Ingush Science

While I was writing an article about Russian IQ for Sputnik  and Pogrom the past few days, I noticed this amazing statistic from the 2010 Census.

Percentage of the population with a postgrad degree:

  1. Ingushetia: 1.59%
  2. Moscow: 1.12%
  3. Chechnya: 0.32%

Ingushetia is Chechnya’s quieter, lower T, slyer brother. They are part of the same Ichkerian nation. But instead of going head on against a nation that outnumbered them a hundredfold in the 1990s, they manipulated the situation to extract very generous monetary concessions from the federal center while their kinfolk withered under Russian bombs.

Today, they are the region with Russia’s highest rate of unemployment, the lowest Internet penetration, the lowest patents per capita. They are 85% subsidized by other Russian regions, more so than any other region. Back during the Soviet period, there were only 90 scientists for every 100,000 Ingush, versus 573 for the Russians.

Even so, this region somehow manages to have the the highest rate of people with postgrad degrees in Russia.

Say what you will about ol’ Ramzan, but at least he keeps his peeps in check. Based Chechen men need no diploma mill degrees.

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  1. “90 scientists for every Ingush”? I’m guessing you mean “for every 100,000 Ingush”, Anatoliy.

  2. So, any idea what these degrees are all about? The degrees are all about Koran Studies or what?

  3. Jaakko Raipala says

    Perhaps the people with degrees are Russians. If so then it would be basically the entire Russian population in the place but maybe that’s not so far fetched given that Russians who didn’t have some specific reason to stay likely left so all the ones still there are in oil industry, government, airports etc in tasks that require someone with education (so likely not a native).

  4. I heard that there is a billion dollar industry of fake diplomas in Pakistan. Those Ingush diplomas can be part of the same effort to raise the level of academic accomplishments among Islamic nations – leaving everybody none the wiser – literally and figuratively speaking.

  5. It is a “fine” Caucasus tradition to buy degrees and diplomas. Existed even in Soviet times. There were, actually, cases of medical degrees being bought with some rather unpleasant consequences for patients.

  6. I did hear of a proper Russian mathematician doing a “tour of duty” on a several weeks on, several times as many off basis in Chechnya, which topped up his, otherwise insulting, salary to western levels. I guess if the leader is buying gold-plated Bentleys then what’s 30k a year to bribe a proper academic to set foot in the place a few times a year.

    Only thing I know about the Ingush is that they have an Armenian/Azeri level intensity of hatred with the Ossetians, who do seem to have produced some genuinely great figures. The Beslan atrocity was more to do with that than pure Islamic terror. They even had a mini Karabach-like conflict several years before with a similar result. I think that actual Chechens consider this to be a bigger embarrassment than losing their war.

  7. OT do the mall thing, pl0x

  8. Mao Cheng Ji says

    What’s with glamorizing ‘scientists’? Talk about cargo cults… I’d take one good cook or car mechanic over a dozen scientists.

  9. nicht, dann nicht.

    but just so people know what I’m talking about: