has to be explained.”

    I suspect that this is a major cause of immigrant crime. It’s not so much that their native societies are authoritarian but that they are highly connected with other people on a personal basis.

    I lived in Saudi Arabia from the mid-seventies to the late nineties. During that time, large numbers of young men moved from their villages to cities where economic opportunity was thought to be greater. Drug use and break-ins soared, at least in the Eastern Province, despite draconian penalties. Saudis of my age were appalled and found it hard to imagine that young men could go so far off the rails.

  22. Officially Saudi Arabia has a murder rate of 0.8 per 100,000 per year, which is very low, about the level of Western Europe before mass immigration. Having lived in Saudi Arabia, do you believe that number? Does that sound plausible to you?

  23. Bao Jiankang says

    This is a little off topic but I need some help. Can someone give me a copy of this paper or at least summarize it for me?

    (The paper is called ‘Ethnic Hierarchy and Public Attitudes towards Immigrants in Russia’)

    This blog covers Russia and immigration so I figure somebody has access to this paper. No way I’m paying those greedy fucks 40 bucks to access it for one day.

  24. Anatoly Karlin says
  25. Environment tend to be aditional or reductive, i mean, this reinforce or relax certain behavioral dispositions. Some men think that women who dress with less clothes will be more prone to be raped or proto-abused, exactly as some scholars have ponctuated, a clear non-verbal signal that ”woman is available to make sex without marital contract.

    Also you have a lot of ”masculine” men with regional-comparative lower intelligence and living in a complete different culture (alienation). A combo of long term circumstances that favor this situation.

    A permissive and deliberately conflictive cultural ”interactions” ( conflicts),

    Weakly visible and or internalized risk for severe punishment,

    Weak masculine authorities (”masculine” men tend to obey other ”masculine” men),

    very weak authoctonous masculine attitudes regards gender relationship,

    and the most important,

    natural dispositions (behavioral architecture in this environment)…

    a slow war and invasion against white populations

    the ”elite” specialitet, 😉

  26. What I know about Algerians in Germany is that they are relatively few in numbers as due to traditional migratory patterns, they are more often drawn to France, then French speaking countries, then English speaking countries and Italy and Spain and then to all the other economically developped European countries as perceived closeness of culture/weather and easiness of language are important for people migrating mainly for economic reasons; in Germany they are concentrated mainly in Hamburg, are predominantly male, mainly come from a province of Algeria called Tiaret and are disproportionately heavilly represented in drug dealing and shoplifting. The specificity of the demographics may explain some of the disproportionately high violent crime rates. Arabs in general have no ties to Germany and thus that country may attract more marginal types who don’t speak English and French anyway so it doesn’t matter that much where they end up.

  27. This changes your topic from “should we prevent immigrants” to should we get them jobs and integrate them as quickly as possible”. The second topic is the one to address.

    Basically, ‘let us into your country, give us privileges and lots of free stuff or else we will rob, rape and murder you.’

    If we use plain English seemingly complex problems are so simple.

  28. This changes your topic from “should we prevent immigrants” to should we get them jobs and integrate them as quickly as possible”. The second topic is the one to address.

    Not really. Immigration should be allowed only if it benefits the native population. If there are no jobs for immigrants, then they should not come in the first place.

    Moreover, as jobs are becoming scarce, and nascent automatization of almost 50% jobs will create more unemployed, it would be even more difficult to “get jobs” for immigrants.

    And finally, as it seems that no one in Europe succeeded in integrating immigrants, your paragraph should be rephrased as “we should try something totally different from what Europe was trying for 50 years, i don’t know what, but it surely will work this time”

  29. Толик,
    За что удаляешь мой коментарь? Особено когда я там просто написал что знал. С другой стороны, ты позволяешь коментари всяких турецких и иранских фанатиков. Молодец.

  30. ‘let us into your country, give us privileges and lots of free stuff or else we will rob, rape and murder you.’

