India in the Olympics

It’s fascinating to think that what is now a solidly lower-middle income country with a population that is on the cusp of overtaking’s China’s has just two medals in the Olympics so far.

It’s a bit less surprising when one considers that the average Indian man might only be about as strong as the average Icelandic woman…

But anyhow.

The other really interesting feature is how even within India a small proportion of states contribute almost all their medal winners. For instance, 30% of the Indian Olympic team comes from Haryana and Punjab, two states with 4% of India’s population.

Moreover, even from within those states, there are areas of strong concentration.


Although it’s tempting to ascribe this to vegetarianism, the problem is that most of the South and East do eat chicken whereas both Punjab and Haryana are very vegetarian.

Looking at the leaderboard, India is right below Mongolia (population: 3 million), which at three medals has one more than India despite a 500x lower population. All three of them are in judo. The Mongols also dominate sumo wrestling in Japan (126 million).

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  2. Triteleia Laxa says

    In 2015, New Zealand only had 9,000 high school children playing cricket. That is a smaller pool to select from than some Indian “villages” have. Yet New Zealand is first ranked in the world and India is 4th.

  3. From wikipedia:

    “Despite India’s 50% increase in GDP since 2013, [1] more than one third of the world’s malnourished children live in India. Among these, half of the children under three years old are underweight.”

    And this is just medical-grade malnourishment: the kind of high-quality high-protein diets you would need to nurture a future Olympian is likely out of reach of the majority of the Indian population.

    Oh, and subsistence is about 300 kg of grain-equivalent per person per year. India’s per-capita grain production is on the order of 180 kg per person per year, and so far it seems mostly flat. Granted, this doesn’t count fish or fruits, but still, India is not ‘developing,’ foodgrain production per person per year has been pretty flat for about the last half century.

    Bottom line: Malthus was right. India has the advantage of 500 years of technical progress, they have chemical fertilizers and the green revolution and crop yields per acre that would have seemed like science fiction to someone as late as the 1950’s… and it’s all been cancelled out by massive population growth, leaving the average Indian in many ways more impoverished than someone living in late Medieval Europe.

    Malthus was right. It’s just that the Malthusian catastrophe is not global famine, it’s India, today.

  4. Medals are primary a matter of budget. Chinese sports-budget is waaaaaay higher. By the way Haryana and Punjab are homes of Aryan-related population. May be they are stronger than the rest of Indians.

  5. sher singh says
  6. Olympic medals per capita

    An interesting website that allows you to filter by Olympic year or see medals won across all Olympics. You can also see gold medals per capita and weighted medals per capita, which assigns 4 points for each gold medal, 2 points for silver and one point for bronze. India is dead last for all these metrics except the weighted category in which it is second last before Iraq, who have won 1 bronze medal ever.

    Not included are countries who have never won a medal of course. I think Bangladesh is the largest country by population to have never won a medal.

  7. sher singh says

    I’ll stay out of this thread because I know it’ll be race baiting but I looked into what you said.
    As side note I know people talking on shoes & artificial turf fucking up Indian field hockey & football

    So 1 Crore (100 Lakh, 1 lakh = 100k) INR is 135k USD let’s say 125K & PPP ratio of 3.5

    2016: 900cr total or 112.5mil USD whole country sports budget or around $400mil USD PPP
    2019: 1200cr or 150mil USD or around $500mil USD PP

    Budget has gone up & down in those years too still better than nothing.

    To me, that sounds like a lot but I don’t know much and the other article says:

    the Chinese government spends 316.5 billion yuan annually on sport, which translates to roughly Rs 3 lakh crore and Rs 6.1 per capita per day, almost 200 times more than it’s Indian counterpart.

    300bil Yuan is around 50bil USD & PPP ratio around 1.5 gives $75bil PPP

    I just used the Wikipedia sidebar numbers for Nominal & PPP per capita and divided for both.

    Looking at healthcare spending PPP adjusted (India is either really expensive or really shitty) I’d gut say China’s advantage in sports + health spending is probably 350x more so possible 4-500x more per capita??

    India has also lost average height due to industrialism, I know America didn’t recover pre-civil war avg height till well into 20th C or somewhat.

    All the Panjabis/Haryanvis are one tribe too which is about 10-20% of the pop there.
    So around 1% of pop being 30% of Olympic, similar to Army.

    Hopefully, the situation regarding funding and healthcare gets better; not just for sports.


  8. Maybe Indians are putting their resources into nutrition, sanitation and health care instead of games.

  9. sher singh says

    No, just gibs.

    Here’s a few ex:

    I’m out. Indians can explain the rest, what reservation or SC-ST is. Endia cuts IT funds for Gibs..

  10. Triteleia Laxa says

    If some places produce a grain surplus, it is fine that others produce at deficit. Indian GDP per capita has gone up 5X since 2002. This is not a sign of stagnation. The grain yields are only a tiny part of the picture.

  11. Triteleia Laxa says

    That website will favour smaller countries, since they may have a smaller pool to choose from, but they get the same opportunities to compete.

    The really impressive countries, therefore, are Britain and Australia, which, despite being fairly populous, still sit high in that table.

  12. Damn Brits!

  13. Indeed, up & down budget are negative for elite sports because you need decades to set up top sport-schools. I’m sure that India can do far better with Chinese levels steady budgets. By the way, the enormous ethnic diversity of India, which gives rise to many different phenotypes, should be advantageous because it would allow dominating many sports with different physical demands.

  14. Gimme that ole time religion of the Bengali famine.

  15. Vishnugupta says

    Well India once dominated world Hockey. Beating Nazi Germany 8-1 at the Berlin Olympics Finals.

    And is today a respectable cricketing nation.Having won the world cup twice and reached the finals thrice.

    Both are fairly physically demanding sports.

    So these are proof of concept of Indians being able to compete in physically demanding sports against Europeans.

    Outside of some sports like sprinting and long distance running which Africans dominate due to genetic factors.

    Medals are a function of:

    1. Sports Infrastructure
    2. Recruiting talent at a young age and nurturing them/Trained talent pool available in each sport..the old Stalinist Quantity has a quality all of its own
    3. Sports Medicine expertise(i.e. legal doping)
    4. Money/Career options for the 90%+ who don’t make it
      5.Political will and resolve

    India has consistently been rock bottom on these parameters and the results show.

    It is very slowly improving on these and though the numbers are still laughable one must point out that Bangladesh and Pakistan both countries with a population comparable to Russia have won Zero medals at the Olympics for 20+ years.

    I am not denying the fact that Indians are on average physically weaker than Europeans/Africans but that doesn’t explain the longest running joke in Olympic history which is South Asian performance.

  16. I think Indians generally do not value athletics or physical fitness. Just look at the Indians in United States. The only extracurricular activity they participate in are spelling bee tournaments. Also, have you ever noticed very many Indians at your local gym/YMCA? I think it’s just a cultural thing, from the subcontinent to their diaspora around the world. And there’s nothing wrong with that. Different people have the right to have different interests. (I will say it is strange though that a people that gave the world yoga chooses not to at least credibly compete in gymnastics.)

  17. Sports just isn’t big here, it is seen as a pastime rather than a serious career option. It is statistically better to just grind in academic studies and secure a middle class job instead of taking the plunge into youth sports and getting left high and dry at the eleventh hour.

    Subcontinentals also carry more fat for a given height and weight, leading to the condition of being “skinny fat”.

  18. Sorry, you are wrong.

    GDP per capita with a rapidly growing population does not equate to real progress for the average person.

    First, one way or the other, a lot of this GDP growth is asset price inflation. If you jam more people in, and asset prices go up, that’s increased ‘economic activity,’ but not real wealth, is it?

    Also: as population densities rise, you need massive investments JUST TO STAY EVEN. Consider an Indian village with 100,000 people in it. You increase the population to 200,000, but now you need to use chemical fertilizers and extensive irrigation systems etc., the total economic activity of making those capital investments could easily cause the economy to very much more than double, yet the average person will be no better off…

    Even as rich kids don’t consider money important, we in the west don’t consider food production to be important – but it is. Except for a few tiny city-states, countries that can’t feed themselves tend to have problems. Food is the core resource: don’t get that right, and all the video games and cellphones in the world don’t matter.

    And as far as trading with the rest of the world for food: 1. To date that has not done very much to increase the diet of the average Indian, has it? 2. Can the global market for software engineers and telemarketers really absorb a billion+ Indians, and pay them enough to import enough food to have a decent diet? Small countries like Singapore can play that game but not, I think, India. 3. And if rising global populations and stagnant agricultural yields finally start to cause global food prices to surge, what then? Suppose other countries finally start to get tight food supplies, and won’t export regardless of price? Not being food-independent is a risky long-term situation for a nation.

  19. Triteleia Laxa says

    Sorry, you are wrong.

    GDP per capita with a rapidly growing population does not equate to real progress for the average person.

    5X does.

    First, one way or the other, a lot of this GDP growth is asset price inflation.

    Assets tend to be excluded from GDP calculations.

    Food is the core resource: don’t get that right, and all the video games and cellphones in the world don’t matter.

    I’ll forward your advice to the Sinaporean government. I am sure they are longing to have an economy much like Gabon or Ghana, which have no problem with food production.

    And as far as trading with the rest of the world for food: 1. To date that has not done very much to increase the diet of the average Indian, has it?

    Actually it has. There has been an extremely rapid decline in Indian poverty over the last two decades. India is also “food secure”. The reasons for malnutrition appear to be more of an enigma, related to the ordinary Indian’s particularly undiverse tastes.

    And if rising global populations and stagnant agricultural yields finally start to cause global food prices to surge, what then? Suppose other countries finally start to get tight food supplies, and won’t export regardless of price? Not being food-independent is a risky long-term situation for a nation.

    This seems extremely unlikely. The amount of land being used for arable purposes is actually decreasing quickly. This means that it is not a scarce resource and is becoming much less scarce every year, even as food production and security has massively increased globally.

  20. China Japan and Korea Bromance of Three Kingdoms says

    Aussies and NZ are indeed impressive. But Britain’s medals are partly due to blacks. If that’s carved out I expect about same as Germany (per capita)

  21. China Japan and Korea Bromance of Three Kingdoms says

    Sports just isn’t big here, it is seen as a pastime rather than a serious career option.

    This is a sorry excuse. The Austrian chick who won gold medal in cycling is a math phd.

  22. Triteleia Laxa says

    Not sure why “blacks” shouldn’t count, but, looking at the pictures of medal winners, the vast majority seem to be white, indeed to a rate which is disproportionately high to their share of the population in competing age cohorts.

  23. China Japan and Korea Bromance of Three Kingdoms says

    It’s not as pathetic if you look at the Asian Games (regional Olympics) medals. India (per capita) is only somewhat lower than Vietnam’s.

  24. Guessing air pollution is a factor:

    India has long faced this annual pollution problem; 21 of the 30 cities with the worst air pollution in the world are in India, according to IQAir AirVisual’s 2019 World Air Quality Report.
    New Delhi has been ranked the most polluted city in the world, and the air quality last year reached levels more than 20 times what the World Health Organization (WHO) considers “safe.”

  25. How is that a sorry excuse? If you’re not into something, then you’re not into something. So what that Austrian chick with a PhD won a gold medal. Apparently she was REALLY into cycling. However, if you have no interest in cycling, or any other sport other than cricket, then it is what it is.

  26. China Japan and Korea Bromance of Three Kingdoms says

    Of course it matters. Excellence in Olympics sports is mostly 1. bantus trained in westernized countries (they even excel at nerdy sports like gymnastics and judo) 2. whites including Caucasians (we can break which whites are better at what, later) 3. More recently, northeast Asians

    Everyone else, west Africans, southeast Asians, Arabs, Turks, Persians, mestizos, east africans (ex distance running), polynesians (ex rugby, Am football) are mediocre. And subcons especially Dravidians pathetic

    If India wants to win medals, the cheapest shortcut is to import bantus like the Gulf states. Obviously I hope they don’t do so.

  27. Triteleia Laxa says

    White British people are over represented in Olympic medal winners as to their proportion of the relevant age group.

  28. The reason the UK has done well in the Olympics over the last twenty or so years is because of a conscious decision by the government after the humiliation of Atlanta in the 1990’s when only one gold medal was won. The National Lottery was instituted in 1994 and some of the money raised from that goes towards Olympic sponsorship of sports where it is thought medals can be earned, like in swimming, canoeing and cycling. Before then the government took little interest and Olympic participants from the UK were often amateurs with unrelated full time jobs.

  29. Triteleia Laxa says

    Shhhhhhh, the reason is Anglo-Saxon superiority, why are you ruining all of the fun???

    Whoever would have thought that providing an economic incentive in “sports” which provide almost no economic incentive, like almost all Olympic events, would greatly increase your chance of having talented athletes and winning?

  30. Russia, the Netherlands, and Taiwan are doing much better than expected.

  31. San Marino has two medals and 50,000 times smaller population. I wonder if we could place their two athletes on the map of San Marino and find out what kind of pasta they eat.

  32. How much money do Hindus spend on cow shelters every year?

  33. Maybe cricket belongs in the Olympics. A billion people would be bowled over.

  34. EU countries gold medals are very close to the sum of gold medals of China+USA+Japan. So if EU had one team with all those gold medalists they would smoke the other non European big three by factor of three or more. Anyway, Europe is a hyper hegemon. And once sometime in the future when Russians get tamed and be absorbed by the EU the hyper hegemony will be eternal. Even in sprints if the DDR’s know how is resurrected: Marita Koch’s 400m world record from 1985 still holds.

  35. China Japan and Korea Bromance of Three Kingdoms says


    There is something known as all-around excellence, and that’s what the Austrian chick was about.

    99.9999 percent of Chinese don’t give a rat’s ass about sailing (nor have access to it). Yet PRC medaled in sailing.

    Because some people will NOT settle for being mediocre.

  36. Bragadocious says

    Yup, and the Brits love their national lottery, aka the stupid tax. In America only hillbillies, blacks and problem gambling Vietnamese play it; over there everyone does.

  37. EU countries gold medals are very close to the sum of gold medals of China+USA+Japan. So if EU had one team with all those gold medalists they would smoke the other non European big three by factor of three or more.

    If the EU competed as a single country, they would have fewer athletes participating and consequently fewer medals. The Olympics has a quota allocation system which limits the number of athletes each country can send. So the EU competing as multiple independent countries means they can send more athletes.

  38. San Marino’s medals are in trap shooting.

  39. “If the EU competed as a single country, they would have fewer athletes participating and consequently fewer medals. ” – No, if all future medalist were on one team. The team would be no larger than that of China and it would have no more participants per discipline than what is allocated for one country.

  40. It's Ovrer says

    Uhh what? The vast majority are not White if White is defined as being of entirely European descent.

