Interested in Incest?

Then follow the stereotypes. They will never lead you astray:

Alexander Kireev:

Popularity of “incest” searches in Russia.

Regions most interested in chasing sister’s skirt: Chechnya, Dagestan, Ingushetia. So much for Caucasian sexual “morality” (but we knew that anyway).

Least interested: Karelia, Moscow, Saint Petersburg.

Worldwide, twice as many Central Asians – especially Tajiks and Uzbeks – as Russians/Ukrainians/Belorussians search for incest.

The stereotypes are also true in Italy:

And in the US:

Always trust the stereotypes! They are almost always right.

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  1. Thorfinnsson says

    Odd meme in the black community, at least from what I can see on black Twitter: blacks believe that whites widely engage in incest. Presumably they picked up on the (unfortunately somewhat true) stereotype of incest being more common in Appalachia and generalized this to being representative of the entire white population.

    95% of communication on black Twitter is in the form of animated GIFs so take this with a grain of salt.

  2. I have always viewed the stereotype as a function of the incredible hatred the Left has for whites.

    A few years ago there was an SNL skit that involved the idea that an Irish guy on a dating show had sex with two or three of his cousins. In one instance, in an alley. I don’t think first cousin marriages were permitted among Catholics in Ireland, but if they were, they must have been extraordinarily rare. It was obvious to me that the whole skit was a function of their hatred of hates and for white nationalities in general.

    One reason it seems obvious is how they are totally blind to the incest of Muslims, but never give up a chance of accusing Southerners of it, even though they have nowhere near the same rate of cousin marriage.

  3. It`s not even a sentient activity with them, they just spout something about “inbred redneck white trash hurr durr” as some kind of nervous affectation, or maybe a tic.
    Look at Thomm the streetshitter for example(say something unflattering about India for additional lulz if desired).

  4. I will be a little provocative: perhaps there is are some hidden negative correlations here, such as

    1.) Promiscuity
    2) Gayness
    3.) VPN use
    4.) Race (do black men fantasize about black women, as much as other groups do)

    I wonder where Japan would fall. Also, what a gay map would look like – might be another way to measure globohomo.

  5. John Burns, Gettysburg Partisan says

    So, are South Russians – not Ukrainians, mind you, but South Russians – basically rednecks? As in, more redneck than usual?

  6. Is there something odd about the Pacific coast region in Russia?

    Florida in the US seems off, if you consider the growth of “Florida Man” and the idea that Florida supposedly collects the detritus of other states that moves for the warmer weather.

  7. Arkansas, Kentucky, and of course West Virginia (even though it takes place in Georgia!) fit the stereotype… but Kansas? Wha?