    AND, not OR, it seems..

  31. Erik Sieven says

    the only group who gets deported with significant numbers – yet still at a low level – are people from the Balkan as far as I know. Those people happen to be those who would have made the fewest problems in Germany, especially compared to Arabs and Subsaharan Africans

  32. German_reader says

    I know…though even that is opposed by the Greens and the asylum lobby.
    The situation is really insane, I’d never have imagined it could get that bad that quickly. And many people still seem to be all in favour for it, those stupid bourgeois do-gooders with their terminal niceness, making common cause with the professional anti-racists and the antifa crowd. Man, I’ve really come to hate the federal republic, this lemming society is beyond contemptible.

  33. Can you point me to the report and/or an article/blog on it? Having trouble finding for some reason.

  34. With the thoughts you'd be thinkin says

    I don’t speak Swedish but I think this is it or at least this is used as a source on multiple websites for that fact.

  35. Someone earlier had a brilliant suggestion for how the hdb sphere could actually work to counter the migration.

    The PUAs should concentrate their effort on developing a methodology for picking up Muslim chicks and blog about it. That way going to Europe will be associated with dishonor for the clan because the woman could run wild. It will deter some families from migrating.

  36. Anatoly Karlin – instead of blaming non-White immigrants, why don’t you look in front of mirror and see the western filth which existed before the first immigrant was brought in by your colonial ancestors from non-White nation.

    The recent finding that 1 in 4 Western women in college are victims of sexual assault by Western men ominously mirrors the fact that 1 in 4 Western women will be victims of domestic violence at some point in their lives. These grim stats have led people in the West to realize that one of the great miseries plaguing much of the so-called Western world, and the liberal secular world more generally, is its sick relationship with women and girls. If they are not being paraded around in sleazy beauty contests at the tender age of five or being berated by sex-positive Feminists for not embracing their “inner sex Goddess,” at a minimum Western females can look forward to a life of chronic clinical depression and loneliness, if not outright domestic abuse and sexual violence. To address the latter, both Western universities and workplaces alike have taken to producing extensive guides of good conduct for college boys and male employees due to their preternatural propensity to date rape and sexually harass their female counterparts.

    Today sex is a great paradox in many countries of the Western world: One acts as though it’s all that exists, and yet it means absolutely nothing. Overindulged in a Tinder-induced stupor of casual copulation, it weighs on the mind by its very vacuousness. Although Western females are regularly accosted by the unsolicited genitalia of sexting grade school football players as well as respected Congressmen, they are encouraged to bare their own “assets” on Instagram and Snapchat, in a social media stream of simultaneously narcissistic and desperate cries for validation.

    One result is that people fantasize about the trappings of another world: either the world peddled by popular culture and Disney films about romance and monogamous love between “soul mates,” happily ever after, or the sexually promiscuous, at times violent world of “hook ups,” no consequence, no commitment sex, more at home on the set of a pornographic film than in the realm of reality.

    misery2It’s a choice perfectly illustrated by the offerings of the Western media. Miley Cyrus and other former Mousketeers “gone bad” are all the rage on television as is the sexualization of young girls and “tweens,” pushed to empower themselves and “own their sexuality” by dressing and acting like pornstars, peddling the promise of their unattainable bodies and impossible sex well before puberty. Clothing is also given to extremes: Western women naively believe their wardrobes to be a function of free and independent choice, yet, despite that belief, the vast majority of garb “coincidentally” falls within the narrow bounds of current fashion and the diktats of Versace, Chanel, and an interminable supply of “hot or not” lists Western women abide by with a fervent taqlid that would make the most fastidious Sufi murids seem delinquent.

    Sex therapists are legion in the Western world, and their advice, no matter how contradictory or ludicrous, is voraciously consumed. These self-anointed gurus have a de facto monopoly on talk about the body, sex, and love. With the internet, daytime TV, and gossip magazines galore, some of their “tips” have taken monstrous forms, devolving into a kind of pornoPsychology. A simple perusal of the women’s magazine covers at the typical Western grocery store: “Help your lover shop for an escort,” and more…….