    But I guess this event brings out the desperation in people.

  41. “San Marino’s medals are in trap shooting.” – San Marino is too small to have marathon runners. Running in circles is boring.

  42. Triteleia Laxa says

    Every single person of the 24 people involved in Britain’s 11 gold medals won so far is both clearly 100% white and has a very British name.

  43. I disagree with those who seem to suggest that India could not do a lot better in the Olympics and sports in general.

    A significant factor in winning medals is a government and society wide commitment to sports and winning medals. Another factor is enough wealth and a culture of leisure to enable citizens to pursue niche sports that are Olympic events. India seems to lag in these major factor compared to many other countries.

  44. China wants to maximize the number of medals at a given fixed cost. They do the same calculus as DDR did with less people and less resources. Training swimmers and gymnasts from early age gives most medals for the buck. One swimmer or gymnast can get several medals and they compete when young. Otoh soccer or hockey need many players who take many years to mature to the peak performance and they bring only one medal. In DDR soccer and hockey had zero priority.

    China is gaming the system and probably Japan do it as well for prestige but only this time because they host the olympics. Why China is doing it and why DDR was doing it?

    Is this a good PR to improve the image of the country? For DDR it was mostly compensation directed at their subjects but also in the international arena they wanted recognition as many thought the DDR was not really a legitimate country. The DDR Germans were suppose to think, yes we have the Berlin Wall but also the best athletes in the world.

    But for China that success buys nothing abroad except for few China fanboys like Fred Reed and Godfree Roberts who are already committed to China. China is recognized as a powerful and very successful country in many metrics. So for whom do they enslave their children in sport programs? The olympic success is really directed at the Chinese for the same reason it was done in DDR. Our country kind of sucks but we can be proud of our athletes. They kick everybody’s ass. This can be a part of martial conditioning for ass kicking in a real war.

    What kind of perks and arm twisting the parents of those tortured children get in China? There is German TV series The Same Sky where parents want to extricate their daughter from the sport program after she begins to grow hair all over her body. They do not succeed because of perks and threats of losing them. BTW it was a pretty good series. I saw only one season.

  45. No, if all future medalist were on one team. The team would be no larger than that of China and it would have no more participants per discipline than what is allocated for one country.

    Yes, but it would be fewer than the number of athletes Europe can send now for each event as separate countries.

    There is a maximum number of athletes each country can send for each sport or event. For example, in track and field, a country can send a maximum of 3 per event. So Europe competing as one country would only be able to send a max of 3 athletes for a particular track and field event. Whereas Europe competing as multiple countries as it does currently can send many more athletes for each event.

  46. If I’m not mistaken, you cited San Marino as an example to support the view that India is extremely unathletic or something.

    Perhaps it is true that San Marineans are in general much better athletes than Indians are. But I don’t see how winning 2 medals in trap shooting supports that view. San Marino is a very wealthy country with people that can and do pursue niche leisure activities like trap shooting.

  47. Triteleia Laxa says

    With those same somewhat unbalanced rules of just adding countries together, the Queen’s dominions of Britain, Australia and New Zealand would absolutely dominate.

  48. Boomthorkell says

    Mongolian wrestling and wrestlers are the only people to have ever maintained my interest in said sport (outside when I am wrestling someone, but that’s amateur “surprise tackling friends” hour.)

  49. dogbumbreath says

    Winning medals at the Olympics means nothing. The only Olympics that truly matter is “procreation” and India has zero problems with that. The West might win some medals but they can’t procreate. So, looking down the road you have a future where one country has a warehouse full of shiny medals vs a country which has a population.

  50. Dacian Julien Soros says

    That’s not how statistics work. If India is supposed to make 300 kg of grains, but makes only 180, and stagnates on that front, it’s not “some places” that are behind, it’s pretty much the whole country.

    What’s more amusing is, Indians being as capable as you know them, agricultural products have the biggest share in GDP and in exports. Not only there’s little food being made, the rich people of India are sending it overseas, so that they can buy iPhones.

  51. Dacian Julien Soros says

    After the Bologna process, an EU PhD requires less than a MSc in America, or in Romania of the nineties, when masters were introduced. Today’s EU MSc are less work than many of the bachelors we had until 1999.

  52. YetAnotherAnon says

    “In America only hillbillies, blacks and problem gambling Vietnamese play it; over there everyone does.”

    Once again Brag’s anti-Brit animus betrays him. The lottery and all the other forms of separating fools from their cash* are overwhelmingly a lower class/underclass pastime** in the UK.

    At my middle-class place of employment we jointly buy lottery tickets at £2 a head once every few months, when the jackpot is above £100 million, for fun. Whereas the rougher a council estate is, the more poor souls you’ll see buying “scratchcards”. Sad!

    • in the 1950s UK all gambling bar on-course racing gambling was illegal in the UK. Now the gambling “industry” is a major one. Also sad!

    ** I had a colleague ten years back, bright guy and Excel whiz, who claimed to earn an amount equal to his salary from gambling on betting exchanges, searching dozens if not hundreds of online bookmakers for odds discrepancies, betting and laying off the bet on Betfair. Trouble is he didn’t have a life as it occupied all his spare time.

  53. Regarding India’s potential, I do not see why they couldn’t ultimately be competitive with many wealthy Asian and European countries.

    Their athletes on average may not end up reaching the size of Northern Europeans or the speed of West Africans, but I think they could do a lot better and could be competitive with many 1st and 2nd world countries.

    Of course a lot would have to change, economically and culturally, for them to be competitive.

    Consider how Russia underperforms in soccer. They get outranked by tiny countries with much smaller populations, and 3rd world Latin American and African countries, as well as by neighboring small Slavic countries. But I don’t think anyone considers Russia’s long weakness in soccer as indicative of their potential in soccer. I think Russia could be very strong in soccer if their resources, attention, and culture were more focused on it.

  54. CANZUK competing as one team would be able to send fewer athletes per event than they can now competing as separate countries.

    The CANZUK countries are strong in many of the same sports, like swimming, so they have many contenders in many of the same events. If they were one team, they would be allotted fewer contenders for each event.

  55. Caspar von Everec says

    Do this intellectual for output as well. Africa has a populationof 1.4 billion while Switzerland has 8 million. Yet, Switzerland has contributed many times more to science, literature, architecture and music than the entire continent of Africa, once you discount white South Africans.

  56. Caspar von Everec says

    Even if only 10% of Indians are perfectly fed(its far more in reality), they should far outcompete any european country due to sheer numbers

  57. sher singh says

    Another Sergeant Idk if same wrote a poem expressing a desire to switch sides at Chillianwala.

    I don’t know what Hindus spend on Cow shelters, but I don’t think the work for American cows||


  58. ” I had a colleague ten years back, bright guy and Excel whiz, who claimed to earn an amount equal to his salary from gambling on betting exchanges, searching dozens if not hundreds of online bookmakers for odds discrepancies, betting and laying off the bet on Betfair. Trouble is he didn’t have a life as it occupied all his spare time.”

    Matched betting. The bookies will restrict your account after a few bets, unless you’re very careful.

  59. RadicalCenter says

    True, but San Marino has a grand total of 33,600 inhabitants. There are probably several hundred times more rich people with the time to pursue niche olympic sports in india than in San Marino.

  60. India’s birthrate is falling dramatically. It is Sub-Saharan Africa that is the problem. The most intelligent subgroups in India have critically low birthrates.

  61. The Mongols also dominate sumo wrestling in Japan (126 million).

    The greatest post-war sumo wrestler in Japan, Taino Koli, was half Ukrainian:

    Kōki was born on the island of Sakhalin (Karafuto Prefecture) to a Japanese mother Kiyo Naya[7] and an ethnic Ukrainian father Markiyan Boryshko[7] who had fled the Bolshevik Revolution

  62. Hannah Katz says

    Compare India to Australia re population and medals in any Olympics. The Aussies’ ratio of medals to population is consistently amazing.

  63. sher singh says

    The passage below is from Sikhan Di Bhagatmala [1723] by Bhai Mani Singh Shaheed, wherein a question is asked as to the difference between Gurbani from Adi Guru Granth Sahib and Dasam Guru Granth Sahib. Bhai Mani Singh explains the difference as such:

    Then the Sikhs asked further questions to Bhai Mani Singh. “That which was written, the Gurbani within the Adi Granth, it is all of devotional nature, and, the Tenth Master’s Gurbani is of a martial [yudh] nature, along with the stories about [deceitful] women. How are we to understand the reason [in regard to the difference]?

    Then Bhai Mani Singh replied, “Just like when Arjuna was seated, having abandoned his weapons during the time of battle, and the Great King [Krishna] gave him the teaching of the Gita, and instilled within him the duty of his caste and life stage, of warfare. In the same way, Hindus [of this time] had recognized Dharam as being non-violent, and had abandoned their weapons.


  64. If it warms by a few degrees, sure, it will become competitive in football.

  65. Considering that the Japanese are physically small (they are about 5-7 cm shorter than Koreans and Chinese), that’s not too surprising.

  66. Daniel Chieh says

    This is probably the most accurate aspect of it: a personal optimized for ego repair is unlikely to improve

  67. reiner Tor says

    The Hungarian Greco-Roman wrestler Tamás Lőrincz won the gold medal in the 77 kilogram weight class. His brother, Viktor, is wrestling for the gold medal in the 87 kilogram weight class tomorrow. (So a silver medal is already guaranteed.) Among them this couple of brothers has more medals than over one billion Indians.

  68. reiner Tor says

    That said I agree that once Indians take some interest in the Olympics, they will be able to get more competitive, even if nowhere near the powerhouse level.

  69. New Zealand is on six golds on a population of five million. That is fairly typical

  70. Daniel Chieh says

    I don’t disagree that malnutrition is playing a large part, but given the fact that food is being dumped elsewhere in the world, this seems like a transportation and allocation issue much like malnutrition issues in the world in general is, rather simply supply.

    And although I’m not deeply comprehensive of Indian politics, there seems to be all sorts of related issues to this:

    1) Just poor organization as a whole. The entire “Olympic athlete” aspect would just be a sideshow, as it does seem that India has consistent issues with organization and additionally doesn’t seem successful in addressing this. This also features in military procurement, in manufacturing, etc.

    2) Powerful rural lobby. I’ve gotten the sense that there’s a powerful farmer’s lobby in India that protects their food markets from outside imports and sucks up a lot of subsidies. A downside of this is that they just don’t produce that much food, and do not reorganize to use efficient techniques, often cloaked in arguments against GMO or monoculture.

    3) Machiavellianism. Indians do not seem to care very much for each other, basically and can easily come up with any number of reason not to do so: religion, caste, politics, skin color, diet, etc. I think its wrong to blame the specific reasoning, its more that there’s a desire not to care which then finds it manifestation through a reason. This Machiavellianism is politically expedient, which is why Indians are incredibly capable at rising to the C-suite, etc, but it seems less than ideal for cooperative enterprises, where at its basis, you probably need to give a crud about the people you’re cooperating with.

  71. Brag needs to get a grip on his inferiority complex.

  72. China Japan and Korea Bromance of Three Kingdoms says

    First of all, I saw Good Bye Lenin, was DDR really that bad? Aren’t there some AfD voters who’d rather roll back to old days?

    they enslave their children in sport programs?

    Is this any longer true? I’m trying to imagine “grueling”, “sadistic”, “chemically enhanced” training programmes for sailing

    That said, I acknowledge that there are plenty of issues with China’s sports. The organic growth still limited, and that despite billions of cash pour into it, PRC’s football team is no better than the days of Cultural Revolution.

    Obviously there are Chinese guys with Ronaldo, Suarez-like speed, but there’s more to it than that. Same for basketball, China can produce plenty of big centers, but no guards with creativity and court vision like Steve Nash or Chris Paul.

    But then again there’s no clear correlation of soccer ranking with overall country accomplishment. So I’m not even sure that its a problem that China sucks at soccer

    Japan and SK is different and decentralized. So they have decent soccer teams and elite players in European leagues. Because of bushido ethos they have organic Battōjutsu competition like this

    There was this Jap who off’ed himself because he could only win bronze
    Obviously not healthy either, but preferable to 2 medals for 1.4 billion people, that’s just me.

  73. Daniel Chieh says

    Not being food-independent is a risky long-term situation for a nation.

    I don’t disagree with this intrinsically but I do note that Japan is only 40% self-sufficient by their own measurements in food with nontrivial population(120 million+) and they’re not just living off bread and water; they’re also not doing poorly in the Olympics.

    There are major reasons to be concerned about lack of self-sufficiency in food and many Japanese right-wingers discuss that, but it should not be necessarily accompanied by malnutrition, let alone extreme malnutrition. The latter is almost certainly a sign of more systemic and endemic issues.

    On a related note, China has always had consistently bad soil and only a smallish area relative to the nation suitable for agriculture and to this day doesn’t have full self-sufficiency(maybe soonish when they finally manage to get rice to grow in seawater), but overall is still getting more obese, if anything.

  74. China Japan and Korea Bromance of Three Kingdoms says

    EU PhD requires less than a MSc in America

    Huh? An MS in US does not require quals, teaching or dissertation, only coursework. This broad did her dissertation in one field (differential geometry) and in post-doc for another (non-linear Pde)

  75. Germany is quite cold and very competitive in football.

  76. Bragadocious says

    The lottery and all the other forms of separating fools from their cash* are overwhelmingly a lower class/underclass pastime** in the UK.

    Not true at all, my oversensitive and dishonest Cuck Islander.

    Stats show over 70% of British adults play the national lottery on a regular basis. One of the great things about you Brits (maybe the only great thing) is that you study yourselves to death, then people like me get to use your stats against you.

    Here you go:,people%20that%20live%20in%20Ukraine.)

    Careful, like all UK sites they immediately install cookies, because the UK is a disgusting joke. (I quickly cleared cookies)

    Good stats on Powerball and Mega Millions in the U.S. are a bit harder to come by, but a Texas study from 2016 showed that between 17-21% of adults played them regularly. It seems Texans are a helluva lot smarter than Brits…

  77. Daniel Chieh says

    I suspect it has more to do with overall sense of hopelessness in the UK.

  78. YetAnotherAnon says

    Your “source”

    a) is a Lotto (i.e. gambling) site
    b) gives no references whatsoever for their statistics
    c) makes the claim (again unreferenced) that 57% of Americans buy one or more lottery tickets a year.

    UK Government figures are

    44% of adults had played a National Lottery game in the last 12 months
    15% of adults had played a society lottery in the last 12 months
    17% of adults had bet on sports in the last 12 months
    There were differences in the likelihood of having played a National Lottery game with the demographic categories of age, ethnicity, region, gender, employment status, tenure and urban/rural status (i.e. the people who played the most were those who could least afford it)

    So your stats are just as informative as your posts are.

    Why not just post “I Hate The Brits” at two-hourly intervals and get the same message across while saving on effort?

  79. I hear that for the sport called rugby, New Zealand basically cheat by stealing the best players from places like Tonga, Papua New Guinea, Fiji etc.

    I’m sure South Africans have always been a trillion times better at sport historically, including this odd one called cricket, when compared to New Zealand. … and that despite the white population of South Africa being significantly less than that of New Zealand.

    Also I am lead to believe that New Zealand being first at cricket is like Sweden being 2nd best team in 1958 football – total BS.

  80. Triteleia Laxa says

    No offence, but you clearly don’t know much about “the sport called rugby.”

    I don’t even like watching sport, but a quick Google 5old me that New Zealand born players have contributed the most to other nations’ teams and other nations’ have contributed least to their team. Only 4 out of 31 NZ players were born outside of the country, which is remarkably low for rugby.

    This means that your claim is exactly inverse to reality.

    As for cricket, NZ has been doing well for a while according to results. This is no fluke, and, as I pointed out, their entire pool of players is about the same as one Indian mega-village.

  81. Maybe it has to do with temperatures:

    The regions where the Indian athletes mostly come from are in the foothills of Himalaya. Australian are good at water sports, and maybe because they don’t really get into those sports that tend to overheat the body. Maybe this is why Yoga was devised in India, as a sort of Pilates, to fortify the body. And even Yoga is not to be performed in the middle of the day.

  82. Indiam culture is not geared towards giving a shit about this kind of thing – it is more otherworldly and metaphysical.

    This is the culture that gave birth to a majority of the worlds religions and exported spirituality to most of Asia.

    Quite simply, not everyone gives a shit about the same things, or is willing to make the same effort for the same goals. I don’t understand why this is so difficult to understand.

    This idea that everyone has the same goals seems the baseline assumption of the modern world, to the point where people do not understand you when you question it – is this an aspect of autistic Machine mentality? That Machine mentality can’t understand”intangibles” like motivations, values, priorities? Or is that since these things can’t be measured, they are invisible to Machine mentality?

    It’s obvious China cares about this more than other countries, and is willing to make a crazy immense effort. I don’t know whether to laugh or cry 🙂

    On the one that a Great Power should make such a big deal about nothing shows just how silly and absurd the human race continues to be 🙁 On the other hand, how wonderful it is that the human race is, in it’s essence, silly and absurd! 🙂 And when will we realize that all our most “serious” affairs are just in the end – games 🙂

  83. You seem obsessed with Britain. I am very well traveled. Countries I dislike I avoid and then I don’t give them a second thought., No one is asking you to live there. Britain is fine – where it is still British.

    The opposite of love is not hatred but indifference.

  84. Daniel Chieh says

    No doubt.

    I don’t think that buying a lottery ticket is indicative of gambling addiction; its not a high level of investment either time or money, but I do think that can be a sign of emotional malaise otherwise.

  85. Indians only play cricket, hockey, badminton, squash and their native games, so it’s more than disingenuous for Karlin to come up with this.

    Now, I don’t know, but one Indian friend moaned to me that the anglos were responsible for some sinister and critical change in hockey rules a few decades before, that was crucial in deliberately turning India and Pakistan from being the undisputed Kings of hockey….. into having a severe handicap.
    Can any Indians and Pakistanis enlighten me on this? This is Usain Bolt style domination of a sport from these guys in hockey that was stopped.

    Both countries were alternating olympic golds in hockey for years until that rule change.Have that rule change stopped and then that is probably 10% of Indias total Olympic squad having gold medals around their necks.

    Squash (a racquet sport) is a similar story, except Indians and Pakistani’s were near the top but not undeniably the best as in hockey. The problem here? Inexplicably Squash is not an olympic sport. Is that because of racism against South Asian success? Who knows.

    Karlin will try and deflect and squeal, but there are 2 or 3 main reasons for female sporting success – 1of them good, 1 of them not.
    Communism is of course the main reason for great and inspirational, elegant, brave, ultra-skillfull female Olympic sporting success. We see this with the great USSR, and this is exactly what we are seeing with China and in its heritage in further success for Russia. Much of the western sporting female “success” in many sports has simply happened because of them stealing communist-country coaches with communist coaching methods. India, of course, is not communist.

    The second (bad) reason is western vile butch-lesbian / toxic rabid “feminism” in much of the western countries, that generates female Olympic success for them and places them at a severe advantage of countries like India, which presumably don’t idolise butch lesbians and there probably isn’t the same level of female participation in sports as in west – which should not be confused with being the inverse of toxic feminism of West, which is simply a mentality to encourage cheating.

    The third reason is wealth. Didn’t Queen of England’s daughter win Gold medal at Olympics? Fact is that many of these nations like India have a backwards mentality to anything involving water – they view it as “white man’s sport” instead of swimming, sailing, kayaking for their own enjoyment they moan or are intidimidated by it. Can any Indians confirm to me that Indians, outside of the Portuguese-heritage ones in Goa, do not even lay on their many sandy beaches, unlike all white countries in warm weather?

    Knowing Karlin’s style…… I have to suspect this article is nothing but some cloak to hide Ukraine being total sh*t at the Olympics.

  86. Bragadocious says

    LOL so you want me to dig into the methodology of the lottery website? Again, LOL

    Why would they lie? What would they stand to gain by putting a huge lie on the Internet?

    Even if the 44% figure is correct, which it isn’t, that’s still higher than the U.S. figures on Powerball and Mega.

    This study:

    shows that the most aggressive U.S. lottery players only play about 27 times a year, versus the problem punters in the UK who play every week.

    Per the Limeys:

    For those who had played a National Lottery game, 35% reported playing every week, and 25% reported playing every month but not every week

    Hilariously, the Cuck government also installs cookies. Oh well, I just delete them all again. What is it with you people? You’re like some pedo groomer on Facebook, stalking people who are just trying to get basic news and information. You’re all diseased maniacs.

  87. YetAnotherAnon says

    “Germany is quite cold and very competitive in football.”

    Not as cold as Russia in winter though, as Germany found out.

  88. Rugby is 13 or 15 in a team is it not? If those 4 are all in that team of 13 or 15…….that is quite significant.

    Even guys like me who know nothing about rugby have heard of Jonah Lomu. Played for New Zealand. Born and grew up in……. Tonga.

  89. Triteleia Laxa says

    It is 4 out of the squad of 31 and since a full 1/4 residents in NZ were born abroad, that is a disproportionately small number…

  90. Dacian Julien Soros says

    In Romania, the Bologna PhD takes 3, and often 2 years. There is no teaching, there is no qualifying (that is, midcourse) exam. I think all MSc graduates in America need to write some sort of story, although they don’t need to defend it. So all the differences you describe do not apply to post-EU Romania.

    Before Bologna, almost everyone I knew was working on their PhD every once in a while (weekends, holidays, whatever), and needed 7+ years to see it through, similar to US PhDs in humanities. If they were lucky to hang around in an Uni, they would teach; most often, they would be full-time researchers in one of the state-run research institutes. Again, like US PhDs in humanities.

  91. And if Sergei Bubka had a massive surge of rage and broke his pole into 3 pieces……. the length of that Pole would cover (with plenty of length remaining) the bodies of entire Galician “Ukrainian” olympic medal winners in history. Do I go for the definite peremoga that the winners from Galicia are no more in number than the amount of fingers on my hand? …… Or do I take the minor risk, but highly plausible claim of saying that there has not existed a single Olympic medal winner (out of probably 300-400) from ukrops poorest, dumbest, least western-minded and most useless area of Galicia since “Ukraine” was out of USSR? LOL.
    Before today at least in Olympics, Russians, kavkaz and Africans had won more medals FOR Ukraine than Galicians!

    You won’t choose to talk about that you cowardly-Nazi-pillager-David Hasselhoff worshipping- slut

  92. The explosion in drug addiction and alcoholism is a sign of despair – as is suicide. I rent out properties for a living and I have watched one or two of my tenants drink themselves to death. One had not been seen around town for a few days and I went to check on him. I found his corpse surrounded by a sea of empty sherry bottles. That was despair. The smell of sherry now makes me retch. Another of my tenants has a drink problem and has one daughter. She has given up on him. We tried to trace her without success. He does not know if she is alive or dead or if he is a grandfather.

    I know this data is qualitative and not quantitative, but think I can say I have seen despair.

    My father-in-law gambles. He limits himself to twenty dollars a week and sometimes wins five hundred. He is the happiest person I know. He is fully in control of his life and his gambling is not a problem.

    I recently stayed at high-class hotel in Queensland for a couple of nights to celebrate my wife’s birthday. The hotel had a casino attached. I couldn’t sleep and went for a walk. My route took me past the pokie machines at 2am. The same people were at the same pokie machines the following morning at 10. They reminded me of my tenant face down in the carpet. I am fully aware that East Asians have lower rates of social dysfunction than Europeans, but a large proportion of the people with a gambling problem were Chinese. It’s their answer to substance abuse.

  93. Daniel Chieh says

    Knowing Karlin’s style…… I have to suspect this article is nothing but some cloak to hide Ukraine being total sh*t at the Olympics.

    TIL that an article about Indians is actually about Ukraine.

    Makes sense, really. Indians are the true Aryans, and the Azov Battalion are the true supporters of Aryans, and so on and so on.

  94. “First of all, I saw Good Bye Lenin, was DDR really that bad?” – It was actually very good. Life was better than for 80% of people in the world now. But most East Germans would not consoled be by it. They were looking at life in the West Germany and it made them feel less happy.

  95. Bragadocious says

    Lmao–another butthurt Brit who left the sinking ship but is still obsessed about Cuck Island’s crumbling “reputation” calls someone else obsessed.

    Let the record show I made one very short and factual comment about the UK lottery and was immediately called a liar. Now I have to defend myself, and will. You don’t like it, put me on ignore.

  96. CauCasiAnn says

    Living and working around an increasingly large Indian population (both Hindu and Muslim) as a Nordic, I can see there’s literally no athletic ability whatsoever. Wrapping themselves in sheets and sitting all day instead of exercising is not adequate training for any sport.

    Should we be shocked at the medal count?

  97. China Japan and Korea Bromance of Three Kingdoms says

    I’m pretty sure she got a real phd since she’s postdoc at a top Swiss Uni

    I think all MSc graduates in America need to write some sort of story

    Not at all. MSc in trendy subjects like data science amounts to a 5th year BSc. Many are overwhelmingly PRC students and are huge cashflow sources for US Uni’s because they all pay full tuition, and not subject to racial quotas. The Profs are frequently non-tenure adjuncts. That’s why there’s zero chance US will bar PRC students because that’s one way to earn back the current account deficit.

    US STEM PhD students are frequently cheap labor sources for the Uni’s. Again also heavily from PRC, also India.

  98. Daniel Chieh says

    They do practice yoga extensively.

    A common joke here was that you can tell if an IT company is more Indian or Chinese by seeing the free classes for the workforce: yoga if Indian, ping-pong for Chinese.

    Our friend Jatt here is the only one I know who seems to lift, though.

  99. I doubt that many people have promoted more than me the point on runet and English language net (certainly on Unz) that vegetarian diet/sacred cow places Hindus at disadvantage in sport compared to Muslims….. a few days ago his haemorrhoids-suffering “friend” the fantasist, wacko bimbo “AP” not only tries to plaigirise the point ( in a false and dumb context LOL) in a false and sociopathic argument with an Indian on here…… he makes a point about Indian physical strength, based on zero knowledge, a mental disorder to talk instantaneous BS and selectively and falsely copying wikipedia articles to talk on an issue he has literally never thought of or have any knowledge on.

    A few days later, Karlin “surprise” echoes this ape’s themes with this article by out of nowhere talking about India.

    One of the points I made a few days ago was of the regularity of him repeating verbatim, this wacko ape’s nonsense arguments on many subjects. You want to do a count of this or you think I am “lying”?

    So yes, of course this is about Ukraine

  100. They wear those sheets in the cold Nordic countries? Very unlikely – particularly the majority of the men.

    Sit all day? Are they fat then? As far as I am aware, Indians don’t have a reputation for being fat or obese, which is what being lazy or “sitting all day” should achieve

  101. I know, but Germany shows that football is not a thing of warm and hot countries. Germany can be considered a cold country and always have a top National Football team. The German team seems to have made a very efficient syncretism of physical power of central and north Europe players with individual talent more usually found in (Euro and American) Latin countries.

  102. BlackFlag says

    Nigeria is terrible as well.

    A better measure of athletic talent is probably simply football rankings since almost all countries play it a lot and the sport seems to require all around athletic skills.

    Adjust a bit for GDP but money is not nearly as big a factor (plenty of poor African and South American countries do well). Adjust for population size somehow in a non-linear fashion.

  103. Thorfinnsson says

    Literacy was a mistake.

    If you had never been taught to read, you would never have insulted us with this steaming pile of horseshit.

    You should be prohibited from having opinions. Or simply shot.

  104. BlackFlag says

    Sweden, Denmark, Czechia normally stay in the top 30 despite of small population sizes.

    Globally, warm countries dont seem to be better ranked.

    Even within Europe there doesn’t seem to be a South to North cline.

  105. Agathoklis says

    “Indiam culture is not geared towards giving a shit about this kind of thing – it is more otherworldly and metaphysical.

    This is the culture that gave birth to a majority of the worlds religions and exported spirituality to most of Asia.”

    In other words, they are specialists in BS.

  106. World Championships:
    Brazil: 5
    Italy: 4
    Germany: 3
    Uruguay: 2
    Argentina: 2
    France: 2
    England: 1
    Spain: 1

    Germany: 3
    Argentina: 3
    Netherlands: 3
    Brazil: 2
    Italy: 2
    The “big ones” are always the same countries.

  107. Brahmins are the world champions in composing fantastical stories whose moral is that you should give things to Brahmins.

    It’s all downhill from the Vedas.

  108. The second row corresponds to the second place in World championships. The only country that can be classified as “hot” is Brazil (but the south is mild). Germany and the Netherlands can be labeled as “cold”.

  109. Shortsword says

    Even Northern regions in Germany has positive average temperature every month of the year. You can play outside close to year-round.

  110. USSR had quite good performances during some world championships, but no Russia. The problem is not just the temperature.

  111. I wrote about it here:

    Germany =/= Russia, not even close, in this department.

    It’s instructive that a disproportionate number of Russia’s top players come from the Kuban.

  112. Shortsword says

    You can see their number of medals by year here. UK has only been a top country at the Olympics for just over a decade (not counting the early games that only a handful of nations took part in).

    A sizeable portion of the sports played exist only because they’re part of the Olympics. Only countries with programs encouraging such sports have any chance a medal.