  37. The “1 in 4” number depends on very strange definition of a rape. When the same questions were given to man in college, also it appeared than between 1 in 5 to 1 in 4 males in college were “raped”.
    This is just a part of hysteria created by feminists. For example, if you had ever a sex when you didn’t want to, you were raped; this means that I was raped by my wife multiple times, since I had sex when I was too tired to want it, but she wanted it, and since we are married and I love her, then well… .

    It’s the same about domestic violence. The victim of domestic violence is someone who was ever “pushed, slapped, kicked, hit, shoved”.

    And whatever the problem is, the answer is NOT importing males coming from misogynistic culture, males who cannot seemingly even control their own urges.

  38. Would you let them take over your country if they didn’t commit crimes?

    I didn’t think so.

    Really, criminal statistics make a very poor cover for ethnic nationalism.

  39. I’d put this slightly differently.

    It isn’t just the absence of aggressive behavior constraint–it’s the expectation that people self-restrain that the host society has but the migrants do not.

    But also in many instances these migrants arrive with more a chip on their shoulder, installed there by antisocial media and trafficker propaganda that tells them they deserve everything they ever saw in ads…and their hosts owe it to them.

    When life turns out to fall short of MSM/internet fantasy of what one can expect in what time frame, the factors convene: youth and testosterone, lack of external constraint, lack of ability to self constrain, resentment, dislocation/confusion, natural quickness to anger (deriving from origin in populations that haven’t selected for cooperative/altruistic behavior), the “sex emergency,” and so on.

    The only way the host society could possibly “police” or “control” this behavior would involve behaving in a far more aggressive way than would be tolerated, since the blank slatist diversitopians in the host society assert/apparently believe that the way to deal with aggression is by being Nice. Thus, Nice it is, and the objects resent this, perceiving Nice as Weak (which has truth to it in conflicts of this sort).

    The flip side is that it’s likely no amount of aggressive control or policing originating with the host society would be accepted or effective. Which is one reason Muslims end up shrieking for sharia law wherever they go. We are hearing something similar in the US: that “white” rule of law shouldn’t apply to blacks.

    Separation is likely the only solution. I don’t see that happening, thus I expect many decades of absolute shredding of the social fabric and likely the demise of European civilization and genome, either through attrition or high level or low level conflict.

  40. I’d say Rehmat exercises much credulity where the relationship between lived reality and MSM culture is concerned. In that she has much in common with those she criticizes.

  41. Why would any European country want any non-European immigrants? The costs far outweigh any possible benefits.

  42. unpc downunder says

    The Lebanese also have a high crime rate in Australia:

    And of course they blame racist white Australians for their criminal culture.

  43. Frankly even I was rather surprised by some of these figures – perhaps not so much the figures on rape, but I do find the killer performance of the likes of Lebanon, Tunisia and Algeria in the homicide rates to be unduly impressive…(hbd*chick noticed that a disproportionate number of Muslim terrorists in the Paris Attacks had Berber backgrounds”

    You do realize these are the white Muslims, right?

  44. Anonymous Nephew says

    Anatoly – how does that link work for non-Russian speakers? Page is in Russian and all I get is a donation appeal. The top-right option which looks like it might be download gives you a textbox in which you presumably enter something – but what?

    AK: Click on “сохранить статью” (save file).

  45. So I don’t really see how your analysis means a thing without some measure of demographics being included, as surely immigrants are very likely to be 18-24 year old males.

    Your argument could refute an attempt to simplistically use these figures to establish a racial inclination to violent crime, but has no bearing on a conclusion drawn from them that mass immigration is a disaster for the victim population.

    After all, even if the preceding waves of immigrants do eventually grow less violent as they age, the problem is still there in subsequent waves.

    This changes your topic from “should we prevent immigrants” to should we get them jobs and integrate them as quickly as possible”. The second topic is the one to address.

    Of course. Because desperately trying to fly in the face of the clear direction of human progress, towards ever greater automation and ever less mass productive employment, is far better than just adopting the simple solution of controlling mass immigration.

    After all, anything’s better than being thought nasty by respectable liberal cosmopolitan types.

  46. Ignore the donation appeal and just enter the captcha text (which is in Latin alphabet).

  47. jon halpenny says

    I believe the reason Frau Merkel threw open the borders for migrants was because she was under orders from Washington to manufacture a reason for Germany to support NATO bombing of Syria. Last autumn America/NATO was gearing up for a bombing campaign that would finish off Assad. But German people are notoriously pacifistic.

    Merkel would have said to Germans, “We must bomb the Assad regime in order to stop the refugee flow into Germany”. But then Russia intervened in Syria. Frau Merkel was left with a migrant disaster on her hands and the NATO bombing could not be implemented.

  48. Epaminondas says

    You need to get rid of the Muslims AND bring the current system down.

  49. I had an employee in Canada who was from Trinidad. He had applied for asylum on the basis that criminal gangs were after him and he feared for his life if ever he returned to Trinidad. His application was granted and he came to work.

    That following summer, guess where he went for his holiday?

  50. Frankly darling I don’t give a damn if you believe in “1 out of 100”. You see everyone in the Zionist-controlled west has the freedom to live in “self-denial”.

    A 2010 study conducted by Professor Daniel Bar-Tal (Tel Aviv University) had found out that an average Israeli prefer to live in ‘self-denial’ as he/she is not interested to know the facts about the Israel-Palestine conflict. They’re brainwashed with Zionist narrative of the conflict and hatred toward Arabs and Muslims from an early age. The Zionist rabbis are known for using Talmudic texts to create hatred toward Arabs, Blacks and Christians…..

  51. Epaminondas says

    No. The woman is simply ideologically and culturally crippled.

  52. Hormonal, shiftless young men who are probably sexually repressed and even incel back home find themselves among liberated women and no vengeful male relatives in sight… What could go wrong?

  53. Jim Christian says

    Oh gee, it’s those damned Jeeee-Eeeews again. Reminds me of an old commercial. Rehmat: The Jew-Hate goes in before the name goes on.

  54. Jim Christian says

    Well, maintain your cave-side studio in Afghanistan, Rehmat and leave the West alone. We’ll get along fine without you. How’s your goat? He still give you chubbies?

  55. Hey Homer,

    If the western world is so awful then leave!

    Nobody wants you here.


  56. I have not hatred for muslims. I just do not want for them to immigrate en masse to my country. I am atheist, and given the muslim attitudes to atheists, I think my attitude is very reasonable.

  57. Jim Christian says

    He has a studio in a cave in Afghanistan. Very cozy, and his goat is most appreciative.

  58. Jim Christian says

    Agreed. Good take. However, she definately gets tingles between her legs when she’s getting cozy with Muzzies in the selfie-pics. She is a heavy breather.

  59. Why should these faux “migrants” worry when:

    1. it’s highly unlikely that the punishment, if even caught, will be as severe as in their countries of origin
    2. the European governments make a concerted effort to downplay and ignore the crimes by these low IQ life forms in the first place

    3. citizens are not allowed to own defensive firearms

    4. the indigenous peoples of Europe are denigrated by a Leftist/Zionist dominated press & media which incites violence against the indigenous Europeans

    Who is it that demands massive immigration into Euro-white countries, but prohibits non-Jew immigration into “that shitty little country”?