  113. China Japan and Korea Bromance of Three Kingdoms says

    A better measure of athletic talent is probably simply football rankings

    Disagree. Football rankings correlate better with acceptance of GloboFlamingHomo

  114. Triteleia Laxa says

    Such a cope.

    There’s more economic and even status incentive to be the millionth best footballer in the world, than the 1st women’s weightlifter under 50kgs, or number one Judoka.

    Football doesn’t need government subsidy to allow it to pretend to be a professional competition. It is therefore not just a reflection of effective government subsidy, but actually of talent.

    Many Olympic medal winners are tiny fish in thimble sized pools, with the title of “World Champion” as meaningful as holding the “World Record” for biggest pizza, or most people jumping up and down in one room.

    I am using hyperbole, but thinking that the Olympics comes close to football in measuring the athletic talent of people is equally hyperbolous.

  115. BlackFlag says

    Yes, besides people actually play football for fun and even the training is enjoyable whereas most Olympic sports are awful. For example, swimming laps for hours every day. Factory work or working in a rice paddy is comparatively enjoyable. Olympic athletes mainly talk about how they had to persevere through the training. So one of the keys to success must be putting up with drudgery.

  116. Agathoklis says

    As a father, I always wonder why parents would push their children into competitive swimming. They are asked to endure hours and hours of silent training (or the muffled sounds of sound underwater). I encouraged my children to be good swimmers but once they reach that level then we will hit the tennis courts so I can eventually earn enormous management fees and travel the tennis circuit in old age.

  117. China Japan and Korea Bromance of Three Kingdoms says

    I’m not saying ping pong and diving are better indicators of athleticism. Again…when England plays France at soccer, its not a LARPing of Hundred Year’s War or something, because more than half the players on the field will be black.

    Even the teams are entirely Anglo-Saxons and Gauls, I question whether its a better metric of overall athleticism, because there’s very little physical strength involved in football. I’m not sure if a guy like Mbappé can benchpress/squat his own bodyweight.

    So I’ve made the point before that combat sports are prolly better metrics…

  118. My butt’s just fine. Your hatred is so intense. Clearly a jilted lover.

  119. Triteleia Laxa says

    Combat sports are terrible metrics because no one does them. I’m the best in the world at the martial art I just invented. I am so amazing.

    I’m not sure if a guy like Mbappé can benchpress/squat his own bodyweight.

    Don’t be ridiculous.

    England plays France at soccer, its not a LARPing of Hundred Year’s War or something, because more than half the players on the field will be black.

    Yes, it seems that black people are disproportionately athletic.

  120. Every single Indian in India wishes he had enough food to look like her. Unhealthy, but when you’re starving, fat looks good. I don’t think Blink fitness has too many gyms over there.

  121. Obviously you haven’t seen the English national team. It might be half Irish, but no way it’s half black. Bunch of Pale guys on the team that finished second to Italia this year.

  122. China Japan and Korea Bromance of Three Kingdoms says

    Yeah I get that the best British player is Kane (and Bale?). But Les Bleus are usually well more than half black so it evens out lol

  123. Triteleia Laxa says

    I’d rather have a shotgun.

  124. Bragadocious says

    You interpret it as hatred when in fact it’s mockery. Says a lot about you, not me.

  125. Tooldandtired says

    Glad she medaled. Looks like she picked up 90 kg. Less than what I weigh when I stand up. If that makes any sense.

  126. Can you apply Indian historical parallels to humanity though?

  127. Of course she had to juxtapose ‘minorities’ with ‘brahmins’ otherwise, I suppose it wouldn’t be a real tragedy. Disgusting!

  128. Tooldandtired says

    Yup, and the Brits love their national lottery, aka the stupid tax. In America only hillbillies, blacks and problem gambling Vietnamese play it; over there everyone does.

    So are the odds of winning the lottery in America much different from making a living in professional sports? Or is it just another stupid tax for those not making the grade?

  129. GomezAdddams says

    “If only China could learn from India Gomez—-Blinken and Hunter Biden would be happier–” and on and on from Al America—-resident of DC….gated Community—lobbyist—-MM.

  130. GomezAdddams says

    Watch USA pro wrestling for current USA White privilege—–Real and Tucker Carlson is going to MC some matches…

  131. reiner Tor says
  132. the first of assuredly very few Indian Olympic medals in Tokyo, silver in women’s weightlifting, was by a Meitei from Manipur

    I wonder if Chanu is the Indian version of Chan.
    Evaluation of the genomic diversity and shared ancestry of the Meitei community of Manipur (India) with the East Asian populations using autosomal STRs
    Conclusions: All the studied loci showed a high degree of matching probability and paternity index of 2.83 × 10-24 and 7.35 × 108, respectively; these are high-level statistical values and indicate that these loci might play a very important role in the application of DNA reports in the courts of justice. The studied population showed a relatively closer genetic affinity with Newar, Kathmandu, and Han Chinese populations compared with the South and West Indian populations. The outcomes of this study will enrich the STR database of the Indian population and this is the first global report on genetic diversity in the Meitei community of Manipur, India, at 20 autosomal STR genetic markers.
    There is compelling evidence that the Meeteis also migrated into their present valley from the same direction during the (Chinese) Shang dynasty before the Christian era.[20] Meeteis also worshipped their ancestors till today[21] similar to the religion of the Shang dynasty. Chinese historiography is also well preserved and keeping CK itself is a pointer to origin of Meeteis to the Chinese.
    The Meiteis are East Asian, but they also have some Indo-European admixture. Scholars and writers, such as E. Dun (1992), Hodson (1908, 2), and M. Bhattarcharya (1963, 183) also support the tradition that the Meiteis were originally East Asian, a close kin with the tribal people in the hills, and later intermarried with Indo-European people.

    Ayo GG: Tang was the 14th generation ruler of a tribe known as Qi (Zi?) who inhabited the central part of the present day China. He founded the Shang Dynasty (1523-1027 BC); therefore, also known as Tang-Shang dynasty by the ancient Meiteis. They were known as the upper or higher class of people. They domesticated horses and used them for transportation. The rulers paid due attention to agriculture. They also developed glazed potter, silk weaving and making of bronze vessels. It appeared that a group of people from the Tang-Shang dynasty might have moved West following the Yangtze river, and came down the Ningthi turen (the Chindwin river), now in Myanmar, passed through the Somra hill range and settled somewhere at the origin of the Ireel river in Manipur. After settling there for many years, a leader from that group followed the Ireel river and reached Koubru hill ranges to the north-west (~35 km) of present day Imphal. The Tang-Shang people settled along with Lei-Hou tribes, an Asiatic Tibeto-Burman group, who were original inhabitants of Koubru. The Chief of Tang-Shang group married the daughter of Lei-Hou Chief, Sinbee Leima and established his kingdom around 1445 BC. He became to be known as Tang-Ja Leela Pakhangba (1445 BC-1405BC) (Tang-Ja=short name for Tang-Shang; Leela=who followed the Ireel trail; Pa=forefathers, Khangba=knew his forefathers, the Tang-Shang people). His wife gave birth to a son, named Kangba. Thus, the first Mi-Tei kingdom was established. Mi-Tei later came to be pronounced as Mee-tei, Mai-tei or Mei-tei at various period; but carries the same meaning.

    Samyak Jain: The Meiteis, moved in from Chinese territory and this is reflected in the name. Meitei means, in Chinese, ‘people of this country’. (民地 Mín dì?)

    Or could it rather be 美地 Měi dì (beautiful land)??

  133. reiner Tor says

    Is this soccer World Cup?

    Germany won and was runner-up four-four times, while Hungary was runner-up twice, as was Czechoslovakia. Sweden was runner-up once, as was Croatia and France.

    Brazil: 5
    Italy: 4
    Germany: 4
    Uruguay: 2
    Argentina: 2
    France: 2
    England: 1
    Spain: 1

    Germany: 4
    Argentina: 3
    Netherlands: 3
    Brazil: 2
    Czechoslovakia 2
    Hungary 2
    Italy: 2
    Croatia 1
    France 1
    Sweden 1

  134. reiner Tor says

    The issue is that soccer can be played in a cold rainy weather, but not in snow and below freezing temperatures. England, the Netherlands or even Germany have relatively little snow (except some parts of Germany), whereas in most of Russia it’s impossible to play almost half the year.

  135. I wish multiple chess events were added to the Olympics, it would help boost Russia’s gold medal count.

    Yesterday, the Perm-born Alexandra Kosteniuk won the Women’s World Cup. I think she’s of Ukrainian descent because of her surname and phenotype, but I can find no source to support this speculation. Russians and Ukrainians are mostly indistinguishable, but there’s some features that some have that in very specific comparisons can help distinguish them.

  136. sher singh says

    “A Singh protects cows and Brahmans”

    ਗੁਰੂ ਕਹ੍ਯੋ ‘ਆਯੋ ਕਲਿ ਕਾਲਾ ॥ ਦੁਸ਼ਟਨ ਕੋ ਭਾ ਤੇਜ ਕਰਾਲਾ ॥26॥
    The Guru said, “Oh Jait Ram, the Dark age is upon us, the wicked have become exceedingly vicious.

    ਸੰਤ ਗਰੀਬ ਧੇਨੁ ਦਿਜ ਦੋਖੀ ॥ ਕਰਹਿਂ ਅਵੱਗ੍ਯਾ ਮੂਰਖ ਰੋਖੀ ॥ ਤਿਨ ਸੋਂ ਦੰਡ ਕਰਨਿ ਬਨਿ ਆਵੈ ॥ ਧਰਨੀ ਛਿਮਾ ਨਹੀਂ ਨਿਬਹਾਵੈ ॥27॥
    They inflict pain on the saints, the poor, the cow and Brahmins. These fools in anger forever oppose them. For this reason it is right to punish them, being forgiving does not make sense.

    ਤੇਗ਼ ਤੁਪਕ ਤੀਰਨ ਖਰ ਧਰਿ ਕਰਿ ॥ ਕਰਹਿ ਦਿਖਾਵਨ ਤੇਜ ਤਰਾਤਰ ॥ ਤੌ ਕਲਿ ਕਾਲ ਬਿਖੈ ਬਨਿ ਆਵੈ ॥ ਜੀਤਹਿਂ ਹਤਿ ਚਿੰਤਾ ਬਿਸਰਾਵੈ ॥28॥
    With swords, rifles, arrows in our hands, we will show them our tremendous might. In the Dark Age this right way of action. Forgetting the anxiety of death we will overcome them.

    ਸੁਧ ਬੁਧਿ ਸਹਤ ਭਲੇ ਗੁਨ ਸਾਰੇ ॥ ਨਰ ਉਰ ਤੇ ਕਲਿਜੁਗ ਨਿਰਵਾਰੇ ॥ ਧਹਰਿਂ ਸ਼ਸਤ੍ਰ ਸਿਮਰਹਿਂ ਸਤਿਨਾਮੂ ॥ ਧਰਮ ਧਰਹਿਂ ਪਹੁਂਚਹਿਂ ਸੁਰ ਧਾਮੂ ॥29॥
    The Dark Age has not allowed a great amount of people to be imbued with great virtues, and a pure mind. The Khalsa, adorning weapons will remember the True Name, established in Dharma they will ascend to the realm of Gods.

    ਇਸ ਕਾਰਨ ਤੇ ਪੰਥ ਉਪਾਯੋ ॥ ਦੇ ਆਯੁਧ ਰਸ ਬੀਰ ਵਧਾਯੋ ॥
    For this reason the Panth was created, I have given them weapons and infused them with the heroic spirit ! [bir ras] ”

    ਗੁਰਪ੍ਰਤਾਪਸੂਰਜ ਪ੍ਰਕਾਸ਼ ਗ੍ਰੰਥ, ਐਨ 1, ਅਧਿਆਇ 36, ਕ੍ਰਿਤ: ਮਹਾਂਕਵੀ ਸੰਤੋਖ ਸਿੰਘ ਜੀ (1843)
    Gurpratap Suraj Prakash Granth, Ain 1, Chapter 36, author: the Great Poet Kavi Santokh Singh (1843)


  137. reiner Tor says

    Combat sports are terrible metrics because no one does them. I’m the best in the world at the martial art I just invented. I am so amazing.

    MMA showed which of these things was worthless, and which wasn’t.

  138. reiner Tor says

    I know that it’s easier to find a good swimming teacher in Hungary than in some (not all) countries in Western Europe, so maybe having a strong swimming team is good for something. Swimming techniques were still getting optimized recently, unlike in sports like running where everyone can properly run as a child, but we lose the ability due to shoes and an unhealthy lifestyle (as well as obesity), swimming probably still has a lot of scope to improve. Don’t forget that butterfly was only invented less than a hundred years ago. Overall I think it’s a very good thing that we have professional swimming competitions, which wouldn’t much exist without the Olympics.

    Believe it or not, we are not the same, I wouldn’t find being a tennis manager interesting or even acceptable. Of course I don’t think I’d be good at it either. Not that I could imagine being a professional swimmer either.

  139. I wouldn’t make too much of this

    San Marino can be looked upon as a small region or town in Italy
    Plenty of small towns/regions in Western Europe ( and elsewhere ) have produced Olympic medallists
    Liechtenstein is similar . It has a couple of Winter Olympic alpine skiing medals from members of the same family
    Plenty of small villages in the Alps have produced downhill skiing Olympic medallist

    Now if these micro states keep on achieving medals on a regular basis it may be worth taking a closer look

  140. Daniel Chieh says

    Swimming is enjoyable and has unique nootropic benefits.

  141. Daniel Chieh says

    While a shotgun is more useful in that situation, overall physical strength will be more useful day to day with the usual challenges of life: lifting heavy items, getting groceries, even avoiding injuries from bumps or worse – muscle density is associated with improved outcomes from auto accidents.

  142. Grahamsno(G64) says

    You just wait for the winter Olympics Anatoly and we will wipe out the smirks from your face.

  143. Daniel Chieh says

    Our gentle host is rooting for you, sir. Please do the needful and revert.

    Westoids, Sinoids, and Russoids alike will doubtless be doing a lot of cringing and coping as they kneel to be decapitated by the fiery sword of immanentized Kalki and have their very souls burned to be reforged into NFTs, to be traded and casually disposed of at the whim of their Vedic post-human masters.

  144. East Germany had the highest standard of living in commie Europe, even though it had been stripped down after WW2. The highest meat consumption. After a certain point, they stopped blocking television signals from the West. Still, difficult place to get a washing machine or car.

    It was very expensive to maintain the border, which included automated rocket launchers aimed inward. But perhaps necessary, as higher class people like doctors were trying to leave in droves.

    All in all, not a terrible place to live. But if you insulted the regime, your kids wouldn’t go to college (not that many did in East or West). Sometimes, it was a danger just dealing with the bureaucracy, as you could be severely punished just based on the personal animosities of old, fat women. For example, have your children taken away.

  145. I wonder how possible it would be to use crowd-tracking AI to find Olympic hopefuls. Like, say the camera sees a fishman walking down the street, couldn’t a machine tell from gait. Though, I suppose one would want to use it at schools during gym class.

  146. Triteleia Laxa says

    Plus exercise is fun!

  147. reiner Tor says

    I hold Gerard personally responsible for the loss of a Hungarian wrestler to a Ukrainian wrestler in the final. The Hungarian Olympic Performance Crisis rages on unabated, with only four gold medals, and Gerard did nothing to prevent it!

    Here’s the Ukrainian wrestler (also a politician and MP) from the whitest country in Europe:

  148. Here’s the Ukrainian wrestler (also a politician and MP) from the whitest country in Europe:

  149. reiner Tor says


  150. reiner Tor says

    BTW that’s the only Ukrainian gold medal so far in this Olympics.

  151. swimming…endure hours and hours of silent training… earn enormous management fees

    You should not mix physical exercise with money, they don’t belong together.

    Countries are basically divided into two groups: nations that can do competitive swimming and the ones who can’t, the correlation with a functional society is very high, no exceptions. Swimming has allowed me to see the world – or at least different pools around the world :)…swimming gives you freedom that is impossible to fully experience on land. Swimming helps against corona and – bonus – swarthy people like cholos, Indians and afros almost never swim. Water polo is also great…

  152. reiner Tor says

    Your Afrikaner silver medalist golfer had a based tattoo, but apparently there was some lame explanation given for that.

  153. …personal animosities of old, fat women.

    They are now effectively running the West: old, fat, often childless women and their sub-beta and gender confused weak men. Add a few obvious perverts like Macron and BoJo and the cast is complete. It always comes to that in collapsing civilizations. For some incomprehensible reason latter-day commies were represented on the ground by frustrated older women and dysfunctional men. I believe France right before 1789 had a similar setup at the Versailles court.

    In commie Europe the highest overall standard of living was in Czechoslovakia and Hungary. East Germany had possibly greater material well-being, but their controls and harsher conformity made them worse. If you look at who tried to cross the borders illegally (and was often shot) in Czechoslovakia and Hungary it was almost always East Germans and not the locals. As constituted in the late 40’s, East Germany was a strategic mistake, but the current demonisation of what it was like is way off – it was among the more liveable societies in the world. It is a big world out there – not everyone lives in Munich or Zurich, some live in Newcastle or Naples.

  154. Indeed quite lame. Sabbatini says it is a Celtic triskelion. I am more concerned that he uses his wife as his caddie (our girls can be strong).

    There is a whiff in his story of what may happen: we already have about 200 Dutch farmers who moved here. I noticed that Tucker Carlson is broadcasting from Budapest…

  155. I was a member of a tennis team in a high school in Indiana that totally dominated the state championships year after year. The high school had won something like 9 of last 10 championships when we went undefeated and won again.

    We had no rivals. Why were we so wonderful and great? Was it genetics? Willpower? Religion? Culture of excellence? The coaching? Jews? Nordics?

    Maybe all of it, but the most important thing was the system.

    We had 30 well-maintained tennis courts and a large private tennis club nearby. The high school’s facilities were outstanding with close and ample parking, a large privately and publicly funded clubhouse. During summers, the biggest junior tennis tournament in Indiana was held there. A huge tennis program for children was run out the clubhouse by a formidable woman who kept things together and continually evolved the system. One of the donors was a powerful figure in amateur athletics. There was no complex remotely close in scale in Indiana. So my high school had a direct pipeline to all the kids involved in the program.

    So the answer is powerful figures+money+facilities+star events+star creation pipeline.

    For all that, the program never produced a great tennis player. No one ever became a top 100 world ranked player out of that particular program. Why? Because there were many other programs that were better and bigger. The Braden Academy in Florida for one, many others in Michigan, Illinois, New York, California. If the USTA held the junior US championships in Indianapolis, who knows what could have happened, but it did not.

    I think India is still at the starred-eyed stage of Olympic athletics. Dazzled, but probably could up their medal count substantially if they had world level systems, which they obviously do not have.
    They did win a medal in shooting, but I’d bet the winner had training outside of India. Shooting is one sport that the militaries can provide training in, but probably Olympic competitive shooting is so esoteric, that you would need separate systems to develop world class competitors.

  156. If cold is the main reason of bad quality of the Russian football, then snow-proff roof for stadiums should be an strategic priority. LOL.

    I didn’t know that Germany reached 8 finals. Impressive!

  157. IMO, East Germany was probably less psychologically damaging to school children than West. I don’t think they tried as hard to promote a guilt complex or to deconstruct national identity. They probably had the economic ability to entice immigration, but refrained from doing so.

  158. reiner Tor says

    Obviously you would need to build the same for young age groups and lower leagues, otherwise it’s difficult to improve the base of your players.

  159. Countries are basically divided into two groups: nations that can do competitive swimming and the ones who can’t

    The question is whether the water polo nations are there for water polo or for the underwater ass grabbing and playing footsie. How Slovakia would be much more successful in water polo if they only could teach their sheep and goats to swim.

  160. Daniel Chieh says

    Is this a suggestion in regards to the erotic qualities of their sheep?

  161. “..the erotic qualitie..” – You know how it is. When you are 20 or 40 years in a relationship it is no longer erotic, it is just a mechanical routine, you just have to get started somehow. You get drunk with slivovica and desensitize you olfactory sense with bryndza and then you are ready for a cunnilungus and what not with the smelliest billy goat that you fancy. But in the water polo swimming pool the smell is chlorine pristine and you do not need bryndza. Ask Beckow.

  162. Do you think a Russian Messi can arise in “optimal” conditions?

  163. Vishnugupta says

    Thank you for this comment.Couldn’t have said it better.

    And its not just sports.The US winning massive number of Nobel prizes post WW 2 is a function of its university+private sector R&D funding and its overall Science and Technology ecosystem set up in its modern form during and immediately after WW 2.

    In the 19th century Germany invested $1 billion of the 5 Billion Francs indemnity it received from France in 1871 in its University system resulting in the lingua franca of science changing to German in under a generation and it winning before WW2 more Nobel prizes in the sciences than the UK,France,US and Japan combined.

  164. IMO, East Germany was probably less psychologically damaging to school children than West.

    An understatement, considering you had this kind of stuff happening in West Germany.

    The German Experiment That Placed Foster Children with Pedophiles

    Like many of his contemporaries, Kentler came to believe that sexual repression was key to understanding the Fascist consciousness. In 1977, the sociologist Klaus Theweleit published “Male Fantasies,” a two-volume book that drew on the diaries of German paramilitary fighters and concluded that their inhibited drives—along with a fear of anything gooey, gushing, or smelly—had been channelled into a new outlet: destruction. When Kentler read “Male Fantasies,” he could see Schreber, the child-care author whose principles his parents had followed, “at work everywhere,” he wrote. Kentler argued that ideas like Schreber’s (he had been so widely read that one book went through forty editions) had poisoned three generations of Germans, creating “authoritarian personalities who have to identify with a ‘great man’ around them to feel great themselves.” Kentler’s goal was to develop a child-rearing philosophy for a new kind of German man. Sexual liberation, he wrote, was the best way to “prevent another Auschwitz.”

  165. Well, supposedly they have little dicks, so maybe that explains it all.

  166. Ask what? You are all over the map, as so often before. We keep our hedonistic areas separate unlike you Germans who drop to the bathroom filth as soon as you are unsupervised – it makes you happy, you giggle, make noises, laugh uncontrollably. But it is not for us.

    Well, you lost a few wars, have very little autonomy left and are ruled by fat old women. Your women are violated by real migrants and not imaginary goats. Maybe fresh air – without the endless windmills as in Germany – and sheep milk would fix that. Maybe not, you seem too bitter.

  167. Vegetarian Indian Hindus, from Haryana, Jat caste mostly , win Olympic medals in boxing and wrestling ; vs beef eating Muslims of Bangladesh or Pakistan dont win medals

  168. The changes were in astro turf, which India could not afford, and certain rule changes that gave more weightage to penalty corners and stamina, over Indian arm manipulative skills in Hockey

  169. jay ritchie says

    Phenomenal performance by NZ, but they do benefit from immigrants from Southern Africa in their cricket team – enough to turn a respectable size into world beaters.

  170. SteveRogers42 says
  171. Based Indian Medal winner is actually E Asian.

  172. It’s almost like the country of india is filled with terrible, terrible people.

  173. reiner Tor says


  174. Yevardian says

    I can’t watch that stuff (even though I once worked at a bar that would draw big crowds for that stuff, in my much younger and more penurious years) but just out curiosity, which ones were useless and worthwhile?
    I imagine Karate, Akido and all the traditional Chinese martial arts have little application in real life combat situations, Judo probably has a fair application, and of course the Brazilian and Israeli ones would dominate, coming out of practical necesity.

    Based Indian Medal winner is actually E Asian.

    Paki Partition aside, the British really do have some truly disgusting bordergore to answer for with regard to that eastern enclave of India.

  175. It's Ovrer says

    Oh I see, you were referring to the UK. My fault. Well the total gold medalist table is very different.

    Here are all the races that have won a gold medal (mixed race will be it’s own category and I will label which combination of races the person is from, which will be a sub-category); I have assessed every team of players winning a gold and given a % value of that gold towards each race that contributes players in a proportionate matter. Lastly, this is being counted by number of gold medals by race not number of gold medalists, so this will not discriminate against individuals who win many gold medals; every gold counts, except team sports where they are awarded a total of 1 gold medal (like it’s done officially and obviously makes the most sense)

    I’d also note the frequency of non-Whites will only go UP from here on out due to the number of athletics events that remain so the numbers below are not representative.

    As you can see Whites only win about half of all medals, and will likely have only won about 30-40% when it’s all over. 2-3x above their proportion of the world population, but actually less than their number of Olympic participant entrants. When you adjust for ability to participate too, I don’t think Whites would get more than 10% of all golds.

    Looking at only gold medals (20% of all gold medals):

    (1) Kim Je-deok, An San (East Asian 1x)

    (2) Richard Carapaz (Mixed Race 1x – Mestizo/Mulatto 1x)

    (3) Áron Szilágyi (White 1x)

    (4) Sun Yiwen (East Asian 2x)

    (5) Naohisa Takato (East Asian 3x)

    (6) Distria Krasniqi (White 2x)

    (7) Javad Foroughi (Middle Eastern 1x)

    (8) Yang Qian (East Asian 4x)

    (9) Vito Dell’Aquila (White 3x)

    (10) Panipak Wongpattanakit (Southeast Asian 1x)

    (11) Hou Zhihui (East Asian 5x)

    (12) An San, Jang Min-hee, Kang Chae-young (East Asian 6x)

    (13) Anna Kiesenhofer (White 4x)

    (14) Shi Tingmao, Wang Han (East Asian 7x)

    (15) Romain Cannone (White 5x)

    (16) Lee Kiefer (Mixed Race 2x – White/Southeast Asian 1x)

    (17) Hifumi Abe (East Asian 8x)

    (18) Uta Abe (East Asian 9x)

    (19) William Shaner (White 6x)

    (20) Vitalina Batsarashkina (White 7x)

    (21) Yuto Horigome (East Asian 10x)

    (22) Ahmed Hafnaoui (Middle Eastern 2x)

    (23) Chase Kalisz (White 8x)

    (24) Yui Ohashi (East Asian 11x)

    (25) Bronte Campbell, Meg Harris, Emma McKeon, Cate Campbell (White 9x)

    (26) Ulugbek Rashitov (Central Asian 1x)

    (27) Anastasija Zolotic (White 10x)

    (28) Li Fabin (East Asian 12x)

    (29) Chen Lijun (East Asian 13x)

    (30) Kim Woo-jin, Oh Jin-hyek, Kim Je-deok (East Asian 14x)

    (31) Benjamin Savšek (White 11x)

    (32) Thomas Pidcock (White 12x)

    (33) Tom Daley, Matty Lee (White 13x)

    (34) Cheung Ka-long (East Asian 15x)

    (35) Sofia Pozdniakova (White 14x)

    (36) Denis Ablyazin, David Belyavskiy, Artur Dalaloyan, Nikita Nagornyy (Whites 14.75x and Mixed Race 2.25x – White/Middle Eastern 0.25x)

    (37) Shohei Ono (East Asian 16x)

    (38) Nora Gjakova (White 15.75x)

    (39) Vincent Hancock (White 16.75x)

    (40) Amber English (White 17.75x)

    (41) Momiji Nishiya (East Asian 17x)

    (42) Caeleb Dressel, Blake Pieroni, Bowe Becker, Zach Apple (White 18.75x)

    (43) Ariarne Titmus (Whites 19.75x)

    (44) Maggie MacNeil (East Asian 18x)

    (45) Jun Mizutani, Mima Ito (East Asian 19x)

    (46) Maksim Khramtsov (White 20.75x)

    (47) Matea Jelić (White 21.75x)

    (48) Kristian Blummenfelt (White 22.75x)

    (49) Hidilyn Diaz (Southeast Asian 2x)

    (50) Ricarda Funk (White 23.75x)

    (51) Jolanda Neff (White 24.75x)

    (52) Chen Yuxi, Zhang Jiaqi (East Asian 20x)

    (53) Jessica von Bredow-Werndl, Dorothee Schneider, Isabell Werth (White 25.75x)

    (54) Julia Beljajeva, Irina Embrich, Erika Kirpu, Katrina Lehis (White 26.75x)

    (55) Lilia Akhaimova, Viktoria Listunova, Angelina Melnikova, Vladislava Urazova (White 27.75x)

    (56) Takanori Nagase (East Asian 21x)

    (57) Clarisse Agbegnenou (Black 1x)

    (58) Yang Qian, Yang Haoran (East Asian 22x)

    (59) Jiang Ranxin, Pang Wei (East Asian 23x)

    (60) Haruka Agatsuma, Mana Atsumi, Yamato Fujita, Nozomi Goto, Nodoka Harada, Yuka Ichiguchi, Hitomi Kawabata, Nayu Kiyohara, Yukiyo Mine, Sayaka Mori, Minori Naito, Yukiko Ueno, Reika Utsugi, Eri Yamada, Yu Yamamoto (East Asian 24x)

    (61) Ítalo Ferreira (Mixed Race 3.25x – Mestizo/Mulatto 2x)

    (62) Carissa Moore (Mixed Race 4.25x – White/Polynesian 1x)

    (63) Thomas Dean (White 28.75x)

    (64) Evgeny Rylov (White 29.75x)

    (65) Kaylee McKeown (White 30.75x)

    (66) Lydia Jacoby (White 31.75x)

    (67) Vladislav Larin (White 32.75x)

    (68) Milica Mandić (White 33.75x)

    (69) Flora Duffy (White 34.75x)

    (70) Kuo Hsing-chun (East Asian 25x)

    (71) Maude Charron (White 35.75x)

  176. Daniel Chieh says

    Strictly my opinion, but I have done some security work before.