  60. He hasn’t upgraded to boning heavily made-up little boys yet?

  61. He’s Christian.

    Christians laik Israel

  62. Sherrrman,
    Is you??

  63. Israel= one of the most well successful crusade to take the “sacred city” of Jerusalem of the hands of Moslems.

  64. I have nothing against Rehmat’s goat. You shouldn’t make fun of the goat.

  65. It seems like the world is learning all the wrong lessons from WWII, but then, what-happened matters less than how-it-is-spun. As long as Jews spin the narrative, things will get worse for Arabs/Muslims in the Middle East and worse for Germans in Europe.

    We know that the main lesson of WWII is LEAVE OTHER NATIONS ALONE.
    But Jewish-controlled US invades and messes up the Middle East and North Africa. And then Jews urge Europe to be invaded by massive numbers of migrants.

    So, the world learns nothing.
    Russians learned the proper lesson from the 1990s. DO NOT TRUST GLOBALIST JEWS AND DON’T HAND THE KEY TO YOUR NATION TO THE GLOB. But Jewish Glob seems very angry that Russians drew their own lessons than relying on the Jewish Narrative that says Russia’s only hope is to… have massive homo parades and celebrate the likes of Pussy Riot desecrating churches.

    Same goes for blacks and Nazi Germany. There is new movie out about Jesse Owens called RACE. I haven’t seen it and don’t intend to. It sounds pretty dumb.
    According to the Jewish narrative, Jews and blacks are brothers under the skin. Just as Nazis persecuted Jews, white American ‘racists’ oppressed blacks. And there was ideological commonality between Nazis and American ‘racists’ as part of the ‘right’.
    In contrast, blacks and Jews, as part of the ‘left’, were for more equality and social justice.
    There is no doubt some truth to this. Hitler was a radical racist, and there were elements in the American Right that held extreme and demented views on race.
    And Jews and blacks had some of the same problems, and as minorities in white gentile majority nations, they had something to gain by working together.
    So, there is some truth to the Jewish narrative.

    But there’s another way to see this. First, the Jewish-black alliance is extremely problematic because the two groups excel in opposite fields. Jews are masters of brain power, blacks are masters of brawn power. So, for all their talk of equality, Jews were bound to become a helluva richer and more influential than blacks in elite fields. Indeed, Jews are many times more successful and more powerful than white gentiles. Jews make all this noise about ‘white privilege’ to distract us from Jewish privilege. Also, as blacks are tougher and more aggressive, many were bound to grow resentful of Jews and attack Jews in the streets, and this is why Jewish Ed Koch referred to black males as ‘animals’ and why Jewish Bloomberg pushed ‘stop and frisk’ very hard.

    But there’s another reason why it’s too simplistic to go with the narrative of wonderful Jews and wonderful blacks united against evil Nazis who hated both Jews and blacks.
    For one thing, Nazis, loathsome as they were, did not rule over blacks, and as such, don’t have a negative record against them. Whatever their ideology, the Nazis treated black athletes very well in the 36 games, and Hitler shook Jesse Owen’s hands. Also, most black POWs in German camps were treated like any other soldier. Many said that Germans treated them better than they were treated by whites in America.

    Furthermore, contrary to Jewish mythology, plenty of Jews(even Liberal and leftist ones) harbored hostile and distrusting attitude about blacks. If we judge Jews by their actions than their words, the fact that so many fled to white suburbs once integration became a reality tells us a lot about how they really feel about the Negroes.
    Also, plenty of Jewish agents and businessmen ripped off black athletes and artists, even though, to be sure, even blacks who make a lot of money tend to use them badly. Also, Jews ripped off not only blacks but whites and even fellow Jews, as Bob Dylan found out.

    But here’s the most important aspect of how the Jewish Narrative fails when it comes to blacks and Nazis. While it’s true that National Socialism had a vile racial element to it, much of its themes and focus would actually have been better for the black community than the kind of foul filth that that the Jewish entertainment industry pushed onto blacks.

    Indeed, black-Americans would do much better if they went National Socialist than listened to Jewish advice on culture and morality. Of course, we mean National Socialism minus its demented racial ideology of supremacism, imperialism, and annihilationism. There was much that was good about the domestic and national policy of National Socialism. It was about the importance of culture, health, unity, togetherness, family, order, discipline, balance of capitalism and socialism, respect for nature, love of community, preservation of roots and tradition, acceptance of the good things of modernity, and etc.

    The problem of Nation of Islam, of course, is that it mirrors the racial pathologies of National Socialism, i.e. it is a black supremacist ideology. But some of its themes about family, personal responsibility, men acting like serious adults than stupid punks, women acting like serious women than bitch ass ho’s, and etc are positive. To be sure, Farrakhan the black Grinch is a vile and loathsome character who, despite all his talk of virtue and morality, shamelessly hogs spotlight like a diva and gets himself involved with nonsense issues like Mike Tyson’s rape trial and Beyonce’s idiotic trash act.

    But the thing is the mode of National Socialism would be much better for blacks. Blacks need to develop some kind of immunity and resistance to the culture of excess, depravity, mayhem, indulgence, and trashiness that is pushed onto them by Jews everywhere. It’s like Jews wanna reduce everyone into a pimp or whore addicted to MTV. Jews want white girls to end up like Miley Cyrus and black kids to ape gangster rappers and ruin their lives.

    National Socialism said NO to Jewish financial exploitation, pop cultural degradation, moral decadence, and etc. Unfortunately, Hitler and his henchmen turned out to be perverts of justice in their own way.
    But we can save the baby while tossing the bathwater, just like the good side of communism — respect for the worker, humanist ethos, and decent kind of feminism that values women as comrades in work and life — can be salvaged while the radical elements are rejected.

    Yes, the Nazis had racially hostile views about blacks, whereas Jews claimed to sympathize with them(though not so much about Palestinians who ended up like Poles under German rule), but Nazis were nevertheless moralists(at least domestically) invested in reviving the German nation, whereas Jews are immoralists(at least when it comes to goyim whose minds, souls, and bodies are degraded and debased by Jewish control of culture and entertainment)invested in demoralizing and degrading gentile communities with stuff like ‘pussy riot’, ‘homo celebration’, and lena dunham’s mainstreaming of pornography.

    It just so happens that blacks won’t fix their problems unless they turn moralist, and they won’t get moralism from Jews who encourage blacks to act like animals and indulge in dumb politics of throwing apelike tantrums(at white goyim).

    So, while blacks have a right to appreciate Jewish role in the Civil Rights Movement, they need to be wary of Jewish role in the Moral Degradation Movement.
    If blacks were to take anti-racism of the Civil Rights Era and fuse it with the cultural moralism of National Socialism, they will be better off.

    Just as there is something to learn from Jews, there is something to condemn in Jews.
    Just as there is something to condemn in Nazi Germans, there is something to learn from Nazi Germans Though Hitler threw away a great opportunity, his formula for national renewal and re-invigoration was in many ways successful, and it owed a lot to clamping down on the dark side of Jewish influence in finance, culture, and media.
    We’ve seen what Jews are capable of in the Russia of the 1990s. They raped Russia worse than Jews raped Germany in the Weimar period.

    So, blacks should say to Jews , “Thank you for the help in civil rights but NO THANK YOU for the moral degradation of our community.”
    And blacks should say to Nazi Germany, “No thank you for your white supremacist racial attitudes, but THANK YOU for showing what a people can do when they unite and work towards building a healthy culture of order, unity, and discipline independent of nasty and hostile Jewish influence.”

    In America, blacks got the freedom but also the degeneration that comes from falling prey to the influence of Jewish machinations of decadence and degeneration among goyim.
    Look at Hyman Roth’s vision for Cuba. A whore house. As Jews like Sheldon Adelson see it, the world should be casino owned by Jews, and goyim should work like animals and spend their money on meaningless vice that will just make Jews richer.
    We need to be free of such moral degradation that makes Jews richer while making us more dependent and addicted to the industry and culture of vice.