    Unarmed, etc, pretty much a striking style such as Muay Thai and boxing seem fine as foundations. They both teach spacing and distance well, which imo is probably the most important when trying to avoid being trapped in.

    Brazilian Jiu Jitsu is probably the most effective via grapples, but its always the issue that in street fighting, you probably don’t want to kill your mobility.

    Upside to all three is that you’re more likely to have full contact, realistic sparring, which is likely the most valuable skill you could have thanks to the freeze up reflex many have.

    Personally, I’ve always found situational awareness to be the most important, and failing that, the pointy end of a knife is quite nice, and knives are always quite handy in general. If I was going to train in a style now, I’d consider silat, which really does seem to have a profoundly practical ethos to it.

  177. JohnPlywood says

    I agree and appreciate this rare and sincere honesty, few other people are capable of being so true. People obsess over their country’s athletic performance because they are deeply insecure about themselves and their race.

  178. the British really do have some truly disgusting bordergore to answer for with regard to that eastern enclave of India.

    The Brits have renounced their white privilege.

    The indigenes will have to draw their own lines now.

    (Odd though, around the world the indigenes fight and kill to maintain the lines drawn by the Brits.)

  179. reiner Tor says

    I used to hate the Indian borders around Bangladesh as they look very ugly on the map, but now I’ve come to appreciate them. It’s an acquired taste, though.

  180. Triteleia Laxa says

    I was once told that the cold weather might have helped Iceland. It makes them play on small indoor pitches, which is is actually superior training for various reasons I can guess at but don’t necessarily understand.

  181. reiner Tor says

    Yes, but the caveat is that you also need to be rich enough to build enough indoor pitches.

  182. 4Dchessmaster says

    Brits also have to answer for the Nagorno Karabakh problem.

    W.M. Thomson was the one who put Khosrov Bey Sultanov, a Pan-Turkist, in charge of Karabakh. This led to the Shushi Massacre two years later.

    The need to appease the Turks by the Bolshevik authorities came as a result of not having a firm stance on Karabakh in favour of the local Armenians by the British authorities in the Transcaucasian region.

  183. 4Dchessmaster says

    Does this mean that the Bolsheviks were the REAL RACISTS for making Ukraine whiter?

  184. China Japan and Korea Bromance of Three Kingdoms says
  185. China Japan and Korea Bromance of Three Kingdoms says

    In their defense at least they have the good sense to not ask you to observe memorials for Dresden and Hamburg.

    Japan asked this and was quickly refused by China

  186. …East Germany was probably less psychologically damaging to school children than West.

    Agree. But so was comparable education at that time in Western Europe. Not sure about UK, they seem to have had the deconstruction education longer, they especially like homo themes, Brits will be Brits.

    Education in Eastern Europe was rigorous, excellent, and mostly free of nonsense. There were a few conforming rituals: weekly civic lessons, annoying 5-minute radio broadcasts, and marching. I recall marching as 2nd graders to the woods – to prepare for a war or something – as soon as we hit the forest, we boys scattered to play. Later the fat ladies told us how irresponsible that was. “Responsibility” was a favorite commie term. Today the emasculated liberal morons also like to preach about responsibility and sharing. One can say “as if one mother had them“.

  187. …they have the good sense to not ask you to observe memorials for Dresden

    They are cowed people: defeated, scared, conformist, living for sausages, beer and biking.

    The Hiroshima booboo is an interesting thing, I read that 60% of young Japanese think it was done by Russians. At this rate, they may soon memorialise it. It is amazing how Westerners love to talk about others ‘rewriting history‘. But then projection has always been at the core of Western psyche.

  188. Does this mean that the Bolsheviks were the REAL RACISTS for making Ukraine whiter?

    Yes, there is no such thing as a coincidence.

  189. Indians are about the most insecure people about their race as exists in DAYLIGHT. What you are referring to are Indians who are in orbital deep sleep.

  190. All winter in Russia you play football every school day on the snow, on the school concrete. Snow creates a slightly different sport though mechanically.

    As a child, we played every day but on a small area of concrete, where we could bounce balls from one wall. So it wasn’t quite the same sport as real football, and we could only play on real football field every couple weeks.

    For an explanation of why Russia doesn’t win Euro 2020, long winters doesn’t make sense even if you believed it on its own terms (population of Southern Federal District, is larger than countries like Greece and Denmark which win the Euro 2004 and Euro 1992).

    Moreover, China and India are many times less successful in football, despite having lack of winters (of course, it would be absurd to expect a third world country like India to be successful in many different sports).

    And it’s not so hopeless either – Russia was in the top 8 teams of the last World Cup, which was at that moment an overachievement relative to population (Russia is only the world’s 9th largest population country).

    In Euro 2008. the team was not that bad either. But of course, the football infrastructure and ecosystem in Russia, is far less developed compared to in leading European football countries like Germany, Italy, England and Spain.

    And I’m not sure that it would be a good use of resources for second world countries, to try to match Western European football infrastructure. If there is something to be sadder, it would be lower levels of investment in other non-football sports. But again, I think there are other areas of public investment that should be higher priority in countries which are upper middle income or below, as sporting investment doesn’t necessarily result in multi-generation results. In the 20th century, the USSR was the world’s most successful sporting country (not in per capita terms of course), and nowadays after three decades of fallen investment, Ukraine is underperforming relative to Western Europe in the Olympics.

  191. Ukraine has also donated a gold medal to Israel, via Artem Dolgopyat (whose inabililty to marry his fiancé under Jewish law, became a national debate in Israel).

    • So in per capita terms, Ukraine are at least still winning more gold medals than China. The decline of Ukrainian Olympic medals is evident and saddens though.
      In 20th century, Ukrainians were one of the world’s most successful sporting nationalities, and the results of Soviet investment continued for a generation after.

    In Atlanta 1996 Ukraine won 9 gold medals, in Sidney 2000 – 3 gold medals, Athens 2004 – 8 gold medals, Beijing 2008, Ukraine won 12 gold medals, in London 2012 – 5 gold medals, and Rio 2016 – 2 gold medals.

  192. India is a low income, or third world country, and that is the reason why they don’t win many Olympic medals – there isn’t equivalent investment in sport, and most of the India people today live like our ancestors did in the 19th century, if not 18th century.

    I don’t know about yourself, but my ancestors only would have access to meat on special occasions (when their animals died), and were busy trying to make plants grow so they could eat them, and going to a village well or stream to attain water – and not having the luxury to train in the velodrome or BMW park, that children born in the 21st century will enjoy.

    Even for myself, I loved tennis when I was young, and I couldn’t play at school (we had no tennis facility), and only could play when I paid for courses during the holiday. So even if I had wanted to be a competitive tennis player, I was not in the adequate place for it.

    So how about being born in a slum of Mumbai?

    • The difference for sports investment, between third world and second world countries, can also be larger than between the second and first world countries. China is winning Olympic medals (although only at current Ukrainian levels by per capita), but it has now climbed into the second world economic level, similar to countries like Mexico and Argentina, and second world countries often can begin serious investment into building excellent sports facilities, even though the average people might not have the same access as in first world countries. India is still totally in the third world.

  193. It’s just a trivial feature that fighting sports where the competition rules create events which are more similar to fighting someone in the street, will transfer more effectively, than those where the competition rules remove more similarly.

    So Thai kickboxing, European boxing, and to lesser extent judo (and some kinds of Karate), are showing more effective in sports like MMA (where the rules are removed to create events almost the same as streetfighting), than will be more artificially rule induced events like we saw in the Taekwondo competitions.

    That’s because the competition rule in Taekwondo, will create events which are less like a simulation of whatever will be happening when someone attacks you in the street, than the competition events in Thai kickboxing or European boxing.

    • This is the same with a lot of sports. The relation of chess to military strategy, can match BMX freestyle, to a daily cycling commute. Competitive programming is like Taekwondo’s relation to street fighting, in their similarity to programming work.

    But the value of chess, Taekwondo, competitive programming, BMX freestyle, etc, will be an intrinsic one – which is the pleasure and aesthetics of the sport itself, for its participants and spectators. In this way, our judgement of sports has to be partly more like our judgement of art and music, than of some practical thing like engineering where the practical application real world (environment and economic) conditions is our only judgement base.

    If you removed the artificiality created by some of the rules from Taekwondo, you might lose a lot of its sporting and aesthetic value.

    Although I guess with more similar to street fight sports like European boxing and Thai kickboxing, the practical aspect of helping people to defend themselves, is an additional value for the participants (but not spectators). As outdoor swimming of triathlon athletes, has real practical value if you wanted to be good in swim in the sea without drowning.

  194. China Japan and Korea Bromance of Three Kingdoms says

    I wouldn’t be so hard on them…Bundeswehr just sent a small frigate to S. China Sea, that was regarded as very “Galaxy Brain”. So they can report to the Boss, that they are “showing presence in Indo-Pacific”, schnell schnell. At the same not really provoke China, (except laughter)

    This is a good account,

    Even after Soviet entry and Nagasaki, the Hawks and Doves were still deadlocked. The Americans gave the signal that Japan can keep the Emperor and kokutai national polity.

    The Hawks, led by Anami, were still not satisfied. Bear in mind even with Soviet entry it was not a foregone conclusion that the war could be finished in 1945. The Red Army would have considerable difficulty landing in Hokkaidō

    Hirohito intervened on the side of the Doves. There was a coup attempt to assassinate the Doves. Anami stops the coup, goes home and commits seppuku.

    This if nothing else, demonstrated their resolve and fortitude. Instead they choose to believe the fake and gay victim narrative fed to them by America

  195. China Japan and Korea Bromance of Three Kingdoms says

    Sambo, for it combines the best of east and west, based on Hunnic wrestling plus judo, jujutsu, boxing, karate

    Key practitioners are: “Wolf King” who’s a household name in Japan “The Bear” Instructor for KGB
    UFC Champ

    And of course “Last Emperor” Fedor Emelianenko

  196. India just defeated Germany by 5-4 in male-jockey.

  197. showmethereal says

    You can say the same about he Dutch teams… Though they tended to have more flair than the German teams. They have not won as much as Germany and Italy – but they are probably more entertaining… And for the population most certainly punch above their weight. Any way you cut it Russia under achieves in football. I can’t think of any Russian top class players. Good players yes – but not top class. The closest is Andrei Shevchenko – but he would be classified as Ukrainian.

  198. showmethereal says

    Not really since if you look at the French team’s gene pool – you will find quite a lot of Africans. Their greatest player all time Zinadine Zidane was of North African descent.

    So the answer is that MONEY plays a huge part.

  199. showmethereal says

    Competitive “traditional martial arts” are not really traditional martial arts. They developed before their were guns… Their purpose was often LETHAL self defense. Most of the modern versions are not like that. That’s because they are NOT traditional. They are more exercise now.

  200. Daniel Chieh says

    Boxing was originally an entirely a practical survival system at one point:

    As you accurately state, boxing was a combat system for hundreds of years in England; and no doubt thousands of years before that. It was taught as a road defence system: a way for travellers to defeat attackers. The boxing master was also what today we call a master-at-arms: a teacher of weapons such as sword and staff, and taught weapons alongside unarmed combat (boxing in those days is what we would call unarmed combat now: a mix of punching, throws, striking and wrestling).

    This was the only possible way to approach defence since attackers would mostly be armed.

    Many tens of thousands would have trained in boxing, but few could or would compete. The bouts often had 3 rounds: sword, unarmed combat, and staff. These fights were to the finish, with no points: a man was defeated or submitted, to end each round. As a result the injuries sustained were essentially battlefield wounds. It was best to have a wealthy patron who could support the boxer while they recovered from their wounds, which might take months.

    After Broughton killed a challenger for his boxing title – which at this time was in effect the world martial arts title, with a mix of swords, staff and unarmed combat at openweight – he may have felt remorse. At some point he decided to try and make boxing safer, and introduced the first rules as a result.

    Broughton’s rules banned weapons, some throws such as the single-leg and double-leg pick-ups (as they were used so much and tended to shut the fight down), and hitting a downed opponent. These rules eventually became the core of the LPR or London Prize Ring rules.

  201. Boomthorkell says

    One “Olympic” reform idea that could be entertaining and “fairer” would be to create a global Olympic Training Facility that resides next to the permanent Olympic Site.

    Have an Age of Entry, but every country is allowed to send a batch of children or (possibly) teens they would like to train for the Olympics. This site takes care of all training, diet, etc, and also keeps a permanently close eye on PEDs. All countries in addition are only allowed to send titular or “native” ethnicities (meaning, an ethnic group that is established by over a century. This means the US could not host recent Nigerians, but could host an ADOS or Navajo).

    The upshot of this is cheating is much, much more unlikely, and training is universally equal (an even better study for gene differences). A secondary benefit is one can create a sort of global eugenic selector and trainer of future elite forces for a global military. That’s fun. Chances are too, there will be far fewer multi-colored hair twerking lesbians trained up in this program.

  202. What to make of those two women’s team Chinese track stars that look like men?

    I wonder what AI would say…

    You could probably breed better female runners easily, but they would have to give birth through Caesarean/would not have right appearance for selling Wheaties.

  203. What to make of those two women’s team Chinese track stars that look like men?

    Horrible. Hurts my eyes to watch women’s shot put. Most female athletes are butt ugly. And have the personality of a horse. Winning athletics, lots of medals is exclusive with having well-adjusted children or replacement level births. What man wants to reproduce with a horse?

    I hope the Olympics has jumped the shark this year. Best to end it or return to amateur athletics, if possible.

  204. Vishnugupta says

    So the final tally for India is 7 medals.

    1G 2S 4B

    In absolute terms abysmal as usual ,but the best performance of India so far and once again India is the only South Asian country to win any medal. The first atheletics gold medal..Gold in Javelin throw.

    Overall ranked 31 in terms of total medals.

  205. Was the javelin guy warrior caste?

  206. Vishnugupta says

    Yes.A Khatri..A Punjab origin warrior caste..

    Unlike most Indian Olympic athletes he got the best training possible.His coach is an ex German Olympian and in the run up to this Olympics he trained primarily in Sweden.

    He again proves the point many have been trying to make i.e.The difference is performance at the Olympics outside sprinting and long distance running correlates a heck of a lot more with the quality of training received in the 10 years prior to the Olympics than the average grip strength of countries.

  207. Note that MMA is pretty stylized too. No biting, eye gouging, limb or joint breaking, ball busting, …

    The ultimate street fight simulator would, however, be one competitor against three or more negroes arrayed around him.

  208. He is from Ror caste, in Haryana , thats a vegetarian caste, and has the highest Steppe dna %, in South Asia, 45% ( for comparison, Russians are 60% Steppe )

  209. Shortsword says

    Ukraine has 18 medals but only one gold. Unfortunate. Kazakhstan has also been “unlucky” in a similar fashion. They have 8 medals but no gold (most medals out of all countries with no gold).

  210. That’s actually a great idea.

    What point do comparisons really make, if China for instance trains kids up in a brutal system from childhood, while India can’t even train kids?

    It’s a pointless competition.

    The same thing would apply to IQ and all sorts of other competitions between groups, races, nations.

    The problem with your proposition is that it’s too rational and transparent. When I used to argue that we can’t really know group IQ differences with any high degree of accuracy (we can know it broadly – but people are going down to 5 point IQ differences being really indicative of anything), because questions of motivation and training interfere with that, I was simply ignored.

    What people want, is to rank, measure, compete, even if conditions make that hard to do really accurately – I would even argue, that people want to cheat 🙂

    So your suggestion would be brilliant, no way China is going to give up it’s advantage in that it can brutally train it’s kids from childhood 🙂

    Sure, this makes the results almost meaningless – but do what? As long you can still rank!

  211. Vishnugupta says

    Chopra is a Khatri Caste surname.

  212. reiner Tor says
  213. I actually know a relative of Neeraj Chopra ; while most Khatri have Chopra name, a few Ror also have Chopra name

  214. In brutal macho sports like boxing and wrestling, Indian vegetarians have won far more medals than China

  215. reiner Tor says

    Ukraine has 18 medals but only one gold. Unfortunate. Kazakhstan has also been “unlucky” in a similar fashion. They have 8 medals but no gold (most medals out of all countries with no gold).

    By the way while it’s true that often a silver or gold medalist could’ve won the gold, it’s not always the case. The one Ukrainian gold medalist, the half Rwandan guy, had met the Hungarian silver medalist a couple times before, and consistently defeated him. The Hungarian silver medalist also said he tried his best but his opponent was clearly better. Probably the Ukrainian gold medalist had an over 90% chance of winning the gold. Last Olympics one Hungarian female swimmer won three gold medals and one silver. At least two of the gold medals were not even close, she would have won at least 99 out 100 times. While the ones behind her were closer to each other, so a silver could easily be a bronze or a 4th place.

    So in some sense a bronze medal can be seen as an almost gold, but sometimes it’s not even close.

  216. jimmyriddle says

    The modern sport was codified by the Marquess of Queensbury. He was the father Lord Alfred Douglas, of one of Oscar Wilde’s “friends”. Wilde sued him for libel (after being called a sodomite) and lost, and was then convicted and imprisoned for indecency.

    Alfred Douglas went on to become something of a far rightist, which may be why the globohomos tend to ignore him, whilst Wilde is a sort of patron saint to them.

  217. China Japan and Korea Bromance of Three Kingdoms says

    Cécile de Marville se marie avec un jeune Allemand qui se fait banquier par humanité, car il est riche de quatre millions; c’est un héros de roman, un vrai Werther, charmant, un bon cœur, ayant fait ses folies, qui s’est épris de Cécile à en perdre le tête

    Cecile de Marville is engaged to be married to a young German, a banker from philanthropic motives, for he has four millions; he is like a hero in a novel, a perfect Werther, charming and kind-hearted. He has sown his wild oats, and fell in love with Cécile to the point of losing his mind

    Le Cousin Pons, Honoré de Balzac

  218. Funny enough I just checked and China has won 12 medals in boxing vs India’s 3 and 11 in wrestling vs India’s 7, so I don’t think that’s true.

  219. Yevardian says

    Unlike most Indian Olympic athletes he got the best training possible.His coach is an ex German Olympian and in the run up to this Olympics he trained primarily in Sweden.

    I actually have to laud the Indian government for once on their overall policy, call me a killjoy, but its difficult for me to think of a more stupid and vulgar waste of money than the Olympics. The only interest it could hold for me would be if they made all performance enhancing drugs legal, that might be a spectacle actually worth watching.

  220. Daniel Chieh says

    Meat-eating prevails once again.

  221. Vishnugupta says

    There are plenty of places the Indian government wastes money by the billions.

    Haj subsidy for Indian Muslims to visit Mecca!!

    Subsidies to madrassas,Subsidies to affluent farmers in places like Punjab etc. etc.

    If one is to be a cynic practically all sports can be similarly dismissed.

    Football alone costs the world many times more than the Olympics.

    Olympics at least gives you variety and some events are indeed a treat to watch.

  222. China Japan and Korea Bromance of Three Kingdoms says

    I’m only being slightly sarcastic but why China gets a whole bunch of medals for trampoline and artistic whatever is kind of bogus.

    Why isn’t “sport yoga” “artistic yoga” or “mixed artistic synchronized yoga” medalled sports?

    Or stacking 80 people on top of motorcycle? No offense, it looks retarded, but nothing inherently less sporty than some of the other stuff

    Your problem is that your food is too delicious and lacking in animal protein

  223. reiner Tor says

    Besides the points Vishnugupta made, I’d add another. Car technology benefits a great deal from the Formula One racing circus, and it’s easy to understand why and how. Technologies developed for racing cars eventually get cheaper and find their way to production cars, often after it’s already banned in Formula One. The same way, training methods often benefit from the existence of Olympic sports. Infrastructure built for Olympic sports often gets used by tons of people who are uninterested in pursuing a professional sports career.

    Legalizing performance enhancing drugs would mean that people who just want to send their children to do some sports for some time in their childhood might find that the children were given strong drugs. TBH it occasionally probably still does happen (but was way more prevalent decades ago, especially in commie countries), and I think it’s a good thing that it is no longer that widespread. Remember that the number of children given PEDs is always way higher than the number of Olympic athletes, and the vast majority of the latter never wins a medal. So you’d be poisoning a significant percentage of the most athletic youth for medals under such a system.

    Also the training methods used to train athletes on PEDs is pretty different from training methods for “clean” athletes. (Using PED methods for clean athletes creates an enormous risk of injury normally.) With some non-Olympic sports you still have that stuff, like powerlifting or bodybuilding, often you get horrible training advice (and unrealistic goals) when trying to lift weights.

    Now of course Olympic sports are not really clean either, but PED use is nowhere near bodybuilding levels. One of the methods of trying to game the system is by using relatively subtle, smaller amounts of steroids, which still has some effect but is way more difficult (if not impossible) to detect. Here’s the catch – such small amounts don’t destroy the health of the athletes, and they are not enough to change the necessary training regime that much. So the methods used by the top athletes are still something useful to more average people.

    For example I know a guy who trained for the amateur masters’ championships and in some strokes managed to have a better time than Rio three times (woman) Olympic champion Katinka Hosszú, despite being shorter (with smaller hands and feet) than her. He found it way easier to find a good swimming coach in Hungary than in another country where the Olympic swimming team is weaker. Might be a coincidence, but I know that children’s coaches are also better in Hungary. (And worse in soccer where Hungary is worse…)

    Overall Olympic sports seem like a much smaller waste than a lot of other things, including a lot of other sports. (American sportsballs with the Negro worship are an example.)

  224. reiner Tor says

    I think diving and gymnastics have more sports value than this motorcycle thing. And China won the majority of its medals elsewhere.

  225. India does not do that much worse than the US when you look at medals adjusted for GDP:

  226. In Russia, the media-political complex has been instructed to complain for a day, about the unfair lack of Gold medal in Rhythmic Gymnastics, as an indication of the influence of Irina Viner-Usmanova upon obedient friends:

  227. India is a third world country, with such vast poverty, lack of sanitation, lack of infrastructure, lack of medication – of course they should not waste their limited resources on sports.

    But what if we talk about richer countries? Sports can be beautiful, and show the highest possibilities of the human body, and of mental self-discipline. If you can afford it, then it’s not the worst thing to spend money on.

    There is also a political and social benefit. For example, the great sport achievement of the USSR in the 20th century, inspired the souls, and contributed to mutual empathy across an ideologically divided world.

    Soviet sports achievements became some of the most famous moments of the 20th century. For example, the achievements of Soviet teenager, Olga Korbut in 1972.

    And legendary things like basketball and ice hockey contests with the USA gave a peaceful redirection to the Cold War.

    The sad thing is that, even the Soviet achievement, fades across time – if slowly in Russia, faster in Ukraine. We see that in 1992, the postsoviet team was still dominating the world’s medal table.

    For 1996 Summer Olympics, there was a great decline, although the combination of Russia + Ukraine would be in second.

    For 2021, there is such a continued decline, especially from Ukraine and Belarus. These historically great sports nationalities – this year had achieved a single gold medal each. (Germany has also had a very significant decline of medals compared to its 1990s achievements).

  228. What happened to Germany? It has gone from 30+ golds to 10. And half of its golds are from equestrian and canoeing/kayaking, which are among the numerous sports with weak competition that europeans dominate. Only 2 of Germany’s 10 medals, in Track and Field and Wrestling , are in the competitive events and one of them (women’s long jump) was won by an afro-german:

  229. The website seems to have updated it’s ranking metric to per-capita GDP per weighted medal point. Placing China at number 1 as would be expected.

  230. It has been a very good year for Italy. First it won the European Cup, then it ranked first among the EU nations at the Olympics. Unlike Germany half of Italy’s golds were in the highly competitive Track & Field events, including 3 of the most glamorous ones: men’s 100M, men’s 4 x 100M and Men’s High Jump. The star of the show for Italy was undoubtedly Lamont Marcell Jacobs whose father is African-american. He shocked everyone by winning the 100M dash, then won his second gold in the relay:

  231. jimmyriddle says

    The decline is partly due to out-of-competition testing.

    The USSR, GDR etc always did relatively better than the West in women’s sport than men’s sports. That was a sign of more steroid and androgen use (bigger effect on women).

    It is also telling that women’s sprint records set by Florence Joyner have never been equalled since out-of-competition testing was introduced.

  232. reiner Tor says

    They seem to use nominal GDP. They should probably use ppp.

  233. reiner Tor says

    women’s sprint records set by Florence Joyner have never been equalled since out-of-competition testing was introduced.

    Similarly Tour de France times have dropped after recent doping cases.

    It actually makes a very strong case that testing works and that doping is way less widespread than suspected by most. First, it’s not as effective as it used to be decades ago, and second, this also means that it cannot always offset superior talent and/or training methods. So I’m not even sure that all gold medalists are doped, and even if they are (or those who are), they are not as doped as they were a few decades ago.

    World records are still broken in swimming because the technique keeps improving. They also changed things, like after the banning of the special swimsuits swimmers lost a lot of muscle mass, which reduced their hydrodynamic resistance in water. Swimmers now regularly swim underwater for the first fifteen meters of the pool after each turn. They have perfected techniques used to turn. Training methods have improved a lot, for example I know that Hungarian swimmers had much worse training methods three decades ago. They swam way more than they do now (but obviously less intense and they rested way less), the fact that they still delivered gold medals shows that the competition was not very efficient either.

  234. reiner Tor says

    Similarly Tour de France times have dropped

    They have increased, but I guess everyone understood.

  235. sher singh says
  236. Daniel Chieh says

    The small farmers are a reason why India struggles to have food self-sufficiency. Perhaps you should listen to the Brahmin on this and let them guide you to a world with more gulab jamuns and paneers and less starvation. With 2 acres, you’re not doing anything useful with them in a capitalized fashion.

  237. sher singh says

    The Brahmins created that situation with ‘land reform’
    You’re forgetting all the SJWism in India comes from them

    They’re poor & sell their daughters now expect all to follow
    Brahmin leadership is expected Yoga to defeat Turks in battle, which they attempted more than once


  238. Daniel Chieh says

    Well, you’re not going to accomplish anything with such tiny plots of land when it comes to food sufficiency. So someone has to do something.

  239. Doping might explain some Soviet medals, but far from all.

    For example, in 1972 (Munich Olympics), even in sports where doping could not likely change outcomes (e.g. sailing, equestrian, archery, fencing, shooting, basketball) the USSR has won around 19 gold medals, which would be around 2/3 of the total medals of the USA.

    Considering how many gold medals the USSR had won in sports which would not likely be useful for doping, we can probably say the large part of the Soviet success was a result of investment in training and athletes, rather than “sports science”.

    • Great Britain is an interesting example. In 1996 Summer Olympics, Great Britain only has 1 gold medal.

    This is the medal table for 1996 Atlanta Summer Olympics. Great Britain was below 3rd world countries like Algeria, North Korea, Ethiopia and Nigeria.

    Subsequently, Great Britain has invested significant public money for sport (especially before London 2012 Olympics). And by 2021, their results are completely different magnitude to 1996.

    I would guess similarly, while doping may have increase some of medals for the USSR, much of the great achievements could have been more prosaic result of the investment in training and infrastructure (which possible results, Great Britain has shown between 1996-2021).

    And with Japan (before Tokyo 2020) and China (before Peking 2008), there has been a similar process, where the public investment converts into the higher position in the medal table.

  240. sher singh says

    Laying down and dying is only an option for christcucks

    They tried to destroy rural elite through land reform in 50s now they come for whole tribe

    Reality is we militarily lose nothing if most of them starve, fuck them

    They’re used to slavery and violence is only language they understand, things will be fine.


  241. Canada won 7 golds, same as much smaller New Zealand, but it’s gold medals in Women’s Soccer and the Decathlon outshine all of New Zealand and Australia’s quality-wise.

    Afro-Canadians are just 3.5% of Canada’s population but a whopping one-third of it’s Olympic Champions team:×9-EN.png

    And Canada’s Decathlon Champion Warner Damian, crowned the greatest all-round athlete of the Tokyo Olympics, is also Afro-Canadian:

  242. The women’s equivalent of the Decathlon is the Heptathlon. The reigning Olympic Champion Heptathlete, the greatest female all-round athlete, is Nafissatou Thiam of Belgium. Her father is from Senegal:

  243. I neglected to give her name. It is Malaika Mihambo and her father is from Tanzania. She is also the current World Champion and European Champion in the Long Jump.

  244. reiner Tor says

    Soccer at the Olympics is not nearly as serious as at the World Cup, but it’s still a serious enough thing. But women’s soccer? It’s not very serious anywhere. Why would it be more valuable than the women’s rugby gold New Zealand has won? And especially the men’s rugby silver? So come on.

    While I agree that the decathlon and pentathlon medals are more valuable than some fencing or shooting medals, or at least they are much closer to what people usually consider athleticism, but still I don’t think there’s such a thing as “the greatest all-round athlete.” Or at least it’s not that simple. He might drown in a pool, for example. Or be beaten to death by a judoka or a wrestler. Abilities not tested in decathlon.