  66. You hold the jews in the highest esteem possible .

    To summarize :
    Jews control Arabs/ Muslims
    Jews control Germany
    Jews control USA
    Jews control EU immigration policy
    Jews control blacks

    The final solution .
    Blacks should disassociate themselves with jews and give themselves over to nazis and national socialism .

    Why doesn’t the mainstream media give credence to white nationalist dogma ??
    Its controlled by jews !!!!!!!

  67. Old fashioned counter argument

  68. You are correct, so ask Angela Merkel.

  69. Oh gee, when was the last time you listed to your rabbi?

    Professor Mark R. Cohen (Princeton University) is an ordained rabbi from the Jewish Theological Seminary in New York. However, he claims he never lead a congregation at Synagogue. He is author of 1994 book, ‘Under Crescent and Cross: The Jews in the Middle Ages’.

    Mark penned an article, entitled ‘The new Muslim anti-Semitism‘, published by Israeli daily The Jerusalem Post on January 2, 2008. In the article, Mark debunked Zionist myth that Islam teaches hatred toward Jews and Christians. He stated that Muslim hatred toward Jews (Zionist Jews) was a recent development and not foundation of Islam.

    “Jewish-Muslim relations are at a nadir today. But the mutual hatred and anti-semitism on the Muslim side are relatively new phenomena, born out of political, rather than religious factors. When the Islamic Caliphs ruled large swaths of Asia and Africa, their Jewish subjects enjoyed a protected status their brethern in Christian Europe – victims of anti-semitism – never thought possible. Islam and Judaism have much more in common than Judaism has with Christianity,” wrote Cohen.

    Cohen’s article was later republished by the Jewish-Zionist propaganda organs like The Jewish Daily Forward, The Washington Post, The Huffington Post, and others, during the Israel lobby campaign against the proposed new Islamic Center a few blocks away from the so-called “Ground Zero”.

    While receiving the Goldziher Prize at a ceremony in October 2010, Cohen spoke of his hope that Jews and Muslims put aside their difference. “In the dust of conflict between Islam and the West today, Jews and Muslims have lost sight of the similarity between their two faiths. If Jews and Muslims better understood the common ground they share, that knowledge would stem the tide of mutual fear that is today spreading across the globe,” he said.

    Very “self-hating Jewish views”, I bet ADL leader Abraham Foxman would have said.

  70. You know that 30% of women in the military are raped right?

  71. Sexual assault rates and murder rates in Japan are likely to be massively underreported, remember that the police there do not file charges unless they are 99.9% sure of getting a conviction, this also holds true for China and Korea, plus their shame culture means that the police may try to cover up any spike in crime rates for fear of losing face, and based on the chikan culture sexual assault and rape rates are likely to be far higher than official figures, I also doubt the veracity of murder/homicide rates and rape rates for India, considering how corrupt and inept the police there are, same for Thailand.

  72. It’s difficult but doable, but far harder to get in serious relationships with them(recent conservative immigrants, not relatively loose turks, levantines and north africans- those are easier but be careful) without nominally converting to Islam, or pretending to convert and then eloping. Besides, before the family punishes/kills her, they definitely go after you first, and its too damn troublesome to try to defend yourself in pozzed europe.

  73. Can Unz please ban Rehmat? He is seriously spamming his long winded muslim-centric insults on every single article.

  74. “Jews control Arabs/ Muslims
    Jews control Germany
    Jews control USA
    Jews control EU immigration policy
    Jews control blacks”

    Eskimos are still free.

  75. Soon it will be 130%.

  76. ”If we judge Jews by their actions than their words, the fact that so many fled to white suburbs once integration became a reality tells us a lot about how they really feel about the Negroes.”

    This is true. Just imature creatures who don’t value the necessity of truth and consequent dialogue.

  77. ”If we judge Jews by their actions than their words, the fact that so many fled to white suburbs once integration became a reality tells us a lot about how they really feel about the Negroes.”

    Yeah, had nothing to do with the fact that they wanted to move out of apartment buildings into single family homes with backyards.

  78. Put them in one of those green suburbs whose neighborhood resembles an wasteland GTA, they will come back rushing to the cubicles of the center of the city, preferably that were socially ” improved ”.
    The official narrative (read, zio-Anglo) has the target audience especially the white people.


    When nationhood goes from ethnos to demos.

    According to the rule of ethnos, Portugal is Portugal because it has Portuguese. It could be small number or large number. Big or small, Portugal is Portugal because of its ethnic composition.

    According to the rule of demos, Portugal is Portugal because it has a certain number of people. If the Portuguese population is, say, 20 million, that number has to be maintained to keep it Portuguese. So, if 10 million Portuguese leave(or if the population collapses due to low birthrates), 10 million non-Portuguese must be imported to maintain the number of 20 million.
    Indeed, even if no one in Portugal is Portuguese, the rule of demos says Portugal is Portugal if it has 20 million people — even if they are all black Africans or Arab Muslims.

    But who believes Israel will be Israel if every Jew is replaced by Chinese or Indians?

  80. The PUA bloggers can focus on pumping and dumping Muslim chicks rather than serious relationships.

  81. I agree with your points.

    When life turns out to fall short of MSM/internet fantasy of what one can expect in what time frame, the factors convene

    Except that these patterns of behaviour also apply to the second and third generation immigrants who don’t have any of those dreams simply grow up in the same environment as fellow natives.

    The outcome among those are much more interesting because their behaviour is the result not only of their ancestral culture but of something different. A sense of alienation(mostly self-imposed) from general European society and massively drummed up by internal cultural authorities but also by the left wing media, that chip on the shoulder becomes a hunchback. So the behaviour of first generation immigrants is qualitatively different from the subsequent generations.

  82. I checked the original Excel table at the German site against the numbers he’s using in his colorful infographic. And the numbers seem to be off. Quite a bit. Anyone else seeing this? I’d like to use, but only if the data is accurate.

    I checked the “murder” line in the Table 62 Excel sheet, line 8. For example, the Excel sheet has “8” for Afghanistan, but in his infographic he has “9”

    Also, in the rape line, well, I can’t even say where he’s pulling those numbers from in the Excel sheet.

  83. Actually, in line 8, “Mord § 211 StGB”, for Afghanistan I see “7”, not “8”.
    But the rates are per 100.000 inhabitants, while you have only 75.385 Aghans in Germany.

    (100/75.385) * 7 = 9.285.

  84. Exactly!! Strong cultures impose cultural assimilation or adaptation. Is not negotiable. Extremely permissive culture as western culture today doesn’t.

  85. @szopen Oh my bad. Thanks. I see that number now. But, so, where is he getting the 75,385 Afghans from, for example, to make the division to get his final number?

  86. No idea. However, there numbers ARE off: states that 77k Afghans have German passport, while there are estimated total 122k Afghans in Germany. However, I presume that the same is about other minorities in Germany. For example, he gives number of Poles as 674k, while estimates exist stating that there are more than two millions of Poles in Germany. Wikipedia also gives 674k for Poles in Germany in one place, and two millions in other. Wikipedia also states that there are 74mln German citizens, but almost 65 millions of Germans “with to migrant background”.

    All in all, I think the numbers are not created to deceive anyone, but they cannot be treated as Gospel. If you would take the higher estimates for population size, you would have lower crime rates for every immigrant group; OTOH, there is a question, whether, for example, Poles for the purpose of census and purpose of crime accounting are treated in the same way. How is treated Turk whose parents were born in Germany? As ethnic German, as Turk immigrant? No idea.

  87. Jeff77450 says

    Well said. A possible ninth factor could be that the consequences of getting caught are less severe for certain crimes in Germany as compared to their countries of origin. For example, Germany doesn’t flog or cut off body parts.