    Moreover, the New Zealander canoeing and rowing medals (or German kayaking/canoeing) might be niche sports, but they are still properly athletic sports, not something fake and gay.

    Swimming medals are not exactly the same either. Freestyle means the fastest. Medley means the best overall swimmer, in some sense the best all-round swimmer. Butterfly requires the most athleticism and the aesthetically most pleasing swimming style. I value the other swimming medals somewhat less, though they all are proper athletic sports.

    One weakness of the Australian swimming medals is that they were dominated by women’s medals.

    Then there are sports where none of these teams excelled like gymnastics. Pretty athletic, highly aesthetically pleasing, and even dangerous, to boot, that latter is the issue with gymnastics, as most gymnasts simply destroy their bodies with the many injuries.

    I find it difficult to devalue all these as if they weren’t as valuable as the decathlon.

  245. So someone has to do something.

    Stalin did something.

  246. Daniel Chieh says

    You would probably do your cause more good if you could reorganize the farms into profitable entities; increasing the starvation of the population is unlikely to increase the political power of your cause, but money would. War, is, after all, an extension of politics.

    Two acre farms are basically pet farms, and in today’s world of expensive capitalized tractors, machinery lines, crop dusters, etc would not be useful for anything except basically being a vacation home with option of having horses. It does not really contribute to your political power.

  247. Don’t want to assume too much, but I think he fears, if Sikhs get off the land they’ll get pozzed, lose a lot of their organizing power within a multicult India, and their TFR will drop even further.

    Probably true to as a generality, but I think India is too Malthusian for severe poz.

  248. Olympics would be made more interesting, if they were more martial. For example, if the archers were trying to hit people wearing special balsa wood armor, or the javelin throwers were trying to hit robots running on the field. If the swimmers had to throw knives.

  249. Daniel Chieh says

    They could reorganize and sell to each other; whatever their organizational principle is – race, religion, nepotism, etc. – it can theoretically be maintained even if their immediate jobs wouldn’t be “farmer,” which iffen can testify to its very honorable as a memory and much less immediately comfortable to your spinal column.

    Modern agriculture is going to require technical skills.

  250. …strong case that testing works and that doping is way less widespread than suspected by most.

    That’s true, but there are exceptions that muddy up the overall progress. The quasi-legal druggies are more in US and West in general, than in China-Russia. The Biles woman was on ADD medication to ‘help her focus‘ – she had an approved medical exception by Wada. She bailed in Tokyo because they told her that she would be extensively tested and her handlers decided that it wasn’t worth the risk. Similarly about half of the Norwegian ‘winning’ biathlon team have ‘asthma’. There are many other examples among US and anglo world in general – the rewards are simply too high and getting medical exceptions easier than for athletes from other countries. In C Springs compound they openly discuss the timing, process, what doctors… (timing is key).

    As with other things, the countries with the most advanced process infrastructure are in the best position to game the system. The Olympics-Wada personnel are mostly people from the same countries, or people who are technically different but in reality live in the West. You can’t have a wolf guarding the sheep without a few ‘accidents’. Russia-China and a few others are outsiders. They have neither the technology nor the institutional support to successfully game the system. They are used as a bugaboo to distract – and they occasionally assist in that.

    In swimming one thing that has helped is that we have grown bigger and selection for the right body types is better and earlier. A number of rules have been relaxed to allow less constrained competition. Overall, it is still worth it – worts and all, more than worth it.

  251. AnonFromTN says

    Simple question: who cares about India in the Olympics? Maybe a few Indians with sufficient skills to be on the Internet. There are likely 50 times fewer of those than Chinese with sufficient skills, and 10 times fewer than Russians. So, what’s the point of discussing this? There are just as many people interested in knowing how many angels can fit onto the point of a needle. That would be a hot topic, no?

  252. sher singh says

    People already lease land from relatives to till
    Brahmins just want to destroy warrior tribes

    Farming in Punjab is done with combines & tractors..
    All countries subsidize agriculture, Brahmins are cheap & cucked but no worries..


  253. Just a test to see if this message gets in.

    If it does, then Karlin, you are a loser mofer who censors posts. Aren’t there other trolls here? Aren’t you a troll too?

    You and your pathetic sword pose.

  254. Daniel Chieh says

    You can’t be Gerald, he has more unique zingers.

  255. Daniel Chieh says

    All countries subsidize agriculture but not to the same efficiency. Widespread malnutrition suggests that something needs to be improved.

  256. From an HBD perspective, I think the more important story might be about the trannies, lesbos, and homos. Many facets to the story. Over 160+ athletes. What countries did they come from? When is peak Weird Olympics estimated?

    India had its first openly lesbo athlete. (Failed to qualify for semifinals). But I have heard that lesbians win a lot of medals, and outnumber the gays 10:1 as competitors.

    The first tranny to win gold was this year. Will they be pushed out or dramatically increased?

    I may be a hardliner, but I’d like to see lesbians banned from the Olympics, and spun off into their own competition. I think they probably have a testosterone advantage and could be tested out.

  257. sher singh says
  258. sher singh says

    Consolidation under Tribal Kings not Hindu billionaires

    Let’s see how stable Indo Pak is with a Talib Pashtunistan


  259. Good reason to believe it was unfair. There’s also a precedent for Russia to expect a revision:

  260. A reunited Germany has been even worse. At one time, East and West Germany combined would’ve topped the chart.

  261. AnonfromTN says

    I am not sure this should be done by hormone levels, including testosterone. I think the separation between male and female should be done by chromosome count: XX – female, XY – male, everything else – disqualification (there are many chromosome disorders: XXY or even XXXY freaks, in addition to Down syndrome sufferers). There is a non-PC term “biological sex”. There are only two. The rest are psychiatric disorders. A ticket to mental Paralympics (we only have physical ones, which is unfair). Otherwise it would end like in a joke “motorcycle felt like a bicycle and won Tour de France”. Good news: a male freak from NZ who claimed to be a woman failed to qualify. Serves it right.

  262. Daniel Chieh says

    A house divided against itself cannot stand.

  263. sher singh says

    We have our own house.
    The House of Nanak tolerates neither Cow Slaughter & Muezzin nor the Cuck & Scat Fetish

    The truth is Hindu society was far healthier under Muslim or British rule, we are Seperate.


  264. Triteleia Laxa says

    Biological sex is defines by gametes. You produce a big one, or you would produce it, and you’re a woman. You produce a little one, or would produce it, and you’re a man.

  265. Looks like all 4 of Russia’s gold medals in wrestling were won by muslims, including the ‘Russian Tank’ Abdulrashid Sadulaev:

    Sadulaev is widely regarded as the most dominant active freestyle wrestler in the world.

    Sadulaev was born in 1996 in the village of Tsurib, Charodinsky District, Dagestan, Russia. He belongs to the Avar ethnic group, he is from a devout Sunni Muslim family

    The sole Russian gold medalist in Boxing, Batyrgaziev, is also from Dagestan:

  266. Speaking of Wrestling, Japan won 5 golds in that sport, the highest of any nation. Wrestling is among the most competitive sports in the Olympics. So Kudos to Japan.

    Japan also won 9 golds in Judo, which means that more than half of Japan’s total gold medal haul of 27 golds came from just 2 combat sports: Judo and Wrestling.

    Interestingly, 4 of the 5 wrestling golds, and 4 of the 9 Judo golds were won by the women.

  267. America won 3 gold medals in wrestling, so third in golds, but it was first in total wrestling medals. Listing by weight class the Olympic Champions are : Gable Steveson, David Taylor and Tamyra Mensah:

    But the Superstar of Wrestling is still Mijain Lopez of Cuba who won his 4th consecutive gold medal in Tokyo, becoming the first male wrestler to do so:ópez

    Mijaín López Núñez (born 20 August 1982) is a Cuban Greco-Roman wrestler. He is a four-time Olympic gold medalist, five-time World Champion, and five-time Pan American Games champion and is widely considered the greatest wrestler of all time.

  268. reiner Tor says

    Wrestling is among the most competitive sports in the Olympics.


    Interestingly, 4 of the 5 wrestling golds, and 4 of the 9 Judo golds were won by the women.

    Wrestling might be competitive, but how competitive is female wrestling? Simply discounting all female medals might be a better filter than trying to gauge whether canoeing or wrestling is the more important sport. Then you can discount less athletic sports like shooting or sailing, which require softer skills and not athleticism as such.

    Though some might argue that the nerves required for shooting are a kind of athletic skill. Here’s a Hungarian shooter who I consider an Olympic hero and absolute role model:

    You can read on his Wikipedia page how he learned to shoot with his left hand after a faulty hand grenade badly injured his right hand.

    At the London Olympics in 1948 his pistol went off accidentally before he announced his readiness to shoot. After a long deliberation he was allowed to shoot again, but he had to repeat his previous shots, which he did without an error. (He deliberately tried to do his training whenever he had distractions or under stress, to avoid problems in case anything happened.)

    Fencing might not be a very athletic sport, but the Hungarian gold medalist Áron Szilágyi won his third consecutive Olympic gold medal, so some extraordinary skills (or nerves) must be involved. While also training for explosiveness and a general fitness with kettlebells.

  269. I’m pretty sure no one really cares about the Olympics as the Platonic idea= “The Olympics” -circles, triangles, squares, straight lines.

    I care about track competitions because this is something I’ve been programmed to care about from a very early age- my memories of track competitions in schools go back to the earliest ages.

    There’s a fundamental quality to the 100 meters. Of course, I now know that there’s little more fundamental about that event than say horse jumping, archery, or skateboarding. But there it is.

    The fact that the 100 meters is now evolved into cause for negro hero-worship comes as something of a fun surprise. Like the toy in Cracker Jack box. The fact that the Olympics is becoming a degenerate event, well, that doesn’t surprise. All things decay. The ripeness of the games is long gone.

    Glory to India for not giving a real sh+t about the games. Light skinned people suckering themselves over nothing.

    BTW, tennis is dead in the USA. Reflecting the demographic changes. Indiana, the racist little trap of the state of my youth, that Indiana is long gone. Maybe better, maybe worse. For me, personally, it’s a karmic thing. A win for “Indians”, if not Hoosiers.

  270. Romans had the circus and gladiators. The ancient Greeks had the Olympics. You can’t mix the two because that would be Greco-Roman.

    Wait …

  271. All countries subsidize agriculture but not to the same efficiency.

    Good point. I was very surprised to learn from this thread the high % of the population in India still engaged in the agricultural sector. The economic drain and loss has to be enormous. I am sympathetic to the subsistence small farmers and kulaks, but the model is no way to run a railroad.

    If you look at the transition in the U. S. there was a lot of suffering, but fortunately the expanding economy provided a landing spot in the economy for many. There were political attempts to aid the sharecroppers and subsistence farmers, but competition with mechanized agriculture was allowed to run its course and gradually displace all of them. Then, of course the run up and entry to WWII put everything into overdrive and all was forgotten. It is important to understand the cultural dynamics. Leaving aside the hereditary very large landowners, the subsistence farmers, sharecroppers and kulaks were basically the same people. You have to understand the attachment to the way of life. It would be shocking to most learned people to learn that some sharecroppers would do well enough to own a plot of land, but would give it up and go back to the “safety” of the sharecropping system.

    Anyway, I am going to learn more about India because we are moving in their direction, politics wise.

  272. Shortsword says

    One gold is from an Ossetian which are mostly Christian although a minority are muslim.

  273. Tranny situation is very interesting this is against women , but somehow FemiNazis are quiet

  274. AnonFromTN says

    Biological sex is defined by gametes. You produce a big one, or you would produce it, and you’re a woman. You produce a little one, or would produce it, and you’re a man.

    Same thing. If you have XX, you produce oocytes, if you have XY, you produce spermatozoa. This is yet another aspect of the biological reality PC BS ignores.

    Reminds me of Russian joke. A married couple tried to conceive a child for a long time, and failed. They heard that there is an Indian guru who helped a lot of couples with this problem. They found him and told him their story. The guru looked at them and said: “Are you boys crazy?”

  275. sher singh says

    Yes, also no one wants to stay in agriculture but it beats being cheap labour in the city.
    The entire Sikh insurgency began with Anandpur Sahib Resolution which was about industrializing

    Simply put, India does not want industry in restive regions because it will lead to fracturing.


  276. it beats being cheap labour in the city.

    Learn to code, sucker!

    That’s what the handmaids to our elites tell our people with obsolete or low value skills.

    it will lead to fracturing.

    Economic growth and a rising a standard of living should do a reasonably good job of papering over many fractures.

  277. Olympic medals: An alternative table – with US 15th

  278. Islam in the North Caucasus was almost entirely nominal (being so vague and syncretistic it almost deserved not to be branded as Islam at all) until the late 19th Century, when Russia’s brutal conquest of Chechnya increased the prestige of Islamic leaders immeasurably. The same exact thing happened again in the 90s.
    Also ironically, similarly folky forms of Orthodoxy amongst the Circassians, Chechens, Laz and the like weren’t particularly uncommon.

  279. reiner Tor says

    I know (well, once met…) a Muslim Ossetian guy, he told me he was Muslim, but then mentioned he lived in Moscow, and started a long rant about how Crimea was always Russia and the Ukrainians were killing civilians.

    So overall he seemed pretty loyal to Russia.

  280. There are a few references to Australia and India in the comments above .
    One thing that helps Australian teams is that some very rich people support certain teams &/ individuals . for instance sometime richest woman in the world Gina Rhinehart financially supports Australian swimming ( it helps to have a lot of clean cut kids from ” good homes ” )
    It’s not a bad PR move and hobby for the mega rich

    Now India has many more billionaires than Australia & I think a few of them like buying cricket teams . Why can’t a few support Olympic athletes ? I think no expense was spared on their new javelin champion – full time coach and all that but he was a clear medal contender .
    Of course the Indian sporting bureaucracy corruption thing might put a few would be benefactors off

  281. RadicalCenter says

    Germany has won FOUR World Cup championships, same as Italy.

  282. reiner Tor says

    See my reply in #137.

  283. Better late than never, but did anyone see the Australian track cyclist crash head first into the boards after his steering goose neck snapped? Apparently as everyone looks for an advantage, such as the bouncy track surface and the Nike shoes that had some trick sole design, the cyclists 3D printed titanium goose neck was an abysmal failure. As he got up off the floor, the amount of skin that had been friction burnt from his face was substantial, but he went on to grab his spare bike and restart.
    I know that here in my city, with a population of around 125000 citizens, I can think of at least 24 different types sports off the top of my head that one can join a club to enjoy. Maybe India is in the doldrums because it’s simply not a first world country yet, so there is a limit to its success. That it could simply compete was probably a great achievement in itself.